Republican Women Support Trump Even More Than Men Do

It has been a well-known and often-repeated viewpoint of many people, including various media sources, that women across the United States dislike President Donald Trump. But a new poll clearly indicates that nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, among women who are Republicans, a staggering percentage definitely are supportive of Trump. Yes, an incredible 93% of women in that poll approve of the job Trump is doing.

The poll was completed by Fox News between December 9 and December 11, 2018, so those are recent numbers and results indicating that GOP women are overwhelmingly in favor of Trump.

What is just as interesting is that among Republican men, Trump has an approval rating of 85%. So even more Republican women than men support Trump. This goes to show that the common attitude these days that more men support Trump than women is simply not accurate.

In addition, it is interesting to note that even though Trump’s approval rating currently stands at 46%, many women Republicans still support Trump.

“Republican women outrun men in their support for Mr. Trump on virtually every issue Fox polled,” the Wall Street Journal reported.

Of course, the results of this poll directly challenge the narrative the mainstream media has been promoting throughout the Trump era. In mid-November, an NBC writer penned this out-of-touch comment:

“We are living in the year 2018, and the GOP seems to have only just now discovered it has a woman problem. The blue wave of the midterms — substantially propelled by women’s organizing and woman candidates — has left the Republican party scrambling to shore up support among suburban, college-educated women, who seem to be fleeing the party en masse. Yet for a party that has thoroughly and obsessively defined itself based on white male needs and sensibilities for at least a decade, the call to change may be impossible to heed. Times are moving too fast for Republicans to catch up. … There is one big, obvious reason why women are fleeing the Republican party, and it’s currently sitting in the Oval Office: Trump, the big, orange, ugly angry reminder of exactly how much men can get away with.”

But by making those comments that are frankly quite inaccurate, based on the poll results mentioned above, NBC showed not only that it is clueless about the reality that women in large numbers actually do support Trump, but it is also showing how blatantly biased it is.

This isn’t just about personality, either. When it comes to individual issues, Republican women also support Trump. For example, 89% agree with how Trump is handling the economy.

So, people who insist on going around saying that women are so against Trump would do well to stop sounding like broken records and making themselves look foolish, as the surveys of women definitely show otherwise.

~ Conservative Zone

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31 thoughts on “Republican Women Support Trump Even More Than Men Do”

  1. Not surprised that these women support Trump. Not even surprised that Kanye West supports Trump. Look at the results the past 2 years without using your rose-colored ‘I Hate Trump’ glasses and you would support him too.

    1. It just goes to show who the intelligent members of society really are. Definitely not found in the liberal arts, per se !!

  2. Women aren’t leaving the Republican Party, they love President Trump! He was actually born in America, and it shows, he loves America! That’s exactly why we don’t allow foreign born people to run for the Presidency! A Domestic-Terrorist, named Bill Ayers, plotted a major coup to put a foreign born, old family friend, in the Peoples house, Obama, Ayers parents put Obama, a foreign student through Harvard! The DNC knowingly supported this coup!

  3. MSM is so biased it will say and write anything that makes President Trump look bad. They hate anyone who voted for him and they hate him. President Trump has done more good things for America than most of the past Presidents. By the way, I am a white, female lifelong Democrat who voted for him.

  4. HRC, a Criminal, was plotted by Ayers, to be a storefront POTUS for an Obama third-term! Thanks to many women voters, and proud American men, President Trump was elected and destroyed the Coup from finishing the Country off! Now we must be vigilant, and fight the aspiring NWO!
    The United States is like no other Country on earth, we are Superior, we are White People, we are Black people, we are Latino, people, Hispanic people, Cuban Americans, we are Irish,Scottish, Italian, Orientals, Men, Women, who beat the oppressors and gathered in America to be free from Communism, and Islamic rule! Mohammed was a child rapist and anyone following his example will join him in hell. We are a Christian Nation! We have many evil people who want to destroy us like Bill Ayers, Eric Holder, Barrack Obama aka Barry Soetero, Soros, HRC, James Comey, Mueller, Brennan, Clapper, Lynch, Rice, Kerry, Biden, Sanders, Schiff, Dean, Gore, Sharpton, the entire Criminal Organization DNC who fully, Knowingly, supported the Ayers Coup! We will never allow these trashy individuals to turn our Country into a Communist rubble!

    1. I am a white female life long Republican with a Masters Degree in Education and taught in the public schools for 35 years. I have always voted Republican because I am not a RINO like Romney, McCain, Flake etc. Trump is the best president we have ever had during my lifetime and I am no spring chicken! This country is headed for Socialism if the Dems prevail and only Trump can save us from a country with no borders or law and order.

  5. President Trump is not, nor has he ever been a racist! The DNC always calls people racists, however, the majority of the DNC is White! Manipulators, the White People in the DNC are liars, they are deceivers, they use minorities to further their communist agenda! Nancy Pelosi is so fake it’s ridiculous, she uses blacks and Hispanics, and Muslims, so she can stay in a powerful position and live a lavish lifestyle while poor people she manipulated are still poor while she enjoys the wealth she takes from you!
    President Trump is not against immigrants, he is trying to keep criminals out! We just need a better and quicker way to get the process for legal immigration done right! Nobody is against foreign people coming here for a better, safer, more prosperous life! Unfortunately the bad people mix in with the good people trying to get in America! The same people you are trying to leave are weaving their way through the good people! This must stop! We don’t want the Criminals, We do welcome you good parents!

  6. The MSM has defiled themselves and turned on the Good America People! They are traitors and they lie and help communism that many foreign immigrants are fleeing! They make up lies to hurt President Trump, because they want frauds like Obama to succeed! They knew Obama wasn’t born in America and they, like the DNC supported him anyway! They are traitors, they are guilty of aiding and abetting a communist regime that lives in the dark, and in the tunnels, and have been gaining ground since WWII.
    Bill Ayers father, Timothy Geitners father, Obama’s Mother! These domestic terrorists from the 60’s and 70’s are the sons and daughters of these communist terrorists who have been using the playbook of Adolph Hitler! We must be vigilant and fight back these turds! Support a President that was born in America, fight the oppressors, the DNC committed Treason against the Citizens and they know it! They defy the will of the People, even in their own party!

  7. These news or should I say fake news need to pull their heads out of the sand. I think they are amazed so many people support Trump. It just blows their minds. So whenever they can’t have it their way, they call us racists. One day, the sleepers will arise and look out, these stupid liberals.

  8. People are intelligent and can see through the fake news, looking at the facts of Trumps accomplishments so far in his presidency. If it were Clinton we would be in pig soup.

  9. Anyone who has observed what has gone on with the news media can clearly see the bias that has gone on with their reporting. When a news service only reports part of the truth or refuses to report the complete truth, it shows that they are deliberately trying to distort the facts and sway public opinion. American people deserve to have unbiased reporting with accurate facts and not the opinions of the reporters or news outlets. The public, in general, cannot trust any of the news they get because of the hatred they have shown towards President Trump. The news media did not attack Obama in this way when he was president, but have no problem attacking President Trump. I also have to agree that the news media, which includes NBC, have put out inaccurate polls to sway public opinion.

  10. Shows that women more than men keep up with what goes on around the world and show a little more sense when decifering it. I too am a woman and try to keep a close eye on the mess our country is in. I’m in total support of our president and agree with him standing his ground to make America strong again. I’m just really sorry about the utterly stupid women that have been voted into office by likewise stupid democrats. Don’t know if they went to school to be that stupid or if they were born that way.

  11. The question that should be asked is how many undecided,liberal, independent or Democrats support President Trump. Because I know more independent and used to be Democrats who support him then I know Republicans

  12. I would say that the claim is not completely accurate. What percentage of women are Republican as opposed to Democrats or Independents? If women who register Republican are 40% of the women in the United States, then 93% times 40 % does not get anywhere close to 50% of women. And given the number of women who have changed their registration from Republican to Independent or Democratic, there are probably only about a third of women in toto who support POTUS. The claim is definitely a stretch, even misleading.

  13. I go with who I think we need to help America and Clinton is not it. She has been so corrupt since day one and Obama came close to destroying America. Taking apart our military and giving the terrorist our money and doing this stupid obama care and letting all these illegals come into America and getting food stamps and medicaid,low income housing and other benefits. And He and his wife being racist and helping other Democrats to tear America apart. Shame on all of you!!!!!!!

  14. Our first President George Washington said America should take care of itself and don’t involve ourselves in foreign affairs. That is what Trump is trying to do, put America first! He is a great leader, and genuinely loves America. We don’t need the scumbags of the world coming here. The Democrats hate America. They have no respect for the pain and sacrifices the settlers and founding fathers made to create this wonderful country. Barry was never qualified to be president. There is a video of him giving a speech saying he was the first Kenyan born president of the US. Michelle can get as angry as she wants, it came out of her husbands mouth! Democrats will do anything for power and money. One day, if they aren’t stopped the illegal invaders that they want to bring here will be taking food out of their mouths and sleeping in their beds! Democrats have no common sense! A lot of the people trying to change America are recent immigrants, they have nothing invested in the creation of this land. They just want to skim the cream, and change the culture to their own. Then why don’t they stay where they are and make their country better. I pray for President Trump to have strength to endure these idiots. And you Republican members need to get off of your backsides, grow a spine and back him up! That’s what the American people want! Are you listening! A lot of you left for the holidays early, you should have been in DC doing the job you were elected to do. I am a female Republican and voted for President Trump. We need his leadership. I love America, my ancestors started building America at Jamestown. So, it is very dear to me.

  15. As an original tea party gal I am 100% in favor of President Trump and his agenda. He is the first very transparent President, and the first in my lifetime that is for all of us “legal” Americans. I cried when Romney lost the election to Obama, but now I’m glad he did as he is just another “FLAKE”. Illegals effect every other problem in our Country ….. death, drugs, education, taxes, medical etc. and should be the main concern of our Congressmen and women. The Dream kids who want DACA need to get their signs straight so they read,”We’re for TRUMP and DACA” Stay firm President Trump, we’re for the wall and behind you 100%.
    Linda and Charlie Puls

  16. This revelation it such a pleasant surprise! Never would have expected it. Guess I have been in the company of the wrong women.
    Thank heaven for MAGA girls!

  17. Another problem is our government supports left wing organizations with special interests loans or grants they don’t have to pay back.. ole George Sorros and his many foundations get 100’s of millions to impose their left wing beliefs in as many as 38 other countries.
    Obama’s mess started this heist.
    Isn’t America great?!
    Trump needs to stop it….
    Keep America Great!!

  18. We voted for him because he is an outsider who has the good sense to get our country back in order. We don’t vote for democrats because their sole concern is their power, their desire to follow Soros’ orders to make open borders and change this country into an immigration cesspool and because democrats have proven themselves to be inherently dishonest, willing to sell Americans down the river for what profits them personally. Yes, I will vote for Trump again and seeing how the democrats behaved since he was elected, I will NEVER vote for a democrat again.

  19. Trump supporters are educated and fed up with BAU politics. And that does not just mean women, it means anyone with a penchant for honesty and wanting a change in the rino/dem wit establishment. We were sick of choices presented by the deep state and estabilishment of the good old boy and girls club being between worse and worser.

    Trump is a new deal in that arena. And he actually represents what the forefathers tried to create. The average citizen in the political arena can not serve today because it costs a fortune to win even a normal seat in a state or nationally. The judges created this mess by allowing big corporations to weigh in and contribute. Politicians are bought today and only someone like Trump can break through this mess because he can afford to not take the corporate dinero. He ran and we were ready for his new deal so we supported him.

    Judges are legislating while congress fiddles away their job to make laws. It is a nasty time. Legislating to congress appears to be just trying to play politics not representing their LEGAL citizens and passing productive laws. Meanwhile the judicial branch does the unthinkable and legislates politically from the bench. A real conundrum that definitely needs to be addressed but not with this cat fighting congress today.

  20. I am another woman who supports President Trump and believe he is a wonderful leader for our country. He brings common sense to the table. Too bad liberals have so much hate in their heart! President Trump’s tweets and statements brings fun and laughter to my house every day. I pray for him every day and know that the security and well being of the people of this nation are his number one priority!

  21. I changed parties to be able vote for him. I had been a life long Democrat. The democratic party left me. They went too far left. Their choice of presidential candidates do not demonstrate my values.

  22. I am a woman that voted for Donald Trump for President and did so proudly. I have always voted for the person not a party. But, after seeing how the democrats have acted toward our present President, I will never vote democrat again. I see clearly what they are for and it is not for the AMERICAN CITIZENS.

    I have a suggestion to help all Republicans and democrats work together to solve our problem at the border and WE DO NEED THE WALL as part of the SECURITY OF THE BORDER. My suggestion is to withhold salaries of both negotiating parties until they come up with a SOLUTION THAT PROTECTS THE AMERICAN CITIZENS AND SECURES OUR BORDER WITH A WALL and ALL OTHER MEASURES THAT OUR BORDER AGENTS RECOMMEND. AFTER ALL, BORDER AGENTS AND HOMELAND SECURITY KNOW WHAT THEY FACE EVERYDAY.


  23. So many progressive liberals hate Trump because he has the audacity to tell the truth. Establishment politicians spend their entire careers perfecting feel good euphemisms which is just a sophisticated form of lying. If an establishment politician were the captain of the Titanic when it hit the iceberg, he would announce over the PA system, “this ship is moving to a new horizontal location” and most would not be upset even though they were about to die but if Trump were the captain of that ship, he would announce over the PA system,” this ship is going to sink” and lots of passengers would be mad at him. Today, both democratic and republican women who appreciate the truth and can recognize it would be his supporters. Those that cannot handle the truth would have a meltdown.

  24. It is such a relief to find so many people sharing my thoughts on this topic. I could have easily written 90 percent of these comments. Now I guess it’s time to write them to House and Senate members. And judges with an unsavory ambition to legislate. And maybe news stations as well. I’m sick of the lame stream media insulting us by force feeding us their skewed manipulated “polls” and breathless reports, telling us what and how to think. Most of us still know how to think for ourselves despite their constant propaganda bombardment. I’m so glad I voted for Trump and will do so again. He provided us with the best economic action of anybody in decades. The swamp creatures are trying to sabatauge that. We must not let that happen. I agree with his agenda and want to see him succeed. Then we all succeed!

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