Republicans Call for Release of “Shocking” Classified Memo

“I believe there are people who will go to jail,” – these were the words of Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) concerning a classified intelligence memo on FISA abuse in the Russian collusion investigation, which is poised to blow the lid off of wrongdoings in the way the investigation has been handled.

The memo, which has already been viewed by the House Intelligence Committee, outlines abuses of the Obama FBI and DOJ in the way they handled investigations into then-candidate Donald Trump. Now, Republicans in the House are lobbying for the classified memo to be released so that it can be read by all members of the House in a private hearing.

“If the American people knew what was happening, if they saw the contents of this memo, a lot would become clear about the information that I’ve been talking about the last several months,” Gaetz said in an interview on the Fox Business Network.

He continued, saying, “I think that this will not end just with firings. I believe there are people who will go to jail. You don’t get to try to undermine our country, undermine our elections, and then simply get fired.”

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) added, “I viewed the classified report from House Intel relating to the FBI, FISA abuses, the infamous Russian dossier, and so-called ‘Russian collusion.’ What I saw is absolutely shocking.”

Before information about the classified memo got out, FISA – the policy allowing the federal government to spy on any communications between American citizens and foreign citizens – was already embroiled in controversy. Set for renewal, FISA drew the criticism of many liberals and conservatives alike for being an unconstitutional threat to American privacy. Meanwhile, proponents of the bill argued that FISA serves as an essential tool for stopping terroristic activities and ensuring national safety. Ultimately, FISA was renewed by Congress. Now, though, it is the past abuse of FISA which has come to light that is drawing much more fire than concerns about its use in the future.

So what is that this memo contains that has those who have had the opportunity to read it so up in arms? Obviously, the exact contents of the memo are unknown by all but a select few, however, analysts believe that it is likely that the memo shows that FISA warrants were requested and granted based on the information contained within the Steele Dossier.

The problem is that the Steele Dossier is a piece of opposition research funded by the DNC, and one laden with inaccuracies at that. If the Steele Dossier was indeed the evidence that the FBI and DOJ used as justification for issuing FISA warrants on Trump and members of his campaign then it will be the nail in the coffin for the Russian collusion investigation. Even if the investigation were able to turn up real evidence of collusion (something it has thus far been unable to do) that evidence would almost certainly be nullified as the fruit of a poisonous tree.

The reality is that using opposition research as a basis for issuing warrants and opening an investigation is not only a dangerous politicization of the FBI and DOJ, it’s also highly illegal. Should news that the Steele Dossier was indeed to platform used to launch the Russian collusion investigation come out, the consequences for those involved could be severe.

Based on remarks from those who have seen the memo, this outcome is looking increasingly likely. Whatever the memo really does reveal, its contents are shocking enough to have the lawmakers who have seen it outraged, meaning that this isn’t something likely to blow over any time soon.

While it’s likely to be a major win for the Trump administration, conservatives shouldn’t be so quick to confuse celebration as the appropriate response to this memo. If the memo does indeed prove that the FBI, DOJ, and potentially CIA are mired in political corruption and partisanship, leveraging the entire press corps and colluding with the DNC to bring down a fairly elected administration, then outrage, not celebration, is the only appropriate response.

~ Conservative Zone

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40 thoughts on “Republicans Call for Release of “Shocking” Classified Memo”

  1. The lid is beginning to come off – exposing all of the Clinton – Obama – Bush? Corruption. Maybe we can even find out who Barry really is. The Bush’s had become very vocal in criticizing President Trump all of a sudden they have gone quiet – trying to distance themselves now from their new buddies?

    1. Who cares who barry is just accepting money from that scum soros should be reason enough to charge them all w/treason and hung by a rope until dead!!

      1. Absolutely right! The man lied his way into Office; he lied his way throughout his tenure and his sole agenda was to promote his brand of socialism/communism and to hell with the real needs and issues of the constituents he was elected to represent.
        Not only he but all associated with him in his Administration need to be hauled off in cuffs, tried before a court of law and sentenced death, where provable, and then hanged, as you say, and the rest to spend their life behind bars with no thought of parole or early release to atone for the crimes they have committed against this country both domestic and abroad.
        Thank Goodness, we have a President who is acting the way a President should and trying to represent this country and putting its interests and its people first.

        1. Right you are Robert, many were fooled by Obama with the help of the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES and people with blind patriotism to a corrupt government who feel that any government is too big to fight or fail will always be taken advantage of by corruption of politicians ! It does not have to be this way if Only all People Unite for a common cause like the people of Iceland did to rid corruption in THEIR government! The elites actually fear an uprising of the people ,they think people are too dumbed down blind masses of snowflakes and they are right for the most part! We the People need to be awaken and action taken place against to true causes, Liken the Vietnam veterans coming home and were spate upon , IT was NOT their fault the government elites who cause useless wars for elites profits while government pays the medias to be used as a tool to get the publics consent of a useless war through propaganda LIES! So it is government and the medias fault!

      2. This scueless deeds of these scoundrels are enough for the people to take to the streets for removals and in some cases PUBLIC HANGINGS—I know We have not had such in the Country for many Years;but, neither have We witnessed such disregard for law or common decency. It is also time to find out jut whom was involved in the hiring and paying of Seth Rich’s assassination.

        1. I have an acquaintance who lives in the D.C. area. He claims that if the American People ever got wind of what really goes on in that cesspool, there would not be enough lamp posts for the guilty to hang one to a post.

    2. If you dont yet know who BO really is, your head must be really thick!

      Irony, someone who would have been a Communist, but a Natural Born Citizen as well, as compared to a countryless missfit, permantly pissed off at, and trying to tear the US down muslim trouble maker, if not for his parents misbehavior, lying and conn!iving about their actions.

    What they don’t understand we know much more than they think we do. left up to the people of intelligence they would already be being judge by a judge they can’t BUY OFF OR MURDER.
    THERE FINAL DAY OF JUDGEMENT IS CLOSE. Goes all the way back to the Bush’s.

    1. Forget Bennett and Gardner ‘s nose is as far up Bennett’s butt as you can get. I am one of their constituents and they both need to go.

  3. I have contacted Senator Bennet and senator Gardner( not that I expect to hear back from them) to get this information to the “voting public” I seriously doubt if they want the info to be released.

  4. Our Representatives are the eyes and ears of the people of this country. If something of this magnitude has been uncovered, you must, with the Oath you took, make sure that the people see it. If the Republic is in danger, then you must. If it is for sure that the Deep State is our own FBI, CIA and every single government agency in our country involved, remember the IRS etc. then you are obligated to tell us. This would explain the quick taking out of Hillary enemies. 7 during this past election alone and a couple of weeks ago, a doctor and his wife, then someone overseas disappearing. These agencies have all the power to kill, investigate, look into any civilian in this country. Now to know they are Deep State? Not just alarming but jarring and must be taken down NOW.

  5. What the heck…democrats have no problem leaking… What is wrong with the pansy Republicans,
    just take pictures with the cell pone and leak it to the internet…???

  6. Well as an inquiring minded American citizen and a large member of We The People I would demand that this FISA Memo be immediately released and the wrong doers appropriately asrrested, tried, convicted and punished. We have not only the right but also the decorum to see this memo and resultant findings therreof. Firther as true and patriotic citizens we demand the corrective measures be placed in such a manner as to ensure this type of politicsl criminal actions never occur again.

  7. President Trump should decline the BS interview until after this Memo has been reviewed and the so called LOST emails are provided. I think it will show this has been a WASTE of Time and TAXPAYER MONEY. It will most likely give us who in the FBI,DOJ and obama administration including the TRAITOR obama.

  8. The memo needs to be released in order to bring down the guily parties and clean out the corruption that is deep seated in our government to protect our way of living and our country. This type of doing business and hiding is anti-American, deceitful, evil and full of power hungry people looking for ways to overthrow all that is good and destroy the Constitution and the Republic that America was built upon. This cannot be allowed to happen! The only reason not to release it is to continue to protect those with evil intent…DO NOT allow that to happen.

  9. Not till people go to jail will I will believe it. It needs to be a clean sweep of all the top ones in the FBI and DOJ. If Sessions doesn’t do it he needs to go

    1. I feel the Democrats have DIRT on Sessions and that is why he is remaining quiet and NOT taking action to bring the guiilty culprits to justice. The best way to get the guilty identified, questioned, judged and if guilty imprisoned;/impeached is to Fire Sessions and bring TREY GOWDY ON BOARD AS OUR DEDICATED US ATTORNEY GENERAL> DO IT NOW BEFORE TOO MUCH CRAP IS SWEPT UNDER THE RUGS.

  10. most all top fbi peopple who are in this fake deal should all get annuity to testify or be removed from their jobs and be tried…

  11. America became a nation much like the Russian government during the eight years of Obama. Look at our FBI and all the alleged lies and deception to destroy a nomination of a candidate Trump for President and now a sitting President Trump much like the tactics of the Russian KGB . Five months of texting disappeared under the watch of the FBI between December 2016 and May 2017 these text messages started back up again in May 2017 with the same two people This is an alleged attempt by the FBI to hide important facts from these missing text messages. The cover-up by the FBI and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch is not the American way it is the Russian way.

  12. those in the CIA, FBI, DOJ and other Federal Agencies who were involved in corrupt practices to act against President Trump MUST BE IDENTIFIED TO THE AMERICAN PUBLIC AND referred to the AG for criminal investigation. They MUST NOT be allowed to remain in office and draw a retirement check; they MUST be fired without any benefits to them. Many should be impeached so that they will no longer be able to engage in government employment of all kinds. IT IS TIME TO VACCCUM OUT THE CESSPOOL. They MUST NOT be allowed to remain in their jobs; OUT NOW.

  13. We have known for years about the corruption these lawless individuals have been allowed to get away with. What will be done about. why do I get the feeling that nothing will be done? The only ones going to jail will the janitor or someone in the mail room. Do I see some more suicides in the near future?

  14. I am rather cynical about the whole thing. Ever since Comey came out with his non-indictment in so far as I am concerned they will never indict or prosecute one of their own. If you read Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice: by Sidney Powell two things will start to coalesce 1) the agencies within the gov’t are far more dangerous to the people than 100 of the worst Mafia families and all the terrorists; 2) it appears that every agency has been weaponized to keep the system in a state of dysfunction. Tell me how many people lost their jobs over the fiasco at the IRS with Lerner? Any member of the military that treated classified documents the way Clinton did would be buried under the prison at Leavenworth. But the law apparently is only for us peons and not for those in power. Can Trump change it? Not bloody likely. In Powell’s book you find out that many of the people in the DOJ would shoot their own mother to win a case. Same at IRS to bury someone or some group to further your own career is par for the course. It appears the same in the IRS, BLM, Dept of State as well as the Interior. I recommend the book but cleaning house would almost require replacing most of the exec level civil servants.

    1. I will purchase and read this book. Thanks for the reference.

      Who and When will the 21st Century Paul Revere come forward to save the sons/daughters of this ever-dwindling American Union?

  15. Hetta, our Paul Revere has came forward in the form of Donald Trump! I pray everyday for his safety from these modern day thugs called politicians. This happened years ago when our country was recovering from wars and US citizens were regrouping and getting back into our way of life. One bad apple looked around and realized that the people were busy with their day to day lives and that bad apple started telling others the coffers were full of dollars and Fort Knox was full of gold it was time to help themselves and boy did they ever get those sticky fingers into our hip pockets. Social Security was rocking along since 1936 with lots of dollars just laying their and greed sit in and that’s when our so called politicians couldn’t stand it so they started a little at a time with giving themselves raises, calling for research of “common flea’s” and why they did this and that but the money was funneled into their pockets! Oh Well, you get the picture. As US citizens and voters, we need to get this mess cleaned up and never be lulled into “that feel good” place again. We need to help President Trump all we can to fight through this mess that extends to all governments such as city, etc. Bad Apples start at the top of the barrel and fall to the bottom when rotten. We need term limits and those who want to serve need to live by the rules they make and pass.

  16. This mess is too complicated and intertwined for a mere mortal to “drain the swamp”.
    I emplore all good men and women to call on the divine powers of our creator to take the reins and deliver us from this evil cabal.
    For those that doubt the existence of evil… you aren’t paying attention.
    It is child’s’ play for the creator to clean house, and a bridge too far for any mortal without God’s guidance.

  17. Where’s the watch dog msm shouldn’t they be pushing to find out what’s in this meme. Or maybe they’re afraid it doesn’t help them and their dem friend’s agenda? Not a true and honest investigative reporter around.

  18. screw it and the Democrats. Release the memo. Didnt Feinstein just release a closed door memo? Release this one and let the chips fall where they may

  19. This memo not only should be released but they should put and end to all these meetings behind closed doors as long as no classified material is released. As long as these top officials are in the FBI and DOJ we no longer have a real law and order in America and our laws mean nothing.

  20. The Obama’s and the Clinton’s at best should spend the rest of their days in Gitmo otherwise the firing squad!

  21. I understand that there are 9,200 indictments out there ready to be handed out. I believe you will start to see people going to jail starting in February. If anyone is interested in hearing about more of this type of info, google Mark Taylor the former fireman who predicted on April 29 2011 that Donald J. Trump would become president. It might encourage you all. I would like to see President Trump read the memo during his State of the Union Address.

  22. Release the memo and let the truth be shared Americans have the right to know what’s going on in D.C.
    Or is it that the left is afraid to face the truth…!!
    I also agree with Jennifer let Donald Trump read it at the State of the Union Address

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