Roger Stone’s Bizarre Arrest Was Pure Political Theater

“Staring down the barrel of two assault weapons, there were 29 FBI agents in SWAT gear who had completely surrounded my home. There were 17 vehicles with their lights going, including two armored vehicles in the front yard. They had blocked off the entire street. They had pulled two amphibious units with frogmen up to the gate, to the back of the house. The entire back of the house was surrounded by agents, all of them brandishing sidearms and assault weapons pointed at my home.”

One would expect this to be a movie scene of law enforcement taking down notorious kingpin El Chapo or Pablo Escobar. But in the upside-down world of the Robert Mueller “witch hunt,” this was the real-life account of a 66-year-old man who does not own a gun — Roger Stone.

The eccentric ally of President Donald Trump has been in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s crosshairs for more than a year. His alleged crimes have zero to do with so-called “Russian Collusion.” The quirky Republican political consultant and strategist has a long and storied history that trails back to the Nixon Administration, and he has called himself a “dirty trickster,” a reference to Dwight Chapin who was allegedly hired to conduct a nefarious campaign against Democrats during the Watergate era. Stone is also well-known for his penchant for digging up “opposition research” against political opponents.

“They want to intimidate me. And they want to poison the jury pool. They treated me like El Chapo,” Stone reportedly said. “They used fewer men to take down Pablo Escobar or bin Laden.”

Stone is actually correct. Fewer agents and hardware were used to arrest all three of those Most Wanted enemies of the American people. Interestingly, a CNN camera crew was reportedly parked outside Stone’s home — not to imply Mueller’s band of “angry Democrats” are engaged in strategic leaks to the media.

“It is frustrating,” Stone said. “It’s a raw abuse of power in the fact that a CNN reporter was allowed to film my arrest when the street was sealed off and the fact that the CNN producer in question is a former assistant to James Comey at the FBI and formally worked for the FBI. His claim that he just had a hunch is not credible.”

The enormous resources brought to bear against an unarmed senior citizen who answered the door still in his pajamas begs the question: What crime did this man commit? Treason? Genocide?

Although Mueller may want everyday people to think Stone has direct ties to the Kremlin and dines with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin himself, nothing could be further from the truth. The chatty senior is charged with things such as lying to Congress and witness tampering based on bizarre statements, not physical threats. Among the colorful statements, Special Counsel Mueller indicted Stone on humorous quotes from popular movies such as “The Godfather” and “The Princess Bride” among others. America, you just can’t make this stuff up.

Among the more laughable reasons for the indictments was a “The Godfather Part II” reference Stone told an unidentified colleague they “should do a ‘Frank Pentangeli’” at the House Intelligence Committee “in order to avoid contradicting Stone’s testimony.” In the critically acclaimed Godfather franchise Frank “Frankie Five Angels” Pentangeli recants his FBI statements and claims the Corleone family is innocent of wrongdoing. He later commits suicide after an implied deal his family will be well cared for in return. He effective upends the government’s case.

“If you testify, you’re a fool …” Stone stated. “I could never get away with a certain (sic) my Fifth Amendment rights, but you can. I guarantee you, you are the one who gets indicted for perjury if you’re stupid enough to testify.”

In another portion of the indictment against Stone, the Mueller team claims he threatened radio show host Randy Credico and his dog. Mueller claims that the show host and Stone had a connection to WikiLeaks, which published hacked emails from the DNC. Stone went off on Credico who said he should cooperate with the witch hunt against President Trump.

“You are a rat. A stoolie. You backstab your friends — run your mouth my lawyers are dying. Rip you to shreds,” Stone said. He went on to reference Credico’s 13-year-old pooch, saying he’d “take that dog away from you. I am so ready. Let’s get it on. Prepare to die…”

The “prepare to die” statement is from a Princess Bride character seeking revenge on a six-fingered man who killed his father:

“My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die!”

In the bizarre world of the Mueller witch hunt and Roger Stone, there is no truth, only fiction. At least Stone’s flare for movie quotes made us all laugh.

~ Conservative Zone

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34 thoughts on “Roger Stone’s Bizarre Arrest Was Pure Political Theater”

  1. The democrats know what’s coming and so do I. Expect more outlandish behavior from democrats as the day of reckoning for them draws closer. I’m so excited for the great awakening. You don’t have to listen to what I say, time will prove my point, democrats are finished.

    1. I Agree………..They have totally shafted themselves with their actions………DEMS have been shafting the USA citizens for decades, and have shown the entire planet they have no credibility ……..Those RINOS have been joining the DEM ranks for some time (ROMNEY handed the Presidency to the muslim illegal dicktator)………..TOO many of those sick DEM/RINOS have been on the SOROS payroll for over a decade……Just like the oil cartels, and the drug cartels payroll……….

      1. ‘They” have been hacking at the foundation of the Republic for well over 40 years…On this particular score it would be prudent to remember that Russiagate morphed into mueller’s “witch hunt” even after “experts” ridiculed the idea that the DNC was hacked as the speed of the data transfer was to fast to support this claim and that it WAS a download…and of course Seth Rich’s fatal “mugging” in broad daylight, wherein not even his watch was stolen, was NEVER investigated…and do not forget the mainstream fake corrupted media that are COMPLETELY complicit…ergo the “enemy of the people”

  2. What was the cost of this rediculias arrest? In dollars to the taxpayers plus the repute of an American Citizen and his family? This crap has gone on for two years now and needs to stop. Moral to the story, don’t let Mueller catch you picking your nose!

  3. What an appalling abuse of authority.
    Stone is obviously a political danger to the Democrats but doesn’t present any danger whatsoever to anyone else.
    Using the same perveted logic, the SWAT teams should be getting Bill and Hillary, Mad Maxine and AOC down to the Police station in their pyjamas at 6AM in the morning.
    An utter disgrace.

  4. What would one expect from a Communist regime? The Demoncrats have become what Obama wanted them to become. They’ve flaunted the rule of law in anyway that they can for the past 10 years, by making it very obvious as to what they are REALLY about. Allowing the (C)linton (N)ews (N)etwork to cover it, makes it very obvious as to what they are up to. All I can say is WATCH YOUR BACKS, my Republican brethren.

  5. mule-ears sole purpose is to DIG UP AND DESTROY any and ALL EVIDENCE that might point to hitlery and other leftists!

    They have to dream up this type of garbage to justify their continuation!

  6. American citizens should pray that the DNC doesn’t regain power over the Whitehouse. If they do it will destroy the Constitution, there will be no burden of proof or due process. They have been shamed and aim for payback.

  7. The fair minded rational thinking American people should be alarmed to say the least! Has anyone read the book 1984 lately because the similarities are erie! Ask yourself these questions;
    Who is in charge to allow this overwhelming force to be used on an elderly couple (one being deaf)!? Who had the bright idea of bringing a major news organization to broadcast it? Do all that lie to a government agency get the same forceful treatment? Who answers when something goes wrong using the strong arm tactics? Does anyone of high rank in the FBI or any othe government agency have any common sense anymore? Or are they just puppets of a political party to gain promotion for themselves? This and the lopsided double standard is scary folks and anyone that doesn’t think so better hope they don’t find out for themselves the hard way!

    1. The people of Germany knows first hand what is happening in America. It is so similar to how Adolph Hitler seized power before the second world war it is skerry. The Democrats need to be reeled in. Start with impeaching Pelocie and a few of the Communist Democrats. for TREASON Their long term goal is One world Government with them in charge. Mueller needs to go to jail with Peter Strzok Lisa Page and the other FBI criminals that have tried to get rid of our Elected President Trump. Their interference has cost the American People millions of dollars and hindered the work we elected the president to do

  8. Roger was later interviewed after this staged fiasco and political theater.
    He said after the CNN cameras and reporters had left area, the FBI agents (most likely from Miami office) treated him with great respect and decorum and even apologized for the handling of all the uproar and nonsense.
    Even the Federal judge that he appeared before released him on no bail on promise to just show up for next appearance date.
    Of course this all was staged and Roger knew that…he was just waiting when was his time for curtain call.

    And this is a justice system and law enforcement system we are suppose to have confidence in when dealing with non-criminals. Did not know they needed the practice.

  9. This is probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever read about using law enforcement. It almost sounds fake. What is wrong with Mueller anyway? Trying to make up things as he goes along. Perhaps he needs a mental evaluation since he appears to have gone off the rails with this one.

  10. It’s interesting that the whole Mueller investigation was supposed to be on “Russian collusion”, yet it’s Mueller who is using old Soviet tactics to intimidate his targets. Stalin used to do this exact same thing to anyone he perceived as a threat. They’d move on their target in the middle of the night or early morning when they were sleeping to terrorize the person when they were most vulnerable. They’d then arrest them and have a “show trial” where the person was guilty before any evidence was presented.
    Mueller planned this, with the help of CNN, to not only try to get Stone to help build a case against the president, but send a warning to anyone of significance who may try to help Donald Trump get re-elected. If you’re watching how they’ve gone after Trump’s inner circle, it should give pause to anyone who doesn’t want their privacy invaded and then bankrupted because you have to pay attorneys to shield you from ridiculous charges. Mueller has an unlimited budget, thanks to the American taxpayer. What’s happening should be of great concern to everyone.

  11. You are right; this is Communism like the German Gestapo. We can’t let that happen to our freedom in America; Land of the Free and Home of the Brave!

  12. This is probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever read about using law enforcement. It almost sounds fake. What is wrong with Mueller anyway? Trying to make up things as he goes along. Perhaps he needs a mental evaluation since he appears to have gone off the rails with this one. It’s hard to believe he is going after so many people now and destroying lives as he does. I think he needs to be investigated himself, there is something very wrong here.

  13. Its all about keeping it going to have a cloud over President Trump’s head to keep people Leary if voting for him. All treason against our nation as far as I am concerned. Communists pretending to be Democrats!

  14. I think the ultimate purpose of the FBI raid was not so much to intimidate Stone as to sent a warning to the American citizens!—–If this could happen to an important person like Stone “This could happen to you”, keep your mouth closed, don’t make waves! And if you happen to be a NRA member, expect the FBI raid on your house to possibly include an Abrams or two.

  15. Does a bear crap in the woods covers the, ” Did the FBI get CNN to cover the takedown of an old man!”. I have tried to defend the FBI in the past because my husband retired in 2017 from the FBI and I know there are good honest people in the FBI. But evidently the new management is every bit as bad as the old.

    29 to take down and humiliate an old man for a bad actor of the FBI who is now just an attorney, Mueller. And the tactics we have seen over the past two years have been frightening to put it mildly. Bad actors still lead in the DOJ, FBI and intelligence agencies. It is past time to clean house no matter who the AG is either acting or to be appointed. I just hope BARR is not just another inactive participant who will not reign in his agecy exactly like the do nothing fool first picked (Sessions) who let a corrupt Rosenstein run the whole witch hunt. It would be nice to see a real AG go after the others who are far from the agenda their agencies are assigned to conduct.

    29 men to arrest and old man who has been charged with lesser offenses than Hillbilly, Comey the show boat, McCabe the cheat, and those foul agents who have lost their jobs. Yet those very bad actors are still loose and running their foul mouths with no consequences.

    And let us consider who Mueller really is and do we think his legal manuevers are legal? I certainly hope they are not. And do not forget he was in charge of the FBI during the uranium deal of Hillbilly and Bill and likely helped pick his replacement Comey since Bozo wanted only yes men. Hum? Those things alone should have excluded Mueller for this investigation.

    But please, do remember the dossier is nothing but salacious lies that the FBI swore were truth but Mueller had to already know they were salacious lies. And are the FISA judges that stupid?

  16. Since Barak Obama and before back to the Clintons the democrats have been stealing money from the taxpayers and laughing all the way to the bank .The liberals know President Trump knows exactly what they are doing and why.The liberals and there buddies will be coming down The shadow government will all be exposed and Muller is going to be right in the middle of it .The whole prior administration is involved ,along with the heads of the FBI.Mullers job is to seek and cover up the evidence ,which will never happen.The democrats should have to pay the american taxpayers back in cash for this investigation. All this time Muller has been fabricating charges up he has been watched there time will be ending soon.All the democrats have people related to or are friends ,lawyers and associates covering up for them.Its all about to come crashing down on them and rightfully so . Americans are totally aware of there scam.Most of them will be serving time

  17. Everyone wants to Blame Muller for this Blatant show of STUPIDITY ! It was the FBI Who Actually Executed This IGNORANCE, And Should be Held Responsible, and Accountable for this Absolutely Laughing Stock Idiotic Display !! The FBI Chief Who Actually Ordered These Agents Out to Do This, Should LOOSE His Job, and even Serve Jail Time for This !! I want to Hear the Word Prosecute, and I Want to Hear Cell Doors CLANG ! America and Americans are NOT this Puny !! This is NOT the First time Recently, that The FBI has Been Weaponized to be used Politically By the Fanatics that HATE Trump !! It doesn’t matter what Roger Stone is being Indited for, as an American Citizen, He Deserves MUCH Better than this from His Country !! Mr President, More MAGA Please, It is Driving the Left More and More Insane’er – Johnman

  18. If there is any justice in the World after this “Witch Hunt” is finally over, there should come a day when the name Robert Mueller will roll off the tongues of angry Americans as readily, and as in complete contempt, as the name Benedict Arnold.

  19. The MSM and Dems and resistance operatives in the FBI know how to stage fake news. They know low information liberals will believe anything on TV. Remember a few months ago, when CNN had photos and x-rays of the “explosive devices” mailed to Democrats within the first two hours?

  20. tell muller to present his evidence because it”s over. This has gone on long enough. Republican have been nice, just wait till there’s another democrat president, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

  21. According to the Müeller Inquisition, Trump is not the target. That is if you trust a prosecutor that convicted Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, Peter Limone and Joe Salvati (2, Louie Greco, Henry Tameleo, died in prison and cost the taxpayers an eventual settlement of more than $100 million for false imprisonment) he knew they were innocent. Looks like he’s at it de novo. They never fail to maintain their image, do they?

  22. It is being made CLEAR, Mueller has FOUND NOTHING by the overwhelming “stagecraft” and pretrial irrationally disproportionate “show” maneuvers by Mueller, the DOJ and FBI. We are observing the DEMISE of these once respected institutions!

  23. Frogmen? I thought military cant be used against citizens? Mueller doesnt have to abide by the Constitution? I think thats called….what would that be called?…Hmmm. Wost than that is that the military showed up. Who in the military is helping Mueller and why?

  24. Unfortunately, a majority of my co-workers and neighbors will forever believe that this grand display of force was necessary in capturing Roger Stone, and will even use this as a talking point in proving that Trump colluded with Russia. They believe this because the “unbiased” media told them so, and the media “doesn’t lie”. I am beginning to believe that the right is in cahoots with the left since they continually allow them total control of our MSM.

  25. So, where IS a “special investigation” into the “mule’s” own lying, thieving trickery; that’s probably been going on all his life. Some claim he is a “decorated military hero:!! Judging by his actions, in Boston (1980’s) protecting Whitey Bulger’s butt, the fact he ignored warnings about the WTC attack (9/11) AND the Boston Marathon Bombing and who knows what else? Oh and his involvement with the clintonista criminals in the Uranium One deal; now don’t you think all that warrant’s a “real” special counsel investigation??
    As for anything the lying lamestream media propaganda machine tells you, you instantly know all of that crap is a lie and the “direct opposite” of anything truthful and factual. Speaking of “special counsel investigations” – -what about the clintonista mafia crime family and the dimwit, treasonous commie party as a whole, along with turncoat rinos?

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