Sen. Cory Booker Declares Support For Radical “Green New Deal”

The Green New Deal, a far-left agenda that would require the government to become heavily involved in job creation and renewable energy development, is fast becoming mainstream as Democrats in search of a catchy slogan embrace the concept as their own.

Sen. Cory Booker, who is reportedly seriously considering a presidential run, has now formally embraced the Green New Deal as part of his platform. Naturally, his move has garnered considerable praise as activists and mainstream media news outlets alike fawn over the senator’s new progressive stance.

The Sunrise Movement and Justice Democrats alike are overjoyed that a senior Democrat would support their position, and are actively pushing for other Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives to follow suit. However, those who have had a close look at the Green New Deal will be alarmed to see that there is a lot more to it than initially meets the eye.

The aspects of the Green New Deal that are getting the most attention are the proposals to end fossil fuel emissions by the year 2030, the idea of using federal funds to back green energy initiatives, and the proposal to use government funding to create eco-friendly jobs for anyone who wants one. The latter amounts to a federal Jobs guarantee that would provide workers across the United States with full-time employment that pays at least $15 an hour and includes cushy benefits such as medical insurance and paid holidays.

If this is all you know about the plan, it might sound harmless. However, the Green New Deal is in fact a four-part program, and much of it has nothing to do with combating the effects of “man-made” climate change. It includes calls for the government to provide free college, Medicare and affordable housing for all — all with no account of how much this will all cost, or if it is even really worth the taxpayer money.

The Green New Deal encourages the creation of non-profit banks and utilities while imposing strict regulations on rich corporations. The last part of the plan would abolish the Electoral College set down by the Founding Fathers in the Constitution. It also calls for the creation of a Corporation of Economic Democracy that would promote “cooperative development” and encourage government agencies, private associations and businesses to participate in “democratic reforms”. Really, this is less of a tree hugging fantasy and more of a Trojan horse for every hard-left policy that has destroyed republics in the past.

A close look reveals the Green New Deal is a plan for massive government involvement in the private sector as well as the lives of all ordinary Americans. What is more, there is no mention of who will pay for all the free stuff for everyone. The only way to pay for these massive programs would be to substantially raise taxes — and not just on the rich.

The Green New Deal is one that ordinary Americans will likely be hearing a lot about for the foreseeable future. Sen. Bernie Sanders has already embraced it along with Sen. Booker. Sen. Jeff Merkley, another Democrat who is considering a presidential run, has said he wants to create his own Green New Deal proposal should be actually run for the presidency. Sen. Kamala Harris has expressed interest in the Green New Deal, and said via a spokesperson that she supports its goals.

Should any one of these left-leaning individuals win the presidency in 2020 or afterwards, the nation could face drastic changes as government involvement in the day to day lives of every single person drastically increases in the name of “saving the planet” and “creating a secure, sustainable future.”

~ Conservative Zone

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44 thoughts on “Sen. Cory Booker Declares Support For Radical “Green New Deal””

  1. God help up if any of these radical left-wing communists even get close to the White House.
    Wasn’t their shameful tactics display to discredit Brett Kavanaugh enough to convince everyone as to just how far these evil people will go. They aren’t in office to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States”.
    They want to turn this country into a proven failure called communism.

    1. The Democrats have become the radical communist party and they must be stopped now! Senator Booker is dangerous in his ignorance!
      The Democrats continue to con the ignorant with promises of “free stuff ” without ever explaining who pays. They collectively are as stupid as michael moore:The great unwashed ” film maker”!

      1. Over cooked Cory Booker is. almost as smart as my little tan Doxie,almost but not quite! He is nothing less than an arrogant dumb N———!

    2. Donald J. Trump the people of this great country will not be silent if the persecution of Publisher and Truth teller Julian Assange moves forward. Against the backdrop of #FakeNews Wikileaks has been instrumental in exposing the Clinton cabal and ensuring your victory against her. We are greatful for his help and we are demanding, not asking that you return that favor on behalf of the American people and issue a Pre-Emptive Presidential Pardon IMMEDIATLEY!!! #OperationFreeAssange

    1. If any of these radicals get elected as President, you won’t have a weapon to lock and load. This is nothing more than communism and it doesn’t work……. We must never do away with the electoral college…. The US Constitution set up safeguards for the American people and now these communists dictators in Congress want to destroy it….
      The US Constitution and the Bible you may not understand all the laws, but they are good laws that has sustained us for many years……. and many years to come…..

      1. IT is almost certain that the left will not attempt to Amend the Electoral College out of existence, however, there is a movement gaining some momentum among blue states that are passing laws that force electors to vote in keeping with the popular vote in their respective districts. This would, effectively, nullify the Electoral college as the votes of the electors would be forced into complying with the popular vote in proportion to the vote totals for each district. This needs to be stopped before the number of states passing such laws reaches the point where 270 EVs would be covered by such laws. After that, the only answer would be an amendment to nullify any law that negates the winner take all rules at the state level.

  2. Scary proposals which will eventually involve government takeover of every aspect of our lives. And whom, should I ask, is going to pay for all of this? Of course, we all will, even those with low incomes. Remember the old saying, “There ain’t no free lunch!”

  3. This man is a buffoon, an aggrandizer and an embarrassment. He made a mockery of our Senate Judiciary Committee. He left a permanent blemish on our Country with his self-promoting antics. We cannot afford the humilation of having him as president.

  4. You have to be kidding me. Not anywhere close to being able to work. I know some of these people are pretty smart and I even know this can’t be afforded by the taxpayer. When the debt what it is now I don’t see how we can add more. What happened to pay for it college, what happen to that. What is even wrong with work period. I believe they will over time put the seniors where medical procedures will not be approved. So you hit a certain age you die. What will they then do to the people that will not work?

  5. What provisions do they the politicians want to give you? Why? Who will provide all the needs of those who follow the plan of the Creator?
    I was in Greece a couple years ago and saw what this philosophy has brought to that country. Here is Gods advice and revelation about these people and their principles
    2 Thessalonians 3:10 ¶ For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.
    11 For we hear that there are some which walk among you disorderly, working not at all, but are busybodies.
    12 Now them that are such we command and exhort by our Lord Jesus Christ, that with quietness they work, and eat their own bread.

    Proverbs also tell us not to associate with these types; along with why!
    Proverbs 24:21 My son, fear thou the LORD and the king: and meddle not with them that are given to change:
    22 For their calamity shall rise suddenly; and who knoweth the ruin of them both?

    Do you hear Him?

  6. Everything about this “new” idea is Socialism, it is evil and Un-American. These leftists and those who support these concepts are just plain stupid, especially when they want to abolish the Electoral College. Cory Booker is equally evil, along with his leftist cronies who embrace such fanatical ideas. They are evil and demonstrate why such brilliant ideas codified in the best codifying document ever created by the mind of men who relied on God for wisdom and guidance: The United States Constitution!

  7. Another reason why democratics are dangerous they always have theses great illusions but they failed to address THE WHO WHAT WERE
    Just like most liberal morons Democratics mouth in gear before brain is Engaged? This is one Ex sample of incompetent democratic politicians and Delusional way of thinking

  8. What a world we live in. The world leaders expect the USA to protect them and pay the bills. We have a President to run are country but the far left and Europeans seam to have the most power. The world can’t stand it, we the people have a President called Trump a real leader.

  9. I can ASSURE you folks that crooked politics got Booker in that office, NJ voters are still shaking thier heads in disbelief. There is major criminal activity going on in NJ as well as the rest of the country.

  10. So now that the “Green” Agenda brought Spain to bankruptcy just before Obama wanted to embrace it here, this public toilet troll wants to push it here again. We call this the “watermelon” group, because these people all preach “green” like the outside skin of the watermelon, but on the inside is all RED, like the true nature and chosen color of the communist party. The main reason I am offended by the way we have been forced to represent ourselves here in America with the color Red, not our true color of Blue, which the communists have usurped away from us.
    These people who “represent” the democrat party, are truly guided by demons, their every move proves it.


    1. Cory Booker is indeed a very dangerous person! He is all mouth with little brain.
      These people refuse to look at a true socialist state like Venezuela to see just what a total disaster socialism is!!

      stephen leonhard. I am a 93 year old veteran of nearly three years of war against Japan and I am simply disgusted with the mindless socialism of the modern Democratic Party, Pelosi and Schumer, etc.!!

  12. it was way back the dems would put a price of what u are worth , and it is coming. booker and nuts like him need to go . when is n.j. going to learn . highter wages means higher prices , its a circle what goes up never goes down . yes we all like highter wages but with highter wages comes higher taxs , and more free shit for people coming into this county that u will never get . time to wake up people the dems commies and socialist need to go

  13. Canadians and Europeans come to the US for serious health issues
    because their care is so bad. I knew a gentleman from Europe that
    had a heart attach in the USA. He told me he was so glad he was
    her when he had it. A year or so later he had more problem when
    he was back in England. He had poor treatment and was in a room
    with six other men.

  14. You would think the Socialist Democrats would think twice about expanding their communist agenda after watching their landmark law Obama Care slowly circle the drain. The fact that Obama could, in his first term, destroy free market based health care in America is remarkable. But as it slowly became a black-hole money-pit, as designed BTW, along comes Trump and cuts the purse strings. So instead of realizing that the American public had seen enough and voted them out of office, here they come with what looks like an “all in” plan for a left turn back on to Obama’s road to Communism. Lets face it folks, there are far more players involved with moving the U.S. away from capitalism to weaken it’s global influence. The movement by China to remove the U.S. dollar as the reserve currency. The Democrats had thought they had it in the bag with Hillary waiting in the wings to continue the push………… Americans said no.

  15. The reality is that this proposal has very little to do with climate change and is a pretext for social change. The green isn’t about the environment but the color of money and who gets it. And, as in virtually all socialistic proposals, it’s pretty damned gauzy about how it will be paid for, gauzy like Alexandria Occasional-Cortex’s mind. We are soon to be 21 billion dollars in debt. Where we should be thinking about spending less and paying it down, this proposal wants to ramp it up.

  16. Just proves how neurotic and naively dangerous they are. Feel good policies to hoodwink the constiuents, all the while bringing in the Trojan Horse full of Socialist policies to eliminate the free enterprise system, create a government that will have price and wage caps on all things most important how much you make, how much you save, in the end becoming what the former Soviet Union had right after WWII up to today, which still is behind the times limits personal freedom. All these people are doing is setting themselves up for a bloody civil war where they will die in the thousands by those who still believe in a Constitutional Republic who KNOW how to use modern weapons

  17. Booker is an idiot – but an idiot that knows his base accepts any dumb thing he spins out there. Not sure if the scary part is the idiot Democrats in office or the yuge numbers of idiots that vote them into office. Perhaps the true scary issue is that there are few conservatives in office that have the intestinal fortitude to do the right thing. Having spent my adult life in the service (42 years at retirement) and having spent all my spare time studying history (and observing history in the making overseas) I have come to believe that we are only still in the phase of a “Cold Civil War” because of the fuzzy geography involved. To say – no sharp defined lines as there were going into the American Civil War. Also there are no politicians that will stand up and declare “enough, time to sort things out” (a “legitimate” political/leadership base is required for “legitimate” insurrection). There is no “our side” leadership to organize around. IF such leadership surfaces then it can (and will) be GAME ON. At such a point the civil militia (several million strong) and the supporting military units (many – these folks are serious about their oath and dedication to freedom) will make fairly short work of IT. With three goals – require all new elections and all new representatives – a return to a national government as taught in old school civics classes (not one in which the judicial and administrative branches make laws) – and the flushing out/removal of anti-American organizations and persons. A process that would go on until there is an amnesty (no reason to stop until one can go home without fear of post action reprisals). We ARE divided and one side has no interest in discussion, negotiation or compromise (that’d be the liberals). Liberals are leaving only one way for the population at large to settle the hot button issues. Until we do we are wasting time and pushing back the date for fixing the many issues that divide us – and like the debt – pushing the issues on our progeny.

  18. And there you go TF Sellers! Too bad the rest of the democrats aren’t waking up and showing they are awake by their votes. Dems have chosen their own Godless way and will pay dearly for it in the end. Ya just can’t help but have pity on them for their ignorance because they will have to live in their own messes if they manage to get what they want,which is an adolf hitler free for all of sick minds. God help us! Come quickly Lord Jesus!! So glad I’m leaving in the great catching away. Once Jesus returns for His body there will not be anything here I’d want to be here for.

  19. These so called Liberal Idiots are going to kill America once and for all
    it started with Obama and the only thing that nearly stopped him and his
    left wing agenda was the republicans with a brain and not the RINO’S
    now they have control of the HOUSE and G-D help us all. If they push through
    their left wing agenda and their communistic ideas that will kill America.
    First they want to take away our guns don’t let them. Then they want to
    take away your right to free speech don’t let them again. and now they want to
    have everything free and don’t know how to pay for it. VOTE THESE IDIOTS OUT

  20. What happened the last time the government threw money at a “Green Deal” AKA Solar Power? It failed miserably!
    Soon as “favored” companies got their hands on TaxPayer funds, they folded and made off with our money. Now Socialist Booker wants to replay that game. Been there, done that, thank you very much!

  21. This “Green New Deal” will increase the size of our federal government by 3 to 4 times, and will give the new and much larger federal government, the exact same power over the lives of the American people, as the USSR had over it’s people.

    This exposes the very large problems the American people have with it’s public school system and the teaching of history in order to learn the lessons of the past, which if we fail to learn, we are doomed to repeat them, and this “Green New Deal” will have the American people repeating the huge mistakes of the USSR.

    Some say that will never happen, because if we don’t like the results, we’ll just vote in others to correct the problems, but by now most Americans know that the Democrats, through lots of practice down through many years, have become experts on conducting voter fraud for their own benefit, and like in the USSR, you’ll never get them out of office, once the newly extremely huge federal government has all this power over the lives of the American people.

    If any of you rank and file Democrats, who don’t think that high ranking Democrats have control of and use voter fraud to win elections is true or not, then just ask those in your party who are in control of the polling places, if they’d tell you the truth about what they do with absentee voting and with voting machines on voting days, since you’re a Democrat too, and some may do exactly that, then you’ll learn the sad truth on how Democrats win elections with crazy and dangerous policies like this “Green New Deal”.

  22. That is truly the first plan that I’ve heard that reminded me of Orwells 1984. Joked about others that have but this plan as I heard/read it came to life in my head like 1984 did when I read it. Beware.

  23. This is very simple…… OWO…. One World Order. He is telling you that he wants the government will control ALL of your life whether YOU like it or not. It’s better known as ” Socialism/communism”. It’s time for voters to do research rather than listen to what these anti-americans want you to believe. Open your ears and start seeing what is really happening with all governments.

  24. The US Constitution does not even contain the word “education”, let alone authorize any federal regulation of education. At the time the Constitution was drafted, education was largely a church function so they might not have even thought about it, but if they did, they undoubtedly rejected the idea for fear it would become a government indoctrination system, as it has,

    Since it’s creation in 1979/1980, the Department of Education, has grown exponentially, as has the cost of education, while the quality of education in this country has fallen precipitously. Fully half of our high school graduates, today, can not name the current Vice President or the last. Many can’t even name the President, or one of the three branches of the federal government.

    Our young people are being indoctrinated in Communism, Socialism and the theory that one’s sex is a matter of choice. Religion, especially Christianity is disparaged, while a new “religion”, Political correctness, is taught. The Constitution is not taught and few high school graduates know that it enumerates the permissible functions of the federal government.

    I seriously doubt that one in five of our high school graduates is aware that Venezuela was the most prosperous country on the South American continent until it adopted socialism and in three decades or less, became a nation of desperate, starving people.

  25. It is time for the American people to stand up and take back our country. A REVOLUTION starts when the people say it is time. Well, we need to get the communists out of Congress and shackle them on an island in the Pacific where we never see or hear from them again. Harris, Ocasio, Booker, Merkley, Clintons, Shumer, Pelosi and while we are at it let’s hang Soros for treason. Who will be our Paul Revere???

  26. REPUBLICANS, let’s stand together and fight for Trump and his family. I cannot believe how this family is being treated. We need to fight back the damn Demorats. They play dirty we play dirtier.

  27. I cannot stand this man!!!! In fact to go a little bit further, I will not vote for anyone who does not want the wall built because I would feel they are pretty dumb. This man thinks he is another Obama. We do not need him. I will vote for President Trump again because he has done a whole lot since he is the President. What has Booker done?????

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