Sen. John McCain Ends His Legacy In Disgrace

For more than 50 years, the name John McCain conjured images of heroism, bravery under fire, toughness and the type of maverick blood that runs through American patriots. In less than two years, the brain cancer-inflicted senator from Arizona will end his legacy of public service in utter disgrace.

His fall reads like a Shakespearean tragedy. As Americans watch the sad conclusion of a man who should have monuments erected in his name, we can only wonder how he fell so far, so fast. Of course, none of this happened overnight.

John McCain: War Hero

McCain’s heroism during the Vietnam War has been well documented. In October of 1967, McCain’s A4 Skyhawk took fire from North Vietnam regulars and forced to eject over Hanoi, a place that many veterans still have nightmares about.

He impacted the ground suffering two broken arms and a broken leg, and would boldly endure the horrors inflicted in the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” POW camp. After years of brutal torture and numerous violations of the Geneva Convention, the enemy learned McCain’s father was a high ranking military official, and he became a powerful bargaining chip.

McCain, suffering debilitating health issues, refused to be traded. He told the enemy, “Our Code of Conduct says we must not accept parole, amnesty or special favors.” They let him know that despite his deteriorated condition, things would get much worse for the young soldier if he didn’t cooperate. McCain stood his ground.

A Life of Public Service

Left handicapped from his crash and years of torture, McCain parlayed his war hero status into a political career.

He won a bid to the U.S. House of Representatives after retiring from the Navy, and was later elected to the Senate in 2001. He earned a reputation for being a “maverick” willing to buck his own party to support the nation’s greater good. That patriotism vaulted him into contention for the office of president. Following a failed campaign against former Pres. Obama, his motives started to become suspect.

McCain vs Donald J. Trump: A Blood Feud

In perhaps the most vicious blood-letting in American political campaign history, outsider Donald J. Trump took no prisoners. Viewing McCain as a rival within the GOP, he called the sitting senator out on his war record. Trump reportedly said, “He’s not a war hero. He was a war hero because he was captured. I like people who weren’t captured.” Trump went as far as to imply McCain was a coward who hadn’t supported veterans properly from his Senate seat.

The fallout from the political feud unveiled a John McCain few had ever seen. He became a caricature of himself willing to cross long-established Senate protocols to get even. A petty, small McCain emerged many found dishonorable and revolting.

Betraying the Base

Consider a leader among Senate Republicans, the country voted the party into the majority on a promise that ObamaCare would be repealed and replaced. Individual mandates would be stricken, and the out-of-control system would be reined in.

McCain rose up like a phoenix in the 11th hour to cast the decisive vote to open debate on the GOP plan to eradicate the left-wing healthcare debacle and give everyday people relief. But in what may be remembered in as an act of betrayal on par with Benedict Arnold, McCain would later cast the pivotal vote to kill the 8-year repeal and replace struggle. Onlookers and pundits saw a petty man that would betray his constituents and personal values just to prevent Pres. Trump from claiming victory.

A Career Ends in Disgrace

In what may have been an effort by the Hillary campaign to offset issues about Benghazi and the infamous email server, the salacious Trump Dossier was funded to create a false narrative about “Russian Collusion.”

The largely discredited Fusion GPS document was dumped into the lap of American voters through what many view as “Fake News” media outlets such as Buzzfeed and CNN. But the Democrat-led, post-election investigations aimed at bringing down perhaps America’s most successful economic president uncovered disturbing behavior by McCain.

A money and electronic trail has shined a light that the false allegations were paid for by sources linked to Hillary and Sen. John McCain may have acted as a conduit to help undermine Pres. Trump. The firm tasked with creating the outlandish claims has reportedly said they passed the document to McCain, knowing he would enlist the help of now-fired FBI director James Comey and others. McCain has admitted to this bad act.

“I gave it to no one except for the director of the FBI. I don’t know why you’re digging this up now,” McCain reportedly said. However, questions are now surfacing about the source of the leak to the media. Many suspect McCain was behind it.

His actions may not rise to the level of criminal treason, but they are disgraceful. The man who once stared down the enemy with honor now tragically ends a life of public service assaulting the office of President of the United States.

~ Conservative Zone

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97 thoughts on “Sen. John McCain Ends His Legacy In Disgrace”

  1. Ever since Joe Paterno there seems to have been a lot of this going around. In this era of speed and easy access to information – people cannot hide like they used to.

    1. for years practically his whole political career this fraud and scumbag has been living off and running on fake war stories he made up that have been disputed by soldiers that knew him while he was captured and admitted his nickname was song bird McCain. It’s time for this old clown to retire he has no credibility or respect left by either party. He’s a disgrace to his state that stupidly keeps electing this idiot.

      1. You are exactly correct George. Also, I have read numerous reports that Soros is also funding him. He is a traitor. Has been all his life. The only reason he wasn’t washed out of the Navy, is his father and grandfather.

    2. McCain’s doing fine. Unfortunately he’s chasing voters away from the Republican Party. As for “assaulting” the President of the United States — that draft dodger, tax cheat, racist and compulsive brain damaged liar isn’t getting assaulted enough.

      McCain will survive as a man of integrity.

      1. As far as the “tax cheat,racist,compulsive brain damaged liar,you’re talking about McCain right? As for the draft dodger,if you’re talking about our President,it’s not a correct fact.

    3. McCain’s fellow POW’s have stated on the record that he cooperated with the VC and got special treatment from them.

      LOOK IT UP……he is NO HERO

  2. I think Mcvein does require your psychological evaluation. As you were car he did have brain cancer and it is quite likely that it may have affected his frontal lobe .

    1. What does that have to do with the 134 sailors he murdered on the USS Forrestal? He should have spent his life in Leavenworth.

  3. I guess being a showboat and showing off with a military aircraft and crashing in into the ship killing over a hundred fellow soldiers, then having your dad and granddad cover it up for you so you don’t get court-martialed is being a hero too, huh??? He is and always has been a con man.

    1. Jim, in answer to your question he did not crash his plane into the ship. He was on deck and hot started his aircraft causinf the afterburner to ignite a missle on the F-4 parked behind him. The F-4 was fueled and armed with missles and Bombs. The aircraft caught fire, fired a missle into an aircraft on the opposite side of the ship that blew up and started a chain reaction fire that destroyed aircraft killed crew including pilots and spread to the hanger deck.
      John McCain was no Hero. If you researched your article a little better you would have seen that. He caused the deaths of 134 of his fellow Sailors on the USS Forrestal in 1967. I wont even get into the fact that as a Naval Aviator he caused the distruction of 4 multimillion dollar aircraft during his training. The accident review boards placed the blame on Pilot error in every case. His injuries were caused by his carelessness during ejection from his stricken plane. And by the way due to his carelessness not only did his shipmates die,but the aircraft carrier almost sank and needed 6 months to be repaired. It was taken off station and un counted grunts may have dieed for lack of airsupport on the beach. He helped fund and equip the MODERATE rebels in Syria that morphed into Deash and there are pictures with him and a fellow Senator smiling with these animals. The Brain cancer is Karma. And also he was a SAILOR(Naval Aviator) NOT a Soldier. JEEZE. Get you Shiite together.

  4. How did he fall from grace, that is easy to answer, people learned the truth about “Song Bird” a traitor that sold out to the cong. And that isn’t the only thing he is involved in by a long shot, come to think about it, that is just what he deserves, shot but not by a military firing squad that is reserved for those that still have some honor unlike McShame

  5. Im so angry with the democrat Nazi party actions as millions of Americans are. The democrat socialist agenda is being forced on USA citizens by use of lies deceit coverups donations from the very rich influential to the point one hopes these rich bastards will be investigated and charged with criminal actions and jailed. John MCCain has been a disgrace to the military and everyday Americans John needs to come clean as does Hilary and crooked Obama these two are the reasons we need not consider putting any democrats in elected positions for 69er years they should all be hanging there heads in shame RC Lewis

  6. McCain has been a RINO for a long time. Brain tumor or not he has been pro illegal immigration for a long time. It’s a shame he won the primary in AZ as Kelly Ward was a much better candidate. He needs to retire and take care of himself. Something he does best.

    1. Kelly Ward did not lose the primary, it was stolen by the democrats that crossed over for the primary to make sure she did not win the Republican Primary. I am not at all surprised that he may have take lots of fund from George Soros, and he has been hiding that he was really more left leaning and progressive for office even before running for President. It is amazing that he had a better vice president nominee than Obama. Smokem Joe is the ultimate example of sexual harassment by word and mouth than trump ever was, as at least Trump has and did employ and advance many women in his private career. Some are outstanding examples of leadership in corporate america. Joe Bidden never hired any woman out of his own worth, with out us tax payers paying the bills. Again , Power seems to be at the front of politicians down fall. Greed and power is the name of the game in the swamp. I do hope that Kelly Ward runs again, she was masterful against McCain every time they debated. So sorry Arizona was duped by this shallow man, whom has been long time a liberal.

      1. “…Power seems to be at the front of politicians down fall…”

        There is a REALLY GOOD WORD for all that phenomenon: it is “HUBRIS”. From the WordNet Online Dictionary, courtesy of
        — —
        n 1: overbearing pride or presumption
        — —
        An ancient Greek adage ties it neatly together: “Those whom the Gods would destroy, the FIRST MAKE MAD.” And that has NOT changed – call it “Fate”, “Karma”, “Blowback”, what-have you. Call it what you will, what GOES around, comes BACK around. And by the time it comes BACK around, it has BEEN AROUND.”

        Opinion: Ol’ Wet-Start McCain’s been with the Rest of Us FAR past his “Sell-By” Date. Rather see Himself hanged for his treasons than ever “discreetly” retired (to have even MORE time to spend in the Devil’s Workshop), really. And that is ALL. 0{:-|o[

  7. John McCain got what deserved. Trump was right when he Refused to call McCain a hero. McCain is a self serving egotist that is now a disgrace to himself and his former wife who stood by him inthe war. He divorce this lovely dedicated wife just so he could marry a rich woman. He deserves to be disgraced for what he has done to America, Donald Trump, and his first wife. Now he will face the Lord to answer for his life like all of us will.

  8. It is a sad situation for McCain who once was held in high regard by many; but for a number of years his decision making with regard to where he stood on major issues plus his flip-flops on important votes has cast a major cloud over his career & reputation that is now in tatters.
    I think it possible that his brain tumor(s) may have impacted him severely. That is something that we probably will never know, but does represent a possible saving grace for his reputation

    1. The high regard that McCain was held in was because people were deceived into believing he was a war hero. This was denied by those who served with him and lost their buddies because of his carelessness. He was protected by his high-ranking father who moved him to another ship in an attempt to hide the offense. He immediately was shot down; failed to bail out properly crushing his arms and was captured by the North where he was given the nickname “Songbird” because he told more than his name, rank and serial number. They made several recordings of his confessions that help feed the North’s propaganda broad-
      casts, many of which can be listened to on the internet if you want to know the truth about John McCain. He started the false dossier that Hillary and the Dems have funded and used the last year and a half to hound Trump. I could go on and on. Does this sound like a hero to you?

  9. McCain is just a hand full of senators and political attire that is behind the issue of Russia and Trump. Their is also a Dossier that was given money “Monthly” to deceive the Present President “DONALD TRUMP”. There is a saying “What goes arround comes arround eventually” That is the culprit “Hillary Clinton and her clan. She and McCain should be locked up in the more Notorius Prisons known to man and have prisoner punish them to the point of Death for the Treason that was committed. So I would think that McCain is used to this as he was a prisoner of war and did nothing much to protect the USA. Im glad it is now out in the public. People need to know how the Presidential Campaign works. If Hillary would have run and won, our Boarders would have been open, giving a world war III. McCain would have been free and clear. He is the apitamy of a loser rather than trying to bring America up as it was 10 years ago.

  10. McCain has been a disaster since he caused 134 death aboard his air craft carrier when launched a missal from his jet while on deck also causing 78 million in damages to his carrier.
    What a big mouth loser.

  11. I have long suspected McCain of skulduggery. His vendatta against Pres Trump became obvious by his body language and stubborn manner. He was never presidential material. That was just the beginning of his poor insight and judgement. If he had realized anything about Mr. Trump, it should have been that Mr. Trump’s no nonsense approach would win out. Mr. Trump is just what the people of this country want. So far, he has accomplished more than most presidents accomplish in their 8 years of wasting time in the Whit House. McCain’s approach to not supporting Mr. Trump was the biggest mistake of his life.

  12. That Son Of a Bitch never was a War Hero.He was and has always has been a worthless, cheating, womanizing ,Song Bird ,Traitor, Son of a Bitch ! There is “NOTHING” Honorable about the Rino, Back Stabbing, Piece of Shit BASTARD!

    1. No…tell us what you REALLY think! Actually, I agree with you word for word, and my comment below outlines why. He has never been a hero, he has always been a traitor, and has the blood of American fighting men on his hands.

      1. McCain is a BONA-FIDE Traitor to this country . His nickname was given to by his fellow prisoners ,{SONGBIRD}, because he would run to his captors & spill his guts to the V.C. &blab to them !!!!

  13. mcain was nothing but a bullshitter, and a democrat in disguise. he needs to repent and come clean from all his shortcomings, and accept Christ as his savior because he is on his last leg.

  14. John McCain is a traitor to his party!! He needs to lose his seat in our government. He seems to have been bought and paid by Clinton, Soros and Obama! He was and is a puppet to them. Karma seems to have caught up with him.

  15. It is my humble opinion that John McCain has long since ridden his heroism into the ground. Now his hatred of Donald Trump shows us how small this man really is. I am tired of him.

  16. John McCain MAY have done some great things. However, many of them are suspect & right fro the beginning! He is a RINO of the first class and should be Out OF CONGRESS Yesterday!! He has conspired with the Dems and fought President Trump all the way since his election…
    What’s it going to take to get him OUT of congress so we can move forward once again? He and Ol Harry are on a par with one another!! Think about that for a moment…. Scary eh!!

  17. Ask any enlisted man serving in the US Navy (especially one’s that worked on the A4 flight line) who bombed the Forestall with a very large bomb killing I think 184 of her crew. I requested a transfer to the Forestall that was turned down. I guess they knew why I really to go there.

  18. McCain was never a hero. There are videos and voice recordings of his “Jane Fonda” type actions, telling the world that America was deliberately bombing hospitals and schools. He gave what war plans he knew to the enemy, imperiling and in some cases responsible for deaths of Americans. He attested to the “excellent medical care” he received from the enemy, while others in the infamous “Hanoi Hilton” actually WERE tortured, and some killed. He stayed “prisoner” not out of any heroism, but to wait out the castigation due him for the videos and recordings he made. Many of the prisoners at the Hanoi Hilton who actually suffered torture NEVER made any videos or recordings in aid of the enemy. America has been fed a lie about John McCain’s heroism, because he was the son of an Admiral and the Pentagon didn’t want the Admiral to suffer embarrassment because of his son’s far less than heroic actions.

  19. Thank you for having the guts to tell the absolute truth about McCain. . I knew this from just watching what all he was doing to ruin Trump. . and knew that he had gotten a copy of the dossier and asked, I think, Graham if he thought that it should be given to the FBI. . his hatred has turned him into definitely not a Hero and less than a shell of a real man. . so I am glad that this has finally surfaced. . thank you. Only shows how little he truly cared about the American people. .

  20. I began personally wondering about our “hero” senator a few years back. He just did not come across as someone honest and truthful on some of the subjects he talked about. He began to remind me of some of the officers and upper noncoms I served with who were self-serving and untrustworthy in my opinion. I think we as a nation often make blanket statements and have blanket opinions of well-known people without really doing the research. As a veteran I salute his service and rank, but as an American I will not miss him.

  21. Sometimes our ego clouds our judgment; we cannot see past our own reflection. We the people elected Trump and what McCain did was “deplorable.”

  22. Yes, he acted bravely and honorably as a POW but as public servant he acted shamefully and dishonorably. He showed his true colors.

  23. There’s a lot of other information about John McCain from veterans that served with him. One of which was a disaster on an aircraft carrier that cost a few people their lives because he was hot-dogging and wanted to show off. Another was crashing a plane during training which would end the flight career of most potential aviators.The fact that he had to relatives in high places in government got him out of a lot of trouble that he would have otherwise been in. When he was captured in Vietnam they knew exactly who he was and treated him different than all the other prisoners. For him it really was the Hanoi Hilton. Folks might want to do their own research into the real John McCain.

  24. As for Sen. McCain now, the best thing for the country is for him to die soon and have the Governor appoint a real Republican.

  25. I feel sorry for Sen. McCain. He needs to resign from political office and spend his remaining days with his family. His daughter is no one to be proud of, especially since she joined the ranks of The View – the vilest, vociferous lot of women who feel their voices are above all!

  26. I do not feel sorry for Senator McCain. “My friends, my friends…” He betrayed the entire country for a personal feud and vendetta that he had with our president Trump. This is the hubris of elected officials. They feel perfectly entitled to vote in Washington based on their personal feelings and the hell with their constituents. He, and his buddy, who was very proud of him on Obamacare, Senator Chucky (cry baby) Schumer, are both poster children for term limits.

  27. It is really sad, the turncoat McCaine became over time. It was all about, money, power, too much control with too many terms, and becoming too progressive. We need term limits. Also, violators in Congress and in the White House should be able to be fired or impeached and should lose their benefits. That would rid a lot of corruption. Congress needs new blood and all departments need more oversight because of this corruption and over-reaching, even with the progressive courts trying to legislate. The surveillance issue definitely needs more oversight to prevent this abuse of power. All investigations should have an equal number of Dems and Republicans, for fairness. We want the FBI and DOJ to follow their own rules and the law, and our Constitution. This obstruction of government is disgraceful as is the disrespect of the Presidency. I did not vote for Obama, and abhorred his agenda, but would never disrespect the office, though it appears he did a number of egregious acts and violated the Constitution and his administration abused their power in the DOJ and FBI as evidence is showing. I regret that Senator McCain is extremely ill.

  28. The proud name of McCain, shown through for almost a century in the annuls of exemplary Naval Service to our nation!
    Along comes the off-spring of these great Admirals, tarnishing their legion of service which made America the foremost naval power in the history of the world,with his frequent drunken episodes,, mesogynisms, marital cheating, asymptotic treasonous behaviors, outlandish, and childish revenges against a president who after only 11-months in office has set economic, and policy records unknown in prior administrations.
    Yes, he has angered not only the rank and file of the Conservative political movement!
    Yes, he has disgraced his family name, revealed for all to see!
    And yes, John McCain’s legacy will be forever tarnished as a childish deceiver of his state’s constituents, a violator of the Constitution, and the trust the American people placed in him for many decades to uphold and protect the security of our nation!

    Shame on you Senator!

  29. U ignored, (Songbird) McCain’s POW record; being pardoned by President Nixon!
    He is also responsible for the death of 133 sailors when a flight mission was delayed and he got angry and exited his aircraft. When he did he discharged the bomb release and they exploded on the flight deck killing 133 good men!!! He should have faced a courts martial but because he was an Admirals son nothing happened!

  30. Since when has McCain been a conservative. I admit not paying much attention to him until the last 15-20 years, but during that time he has done more to hurt the conservative movement than 85% of the other GOP Senators.

    And I cannot consider a soldier who rats on his fellow prisoners a hero.

  31. Good old McCoward mccain. I know his past all to well. All I can say is “Unseal” his military records so the people can see the truth. McCoward is the pure “Manchurian Candidate”. He has been used by the communist in America for years. Hero? No! Traitor? Yes!
    Since the author brought this up, allow me to clarify. The injuries he sustained in Vietnam were of his own doing. He was too stupid to follow protocol for ejection. He caused his own injuries!


  33. Senator McCain, Has betrayed me for not standing up & doing his job for me as an AZ. voter? If AZ. voters were smart they would recall him & end his term in Disgrace!!

  34. you are really out of it ,man. Which planet do you live on? We need a revolution in this country to take down Trump and people like you.

    1. We are the people that plan on getting America back on its right track, ms Thorpe. I doubt if you served in any military so how is it you talk of a revolution? Go back to you safe space…yeah..your shithole…America doesn’t need any more traitors..including you.

  35. mccain is not a war hero, he’s a traitor he was the equal to tokyo rose and sold out to the nv,then made every effort tostop any searches for people that was left behind.nasty little shit stains like him always get their comupenses!

  36. McCain is no hero. This myth has been perpetuated for many, many years, starting about the time President Nixon pardoned him immediately upon his return from North Viet Nam. McCain was a reckless hotshot aviator (check out USS Forrestal incident), and a traitor to his country when in POW captivity. Why was he called “Songbird” and despised by all other returned POWs from the Hanoi Hilton?
    McCain is a despicable person, a RINO senator, and a traitor to his country. Quit calling him a hero!

  37. John McCain is a disgrace to the gop. I think he should resign from office or join the dems,as most of his actions are against president trump.

  38. I was and am totally discussed with McCain, and he is not the only one in the Senate. President Trump is showing them that they can fight the liberal left but they have no backbone. They are cowards! They should defend the President just as much as the dems protected obama.

  39. McCain is a piece of shit. He is no war hero. Look up his record. How many of our own did he kill showing off and a carrier deck. How many others were shot down while he was giving up our flight paths to the enemy. FU McCain, you dirt bag.

  40. This petty man in his hatred of President Trump, has betrayed not only his constituents, but all of America. Even at this late date, he plans on betraying us regarding the DACA dealings. Shame on him and may he rot in hell and that won’t come soon enough for me.

  41. Those of us that were career Navy at the time remember McCain a bit differently. Just a bit of fantasy in your portrayal.
    At this point if McBraindead is to stubborn to retire then lets hope the cancer does it’s thing quickly.

    1. McCain’s name was at the head of the list of 33 POWs that faced execution for treason after Vietnam until Nixon pardoned all POWs.

      Here are the facts as we know them:
      •According to Colonel Ted Guy, John McCain’s commander as a POW, McCain collaborated with the enemy.
      •McCain is accused of giving information that led to the downing of 60 US aircraft
      •McCain is accused of training North Vietnamese air defense personnel
      •McCain is accused of making over 30 propaganda broadcasts against the US, broadcasts he moved to have classified when he was elected to the senate

      These 4 accusations are the only real and supportable accusations against McCain.
      Therefore his legacy is not ending in disgrace, it has stayed in disgrace starting back in Vietnam.

  42. I was a supporter (sweat and shoe leather) of McCain when he first ran for Senate.
    Met him at a backyard rally. After a while I realized McCain was NOT what I had thought
    him to be but was a worse case RINO. He collaborated with far left-wingers.
    Remember Ted Kennedy (the killer at Chappaquiddick?)
    Also many of his fellow POWs reported McCain was not what was being presented.
    I am very glad that we are getting rid of him.

  43. Among flyers who flew with McCain, I have yet read of one that reported excellence in his aviation record or in his deportment among his contemporaries. His pedigree did not help him, nor did his ‘superior’ attitude. It did help him survive in prison and his family has many reasons to applaud; but, his legislative and leadership performances fell short in a campaign to beat an incumbent who did not play the political game the same way.
    Then consider brain damage by cancer, and and the ‘House of Cards’ can no longer withstand the pressures and all left was a grand-stand play or two.
    I find no reason to condemn him, but no way to explain his holding a title until he dies. His last ‘heroic’ act should be a graceful retirement instead of looking like he is a heavy weight thinking and indispensable Senator- no doubt better than many others, but not one, in my 85 year old mind and opinion, to be recognized as having been sent by God to “save us from ourselves”.

  44. Sadly, this reporter only found the “good” parts of McCain’s history. His repeated bail outs of jams by his Admiral Daddy and Granddaddy, which included his near washout of Naval Flight Training, saved, again by his Admiral Daddy and Granddaddy. McCain earned the nick name of “Songbird” by fellow POWs at the Hanoi Hilton. Upon his return, while still married, he engaged in an adulterous relationship with his current wife, who he married 3 weeks after his 1st wife graciously didn’t contest the divorce.

    McCain’s glorious record as a Republican was simply NOT so glorious. He was involved in numerous crooked deals (the Keating Five comes immediately to mind)Yes, he was nominated as the Republican candidate, but the Democrat alternative was so awful, we, the conservative base, held our collective noses and voted for him (at least for Sarah Palin, the only bright light of McCain’s campaign!

    All his life McCain has thrown sand in the faces of conservatives, calling himself a MAVERICK. He was simply a RINO of the highest order. Not a maverick, just a disgrace to the Republican Party and CERTAINLY NO conservative.

    There will be few conservative tears for McCain’s sad end!

  45. Shame on you all! McCain and all the captives of the Cong went through hell that none of us can imagine. More than a few break. Only a rare few cannot be broken, and even then they have scars, both physical and mental. They are crippled and broken humans, and sometimes do or say things that others see as reprehensible. They are wounded as truly as those whose wounds are of the flesh and we must deal with that with compassion and understanding. I know several, whose stories I know, and I cannot get my mind around how they continue to function.

  46. Whatever John McCain was before his capture and torture by the North Vietnamese, he came away from that place a different person. There is absolutely no one who, having been tortured by those barbaric North Vietnamese sadists. came away with an unaltered mind. The Senator is no exception.
    The fact that he was a prisoner for so long generated enough compassion in the voters to overlook those mental scares and place him in the Senate. A position where the devastating impact of those mental flaws ultimately did significant damage to the country that I’m sure the Senator deeply loves.
    It is exceedingly sad to see the end result of the brainwashing he endured totally destroy the man.

  47. I never wish for anyone to die nor do I pass judgements. That is up to gidGod and only he will judge each and everyone of us here on earth.
    I just wonder how many will show up for his funeral. Maybe all his rino friends?
    I hope all the people with brains stay away and show the U.S.A. just how much he was really liked by the people.

  48. The account of McCain being a hero is a blatant lie. I know two soldier who were in the Hanoi Hilton with him and McCain was never tortured. He gave up vital information that for many US soldiers killed and got special treatment.
    The reason he refused to be traded was because he was more afraid of a court martial than his enemy captors.
    His injuries had nothing to do with his capture. It was only from being shot down and ejecting.
    McCain should have been tried for treason.

  49. We will see after five years how we see Sen McCain. This is a conservative publication and therefore one would expect this type of article.
    The evil that men do lives after them;. The good is oft interred with their bones;”
    “So it is written so will it be”
    Good bye Sen McCain!

  50. For so many years, I considered this man to be the man of all men, but, I really think he had something on his brain that caused all the weird actions of this heroic figure of the Viet Nam era. It may have been acting on him long before it was brought out for the public to see. I am glad it didn’t completely take him down as far as it could have to complete disgrace.

  51. I consider McCain a traitor. From what I’ve read, he didn’t “stared down the enemy”, but was called the “songbird” of the NVA prison because he “spilled his guts” and helped them. Also, look at his history-from the Navy Academy, to his shootdown. He was apparently a known hotdogger. Also check his actions in Congress re: NVA POWs left behind. I think he has always been a small, petty man- it is just becoming publicly apparent. HE IS NOT A CONSERVATIVE!

  52. Who wrote this garbage article? Put your name on it. Juan McPain was no hero, despite all the flowers thrown at him here. Where did the writer get his information, for, he is badly misinformed. I voted for real heroes, among them Senator Barry Goldwater, who represented this state in an honorable way, not the kind that we have now like McPain and Flake.
    Boy, what a pair.

  53. F–kup move up. McCain was protected by the military system, as enlisted he would be hung from the cross, but a admirals son is hailed as a hero.

  54. F–kup move up. McCain was protected by the military system, as enlisted he would be hung from the cross, but a admirals son is hailed as a hero. Infantry and Cav E7 US Army (retired)

  55. John McCain was no Hero. If you researched your article a little better you would have seen that. He caused the deaths of 134 of his fellow Sailors on the USS Forrestal in 1967. I wont even get into the fact that as a Naval Aviator he caused the distruction of 4 multimillion dollar aircraft during his training. The accident review boards placed the blame on Pilot error in every case. His injuries were caused by his carelessness during ejection from his stricken plane. And by the way due to his carelessness not only did his shipmates die,but the aircraft carrier almost sank and needed 6 months to be repaired. It was taken off station and un counted grunts may have dieed for lack of airsupport on the beach. He helped fund and equip the MODERATE rebels in Syria that morphed into Deash and there are pictures with him and a fellow Senator smiling with these animals. The Brain cancer is Karma. And also he was a SAILOR(Naval Aviator) NOT a Soldier. JEEZE. Get you Shiite together.

  56. McCain is a disgrace to the conservative effort. He cannot see past being a poor loser for the presidency. I am sorry to say that his brain tumor is and has been effecting his judgement. He should have already retired with some dignity.

  57. I am directing this comment at his betrayal of Americans in the vote to repeal Obamacare.

    This vote was a repellent and repulsive rebuke of all United States citizens. He based his vote on the principle that this should have been repealed by a bipartisan majority, instead of by a single party, albeit one that was voting the way they promised their supporters that they would vote that way.

    I would like to shout out to McCain: Why do we seek the input of losers? The Democrats lost the election; why seek them out for counsel, ideas, and wisdom, especially if you don’t have to?

    I would also like to issue some words of caution to voters. Just because someone is a war hero doesn’t make them qualified to do anything else for you. And the longer anyone is in Congress, the less trust they seem to place in doing the right thing for those who elected them.

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