Senate Intel Committee Clears Trump of Russian Collusion

After two years, more than 200 interviews, 300,000 pages of documents and more than $30 million spent on the phony Mueller witch hunt, the Senate Intel Committee will fully exonerate the Trump Campaign of any Russian Collusion during the 2016 election.

Although evidence points to Russian meddling through social media and other types of propaganda, President Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton fairly, and the biased mainstream has egg on its face.

The so-called “Russian Collusion” narrative was a mainstay in the liberal media after it pronounced now-President Trump had no path to victory against their favored candidate. The phony Russia narrative has been a helpful bit of propaganda to explain away the fake news media’s grotesque partisanship and liberal bias.

As investigations in the U.S. House, Senate and special counsel unfolded over the last two years, a wealth of evidence has come to light that the Clinton Campaign paid Russian operatives and a British spy to create a fake dossier against Pres. Trump. Other allegations of corruption and bias have surfaced that FBI and DOJ officials worked in concert to scuttle the criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton and undermine President Trump. All evidence points to Deep State collusion by Obama-era officials to upend the Trump Campaign and presidency, not the other way around.

“If we write a report based upon the facts that we have, then we don’t have anything that would suggest there was collusion by the Trump campaign and Russia,” Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr of North Carolina said. I’m speaking to what I hope is the 60 percent in the middle that are saying, ‘Give me the facts that I need to make a determination in this one particular instance — what happened.’ And that’s what our focus is.”

But congressional Democrats and the complicit media are determined to perpetuate a false Russia narrative despite the lack of evidence. Already the fake news media is reportedly citing nameless “Democrat Senate Investigators” to buoy the baseless claim that the Trump Campaign colluded with Russian President Vladimir Putin and other oligarchs.

“Donald Trump Jr. made clear in his messages that he was willing to accept help from the Russians,” NBC reported as an unnamed source. “Trump publicly urged the Russians to find Clinton’s missing emails.”

Many Americans may recall President Trump tweeting the fact that WikiLeaks and others may be in possession of data that could support the criminal investigation into Hillary’s private server. Led by now-disgraced former director James Comey, evidence came to light that the FBI slow-walked the Clinton probe and broke from bureau policy that showed favoritism to the Democrat.

Unlike the highly partisan U.S. House investigation and strategic leaks from the Mueller probe, the Senate Intel hearings have flown under the radar. The committee has mostly kept its investigation close to the vest in an effort to reach an impartial conclusion, unlike the special counsel — who enlisted partisan Democrats.

“If the committee’s driven based upon the facts that we have at hand, I have a very difficult time understanding how you can come to two different conclusions,” Sen. Burr reportedly said. “Unless, for the first time, you let politics come into play. Now, we’re in Washington and so — anything can happen.”

And Burr’s cautionary words are proving true as Democrats are wasting time and taxpayer money to keep the Russian narrative afloat. California Rep. Adam Schiff has been a driving force in misleading the American public about the Russia facts. He and other resist and obstruct Democrats are widening their investigations to bog the administration down and slow the America First agenda that has revitalized the economy and reestablished the U.S. as a world leader.

“(Schiff is) trying to build a name for himself,” Trump said. “And I think that’s fine because that’s what they do. But there would be no reason to do that. No other politician has to go through that. It’s called presidential harassment. And it’s unfortunate. And it really does hurt our country.”

In the absence of any evidence that the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia in the 2016 election, the Senate Intel Committee is preparing a report that fully exonerates Pres. Trump. Democrats and the mainstream media that back them will never admit the truth.

~ Conservative Zone

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32 responses to “Senate Intel Committee Clears Trump of Russian Collusion”

  1. Why do we continue to suffer the liberal media?
    aT this point you are unlikely to survive the first day of the civil war

    • I AGREE 10,000% Jerry and think the fake news reporting agencies should have their Liscenses and credentals pulled and their businesses CLOSED as they are doing Tresonous damages to the American voting public.

  2. Schiff needs to be really quiet…the Republicans are hunting non truth Democrats! I really hope everything that us MAGA hat wearers are finally coming to the light! Quit the harassment of the President!

  3. Great but not nearly enough to right the many wrongs here. The Deep State cabal perps all need to be investigated and prosecuted!

  4. I never believed any of it to begin with just a total waste of tax payers money but once again the Dems will try anything, I am like everyone else let the president do his job and keep us safe he has done so much already for the good of the country. I am totally for the wall we need it to keep the drugs and illegals out Thank You President Trump I hope when voting time comes around again the people can see all this and help save our country.

  5. Taken straight out of the nazi play book & Hillary’s mentor saul linsky, blame the other side for what your doing. Hillary and Obama started Russian collusion day one of his administration, it was pay for play, selling America out, thinking no one would find out becuz she was to be the next president. So this is plan b but to many leaders had their hands in the kick back cookie jar. Start the real investigations, Obama admin, crooked Hillary’s global fund, money laundering, FBI & CIA

    • that’s what the mkys wanted, they are not for the American people, they are out for the blacks, that dn so called president oboma, was nothing but a racist b;;;I wish the he// I could show his what racist truly is; give me 30 minutes with him and he will be no more; they can’t stand trump, he wants to get all that heathen crap out of office, sight and sound; they wil have t leave him alone;;I have been with trump all along

    • It’s in the last paragraph, The Senate Intel Committee is preparing a report that fully exonerates Pres. Trump.”
      To liberal Facebook that’s offensive! To us conservatives it’s music to our ears!

  6. It has been far too long this Political ruse and political coup has dominated the Congress and Progressive Democrats in particular. The new members in the House of Representatives and the liberal media is again misleading the public by their slipping the Russian Collusion BS under the rug and moving their attention to outright wishful destruction of Trump by using their powers and the government resources to search for anything that would create any kind of damage to the sitting POTUS. The Committees were not authorized to be used as Political Witch Hunt platforms without cause. It is so obvious what these so called Representatives of the people are on a vendetta its sick and the only way to stop it is by public decent.

  7. I believe the libs want to hide any report for at least another 2 years, and longer if
    necessary. They cannot get it through their heads, that nobody cares. Done, fair and square. Now
    prosecute the real traitors OB and Hillary.

  8. Pelosi is proud to say that fabrication works; they put something out that is not true and has the media run with it and then everyone thinks it is true, like everything they are doing to Trump and his officials in the White House.
    We must vote Trump in again in 2020 and keep America Great
    like he is doing now.

  9. The Democrat Party is no longer, it is now the Lib-Socialist party. The last time I voted Democratic was for JFK, since then the Dem’s have gone so far left its unbelievable. Our founding fathers are rolling over in their graves. I fear for our great country as we once knew it!!


  11. I have a great suggestion: Imprison Mueller, Clintons, obamas,schiff, & comey, & everyone else who has been involved in this witch hunt for the last two years. BUT… not in a Federal prison, but put them in a “hard-core” prison, which is noted for being extremely dangerous!!!!! They don’t deserve any humane treatment after all the hell they have put President Trump & his family thru for the last two + years!! then only feed them bread & water for a couple months!!!
    Or put the clintons & the obamas before a ‘firing squad’, that would end that much garbage off the face of the earth!
    then give every last one that has colluded w/the clintons/obamas about 25 yrs in the hard-core prison w/no time off
    for good (R U Kiddin’ they don’t know what GOOD is!) behavior!!

  12. Were they to give the same amount of time going after Hitlery they will find mountains of evidence she worked not only with Russia but every other America Hating group there is as well as having ILLEGALS and HOMELESS people vote for her many times. They would also find that Mueller turned the FBI into an Attack Arm of the DNC at Obozo’s command.

  13. There’s so much misinformation, disinformation and spin in this article that it would be difficult to know where to start. Let me just say: keep saying that there’s no collusion. Repeat it over and over again. Should make you feel better but it’s not going to help alter the facts that hopefully will be fully presented to the American people.

    • Did you notice Norman, you are the only one who believes that. Did you notice Norman that Mueller is not finding any evidence of collusion to present. We did not pay him to do the IRS’ job. Please Norman go back to the motel and read. Stop watching CNN.

  14. So NOW we must watch the ‘monkey’ show of adan sciff and maxine waters and jerolld nadler for two [2] more years; They will be GONE in 2020.

  15. Being as this is all put to rest can we move forward from here and get that darned wall built!? I’d also love to see those who’ve slandered and/or otherwise conjured up these tales about our POTUS to the point of a national mob type atmosphere against our POTUS and those of us who voted for him, I’d like to see all of those politicos and other folds held accountable for their lies, their slanderous activities. Bring them up on criminal (if warranted) and/or civil (if applicable) charges, drag their arses into our court system and let the heads roll.

    The sad part is that the whole fiasco, facade was obvious from the start. Even before our POTUS was elected (by WE the people!) the shat was being thrown against the wall by the left (republicans AND demoncrats). They could say whatever they wanted, they could (and did) allege everything negative under the sun about our POTUS Trump yet the swamp LOST! Now they’re fighting with all they got to prevent the swamp from being wholly drained. Let’s drain that darned thing! Close the loop and drain it.

    We need to ensure term limits for all politicos are legislated SOON! 12 yrs. maximum, any combination of elected office. Twelve years maximum. 2 terms in the Senate or six terms in the House or any combination of the two, not to exceed 12 years total). A letter of thanks (if warranted), a severance check not to exceed one digit left of the first comma, a plaque not to exceed $45.00, a handshake and a boot out the door. No free health insurance. They can participate in the same plans that the rest of us participate in, if they’re eligible. No exorbitant security details. They can apply for their own CCW, buy their own gun(s) and ammo if it’s still allowed by law and they can protect themselves and their own just like the rest of us can. They provide for their own personal transportation, no public paid transportation… in other words, when they’re given the boot they’re relegated to being the peon that they believe the rest of us are.


  16. US taxpayer money spent: $30 million by US Senate committee, another $30 million by US House committee when they finally finish, and over $40 million by Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation, for a total of $100 million plus and still counting, for investigations inspired and paid for by just $1 million of illegally laundered campaign funds, for a false and unverified “Trump Dossier”, paid by the DNC and Clinton campaign to an extremely biased, against President Trump, ex-British spy and several Russian government agents (which is also illegal to do.

    None of this could have occurred without the liberal biased mainstream media’s false reporting of “Fake News” from each of their own personally anonymous sources, that they never fact check or verify, using propaganda and lies against President Trump in order to keep the never-ending Russian collusion investigations going on, without the first scintilla of evidence or proof. Will the American people ever learn when they have been had and taken to the cleaners by scam artists, propagandists, and purveyors of “Fake News & Lies”, to the tune of over $100 million?

    President Trump has accomplished many great thing for the American people in just two years, but can you imagine how much more he may have achieved without this huge millstone of a falsely inspired investigation hanging around his neck, locked there by the efforts of the Democrats and their lapdog liberal biased mainstream media, that in well over two years has yet to find one piece of evidence to validate the false charges of these falsely inspired investigations against President, and have ignored all the obvious evidence supporting the charges of Russian collusion with the DNC and Clinton campaign, as well as illegally laundering campaign funds to pay for the Russians to have come up with all the false accusations against President Trump?

    Who are still naïve enough to believe that in the USA we really still have “Equal Justice for All”, since Obama and the Democrats have made their promised “CHANGES” to the USA and it’s people in the 8 years of Obama’s Presidency?

  17. …if the evidence uncovered leads to the dimwitted-ocraps then why are we not going after them with the same fervor as Muller has gone after the Republicans??????

  18. Don’t you just love how it’s taken 2 full years to reach the conclusion? No wonder Congress is known for a turtles pace. Don’t you think, something as vital to our election process would mean that these fools work 7 days a week, 12-14 hours a day to find the truth? Nah, that kind of pace would be a shock to their system & prob be the death of some! Same with Mueller. Maybe had he chosen an unbiased group of lawyers and stayed away from ALL who desoide OUR GREAT PRES TRUMP,! Let’s face it, all were hired to FIND a crime instead of investigation an existing real crime, this would have been over some time ago. With the likes of pit bull, lying Wrissman – who should have lost his law license long ago.

  19. Trust me, if there were an inkling of Trump-Russia Collusion, there’s no way in Haiti the bi-partisan committee would allow Burr’s statemrnt be made
    The BS by the dimwits is nothing more than their pathetic attempt at keeping their lie alive. They DO know it’s a complete lie and they’re just riding it out until they crash & burn. Crash & Burn they will do!

  20. HEIL HITLARY!!!! DON’T YOU BOYS JUST WANT TO RUNNING AROUND LIKE GERMANY FROM 1933-1945 WITH YOUR RIGHT ARM RAISED AT A 45 DEGREE ANGLE AND SCREAMING THOSE TWO FRIGHTFUL WORDS AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS??? IF “DER FUHRER-WANNABE” had actually been able to steal the 2016 Presidential election, we would probably we well along to the recreation of that hideous social and political environment that existed throughout nearly all of Europe from `1933-1945 and China from October of 1949 until even today. All of this hell-spawned evil and cruelty will only end when Jesus Christ Himself descends from the clouds with His Heavenly Hosts to FINALLY put an end to the non-stop evil that now fills our world.


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