Sessions Proves Incompetent For Losing DACA Case

The stunning loss in federal court by U.S. Attorney Jeff Sessions to uphold Pres. Trump’s decision to end DACA demonstrates two frightening truths. First, federal judges are trying to strip power away from elected officials in Congress and the President of the United States. Secondly, Sessions has once-again proven his incompetence and should be fired.

As muddied as the so-called “Dreamer” issue remains, it’s difficult to fault Obama for implementing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals policy. Congressional leaders had repeatedly promised to take up the status of children who were brought to the U.S. at no fault of their own. For all intensive purposes, they have lived as Americans most of their lives and many deserve a pathway to full citizenship.

Democrats holding majorities in the U.S. House and Congress refused to push through legislation on their behalf while Obama was in the White House. Even when Republicans rallied to the Dreamers’ cause and voted to pass immigration reform that would give upwards of 1.8 million Dreamers permanent legal status, Democrats voted down the hopes of these young people.

But the executive memorandum Obama issued on June 15, 2012, is not law. Neither Congress nor the American people voted on the DACA program. In many ways, Obama engaged in executive overreach. That’s one reason such presidential mandates are routinely discarded by the next administration.

Although Pres. Donald J. Trump has expressed strong feelings that Dreamers should enjoy a pathway to full citizenship, his move to rescind Obama’s executive memo was intended to put the weight of the issue on Congress. It did. And, Democrats showed their true colors in voting no. But perhaps nothing could be clearer under the law than this being a power reserved for the president and Sessions failed miserably in the courts.

Sessions Made Gross Errors

In March, a federal judge blasted the DOJ for its flawed reasoning about why Pres. Trump had the authority to phase out the Obama-era policy. Led by Sessions, DOJ lawyers argued that the DACA program was simply unlawful.

Judge John D. Bates, a Pres. George W. Bush appointment, tore into the government lawyers who claimed that DACA was illegal because another program, DAPA, was struck down. The DAPA program was dumped because it violated proper protocols, and was never deemed illegal or unconstitutional. Sessions had already suffered expected defeats in the liberal New York and California courts. This time, it was his failure to properly prepare the DACA phase out case.

“Because the DACA policy has the same legal and constitutional defects that the courts recognized as to DAPA, it is likely that potentially imminent litigation would yield similar results with respect to DACA,” Sessions reportedly said.

After Judge Bates blasted the DOJ for being “wrong,” it was clear that Sessions made a gross “error” in his memorandum detailing why DACA was unlawful. Yes, the country’s top government lawyer apparently doesn’t know the law.

Sessions Loss Causes DACA 2.0

Following Sessions’ third strike in the federal courts, Judge Bates has ordered the Trump Administration to restart DACA in its entirety.

Not only will the current applicants on the DACA rolls remain, but the doors will open for thousands more to sidestep immigration laws. In his ruling, Judge Bates reportedly said the Department of Homeland Security, based on DOJ lawyers’ arguments, did not have “a coherent explanation of its legal opinion” and failed to end DACA based on a “bona fide policy reasons that would preclude judicial review.”

In simple terms, Sessions could not explain to three federal judges why the Trump Administration began the phase out of a temporary Obama policy. Sessions could not articulate that immigration laws had been broken, this stop-gap measure was meant to buy time and the clock had run out. Sessions could not persuade one of three judges that the decision-making authority remain the domain of the president or that DACA recipients are here illegally.

Fortunately, Bates was a Republican appointed judge who recognizes that Sessions’ failures as an attorney general do not change any of the facts, even if the A.G. is oblivious to them. Bates has allowed the Trump Administration until Aug. 23 to appeal his decision, and an additional 90 days to restart DACA if DOJ lawyers fall short, again.

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26 thoughts on “Sessions Proves Incompetent For Losing DACA Case”

  1. Republicans, like Sessions, should be well aware that they can NEVER, EVER, just count on an ILLEGAL policy made up by some racist, America hating, lying liberal democrat, like the Kenyan born obama, to be thrown out by a judge…ANY JUDGE…these days, and the Republican lawyers should come to court with a full range…besides just plain common sense…of reasons why that the ILLEGAL policy…DACA…SHOULD be terminated, and that, in fact, since the racist obama’s policy IS illegal, for President Trump to continue the policy, would also, in fact, be to continue to commit a crime against, and the defrauding of, America taxpayers.

    This case really is a “slam dunk”, but, even the so called “Republican” judges can NOT be counted on to simply be rational, and honest, these days…just look at the turncoat chief “justice” John Roberts, and his upholding of the train wreck known as “obama care”….an unwanted, ILLEGAL policy set up by the racist, Kenyan born muslim obama and his lackey stooge, Jonathan Gruber, to deliberately, and dishonestly defraud tax paying Americans…overwhelmingly white people…just so the racist, socialist, Kenyan born muslim obama could steal OUR money to pay for all of his chosen “people of color” leeches’ health care insurance.

    DACA is illegal…everyone, including the racist, lying liberal democrat muslim obama, Jeff Sessions, and every judge sitting on any bench, anywhere in this country, knows it’s illegal. But, these days, it seems every single arrogant jerk off in a black robe thinks that “they know best”, and the REAL people with the authority to enforce the law….in this case President Donald Trump…stand by an allow more murdering, drug dealing, disease infested, illegal mexican aliens to enter…and stay…in America at the unfair, and dishonest expense to US REAL AMERICANS of BILLIONS of dollars…and thousands of innocent America lives, such as Kate Steinle, Marilyn Pharis, Sarah Root…and thousands of others.

    President Donald Trump is, most likely, the last chance that America has as a civilized, orderly, Judeo/Christian led legal system to continue. Unless he can get his nearly incompetent attorney general Jeff Session “in gear”, he will NOT be able, even as hard as he is working, and as patriotic as his intentions are, to save this once great and inspiring nation from the evils of the America hating, lying liberal democrat fascists, George Soros, and the one world order, globalists that are “chomping at the bit”, like a swamp filled with ravenous piranhas, to turn America into just another “people of color” filled, third world shit hole.

    1. OMG JEFF SESSIONS NEEDS TO GO.. he has failed president trump on every thing he tries to him now
      If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      1. Mueller’s investigation is a fraud. Hopefully it will expose more of the bad (not at all good) things Obama did.
        If it weren’t for Obama we wouldn’t have worse race relations, a dead agent from Fast and Furious, hatred of the police and all law enforcement, riots in cities.

  2. This is a prime example of how the SWAMP is formed. Greedy, plastic people are allowed to ascend into higher offices only if they do as told in crucial times according to their powerful power masters. They can feed @ the trough as long as they obey, but if they don’t obey there is plenty of blackmail information stored away or they will threaten a family member. In our super technical current environment there are many ways to control anyone who gets out of line. Sessions is just like Lynch, Comey, Mueller, McCain, Shumer, Harry Reid, Pelosi, & many others who obey &have obeyed retiring wealthy.. This covers both party’s, Democrat & Republican, & goes back decades. We know who some are now, but they are @ the very top, & have been vetted by the wealthy & powerful. All three branches of our top government have been infiltrated. They have even accommodated with known foreign spies to keep their power intact.

  3. Could not forward because I have been blocked. Claims my forward contains abusive material, however I have not even made a comment pro or con. Just another case of censorship by Liberal would be Slave Masters trying to dictate to us what we can, and can not do, or say!

  4. Folks, here is the best reason why AG Sessions lost this case, because he is a hidden Deep Stater and is trying to protect their corrupt, criminal and lawbreaking empire for American business needs those illegal aliens for their profit margins!!!! The truth is the truth!!…

  5. When is this good for nothing AJ going to be fired and replaced with someone who can do this job. Sessions is not qualified for this position. He is a pussy and part of the original swamp.

  6. Daniel — I believe you are exactly right but that is just one of the reasons. Sessions was NOT prepared to take that job, he does NOT have the intelligence or the fortitude to handle that job. He is a career hack(politician) good at talking but terrible when action needs to be taken. I also believe he is part of the deep state and he needs to go ASAP. President Trump has been more than patient with this clown, more than he should have been. The president should have sensed something wrong when Sessions recused himself from the dirtbag mueller’s farce investigations for no good reason. He either got duped by Rosenstein or he did not want to get in the way of the 3-ring circus. No matter what the case is — Sessions needs to be fired immediately.

  7. When Sessions recused himself from the Mueller witch hunt he proved that he was not the right person for the job. He proved he had no support for President Trump and no spine to fight for what is right and good for the America, He must have thought he was still in the Senate and had to get along with the Democrats. Hope President Trump fires him after the November elections if the Republicans gain seats in the Senate.

  8. The facts are Sessions lied to Trump from day one! There is no doubt that he was ask if there were any cases he would have to recuse himself from and he told Trump no! That was an outright lie and he should be fired! He is a weakling that doesn’t know how to take a stand against anything! He is incapable of doing the job he was given! I’ve said this from the very day he was placed there as AG!

  9. Sessions is totally ineffective as Attorney General of the United States and Trump needs to fire him ASAP. If Trump would just appoint Trey Dowdy as Attorney General then just maybe things would start happening that need fixing regarding our border security !!

  10. Where in the world does this judge get the executive power to tell a President to reinstate an executive memorandum issued by another President? Sessions should be demanding a judicial investigative panel be convened over the judge’s abuse of authority by acting outside the jurisdiction of his court. Sure, appeal, but start pushing back against these crazies who think they are mini-presidents. But, I confess I have not been impressed by Mr. Sessions. I was hopeful that he would be a good pick until he recused himself, then let the DOJ and FBI run amok. Maybe there are grand juries out there getting ready to indict a whole slew of corrupt local, state, and federal officials, but that’s probably a pipe dream.

  11. Jeff sessions should not have recused himself from the Russia probe. He could have stopped Mueller from this Trump Russia collusion. President Trump did not collude with Russia. Hillary Clinton and Democrats did, why are they not being investigated? President Trump needs to fire Rosenstein, who allowed Mueller to do the investigation on the fake dossier. Jeff Sessions needs to stop illegal immigrants from coming over here period.

  12. he should have recused himself before he started the whole damn position. he’s not a big enough boy for the job. you need guts, knowledge, toughness. to take the job, he had none. he was like a pussy willow hiding under a desk.

  13. I get a little tired of hearing how the dreamers through no fault of their own were brought here by their parents,there for they get to stay here,because after all it wasn’t their fault,that is pure BS,not their fault is an excuse that should not be allowed,they came here illegally period and should be made to enter legally just like everyone else or be exspelled,most of these dreamers came here years ago and could have filed for citizenship long ago,but they didn’t,so boot their butt out and make them get in line.

  14. Jeff Sessions showed in the very beginning he had a serious character flaw by not telling President Trump that he would recuse himself if he became AG. He has been protecting the Deep State and the Clintons in every way he can during his entire tenure as AG. To me, he’s just another swamp dweller who should have been fired the day after he recused himself and turned the DOJ over to Rosenstein.

  15. All I can say is that President Trump needs to ignore the ruling of the judge because they are not making their rulings through the U.S. Constitution but through their political leanings. He is the President and he has the authority to close down the borders if he sees a threat to national security. This nation has not faced such a foreign and domestic threat since the War Between the States and World War II.

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