Slavery Reparations Among the ‘Free Stuff’ Democrats are Promising

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Faced with the reality that American prosperity has begun under the leadership of President Donald Trump, 2020 Democratic hopefuls are trying to entice voters with free stuff and they recently added reparations for 19th century slavery to the list.

Democratic presidential candidates find themselves in a much tighter spot than Hillary Clinton did with the email server investigation. Sidestepping a criminal charge with the help of Deep State operatives at the FBI and the DOJ looks like a political molehill compared to the mountain Senators Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren, Cory “Spartacus” Booker, “Crazy” Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris face. California Sen. Harris hasn’t garnered a humorous nickname yet, but she’s still fending off a scandal about “dating” a 60-something political powerbroker to get her start after law school. Time will tell.

That being said, the current field may have jumped for joy when France decided to pay World War II reparations to Jews for government cooperation with the Nazis in the Holocaust. The French government recently paid out $60 million to victims. Many of the survivors are now living in the U.S. or Israel.

Sen. Harris recently came out in favor of reparations for black Americans whose ancestors were subjected to slavery. Although of Jamaican and Indian descent, Harris has pawned herself off as sort of African-American at times and a “person of color” at others.

“We have to be honest that people in this country do not start from the same place or have access to the same opportunities,” Harris said when asked about reparations. “I’m serious about taking an approach that would change policies and structures and make real investments in black communities.”

She’s even pushed her image as a Reggae-listening pot smoker to appear in tune with left-wing voters.

Not to be outdone in the “free stuff” campaign competition, Massachusetts Sen. Warren pivoted and demanded Native Americans be considered in the mix for reparations.

“We must confront the dark history of slavery and government-sanctioned discrimination in this country that has had many consequences, including undermining the ability of black families to build wealth in America for generations,” Warren said.

But as political analysts pointed out, Warren has an uphill battle on numerous fronts. Pres. Trump dubbed her “Pocahontas” for lying about her Native American heritage. That moniker was upsold to “Fauxcahontas” after she flunked a DNA test that showed she was less Native than the average American. Recently, she came under fire at Harvard University for promoting herself as a woman of color and falsely claimed she was an “American Indian” on her Texas Bar application. Hillary’s problems pale by comparison.

“It’s no surprise Elizabeth Warren would attempt to pander to the Native American community after getting caught falsely claiming Native American status in order to advance her career,” Republican National Committee spokesman Steve Guest said.

Warren and Harris are also stuck in the unenviable position of facing popular “Crazy” Bernie in the primaries. Widely seen as the modern-day founder of the “free stuff” movement, the Vermont senator took in nearly $6 million in donations in one day after announcing he was running for president in 2020. Although Sanders has been laughed at by conservatives and working-class Americans for his Free College for All and Free Medicare for All policies that would cost $32 trillion and bankrupt the country, his liberal opponents are engaged in a charade of one-upmanship.

The liberal presidential hopefuls aren’t just vying for votes against popular Bernie Sanders, they are also staring down the overwhelming success of Pres. Trump’s America First policies. African-Americans are experiencing the lowest unemployment numbers in the history of the country. During the previous, Democratic administration, African-Americans suffered unemployment at rates of 16 percent and higher. These days, it runs between 6 to 7 percent.

African-American Trump supporters Diamond and Silk have gone on the record saying that the president has done “more for black people than any other president.” Candace Owens is another activist in a growing movement of African-Americans turning Republican based on facts over rhetoric.

“Imagine being a Republican and for years and years you try to say something, and you get called racist,” Owens reportedly said. She’s gone on the record saying that MAGA is for black people too, just look at the positive impact and has called Pres. Trump “the greatest President of our lifetime. As a matter of fact, not opinion.”

If Bernie is pushing free college tuition and healthcare, and Pres. Trump’s policies are creating jobs and prosperity, Warren and Harris are willing to promise free cash in minority bank accounts. These Democrats are adding reparations to their “free stuff” campaign promises because they lack ideas and policies that can keep America great. They have slimed their way down to the level of snake oil charlatans.

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42 thoughts on “Slavery Reparations Among the ‘Free Stuff’ Democrats are Promising”

  1. If this STUPID idea gets off the ground, WHICH I DOUBT ! Because those that deserve the reparations, ARE DEAD.

    I believe that the libernazis should PAY anyone with at least 1/3rd native American blood in their veins. Reparation also. Hey I’d be able to get some money from these LOSERS. Which I would then use to pay off all my bills. Put my Daughter through college and have a general good time.

    Which again is ABSURD ! As the whole concept is only a grab for votes. It seems passing out cartons of cigarettes and bottles of BOOZE won’t get libernazis the votes they need anymore.

    1. Terry – NEVER underestimate your enemy! And, make no mistake, these Dem-Socialist-Liberals are the enemies of these United States, this Republic and our Constitution. Our kids schools, our colleges, our Local and Federal Governments, Military, etc. etc. are turning out millions of these Dem-Socialist-liberals every year.
      Their numbers, their ignorance and stupidity is just over powering. And, I’m a firm believer in the old adage that “you can’t fix stupid”………………….

  2. Addressing reparations: how about giving every United States veteran and family members world quality healthcare.
    For having placed lives and limbs in harms way for the freedoms that every American citizen enjoys, whether natural born or welcomed legalized immigrants, they are owed a great deal more

    1. Crap! Even those of us who have permanent disabilities don’t get squat for medical care (when you can actually get it!). The VA hasn’t been worth spitting on since the end of WWII and it’s even worse now.

  3. Young manipulators with twisted minds and waggling tongues is all our opposition has to offer. Why in their right minds would anyone continue to fight against real and honest prosperity and possibilities. They have already loss their chances to destroy us, the next election will rid us of them.
    There is no possible way for them [liars and blowhards] to redeem themselves over the next two years, in their attempt to challenge a great individual DJT who HAS PROVEN HIS SINCERE LOVE FOR AMERICA AND ITS PEOPLE, whom we stand unwavering behind.
    They can talk all the trash they wish, to no avail.

    1. 2020 will be historic.
      It had better be historic. If DJT is affirmed by the country to lead us for those next four years, perhaps this nation will survive. Our country needs a major course correction. Those wishing us harm have turned our system of laws against us. They have systematically installed agents to make “laws” and dismantle our constitution.
      Obama ran on Hope and Change. He got it. And it wasn’t good for America.

  4. With $6 million collected in the first day, I bet Bernie likes free stuff, especially for himself. He will live off of that for a long time on the campaign trail. He cannot convert it directly to his own use, but it buys a lot of travel, on the road lunches, and dinners, hotel stays, and a bunch of “yes men” by his side.

    How about Kamala (Sex Kitten) Harris for a nickname. If the shoe fits, or the clothes fall off, wear, or bare it. She has found that, with all of the people she is pandering to, she can no longer get ahead by laying down with every, and any one, so she wants to buy stuff with other people’s money to give away.

    The offering of free stuff purchased with other people’s money for votes is the primary reason we have the Electoral College. To keep the candidates from buying votes with “government” giveaways. The rules for candidates campaigning should prohibit the offering of any “free” services, real/personal property, or payments to any individual, or entity in their rhetoric.

    1. Oh gag me! Harris is a lot of things, but “sex kitten” isn’t one of them! Her “kitten” days are well past! Dinosaur Wrangler comes a lot closer! Or Candy Stripper passing out little blue pills!

  5. Democrats have NO plan for the well being of We the People, As a matter of fact, they have NO plan at all! As an aside, I was trying to picture any one of the Democratic party who is running for the coveted office of our President, sitting across the table from Kim Jong Un, or President Zi of China, or the President of France, or any head of state of any country, and dealing with them! I do not believe they would have one clue as to what in hell was going on! And I found that picture extremely funny! If ANY of these Democrats is voted in as President, We the People, and our country, will be DONE as a world power and will fall to the wayside! The only function of the Dems party is to throw Trump out of office! Even if by some very slim chance these idiots succeed, WHAT THEN? They still have Pence to deal with! My point is, WHAT IS THEIR PLAN? Free stuff? That’s it? They will do NOTHING for our country! The Democrats MUST NOT be allowed to seize power in this country, PERIOD!!

    1. We saw Obama at this and he was terrible, after trashing this country he handed out our money as a reward for their effort not to attack us.

  6. It is said that the end of a Democracy is when people begin to vote for special favors like food stamps, welfare and medical care.
    We have been doing that since Johnson.
    This also adds to our massive debt and deficits
    The Chinese will be happy to replace our dollar with the Yuan.
    They are doing all the right things while we are doing all the stupid ones

  7. Wow! The Dems have a choice between Warren, Harris or Bernie Sanders in their Primary Election. What a choice. Losers, ALL of them. They KNOW nothing is free – except maybe the air we breathe. EVERYTHING they are offering for free WILL be paid for from our taxes which means our taxes will increase. I bet not their’s though! They want to give out “free” stuff? Then give it to OUR Veterans and OUR homeless.

  8. What a crock of “you know what”, to be perfectly honest I think those Blacks who are decedents of slaves should kneel down and that God for being brought to this country as a slave. That said:

    Although I am against any form or slavery, and I believe in many cases slaves were not always treated well, but reparations is a ploy to buy votes from those who are misguided. The black community has receive extra ordinary entitlement, priorities and empowerment’s for decades and to say the least they have abused these attempts to cover the “poor me syndrome” in this country. Just look at the real History and the problems of most of those who came to this country by any means.

    So all you Socialist out there who are killing off your children with Abortions consider your self lucky, or go back to where you think you came from. If you want reparations then consider those families who received a medal and few dollars for giving their lives defending this country in the Civil war, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and other wars.

    Face the fact people, these so called politicians will do anything to get elected to any office. As proof just look at some of these new Progressive Socialist anti American representatives ( and I use the word loosely) we have in Congress right now.

    1. I can’t disagree with anything you said. The biggest problem in the black community, IMHO, is not lack of money or opportunity. It is fatherlessness. I work with juveniles in prison, and I would say 90% of them have no father, have a father in prison, or don’t know who their father is. Kids respond differently when there is an adult male in the home, provided it isn’t just Mama’s latest boyfriend. But as for “reparations,” we have to move on. The richest woman in America is black. It is lunacy to throw more money to people who are already making a living being on welfare. The soaring employment numbers in the black community prove that they would rather have a job and maintain a sense of dignity, pride and accomplishment that result from honest work.

  9. I’m perfectly fine with Reparations as long as they are paid by Democrats and The Democrat Party. After all they are the Institution responsible for Slavery in the USA, as well as the KKK, Jim Crow Laws and attempting to block/filibuster Civil Rights Legislation…..
    Not one Republican ever owned Slaves (Republicans were Abolishinists)

  10. Wake up America, confront these liberals and radicals by drowning them in phone calls and letters, and emails. Tell them what you think. Investigate every one of them.

  11. Isn’t blackmail illegal? Oh wait, Just what does the word illegal mean anymore? Sorry, I should say extortion, blackmail seems too fitting… Anything for a vote to keep their huge salaries, Cadillac benefits, and most of all POWER!! These Demorats cannot let their plantations fail…

  12. The Demorats have earned us the title of uncivilized for voting to kill babies both inside and outside of the womb, claiming it is the right of the Mother to choose wether the baby should live or die. I remember when it was considered a “blessed event” when a woman became pregnant and sex was reserved for Marriage. Today it is no commitment, no responsibility and sex with anyone you want for fun. If you get pregnant, just go to Planned Parenthood{the Baby Butcher Shop} and they will take care of it for you. You might not make it through the abortion, but they won’t care about that and they can make more money by selling parts of your baby too. If you make it through O.K. , you only have to live with that all your life.

  13. Pay the descendants of all the Union soldiers who volunteered to risk or lost their lives fighting to free the slaves. Remember any slaves brought to America before the Revolutionary War were brought here under English rule. It only took this country about 92 years to end a practice that Europe had done for centuries. Lincoln had a plan to prevent the former slaves from being further victimized. John Wilkes Booth ended that

  14. I have a very wealthy Black couple that were neighbors of mine who took their children on an African trip. When they came back they told me that their children said, “we sure are glad that our ancestors were slow runners”.

  15. Kamaltoe Harris, she learnt how to give freebies years back, ask Willie he was the major recipient. Now she wants her democrap party to keep on giving. This will be the funniest of all when they compete against each other for the presidential election, who can tell the most lies, maybe get cohen to write them, have the most amount of freebies or be given a copy of the questions. Its been done before.

  16. The democrats that are running for President have no intention of giving African-Americans any money. It’s a political gimic, a ploy to get elected. Once (if) they get elected they will say “well Congress didn’t appropriate the money” toward this cause. Devious demopoops!

  17. You “people” that are falling for this “Free College” crap, do you realize that YOU will be paying for SOMEONE else’s “Free College” once you graduate and become a tax-paying working individual? SO…. how can it be free if you have to pay for SOMEONE else to get it free? If you continue to fall for this “Free College” garbage, maybe you shouldn’t even be going to college! Sure, the liberal demo’s entice you to vote for them and you can get free college, but they don’t tell you(you actually shouldn’t have to be told, because if you had ANY sense, you would know that the “GOVERNMENT” does not have or generate ANY money, the money comes from tax payers! The GOVERNMENT spends YOUR money!) that you will pay it back because when you become a tax paying individual, you will pay for the next “free college” recipient, actually, they are hoping that you can’t figure that out! it is time that you realize that for “every action, there is a reaction!”

    1. Don’t forget the free food, free housing, and all having government jobs too. of course the wage minimum will rise to accommodate that. Taking down this country is their apparent agenda so this will do fine.

  18. After eight years of watching our country be destroyed daily, followed by two years of seeing our country being brought back from the brink, our side couldn’t even be thankful enough to vote during the midterms. 2020 is not looking good!

  19. Well if being a slave is the criterion for reparations then every tax paying citizen, in bondage to the state, is due reparations. What a stupid idea. Forced farm slaves have been extinct in America for many years, they would be the only ones owed reparations and not from the US coffer but from the corporations that evolved from slave efforts. Democrats are desperate indeed.

  20. If anyone deserves money . It’s the Indians not the blacks . America is going to war it’s not if but when . This country can not sustain the billions of illegals who are living being off the backs of working legal Americans. We do not have enough of anything including food for the legal Americans much less these billions . Now the most ignorant plan of a Green Deal is finding traction with the democrats .And with the Obstructionist republicans lining up with the democrats it’s just a matter of time . People really need to examine what that deal is. No Gasoline and diesel. Every bite of food that we eat is produced with trucks that bring seeds and tractors that plow and trucks that bring out of the fields and trucks that take to warehouses and trucks that take to the stores . With no car ( gas) you wouldn’t be able to go get any if it was there . Get the big picture now ? It’s not just planes . It’s everything your life revolves around .


  22. This means that all the Jewish people should receive reparations. They were slaves in the mid 1930s through mid 1940s in Nazi Germany. The difference is they had no value. Once they finished their project they were put to death. The Democrat President Roosevelt denied a ship of Jewish people seeking sanctuary from being exterminated were denied landing in Florida. They could see the lights of Miami. Sadly the ship returned to Europe where over half of the people went to the gas chambers. They deserve reparations more than anyone else in The world. What about every race on the planet that was a slave at one time or another. The American Indian should get reparations. What about the descendants of the first slaves in America who were white. They deserve Reparations too. Maybe we should focus on today that has more slaves around the world than anytime in world history. Stop being a slave of the past, making excuses for your situation, make and Do for yourself.

  23. Haven’t Bernie’s supporters heard the expression “There’s no such thing as free lunch”. Nothing is ever FREE. Someone pays for it. In the case of all of the Dem. candidates running for President, the people paying the bill will be, of course, taxpayers. How much increase in taxes will the average American be willing to put up with? If you want Socialism, go ahead and move to Venezuela.

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