The 6 Worst Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants in Recent History

For many years, national Democrats painted a picture that illegal immigrants were just hard-working people looking to build a better life. That portrait got spray painted with graffiti when the true facts about the high volume of heinous crimes illegals are committing came to light under the Trump Administration.

One of the cornerstone arguments of open borders advocates is that illegal immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than American citizens. Naturally, they skew the stats by removing the fact that entering the country illegally is a crime. In reality, every illegal immigrant is a criminal.

But, beyond the fact that illegals have pulled a B-and-E, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) concludes that “21 percent of those convicted of non-immigration crimes were non-citizens — 2.5 times their share of the population.” And these now two-time criminals are engaged in some of the worst misdeeds.

Non-citizens account for more than 40 percent of kidnapping convictions, 31.5 percent of drug convictions, 22.9 percent of money laundering convictions, and 12.8 percent of automobile thefts among many others. All this and illegals comprise just 8.4 percent of the population over 18 years old.

With the facts about illegal immigrant crime stats coming to light, these are some of the worst crimes and illegal immigrant criminals in recent history.

1: Luis Bracamontes (Cop Killer)

This Mexican national repeatedly re-entered the Unites States through the southern border after being deported. He went on a rampage across multiple California counties, shooting an African-American male after leveling racial slurs and killing two sheriffs before being arrested. During his trial for murdering the officers, the criminal alien laughed and mocked the prosecution, saying he wished he murdered more Americans. Hurling profanities and taunting the fallen officer’s families, his attorneys asked the court to find him not guilty by reason of insanity. Jurors left the courtroom in tears before handing down a guilty verdict. He was sentenced to death.

2: MS-13 (El Salvador Street Gang)

The notorious El Salvador gang was put squarely in the crosshairs of the departments of Justice and Homeland Security by Pres. Trump. Since gaining traction in non-left leaning media outlets, some of the most horrific criminal reports have surfaced.

Although the foreign street gang has managed to grow to more than 30,000 strong in the U.S., New York and New Jersey have taken the brunt of the worst crimes over the past few years. Local law enforcement estimates that more than two dozen people have been murdered in that area alone and officials are still combing Nassau County for the remains of unknown victims. In an incident reported just north of the nation’s capital, an MS-13 gang member lured a man into a park, stabbed him 100 times, decapitated him and then cut out his heart.

3: Jose Inez Garcia Zarate (Kathryn Steinle Slaying)

Despite having an active deportation order, Zarate was released from one of San Francisco’s sanctuary city jails following a drug charge. In California, officers are not allowed to cooperate with ICE to facilitate the deportation of criminal aliens. Zarate later fired a stolen gun that killed Steinle who died in her father’s arms. Zarate was convicted of neither murder nor manslaughter in a liberal California court. He was only found guilty of possessing a firearm, which he admitted to during the trial.

4: Martel Valencia-Cortez (Human Trafficker)

In 2017, Mexican citizen Martel Valencia-Cortez was convicted of assaulting a U.S. Border Patrol Agent and human trafficking. He was sentenced to eight years in a U.S. prison. Considered one of the most dangerous human traffickers, Valencia-Cortez had already done a 3-year prison term before being deported back to Mexico. In all likelihood, this career criminal will go right back to work when he gets out.

5: Lidia Quilligana (Child Abuser)

This 33-year-old illegal from Ecuador was caught on a nanny cam hitting a three-year-old in the face before burning the child’s hands and legs. She had been suspected of child torture before the video footage helped put her behind bars for 15 years. The prosecuting attorney described her actions as “sustained and depraved cruelty.” Quilligana attempted to excuse her actions, claiming she was a victim of child abuse herself.

6: Edwin Velasquez Curuchiche (Child Molester)

After being arrested for entering the country illegally in 2013, he was the beneficiary of the Obama-era “catch and release” policy. He failed to show up at his immigration hearing, and was free to prey on children while hiding from ICE. This sick and depraved illegal immigrant was later ensnared for filming himself molesting a 6-year-old girl while she slept. He was convicted on two counts of making child pornography, and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The fake news media may continue to tout open borders and put illegal immigrants on a pedestal. However, these are just some of the worst crimes in recent history.

~ Conservative Zone

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48 thoughts on “The 6 Worst Crimes Committed by Illegal Immigrants in Recent History”

  1. There is no reason why these bastards should get a chance to commit a SECOND crime in America, being here is a crime and it should be handled immediately. Deport ALL illegals, NOW!

    1. If it weren’t for President Obama we might not have done the intelligence community assessment that we did that set up a whole sequence of events which are still unfolding today including Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation. President Obama is responsible for that. It was he who tasked us to do that intelligence community assessment in the first place. CLAPPER’S OWN CONFESSION

      1. John Wayne Gacy

        Mugshot of Gacy taken on December 21, 1978
        John Wayne Gacy Jr.
        March 17, 1942
        Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
        May 10, 1994 (aged 52)
        Stateville Correctional Center, Crest Hill, Illinois, U.S.
        Cause of death
        Execution by lethal injection
        Other names
        The Killer Clown
        5 ft 9 in (175 cm)
        230 lb (104 kg)
        Criminal penalty
        Death (12 counts; March 13, 1980)
        Life imprisonment (21 consecutive counts)
        Marlynn Myers (m. 1964; div. 1969)
        Carole Hoff (m. 1972; div. 1976)

        1 count of sodomy
        33 counts of murder
        1 count of sexual assault
        1 count of indecent liberties with a child
        (March 12, 1980)
        Span of crimes
        January 3, 1972–December 11, 1978
        United States
        Date apprehended
        December 21, 1978
        Imprisoned at
        Stateville Correctional Center
        John Wayne Gacy Jr. (March 17, 1942 – May 10, 1994) was an American serial killer and rapist. He sexually assaulted, tortured and murdered at least 33 teenage boys and young men between 1972 and 1978 in Cook County, Illinois (a part of metropolitan Chicago).
        All of Gacy’s known murders were committed inside his Norwood Park ranch house. His victims were typically induced to his address by force or deception, and all but one of his victims were murdered by either asphyxiation or strangulation with a makeshift tourniquet; his first victim was stabbed to death. Gacy buried 26 of his victims in the crawl space of his home. Three other victims were buried elsewhere on his property, while the bodies of his last four known victims were discarded in the Des Plaines River.
        Convicted of 33 murders, Gacy was sentenced to death on March 13, 1980, for 12 of those killings. He spent 14 years on death row before he was executed by lethal injection at Stateville Correctional Center on May 10, 1994.
        Gacy became known as the “Killer Clown” because of his charitable services at fund-raising events, parades, and children’s parties where he would dress as “Pogo the Clown” or “Patches the Clown”, characters he had devised.

        1. so what you are saying is that there are some severely sick and nasty U.S. citizens and you want to let sick and nasty illegal aliens in as well? and it’s justified to do so because there are sick and nasty U.S. citizens?

          well guess what einstein, the sick and nasty U.S. citizens didn’t enter the country ILLEGALLY

          1. Nothing justifies importing more criminals. The fact that there are American reprobates in no way indicates America needs more of the heinous crimes.

            The comment instead proves beyond a doubt that AMERICA NEEDS THE WALL.


          2. Mr. Sterling R. Harris,a Criminal is a criminal whether he or she is an Illegal Immigrant or a Citizen born here. But you seem to want only to remind us of the Demestic Criminals and excuse the Illegal Immigrants crimes the sad fact is that nan is born in SIN and will commit Crimes they should be held responsable for the crimes they commit whether illegal are domestic not excused for insanity pleas no excuse for crossing or Borders, no excuse for warning Illegal Immigrants that I. C. E. no one that commits
            these evil acts should be excused!We are a wash in Criminals and we need to stop molly cuddling criminals
            whether, a citizen or non citizen. I was rapped by a Pedophile Psychology Professor back in 1970 and Democrat lawnakers and local officials put me an 11 year old through an rlinger he was a legal immigrant I don’t blame all legal Immigrants just as I don’t blame all Illegal for evil man started evil by disobeying the Triunne GOD it worsened after Cain committed the first murder, it flourished until the Flood and it flourishes now . As in thecdays if Noah JESUS CHRIST warned so it will be before the SON of Man returns people will be committing evil right up until the Second Coming.

    2. Absolutely Many of us are barely existing on SS that the Government has borrowed (stolen) from until all our money that we have worked so hard for all our life has been used up for criminals(illegal aliens) to feed them GIVE them health care and illegal jobs that has our citizens starving! This has to be stopped!! They must be deported and kept out!

  2. if these same crimes were committed by a citizen of the USA they would be tried and committed; well the same thing should happen to the illegal immigrants after serving time or paying for their crimes they should be deported, but before this happens be given a some form of mark showing they were criminals of the illegal status and if they come across the border a 2wnd time they go to death row.

    1. How about tattooing their forward with big black letters “CRIMINAL” That way they would be a pariah in two countries. Scum like this should never find peace.

      1. Assuming merridee meant ‘forehead’ I agree. Great way to warn public of their perversities.

        Wouldn’t be a bad idea for American perverts either.

        Some of their atrocities have no cure. After serving their time, they’ll repeat.

    2. TRUE THAT.
      Terry Lynn Nichols (born April 1, 1955) is an American domestic terrorist who was convicted of being an accomplice in the Oklahoma City bombing.[2] Prior to his incarceration, he held a variety of short-term jobs, working as a farmer, grain elevator manager, real estate salesman and ranch hand.[5] He met his future conspirator, Timothy McVeigh, during a brief stint in the U.S. Army, which ended in 1989 when he requested a hardship discharge after less than one year of service.[5] In 1994 and 1995, he conspired with McVeigh in the planning and preparation of the Oklahoma City bombing – the truck bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on April 19, 1995. The bombing claimed the lives of 168 people.[6]
      After a federal trial in 1997, Nichols was convicted of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and eight counts of involuntary manslaughter for killing federal law enforcement personnel.[7][8] He was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole after the jury deadlocked on the death penalty.[6] He was also tried in Oklahoma on state charges of murder in connection with the bombing. He was convicted in 2004 of 161 counts of first degree murder, including one count of fetal homicide;[6] first-degree arson; and conspiracy.[9] As in the federal trial, the state jury deadlocked on imposing the death penalty.[6][10] He was sentenced to 161 consecutive life terms without the possibility of parole,[2][6] setting a Guinness World Record,[11] and is incarcerated at ADX Florence, a super maximum security prison near Florence, Colorado. He shares a cell block that is commonly referred to as “Bombers Row” with Ramzi Yousef, Eric Rudolph, and Ted Kaczynski.

      1. Sterling – you are one sick puppy

        i bet you’d like to see rape and murder legalised because illegal aliens do it

  3. Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content
    Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.
    This is the message I get when I share your news on Facebook. But on twitter it is fine.

  4. Those who invite, incite and encourage these criminals to invade and occupy this country should be prosecuted as conspirators in their crimes!

    1. Okay. That would be all congressional members, all government leaders of sanctuary cities/counyies/states, and all leftist media and citizens that fight against border obstruction and giving the rights & benefits of citizens to f foreign illegals. And wouldn’t it be great if every one of them had to pay for their sins against this country. But, let’s not forget the complicity of these countries encouraging their poorest to move to the USA and send money home, especially Mexico, the biggest culprit.

      1. Marilyn
        sounds like a good start – lock up the criminal pollyticians

        and illegals should get NO HEARING, no legal representation, no nothing except a prompt ride to the border and maybe a microchip

  5. Here is a easy way to stop this illegal alien problem!! Have ICE declare a $100 or more tax free bounty on any illegal alien that is turned in by the American people and is deported!! ICE will not have to go looking for illegal aliens for the American people will turn them by the hudreds of thousasnds and make some free money in the process!! The FBI uses wanted posters with rewards for criminals and all illegal aliens are criminals, why not do the same with ICE!! This would destroy sanctuary cities for their residents will turn them in for the money too!! The best thing is it all would be legal and the liberals cannot stop it with the courts!!….

    1. ICE could afford to offer a bounty of $1,000.00 per illegal invader and still safe money on current operations. — Make the bounty TAX FREE and the “offerings” would rocket. — Great suggestion Daniel.

    2. Good thinking and I agree with that. For the badest of the bad I have the perfect punishment for them–I was raised on a farm and seen a lot of stuff that had to be done.

  6. For the MSM, skipping over ‘inconvenient’ facts is normal. They paint all stories about illegal immigrant crimes as coming from “anti-immigration” bigots. For eight years, the Obama DOJ refused to acknowledge illegal immigrant crime. That’s why the MSM melted down when the Trump administration openly dealt with it, claiming it was proof Trump is racist and anti-immigration. They claimed the DOJ was twisting the law to give victims special treatment.
    The scourge of illegal immigrant crime is why so many California cities and counties are now suing the state over its sanctuary policies.

  7. How about we assign each of these illegals to one of the liberlal leaners and make them responsible for anything and everything they do, including prosecution. They can house them and feed them and pay for their education and all of that. No help from the government, it has legitimate expenses that need met. What will the libs tune be then, when they have to bear the load that their mouth created.

    1. Carl, President Trump has 8 active duty engineer battalions under his command. 6 of which are presently doing nothing; why not use those battalions down on the border and have them install an anti-personnel landmine field with ground sensors? This would deter anybody from coming across our border illegally. It might take a couple of months and several bodies later but once the word got out, our border would be secure. As far as I can see, any wall won’t stop what is presently taking place on our border with Mexico and the rest of the South American continent.

      In closing; since 3 of the 6 crimes took place in California, I’m all for KEEP BURNING, California, KEEP BURNING!!

  8. These people are what the democrat party is try to flood this country with…and why? For votes to keep the democrats in power over the citizens of this country!

  9. Well, we have found out that Obama’s “capture/release” practice is a total failure so hows abouts we try a new one called “capture/kill immediately” and see if that works. I’d bet not too many of them would be caught ever again sneaking across the border. It is now time for drastic measures to protect the sovereignty of our country. MAGA and vote Republican in ’18 and Trump in ’20 if you truly care about the U.S.A.

  10. Until you Americans realize how much power you have over corruption in any government Nothing will change. Stop having the false mindsets that any government is too big to fight or fail and also blind patriotism to corrupt government , and stop the false mindset that any other party vote is wasted besides the current corrupt two party system the Republicans and especially the corrupt Democrats! You people do not know how much power you have and any corrupt government think people are too dumb to know what’s best for them and too dumb to organize against them! Beware the bought out biased medias propaganda LIES, the medias are use by corruption as a tool to persuade the masses! Beware the liberals and the dumbed down blind masses called snowflakes ,the medias, Hollywood and the Republicans and especially the Democrats and watch out for those democrats disguised as republicans for they are the party and people for any anti-American agendas and people of HATE! The medias are a tool for anything bad and all this for their ratings and profits!

  11. Daniel, finding and arresting illegal aliens is not the problem. Actual deportation is. Arrest does not mean deportation, at least any time soon. These arrested criminals are put into detention centers where we, taxpayers, financially have to support them 24/7 with everything from toilet paper to clothes, from free housing/heat/AC/ food to sheets/towels, from school and medical care to entertainment. A tremendous cost! Then, someday, weeks/months/years later, we provide them with lawyers and a court hearing in front of a judge where they might, or more likely, might not be ordered deported. Many, many of these cases are not settled but postponed, but even if the initial court decision is deportation, that does not happen immediately. And none of this matters, because even if actually deported out of our country, they just return whenever they want due to our foolish open border. In essence, we don’t have much of an actual deportation operation. We don’t have much of any actual immigration policy or operation concerning illegal aliens crossing our southern border. Most of the ones actually caught there are just turned loose into our country when the commonsense thing to do is to never allow them to cross our border, but, if they do, to put their butts right back across into Mexico pronto. Allowing them into our land makes them our problem and that is what we must stop. And, remember, twice as many get across as the number caught. But, hey, if we’re going to do nothing except let them in and turn them loose, even transporting them to wherever in our country they want to go, then why bother, what is the point of such a farce that changes NOTHING. And, exactly why are we giving rights and benefits to illegal aliens that should belong ONLY to US citizens??? Our leftist Congress, media and citizens are deliberately allowing these foreign citizens and their complicit countries to EXPLOIT the USA and drain it dry. And for those of us who care, nothing we say or vote makes any difference because the left is in charge.

    1. David Koresh was the American cult leader of the Branch Davidians sect, believing himself to be its final prophet. Koresh came from a dysfunctional family background and was a member, and later a leader, of the Shepherd’s Rod, a reform movement led by Victor Houteff that arose from within the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

      1. David committed no crimes and anyone with half a brain knows WACO was the FBI committing murder on a grand scale

        you’re a sick phuck Sterling – do the world a favor and run out in front of a fast truck

  12. tell me why these pieces of shit are still in this country? other than odummer the c sucker brought them here from his country america open your eyes odummer brought the trash here to kill this country , not to mention the money he stole from the american tax payers. the only reason illegals are here is so the asshole dumbacrats could try to get more votes but the american people have no intention of letting this happen to us. to dumbacrats and odummer and clintons i say go f yourselfs.

  13. Maybe some of the democrats leaders should become victims of this sort, and they could feel the horrific loss some families have endured over the years. Unfortunately, most of the crimes are committed on others whom have no voice and even those whom fled their countries to think America is safe. America is the best country to live, but many would be welcome if tried to come legally, and those that come illegal are surely attacking those that come legally, as the numbers are always distorted by the fake news, or never covered at all in daily papers or fake news outlets. See the truth is that Obama was the one that separated children first and put them in cages, and notice that the fake news plastered that in every paper or news outlets as if it were DOJ or homeland security under Trump. Yes, every body screams cruel how we do this, but what about the American citizen that gets arrested and children taken away by child service, been in effect for very long time, and yet you see these fools whom are screaming the loudest make it easy for fake press to deny citizens the rights given to illegals. We should paint the border crossings from state to state, that illegals are given more rights to break the law then citizens. So welcome thieves and killers and may we give you our keys to our homes so you can have any thing you chose. Of course, the rich and the politicians build fences and have security where most normal citizens can not afford. Lets also attack the fake news with same crimes against our citizens. In Mexico, the reporters are hunted and killed, and even more politicians have died in the last election, yet never covered by the fake news. Mexico is a lawless state, and it is becoming as dangerous as Middle east. Our next homeland attack is more likely to come from Mexico thru illegal means.

  14. Timothy McVeigh
    Timothy James McVeigh was an American domestic terrorist who perpetrated the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, which killed 168 people and injured over 680 others. The bombing was the deadliest act of terrorism within the United States prior to the September 11 attacks, and remains the deadliest act of domestic terrorism in United States history.

  15. Time to SHUT DOWN our southern border and STOP ALL FEDERAL-AID going to them. Start charging a 25% REMITTANCE FEE ON ALL MONEY BEING SENT TO MEXICO.


    End DACA, End Chain Migration, End Anchor babies, Make E-Verify MANDATORY, REDUCE the number of legal immigrants entering the USA, CLOSE LOOPHOLES in our immigration laws, End TPS, Build the Wall, and ENFORCE our current immigration laws.


    We have and are being INVADED by some 22 million plus ILLEGAL ALIENS, and now we MUST STOP this invasion in its tracks.

    The invasion started before 1986 and has continued to this day, only many times the total each year going even higher of ILLEGAL ALIENS entering the US ILLEGALLY.

    Time to put our military on our southern border and finally put a STOP to this insane madness. If that means separating children from their parents in order to prosecute the ILLEGAL CROSSERS, then so be it!

  16. Does anyone remember the Mariel boatlift of Fidel Castro? Along with honest refugees were criminals, the mentally I’ll, drug addicts and alcoholics, street gangs, prostitutes, and the poorest of the poor. When Castro realized he could not stop everyone fleeing his regime, he decided to rid Cuba of the so called “undesirables”, thereby lessoning the financial burdon on that tiny island nation. He emptied the prisons and jails, houses of prostitution, mental institutions. He cleared the streets of gangs and the poor. He emptied hospitals of addicts and terminally ill alike. He then placed them on barely seaworthy boats and sent them north to Florida.
    It worked! Cuba was relieved of the “burdon and bother” of “dealing” with these people, saving Cuba from financial ruin and the embarrassment of a failed regime.
    It seems other nations have learned this little “trick”. We are not being

  17. And we allow these people into our country and allow them to stay in our country and we pay them welfare benefits, medicaid, give them educations……for what? SO THEY CAN COMMIT HORRIBLE CRIMES HERE. Then, we have to listen to sick democrats claiming these monsters are VICTIMS! Execute them.

  18. These illegals should not be arrested for their crimes against we the people of the USA. It is a waste of time and tax payers’ money for court and costing over $70,000 a year per person to incarcerate them in the prison.

    So hear me out what is really needed is shoot these packs of rabid dogs on sight and then drop there rioting corpuses back across the boarders from where they came from 30,000 feet. No matter their age, sex or so-called region as a warning to all others who illegally come across the borders of the USA and the Hell with what the Democrats say in Washington DC house of congress and senate for they all are traitors/terrorists against we the people, when they denounced protecting Americans and started defending the Illegals by any means including total disregard for American Law.

    I am an USMC and damn proud to have served.

  19. It is already allowed and defended, andlegalised by allowing the illegals here in sancturary cites
    That is the legalision of anything they want to do. Is it not ?

    Those who by any means aid and abet an illegal action are guilty of that,
    Plus they are also guilty for the crimes the persons who commit what ever crimes they commit.
    In actuality, the persons who allow the illegals in, are more guilty,
    for If the illegals were not allowed in they would not have commited any crimes HERE.
    Exactly why are the people who Allow the crime Never punished ?
    Because the stupid voters will never do anything about it, Which makes them also a party to the crimes.
    IF, you do nothing to prevent the crimes then you are guilty for allowing them, Are you not ?

    1. As long as democrats keep electing progressive left wing liberals like Alexandria OCRAZIO Cortez, illegal immigration and serious crime will always be overlooked.

  20. ‪Soros and his minions the NAZI Commie Demoncrat liberals party are responsible for this treasonous act against the sovereignty of the United States!Prosecute to the fullest extent of the law these NAZI Commie Demoncrat libs post haste, President Trump!‬

  21. Dems say we don’t care about their crimes. We care about their ability to fraud vote. Illegals FIRST. US taxpayers last,

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