The Brett Kavanaugh Saga Reaches its Breaking Point

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has completed its background investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, government sources reported on Thursday.

The investigation, which was the seventh of its kind for the judge, came at the request of Senators after allegations of sexual assault stalled the confirmation process. The materials have reportedly been passed to both the White House and the Senate. Lawmakers will vote on whether or not to move forward, with a final confirmation vote expected to come as soon as Saturday.

Kavanaugh’s confirmation will mark a massive political loss for the Democratic Party, which has capitalized on the sexual misconduct allegations despite none of them being corroborated by witnesses.

It comes as no surprise that President Trump closely watched the hearing of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, his nominee to the Supreme Court, that took place before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 27 to address allegations of sexual misconduct from when the judge was 17 years old.

In fact, millions of Americans were watching the hearing intently to see what information would surface.

After the hearing, Trump expressed his reaction on Twitter and said he found Kavenaugh’s testimony to be “powerful, honest, and riveting.”

“Judge Kavanaugh showed America exactly why I nominated him,” the president said. “His testimony was powerful, honest, and riveting. Democrats’ search and destroy strategy is disgraceful and this process has been a total sham and effort to delay, obstruct, and resist. The Senate must vote!”

Kavanaugh’s appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee followed that of Christine Blasey-Ford, the woman who accused Kavenaugh of sexual misconduct that she claims took place when she was 15 years old. Her testimony took place earlier the same day that Kavenaugh testified.

Just a few days before the hearing, Kavenaugh and his wife appeared in a prime-time interview on Fox News with Martha MacCallum to discuss the allegations against the judge. In that interview, he seemed relatively low-key and mild-mannered. But his tone on Thursday was more adamant and assertive. Some sources have said that Trump had encouraged Kavenaugh to increase his intensity level for Thursday. He did just that.

After Trump said “The Senate must vote!” in his tweet, the Senate Judiciary Committee did vote the next day to advance Kavenaugh’s nomination to the full Senate to vote on whether to confirm him. However, in the aftermath of requests or even demands from various people, including Senator Jeff Flake, Republican from Arizona, to perform an FBI investigation on the allegations from Blasey-Ford, Trump the same day of that vote called for the FBI to investigate. But the investigation was limited to one week, and included gathering information from various people who could provide information on the allegations.

Various people have insisted that the FBI investigation is not going to uncover any new information that would change the status of the Kavenaugh nomination.

If confirmed, Kavanaugh will solidify a conservative majority on the high court, which has far-reaching implications for lawmakers and future presidents alike. Considering this, it’s no wonder why Democrats were willing to cling to anything they if they believed it had a chance to stall or outright cancel out Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

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20 thoughts on “The Brett Kavanaugh Saga Reaches its Breaking Point”

  1. Why is no one doing a complete investigation on Christine Blasey Ford. I know, I know, she is the “victim”. But, maybe not. I think “something’ may have happened to her at some time. She certainly appears to be a mess. But what is the cause of that “mess”? There are many things that could have happened to her in her life and I believe it is worth investigating so that Kavanaugh’s good name can be completely cleared. Further, why should Kavanaugh’s life be under a microscope and this woman is allowed to point the finger, nearly destroy a man and his family’s life and blithely walk off into the sunset with no further scrutiny? It should be easy enough for a good investigator to look into Ford’s life and come up with answers.

  2. Time to VOTE!!! The Dems have been allowed todelay Kavanaugh’s confirmation and besmerched his good name for too long! Like Bork and Thomas, this poor man’s good name is forever linked to this fiasco and it is unfortunate.

  3. Totally, totally agree with Claudia! Its TIME to hold these accusers ACCOUNTABLE! What a Circus! We can certainly thank the insane Democratic Party for this national disgrace! They should apologize to the judge and ask his FORGIVENESS for their despicable behavior! PLEASE DON’T VOTE DEMOCRAT!!!! THIS is the type of “so-called justice” we’ll all be faced with if these people get into office! By the way, this is the kind of law practiced in the third world countries such as Mexico, and other Latin American countries. Also in Russia, prevalent in Germany and I’ve noticed England going in this direction! We DON’T want to go THERE!!

  4. I agree. They need to investigate her. I was sexually assaulted when I was 15, but I was in bed and someone broke into my brother’s house when I was babysitting my niece. He also had a gun. But Ms. Ford went to the party, she got drunk and to my understanding she went upstairs with two guys. That is asking for trouble. And he held her on the bed and groped her with her clothes on. If he wanted to have sex he would have taken them off. GET REAL PEOPLE!!! I Can see thru her holes. They were both kids or young teenagers having some fun. Or exploring their options or whatever you want to call it. BUT SEXUALLY ASSAULTED??? REALLY??? If this is what America is coming to, their is no Man in his right mind would ever HIRE a WOMAN AGAIN.. He might be blamed for Sexual Harassment. Who’s going to take that lying down?? They just want to RUIN a GOOD MAN. But God will have the last say, if not now, she better watch out for the wrath of God if she is lying on a GOOD FAMILY MAN. It is called Karma, it will come back on her. Please VOTE FOR KAVANAUGH!!!!!!!!

  5. What has been uncovered so far is that Dr.Ford is a fraud! Now I know that the “MeTo” movement is a total scam led by and the women’s movement to justify the cause of shaming men, and prosecute men whom are in terrible taste and behavior, all financed by George Soros, but the facts never backed up her story. She had proven more than one lie under oath, and although I hear many say that they believe her because she is a woman(for no other reason), she tried her best to excuse her best friend and actually made an attempt to say her friend was suffering from her own medical issues(perhaps Drugs) that she may not recall. The obvious truth is that Dr Ford made up all this and I have seen on the news people that researched her past and high school and beyond records. Trouble follows this woman because of her poor character, and her own demons of drinking as a teenager. It is beyond me how she ever got her doctorate, because she writes at a level way inferior to what one would think for someone that got her doctorate. Another side that seems to be that she had been refused entry to more than one college on the east coast, and makes me wonder just how she moved up with degrees in a field that now she teaches. Perhaps this is not her first rodeo on sexual assault , and maybe she has become very good at targeting men for purpose to get what she wants. Lets look at the 3rd accuser, we know she is a fraud, and has record of sue her employers from past records, but I seriously doubt Dr Ford is innocent from same behavior and some times people or companies settle out of court with a seal order from ever being exposed before the public again. At best I maybe wrong, but I do think that there is more to this story than her innocent ,poor me , victim scripted behavior that she had a week to be prepped by the attorney and her team. Another fact uncovered was that the remodel that she claimed was because of lost memories of the assault, was for her to have another door in her house so she could have an office space to lease or work from completely separated from the residence. Why, because she could write off the space as a work location on her taxes! And we all heard about her LIE, about flying, amazing she definitely proved a LIAR on national tv.
    BUT LAST BUT LEAST WHERE I THINK THIS DEMOCRAT PARTY TAKES US IS SHAMEFUL, AND WHERE IS THE FOUNDATION OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY, IF WE ALLOW PEOPLE TO BE GUILTY BEFORE PROVEN IN NATIONAL NEWS OUTLETS, AND WHOM IS NEXT ? NO MAN IS SAFE FROM FALSE ACCUSERS AND IT IS ALREADY BEING PURSUED IN COURTS ACROSS AMERICA, maybe by women that did not get that promotion, or a woman that was jilted from a man that just could not stay married, or a girl friend that was mad that her boy friend broke up with her. ANGER IS A TERRIBLE TOOL, OFTEN USED IN COURTS! No one should take accusations lightly and facts should lead us to the truth, but this subject of “go fund me” sight has made Dr. Ford very rich, can you imagine the people coming out of the wood work for fame and riches when they see just how much Dr.Ford and her husband are making with contributions in excess of 500, 000 dollars . Imagine getting rich off such a LIE!

    1. Targeting men? Are you honestly saying that? No one needs to do that! *She* drank, so she asked for trouble. *He* drank but comes out smelling like a rose!
      My own father told me that this is often the case when a young man takes advantage or forces his attentions- the girl gets blamed for being there in the first place. If he didn’t hold a gun on her- then it’s her who was wrong for- riding with him, talking to him, kissing him. – all her stupidity, her questionable character, her bad behavior.
      Of course he’s a man and men will be boys and it’s fine.

  6. Yeah – the FBI had to apply TWO coats of whitewash to cover the sham investigation . The amount of material they conveniently overlooked ( or were ordered to overlook or ignore by Dear Leader) is staggering. So- apply another coat of whitewash to cover today’s hogwash in the Senate.

    1. Where is the proof? You are just another Christina Ford. Accuse with no facts to back you up. You seem to be just another libturd slug leaving a trail of slime wherever you go.

      1. He does not are about facts. Again to you, I hope that you never get accused of anything you didn’t do, but if you do just plead guilty because by your standard you are (guilty). I am thinking of something to accuse you of right now. The FBI did a sham investigation, based on what, they didn’t say what you wanted. Get real and get a life.

        1. He’s saying what he knows, did you ever think of that?
          Why do you say”accused of something you didn’t do”? . Maybe he did do it.
          And our President probably did ignore any bad information!
          You’re saying it wasn’t a sham for the same reason you say this writer did – because you wanted it to uncover nothing. But maybe it didn’t find nothing. I wouldn’t be surprised!

  7. The Old Sarge
    Carl T: Remember, under our system, you are automatically presumed to be innocent of any accusations of wrong doing . It ii the responsibility of the person who is making the accusation in offer sufficient cause to have a complaint filed with the appropriate authorities who will have the matter investigated. If there appears to be sufficient cause, you will usually end up in court. Merely saying “I AM A HONORABLE AND TRUTHFUL PERSON WHO HAS SAID HE’S GUILTY, SO I DEMAND THAT YOU BELIEVE ME. LETS LYNCH HIM. WE DON’T NEED NO STINKING EVIDENCE!!! Now lets take your hogwash elsewhere.
    Paul, the Old Sarge

    1. It’s true he was innocent til proven guilty. But because nothing was proven just means he’s considered not guilty. Doesn’t mean he’s innocent.

      Like OJ Simpson-( I felt bad for him too).The criminal court found him not guilty too.
      But he probably did do it. No, Kavanaugh shouldnt be lynched or jailed. All that should have happened was he shouldn’t have been confirmed.
      Nothing was proven. So he was confirmed. But I bet he is guiltier than he pretends- and not of innocent teenage stuff either.
      But I bet he’s guiltier than

  8. Conservatives must not become comfortable with Kavanaugh’s confirmation. A comment that I heard recently is so true, SITTING AT HOME AND NOT VOTING, ELECTS DUMBORATS. All Conservatives must get out enforce and vote to keep AMERICA FREE WITH THE RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS THAT OUR FOREFATHERS KNEW THAT AMERICANS NEEDED. DON’T VOTE, DON’T BITCH.

  9. My EX wife told me a fact years ago and i believe her 100%. ” You can’t rape the willing ” In other words, if you say you were rape you better have bruises to prove it. A woman can claw, scratch, knee a guy in the nuts etc, besides if it was at a party scream like hell and someone would help her. Besides what was she doing at a booze party at 15 if she was this goody -goody girl she claims to be??? Why was she in the bedroom with 2 guys ????

    1. Your ex-wife’s mother or some man told her that. Your ex-wife is one of those women who likes to look like she’s better than other women.
      No a 15 year old shouldn’t be drinking at a party. But my nieces did. I did. Probably your daughter does( but she’ll tell you “never”.

      So being there and maybe thinking she’d even get kissed ( horrors) means she deserved to be grabbed and have a hand held over her mouth while the other hand groped her?
      What was *he* doing at the party being only 17? Why was he drinking?
      If she didn’t want to “fool around “ with him in the first place, why did he think he’d get her *that* way?
      Many have said she was ugly as if that made a big difference! -But maybe it was true-he thought it was all fun to pin her down and make her do stuff he wouldn’t ask another older more confident girl to do.
      That’s real nice of him, isn’t it? Gee what a great guy.

  10. (D)’s cling to??? Really call it like it is…they lied, deceived, cheated, manufactured numerous allegations and you call it, “cling to”. disgusting, pathetic (D)’s so called politicians are “lyers” period
    I tried posting this on FB and received the following> Warning: This Message Contains Blocked Content
    Your message couldn’t be sent because it includes content that other people on Facebook have reported as abusive.
    Our reply
    Sep 30
    Thanks again for letting us know about this post. We took another look and found it doesn’t go against our Community Standards, so we’ve restored your post. We’re sorry for the trouble and appreciate you taking the time to get in touch with us so that we could correct this.

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