The Democrats Overplayed Their Hand on DACA…Badly

Republican Senator Tom Cotton said Democrats are going to have to compromise if they expect to get the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) deal that they’re hoping for — and now the White House is putting it all on the table.

President Trump has made a number of striking compromises and allowed Democrat-favored programs continue as long as other concessions are agreed upon. But, lawmakers like Cotton know that the chances of Democrats meeting the administration in the middle are slim to none.

“The president has already made fundamental concession,” Cotton said. “He’s willing to give amnesty to hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of illegal immigrants who were brought here by and large due to no fault of their own. That’s his concession.”

This is a point of fact over which many Trump supporters have taken exception with the president. The feeling is that concessions on DACA are concessions on an issue that threatens to destroy the republic. But Trump has sympathy for those who were born here, and even if illegally, who are not responsible for the actions of their illegal immigrant parents.

But Democrats always want more. This is what they secretly mean by “progressive,” give an inch and take a mile. They believe no victory is enough.

Cotton continued, “It’s time for them to start making concessions to our position, to ending chain migration, to ending the diversity lottery, and securing our borders and enforcing our laws. If the Democrats want to shut down the government over this, they can. They have the ability to filibuster any bill in the Senate. I don’t think that will work out for them, so I suspect they will not.”

Cotton participated in the meeting on DACA at the White House in which Trump was reported to have used vulgarity describing Haiti and other countries. Trump denies the accusation, and no evidence of this comment made in private has come forth.

The Democrats and the left wing media got a lot of airtime out of the alleged comment, but no one except them seemed to care about it. In the end, now that the shutdown is over, and the Democrats haven’t gotten everything they wanted — it seems clear that the ‘s#ithole country’ accusation was nothing but a ploy to get more out of the DACA deal than they had a right to expect.

It’s more of the same petty shame and blame tactics they always use.

Now, Dems are wringing their hands again since they only got their inch and not the whole mile. Cotton says they have overplayed their hand, and his comments ring true. Their shortsightedness has led to another Republican victory as the government shutdown doesn’t scare Trump or anyone else who doesn’t worship the state.

After the deal went sour for Democrats, Cotton said, “What we learned is that the American people don’t want to have the government shut down for illegal immigration. The Democrats badly overplayed their hand here. They ought not to have done it, but I’m glad the shutdown is over, and people can get back to work in the government serving the American people.”

Trump’s stance on the deal is as clear as it is fair. He wants to extend a hand to people who were born here illegally to no fault of their own, but that did not mean that he wanted to allow endless chain migration as a result.

But, the Democrats are desperate to bring in more foreign votes because time and time again, history has taught them they low wage and illegal immigrants will vote for Democrats if the they promise them welfare and other handouts.

The left can’t win an election honestly anymore. They have no argument except to call people names and they offer precisely zero solutions. Americans are tired of having their jobs and their hard-won assets stripped away from them in the name left-wing principles — principles that are, by every useful metric, designed to destroy the nation.

Their obsession with giving amnesty to illegal immigrants is totally transparent. Barbara Boxer even made a public statement to the effect that if they don’t push for more leniency on immigration they will not be able to win elections.

Now, to anyone paying attention, it is absolutely clear that they are just pushing for votes from people who don’t care about this country and will vote Democrat for cheap handouts.

With jobs surging back, and female and black unemployment at all time lows, the public is quickly losing its patience for claims that Trumps is a colossal bigot.

~ Conservative Zone

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28 thoughts on “The Democrats Overplayed Their Hand on DACA…Badly”

  1. The only thing Democrats have to offer is a bunch of “freebies” (that still have to be paid for somehow) to get votes; they want “equal outcome” for everybody, but it’s all equal dependency on government. Trump has started opening up more opportunity; the nation’s laws enforcing equality & capitalist economy (not corporatist – economy forced by government) is how everyone can improve themselves. Equal opportunity is what makes this nation great, equal outcome is what drives a country into third-world poverty.

    Equal outcome is what Democrats demand, but equal opportunity is a threat to the only base of voters they can get; if the Repubs in all three Branches work on opening more opportunities & enforce the laws equally, those hard-left Democrats will disintegrate, having no more influence. The Communists/Socialists/Marxists will no longer have a foothold in this country. To *keep* them out, we need to be educated well enough to recognize the signs that precede them.

    “Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.”
    ~John Philpot Curran (shortened from a speech, 1790)

    1. STOP!!!!!!! War!!! Oppression, Militarism, Austerity!

      Above all, stop the austerity-trickle-down economics, fool. Remaining question: R U the kind of fool who sits at the groaning board, or one who will battle to the death with the rest of us “ninety-niners,” over who deserves the tumbling crumbs?

      What we all need right now is a redistribute Jubilee! Above article’s premise also has belly-button-window views. Since when R deals where all parties agree on an, “oh, very well,” give’n’take product, a predicate 4, “Lookit what we gave U last go-round,” as a talking point?

      Where I’m sittin’, it’s already significantly past midnight, and a new day will soon B dawning.

    2. F the Dems they proved. They don’t care about Americans they care more. About. daca more then their own people in the USA . Vote them out. An another thing Mexico is paying for the wall Trump is bringing back jobs from Mexico.Lets guess why tax cuts the Dems voted against.l know the money they make off tax cut donate it to Daca that’s cost us working tax paying Americas Billions I no keep the money an leave our country.

  2. I agree with President Trump’s idea of kids born here illegally, but America is the only thing they know and should be allowed to maintain living here as long as they are able to work and not living off of the American Taxpayers. There has to be a line of agreement on this and stopping an ever on going situation anchor babies. America can only do so much without going under ourselves.
    If this proposal goes through it MUST out rule that the ONES ALLOWED to stay stops with them and not bring aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents or any other family member here to America. We HAVE TO put some stipulations on all this.
    I hope those that have a problem accepting this can understand this is not a racist situation, it’s a matter of protecting America from TOTAL disaster as well. We CANNOT supply help to the whole world. Count your blessings for what your situation and circumstances have been offered.

    1. I have no problem with any group or class of LEGAL immigrants. No thinking American does. What we want is NO MORE Acceptance of Illegal immigration.
      I want the bureaucrats that run immigration to do their Job and streamline the legal immigration to where we can bring in 1 or 2 Million immigrants a year, every year. I want them to be eligible, fit, self supporting, educated and willing to obey our laws.
      I want the welfare roles unavailable to immigrants for a probation period as well.
      All the good immigrants will be happy to comply.

  3. So, the President wants to give the Democrats their DACA, but throw in the Chain Migration and Visa Lottery. There are two problems. The first one is that he went too high on the number he’s allowing into this Country. One million would have been sufficient. There are supposed to be 800,000 in the Country at this point, according to reports that I heard, which means that going up to 1 million would have stunned them. For the President to go to 1.8 million is way too high, since the Democrats are depending on the DACA people for their future voting base, which if this is fact, they would lock us out of power. The second problem is that the President didn’t include e-verify with the rest of the issues. We have been fighting for e-verify, and although many businesses are using this system, it has not been signed into law as of yet. We need it to be enacted into law.

    1. Stop chain migration and Visa lottery . Stop Visa Overstay . Reduce Legal Immigration ( at present it is 1Million 250 Thousands )
      to 150.000 x year and only qualified and educated immigrants . No taxi drivers , No hotels and motels clean up , No 7/11 operators . No birthright citizenship ( women coming here to give birth and automatic citizenship ) . No anchor baby .
      Do not increase HB-1 and HB-2 Visa ( low skilled immigrants to work on parks , recreation areas , landscape , etc. )
      BUILD THE WALL . STOP BENEFITS TO ILLEGALS ( $ 145 Billions x year ++++++ . WHY .?????????)

    1. This should also include Liberal Judges who don’t follow the laws in place and make it easy for Liberals to break them. Judges are not above the law either.

  4. I don’t care of the president has sympathy for illegals!! Why haven’t they taken steps to become legal by now!! The opprtunity has been there for them all along but they didn’t use it!! Why? because then they would have lost all of your freebies!! They would have been reponsible for living on their own and not having a free ride on American working people!! They would have not received any aid of any kind and no free education!! We don’t want those kind of people in our country!! The first rquirement if he does capitulate is that they pay back all assistance of any kind!!!

    1. The reason that Illegals do not become AMERICANS is because W. Wilson and the DemKratz told them that they will pass a law to make them AMERICANS it’s only been since World War #1 they have played this lie … I just wonder why they have not done it themselves Rock stupid overall but then what do you expect of a group of people that wipe their ass and toss the used TP into the corner of the bathroom? Do abortions in the back of the grease rack of the ESSO ( Texaco ) gas station, put water in the gas tank to get a thin gas to maybe travel a bit more never mind to knock that in time will bend a rod and in time will shoot that bent rod and destroy the engine. Yepper rock stupid, not brick stupid after all a brick is smart it has squared edges around it and that is a level of smarts they can only dream of.

  5. chithole by any other name would still smell the same.Examples would be Derbin,Pelosi Schumer,Waters, and never forget Elizabeth and themany others like McCain.

  6. Put our Veterans ahead of these DACA illegals. Why spend all this money on them, they will never be satisfied and don’t respect America. Stand firm, don’t give in to DeomRats. Continue draining the Swamp, forget DACA, let it die its timely death.
    Protect America. Use your executive orders and get this mess straightened out the right way, forget the Democrats – you have given them ample time to adjust to what the real people want, and they just don’t get it or care.

  7. SAFA Before DACA, (Securing Americans Future Act) H.R. Bill 4760. Phone your Congressmen & Women.
    SAFA ENDS Chain-Migration, NOT Prolong it, Funds the Border Wall, Mandatory E-verify & MANY other Enforcement procedures. 700 Miles of Border Wall was Already APPROVED 12 YEARS ago, Why can’t President Trump just Build that, and Enforce Existing Immigration LAWS? As President, that is his DUTY!

  8. Point being we have all seen this before, allow people to stay and promise to build the wall. Then the people stay and no wall. Linsey Graham came out an said we were not going to build a 1900 mile wall. So we have no wall which means the border is not secure and we end up keeping people who entered illegally. Sorry that your parents did you a disservice but you cut in line in front of a whole lot of other people. Basically DACA people cheated, may not personally but allowing them to stay rewards cheating. Like one person I read said, we don’t allow the children of robbers to keep the money then we should not allow people benefiting from illegal entry to stay. But first and foremost do not even talk about who stays until after the wall is built. This will force the Dems to fund the wall if they hope to have any illegals stay. Reminds me of my younger brother while in high school and his grades. He had an opportunity to go from WA to DC but dad wanted better grades. Oh yes oh yes I will get better grades. So he was allowed to go to DC. Did his grades improve? What do you think? NO Later he had an opportunity to go to Disneyland. Same issue same response went on the trip same result. Admittedly he did go on to college and got a MBA. But that is because he grew up. I do not expect the same from the Dems. They are Toys R Us people.

  9. Someone needs to tell Pres.Trump to read Deuteronomy 23: God says what to do with immigrants. He lays out strict rules so if they are followed the whole country wins not just illegals.An article I just read says that O allowed people from 200 countries to claim they were part of that ruse,no one vetted any of them. It also said most of those who made the claim are now 20/30 years old,no one bothered to try to become a citizen.

  10. How is everything for the Democrats free social security people work for that yes there is some government funding that some of the people have but they deserve that Healthcare shouldn’t be an issue that he wanted to take away women’s rights shouldn’t be an issue that he wants to take away woman’s private part shouldn’t be something that he want to take away so how is that we pay for our health care and we deserve a health care without him trying to tell us what we can and can’t have it’s our bodies we take care of it he wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for his mother having him poor mom seniors been here for a while work their butt off and they shouldn’t have to worry about should they buy medicine or should they buy food the Republicans is trying to get everything they want they got their tax credit they already make the money but they’re trying to take everything away from the other people how ignorant

  11. Remember folks President Trump has much more information, experience, insight, and resources at his disposal to make a deal. He has not done us wrong yet. I feel safe in trusting him in his word to “Put America First”. Even though emotionally we may feel unsatisfied short term, long term is what matters, President Trump knows that. Who knows many of the DACA folks may see the error of the past and join in MAGA. Brothers in Christ!

  12. DACA = a bunch of scumbags giving America the finger and testicles ; insulting and invading congress ; protesting on our streets ; some are criminals , rapists , murderers . Once illegal , always illegal . Their parents came here the ILLEGAL WAY , Jumping the Fence . They have no respect for America and Americans . NO AMNESTY .

  13. If President Trump goes along with the Democrats trap then he can kiss his next 2020 presidency votes. Daca students are of age and will vote for Democrats. Don’t be fooled they know how to get their way the democratic senators, remember they had an crooked president to convince them and did what they felt like, that’s why were in the mess were in now.

  14. Sick and tired of this DACA crap, sick and tired of the Democrats. Do you people realize the Democrats have not done one single thing since Trump became president. Yet they bitch and complain about every single thing Trump does and they still get PAID. I say screw the bitch Pelosi, screw the four eyed jerk Shumer. Enough is enough. American people, let’s wake up and tell these so called politicians to get lost. Pelosi can’t even walk, Shumer can’t see, get rid of these trouble makers. God help us.

  15. What gives the right for those illegals to protest in our country.The Demacraps they have tried their best to destroy our country. They cost taxpayers trillions they pick anyone not from our country over US Citizens. Proven over an over again. Time to vote all these anti Americans out of office before they destroy the rest of our country. An every time the media makes fun of Trump or liesabout the truth their making fun of us true Americans. Im tring to figure out whats wrong Trumps aginda America 1ST only a anti American would thank different an we know who they are DEMACRAP.

  16. Why does this country thinks they can save the world. Our congress is very generous with “our” tax payers money… OH. thats right, we get the money from China! We “GIVE” money to 142 countries every year..why? They all hate our guts.. they vote against us at the UN, all the time… all these countries in Africa.. we give money EVERY YEAR to.. Nigeria $703M…Uganda $489M…Malawi $194M…Kenya $560M.. the list goes on and on….WHY? WHY??? this info comes from “” The USA gave away $35B to mostly African and south American countries…It totals about $35B but if you tell congress they say “only $35 billion.. That is like nothing to them… but $35 billion here and $35 billion there, before long you are talking about big money…I bet if you checked a lot of the money to these countries it ends up in some leaders pocket…We are happy to send these DACA illigals to college with our “dime”…meanwhile my grandson
    owes $100 thousand…

  17. @realDonaldTrump > Sir! Please make it CLEAR in Vetting Process, Any Illegal Caught Voting Illegally in an American Election will go to Jail and Deported and Ban from ever coming back to America! Please ask all DACA/Dreamers this question before giving them anything!

  18. What part of ILLEGAL do the Demoncraps not understand? These so called deramers became CRIMINASLS as soon as they crossed the border, with or without their parents. NONE OF THEM DESERVE TO BECOME AMERICAN CITIZENS BECAUSE THEY ARE CRIMINQALS, PERIOD! NO AMNESTY FOR CRIMINALS! DACA was ILLEGAL and UNCONSTITUTIONAL from the minute obutthead signed the Executive Order. All welfare or any other Government Entitlement Program that is being paid to ILLEGAL ALIENS should be immediately stopped and if any of them are ILLEGALLY drawing Social Security, all should immediately cut-off. We the American Tax Payers are sick and tired of paying for these ILLEGALS. DEPORT EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM AND DON’T LET THEM BACK IN UNTIL THEY CAN DO IT LEGALLY.

  19. I am a legal immigrant to this country, and I learned to speak the English language. I also fly the flag of the United States of America, what do you people fly your stupid countries flag. If you like it so much then go back to your shithole of a country, I have never flown the flag of my country and never will. It’s a shame that a lot of American people feel sympathy for criminals like you, I alway’s say in store’s and other place’s that the people are very stupid for letting criminal’s stay in this country. If my parent’s can apply to come over and wait 3 1/2 year’s to get permission, then so should all of you illegal immigrant’s can too. You people think you are above the law and you can riot in the street’s to get what you want, well I hope President Trump will send your sorry ass back to the shithole of a country you came from. I voted for President Trump and proud of it, he will make America Great Again.

  20. Hello, My Fellow Americans! My thing for and about the Dream Lie is 1) the kids are getting not state citizens payments, not out of state but US citizens payments, but Out of America persons payments that totally cover not dorm living cost but off-campus rents that everyone knows is always 3 to 5 times more than an apartment 15 to 25 blocks away from the campus. Ballpark it at $1875.oo per month then add food stamps YES food stamps $1075.oo per month ( keep in mind that a welfare mother with 2 preschool children get’s a whopping $245.oo per month, in fact, the D.K.R. party took the food stamps from welfare mothers to give to Dreamers. ) Then add all the college fees for out of America students of no less than $79920.oo per 9 months. It is also why college fees took off like an ATLAS 5 ~ C Rocket to the moon. Add to it all the states that have legal MJ tax that is to be used for education is not being used for or on the cost of school for American kids but is being used for illegal kids from 1St to all the way of college not just for a 2 year trade school but all the way to Doctor. Now think of that as you try to pay for and or get into even just a 2 year junior college.

    The next thing is they have no dog in the fight. No one in there family has died in any war that America has had. None of them are Veterans who are turned down a lot by colleges and they never tell us why but we know it’s greed and they want no one from the military ripping the proff’s for their way left commie BS lies they live by and teach. In addition, they don’t give credits for one’s military knowledge. I started as a Jet tec and did Arm Forces TV and radio broadcasting, call it 4 years aircraft flight engineering and News reporter as well as DJ. Then to add security A1, need to know, eyes only where even the President could not go to the places I went to nor is to know about them for like 32 more years. It would be a great book and / or movie but can’t be told.

    Hellhole, YES! Shit hole YES! After all, if they where great places to go 75,000,000 people per year would travel to them to see the sights drink some wine taste the great food but it is
    not Rome,
    not Paris,
    not Okinawa,
    not Hong Kong.
    not 10,000 other safe and great places to go
    It’s a SHIT HELL HOLE! After all, You can’t make a silk evening clutch from a pig turd, can you? Then the truth of the nightmare of the countries are the government officeholders who openly rip off the people, or are on the drug cartel’s pay roster, and add the very real probalty of kidnap of your baby girl or wife that’s at now up to 43%. As well as be in the crossfire of the gunfights as if it was the wild wild west of the 1870’s to the 1890’s

    All and all I don’t think even 100 nukes could clean up the SHIT HELL HOLES up in any way and if it was done what would be the improvement be like? Again we are back to the Silk Evening Clutch question.

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