The DNC is Using the Pandemic to Push New Election Rules

The Democratic National Committee and the Democratic Party of Wisconsin filed a lawsuit last Wednesday to expand voter access during the coronavirus pandemic.

Democrats bring the suit just weeks before the state of Wisconsin is scheduled to hold its presidential primary, and there are obvious concerns about voting mount during the COVID-19 situation.

“These steps are critical to ensuring that all Wisconsinites who wish to participate in the April 7 elections are able to do so,” DNC Chairman Tom Perez said in a statement.

Perez added: “Given the necessary measures taken by [Wisconsin] Governor Evers and public health officials in Wisconsin to limit the spread of the virus, it’s more important than ever that we expand access to voting, and increasing these necessary measures will help protect both public health and Wisconsinites’ right to participate in our democracy.”

The Democrats filed the lawsuit in hopes that they could force election officials in Wisconsin to extend voter registration – electronically and via U.S. mail registration – to April 3. In addition, they want to suspend the requirement of presenting copies of photo identification with absentee ballot requests and copies of proof of residency documents with voter registration requests.

They also hope to have the state extend its current deadline requiring absentee mail-in ballots to be received by 8 p.m. on Election Day to being postmarked by Election Day and received by municipal clerks’ offices within 10 days of the election.

“Nobody should have to choose between exposure to COVID-19 and disenfranchisement,” Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chair Ben Wikler said. “The court should immediately strike down the barriers to full participation in voting by mail. Our democracy depends on our ability to conduct free, safe, and fair elections, no matter what — even during a pandemic.”

The state of Wisconsin is a key battleground state in the 2020 presidential election. President Donald Trump won the state by less than 23,000 votes in 2016, which made him the first Republican to win the state since 1984. Democrats were trying to recoup that loss in the state by holding the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, and aggressively targeting voters there.

Earlier in the month, a conservative law firm requested the Wisconsin Supreme Court to immediately overturn an appeals court ruling that stopped the purging of more than 200,000 people from the state’s voter records. Democrats cried foul and said that the move was intended to make it more difficult for their voters to cast their ballots.

Wisconsin’s presidential primary is set for April 7, but the appeal does not ask for the court to act in time for that election. A state appeals court last month overturned an Ozaukee County judge’s ruling ordering the purge and dismissed the case, setting up this appeal.

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37 thoughts on “The DNC is Using the Pandemic to Push New Election Rules”

  1. why are you even writing this? WE all know that the Demon Rats HATE us Americans. They are against everything that we hold dear and what we as a country was built on.
    IF this doesn’t show the common people that are demonrats just how low and disgusting their party will go. You are welcome to cross over to the REAL AMERICAN PARTY. God, Family and Country…
    What do you all expect from these subhumans? They don’t care about anything but POWER. Listen…..if a party , person that thinks it is OK to rip a baby out of the birth canal in pieces….come on, and then tell you with a straight face that it is NOT murder…?? they are a twisted sick human with no moral compass at all.
    For the Demon Rats to hold up money and help for Americans battling this disease and the fall out from it to get their sick agenda of getting every yahoo to be able to bring abortion into this , which by the way neither one of these has anything to do with Covid 19.
    All i am going to say is you sick disturbed people will have your judgement day, we all do..I truly have pity for you

  2. The only result will be the end of America as we know it if the GOP accepts Pelosi’s demand to push her Communist Green New Deal in the stimulus package vote. We will all be working for China. God help this contry. We can only pray there is backbone enough to stop this .

  3. Voting means: Showing up at the VOTING station, showing photo I.D. to PROVE who you are that is VOTING, and then start VOTING! . . . It’s THAT simple. Tell the Democrats that we are ONTO them, and we are NOT changing the rules so that they can PRACTICE all the FRAUD they want. Apparently, they can’t win an election except by CHEATING. And, MAIL in voting is VOTING FRAUD at it’s worse. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    1. joeyP

      So is the “push” to allow “votes” by CELL PHONE, and INTERNET. That way ANYONE can “vote” even if you do not even reside in that state. democommunists will do ANYTHING to regain POWER and Control.

  4. Don’t give in to those Socialist/Communist BASTARDS . . . er, Democrats! Tell them to OBEY the RULES like EVERYONE else. Because, they will try to change the GENERAL 2020 elections ruling to suit their WHIMS of FRAUD – this is the ONLY way that they can win ANY election! Why is it that the “dead” always vote DEMOCRAT?!? One Alarmed, But Amused Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  5. Democrats set out to destroy the USA, by changing everything so any Illegal with NO RIGHTS decides who should be President, change our Constitution to redesign it to fit the Queers and remove the RIGHTS of the people who believe in a man and woman should be married according to Gods will.

    And yes many will call me everything because I said in God’s name. Socialistic idiots want everything removed. Our belief in God, our Constitution that allows every individual the God-given Rights to protect themself and their families from harm.

    Protected for the Murdering, Rapping of children and the elderly, Assaulting of our elderly by the Criminals, the Illegals and the Terrorist that Socialistic Nazi America Democrats not only are pushing for but protecting them over every true Americans in this Nation

  6. The DNC has publicly stated that Trump would be impossible to beat with a good economy!
    Uh-Oh, Coronavirus!
    If the criminal organization DNC used their brain power to do good for the American People, we could move mountains!

  7. Socialism will destroy us if left unchecked. Follow the Laws and Constitution of the United States of America. Keep America Great!

  8. You label every other Criminal Organization, a Criminal Organization! Why should the Criminal Organization DNC be any different?
    This is the United States of America! WE THE PEOPLE, do not elect KENYAN BORN INDIVIDUALS POTUS! BILL AYERS, you’ve finally done more! It is time fore the largest COUP EVER PERPETRATED AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE to be reckoned with!

  9. Can you imagine how far this country would have moved forward if the house of representative had a republican majority. Lets do it in November guys or the democrats will bring this country down and it will not be pretty

    1. If you will open your eyes and remember the results of the election in california, Republicans won only to have little bo peeps (obama) judges overturn those results, giving the obama communist their majority.

  10. Bill Barr, and Durham, figure out if you are DEEP-STATE or not! If so, then get your pathetic fat ass out of the way, and we’ll try again, to find someone not DEEP-STATE! WE THE PEOPLE, deserve better! They tell us to go to work and they tax the hell out of us! Our roads and bridges suck, our Law Enforcement at the highest levels, are on the take! What are you dumb-asses doing with our money?

  11. Some states have more votes than registered voters. How much plainer can voter fraud get… AMEN

  12. WE THE PEOPLE are not stupid! WE tolerated a foreign born, Chicago ONE TERM ABSENTEE SENATOR, as POTUS to pacify the AFRICAN AMERICANS, what did he do? Well, what does a black mayor do when he holds the key to the city? Look at DETROIT! Look at PHILLY! Obama bought cocaine, he had lavish parties, he played golf, he corrupted the FBI, CIA, ATF, DEA, NSA, because when a black man is in charge, if you ain’t on the take, you gettin took!

    PRESIDENTIAL NOMINATION ELECTION, I BELIEVE THEY MAY CHEAT ALL ELECTIONS! That’s just me, you see the two, fine upstanding members of society, that rigged their own election, were Barrack Hussein Obama, and Hillary Rodham Clinton! Pillars of society, when they answer the phone! For you less informed, who only hear from politicians on “vote day” when you get free rides to the polls, they had a plan, a great idea, Hillary was to be a false storefront for an Obama third-term! He wasn’t the only ex-POTUS to stay in DC after his time was up just so his rented daughter could finish school, NO YOU DIENT! You bought that?

  14. Nancy “chicken-head” Pelosi, you better understand this, WE THE PEOPLE, are your bosses! You will never take full control of America, no matter how sneaky you brainiacs get!
    You are a criminal, a treasonous rodent, you amuse us, you fell from your criminal fathers tree! I’m sure he is looking up, and smiling with pride for his little girl. Don’t you worry Nancy, you will join him sooner than later, what are you, 78 years old now? When everything goes dark, and you see an elevator door, with only a down-button, it will be a bit warm, push it!

  15. The Criminal Organization DNC wanted to impeach President Trump over a lie, the lie was that he held up money, WE THE PEOPLE’S money, until Ukraine investigated Biden, and son!
    Then we see a tv interview where Joe Biden was bragging about holding up WE THE PEOPLE’S money, to Ukraine until they fired a lawyer standing in the way of his son sitting on a Ukrainian board!
    So, if by some miracle, Biden wins the Presidency, impeachment hearings will begin immediately!
    How does the son of an American Veep, get on a board in Ukraine anyway? The most corrupt country on earth, beside America when a Kenya born POTUS was snorting cocaine in the Oval Office! I heard they called it the Oral Office when Obama was POTUS!

  16. I have an idea, you see, I sit on a board in America, yes I’m a natural born American and a taxpayer! Why don’t you imbeciles in the Government, stop giving WE THE PEOPLE’S money to Ukraine, or any other country? You didn’t ask us if it was ok, to give Ukraine our hard earned money! The roads in my state are awful, and I can’t help but wonder how come we give other countries money, when our infrastructure is crumbling? Can you genius’s, explain to the American taxpayers, why you give Ukraine billions of dollars that belong to taxpayers, when our roads are tearing up our vehicles?


  17. Where is Adam Schiff in the line of treasonous Democrats being indicted for their role in the fraudulent impeachment fiasco? He has to be #1 on the list! (2) Pelosi (3) Nadler (4) Schumer plus he threatened the Justices of the Supreme Court, ouch! Ah hell, just load em all up and ship them to Gitmo for a waiting period until the time of their public execution! As a deterrent!

  18. President Trump, how bout this guy? He got elected beating HRC, after she and Obama, rigged their own party’s nomination election, won by Bernie Sanders. They cheated to beat Trump, and still lost! LOL the look on HRC’s face, when she was told that she lost, was priceless! I can hear her now, Everybody put down the champagne and get the hell out! We are returning all of this champagne and all of this food, and I mean all of it! This money came from the foundation damn it, take it all back!

  19. From day 1 they vowed to impeach President Trump! So, what does he do, he keeps his nose to the grindstone, and he wins, and wins, and wins! Through everything those criminal minds could throw at him, he wins!
    They vowed to destroy him, after the impeachment failed, they brought in the big-guns! The CIA, and Schumer was right, they can hit you 7 ways from Sunday! They knew they had to go big, and boy have they done that! How many innocent people will die from this Brennan? You don’t care, man can we see the rage in your eyes when you talk about Trump! I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has you pegged with this one! You better pray to satan, that they don’t ever find out it was you! Well, you can only die once, and we all have to die sometime, right! I’m sure it’s easy for you, you know you are going to spend eternity in hell. I guess you’ve come to terms with that one! I’d say you and ol Lucifer are buddies by now!

  20. Don’t forget Hellary Clitton buying the FAKE dossier from Christopher Steele, (the fired British agent)! And the DNC, Steele and the Russians draft it! Then give it to the FISA (another corrupt agency for the demoncrats) court to obtain an illegal FISA warrant to spy on Trump and his campaign staff!!! HOW THE HELL THE DEMONCRATS GET AWAY WITH ALL THEIR ILLEGAL ACTIVITY IS MIND BOGGLING!!! ARE THEY THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN BRING UP CHARGES??? IS THE REPUBLICANS THE ONLY ONES WHO CAN BE SENTENCED (FOR LYING TO CONGRESS i.e. STONE, MANAFORT, FLYN…) WHEN THE QUESTIONS THEY LIE ABOUT ARE MADE UP FAKE ACCUSATIONS BY THE DEMONCRATS??? IT DON’T SEEM RIGHT TO ME!!! It’s like the DNC takes you deer hunting. They cue a doe that they strapped a set of antlers on. They tell you “go ahead shoot it” and you do, killing it. Then before you get to it some sneaky demoncrat (Hillary, Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi or Shcumer) sneaks up to it and cuts the strap and remove the antlers. Then, with the FBI (Comey, and friends) waiting, they arrest you for poaching or killing a doe!!! Then they feed their satan worshiping buddies (THE FAKE MEDIA) the LIE, and they RUN with the story LYING to the American people!!! Does that sound about how they operate??? They are some pretty smart crooks!!! They are the worse kind of crook! A crook with no morals that is trying to run your country should be pretty scary!!! They have pulled out all he stops!!!
    I’m a registered democrat (shamefully and not for long). I voted for Trump in 2016 and will vote for him in 2020!!! I have never seen such blatant and in the face of the public corruption in a political party in the 43 years I’ve been voting! I hate their guts and will NEVER vote demoncrat again!!!
    TRUMP 2020!!!

    1. Roy,

      This sounds like my story except I was never a Demoncrat, but My feelings for the crooked bastards is the same. I have nothing but intense dislike for them.

  21. The DNC chair is full of BS, the more votes the merrier for The population anyone can call in a vote,
    I’not against registered voters voting by mail to avoid exposure to a virus but that should be the end of the story.

  22. Here we go! The great Democratic push to rig the election process. They have been cheating for so long they almost have the process perfected. This is an effort spearheaded by Soros and Clinton to get Hillary elected President. At some point the rest of America, who are disenfranchised by the DNC will Fight back.

  23. That’s the only way the Demoncrackhead Vermin Cong Party could win. From fictitious and Illegal votes. We the People should counter Sue and block this proposed Demoncrackhead Bullshit!!! Commie Rat Bastards!! America First you fucken LOSER Scumbags!!! TRUMP 2020!!


  25. Ken
    March 29 9:20 AM
    It’s all been said the democrats want a Satanic society in the USA. This Country was formed by men of faith they wanted a
    government for the people & by the people ONE NATION INDIVISABLE UNDER “GOD” & it will stay that way IF ALL WHO CLAIM THE NAME OF “Christ” AS savior we will always win. Here is a poem I wrote & it’s what I want all to know.
    When we live like this we will not want anything most Democrats want. The HOLY BIBLE is our ONLY rule for everything.
    Let us pray to “GOD” asking for deliverance for all EVIL.

  26. If “WE THE PEOPLE” fail to turn up at the polls, count and verify those that vote, we will continue to bow down to democrats.
    It’s past time we demand our government, judges and officials abide by the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and not abide by democrats interpretation, even if it means by persuasive force.
    The CONSTITUTION provides means by which to remove a tyrannical government, which we have in the democrat party.

  27. The biggest problem with Republicans as I see it… we DO THE RIGHT THING, voting honestly and according to the rules, then we go home and wait to see the results. In the meantime…..The Democrats are using every trick in the book and inventing new ways daily in how to CHEAT the system to get the results THEY WANT !! If that means Dead people vote, illegals vote, people who live in another State vote twice (or more) Ballots are removed or just not counted if they are votes for a Republican, and premade Democrat vote ballots are stuffed into the Ballot Boxes to replace the ones removed. AS IF……that wasn’t enough to guarantee a Democratic win , The Ballot voting machines are manufactured and programmed by a company owned by the Biggest Trump Hating Democrat in America . If it wasn’t for the Electoral College we would have Clinton for a President now. Republicans cannot afford to sit back and wait, not this time !! We have GOT to be proactive and watch their every move and STOP THEM DEAD IN THEIR TRACKS AS THEY TRY TO CHEAT !

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