The Fix Was In: Text Messages Show FBI Protected Hillary Clinton

On July 5, 2016, former FBI Director James Comey stoically announced his decision to not recommend criminal charges against then presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

While many Americans waited with baited breath to hear Comey’s proclamation on this day, senior FBI agent Peter Strzok and his mistress FBI lawyer Lisa Page weren’t surprised. Recently released text messages appear to prove these two star-crossed lovers knew Clinton wouldn’t be prosecuted several days before the highly ridiculed Comey announcement.

The Department of Justice handed over approximately 384 pages consisting of about 9,000 text messages to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on January 19, 2018. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson, Republican, released them on January 23, 2018. Some of the condemning text messages imply that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was aware that Clinton wouldn’t be charged. Lynch had recused herself from the case while Comey claimed he didn’t coordinate his decision with anyone. These text messages were exchanged on July 1, 2016, four days before Comey’s announcement. Unbelievably, they were written one day before Strzok personally interviewed Clinton about the investigation.

In the text messages, the lovers discussed Lynch’s choice to remove herself from the investigation. Strzok said to Page, “Timing looks like hell.” Page responded, “Yeah, that is awful timing. Nothing we can do about it.” The FBI lawyer later added, “It’s a real profile in couragw [sic], since she knows no charges will be brought.”

Besides lamenting the timing of Lynch’s recusal announcement, Strzok also revealed his desire to wrap up the Clinton probe when President Trump became the assumed GOP nominee in text messages to Page. On May 4, 2016, Page communicated to Strzok, “It’s going to be a Clinton Trump race. Unbelievable.” Strzok replied, “Now the pressure really starts to finish MYE.”

The Daily Caller reports that MYE represents “Mid Year Exam,” which was the FBI secret code for the investigation surrounding Clinton’s private e-mail server.

Released text messages from May 19, 2017 show Strzok’s initial reluctance to join Mueller’s probe into Russian interference with the 2016 presidential election. He feared the group of investigators wouldn’t be able to find anything of substance. In one text to Page, Strzok said, “You and I both know the odds are nothing…if I thought it was likely, I’d be there, no question. I hesitate in part because of my gut sense and concern there’s no big there there.”

Johnson found the reason for Strzok’s hesitancy to join the investigative team shocking.

Although Strzok wasn’t confident a smoking gun would be found, he talked about the importance of the case with Page. He was also extremely excited about getting his mistress to join the investigation’s team. Addressing Page, Strzok wrote, “You would obviously excel on the team” and “In a thousand ways they need someone EXACTLY like you.” In response, Page offered to meet her lover the following day to talk about the nuances of the situation.

Last summer, Strzok and Page were dismissed from the Mueller probe after it became known that some of their communications to each other consisted of anti-Trump content. At the time, Strzok was working as a counterintelligence agent for the FBI. Due to his discretions, he was reassigned to the FBI’s human resources department.

According to TheBlaze, the FBI clumsily “failed to preserve” five months of text communications between Strzok and his mistress. The missing text messages span the period from December 14, 2016 to May 17, 2017. The Trump-Russia probe was revving up in December of 2016 while Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed on May 17, 2017. The FBI blamed the loss of the estimated 50,000 texts on an error on Samsung 5 devices they gave to their agents.

Combined with Strzok’s and Page’s blatantly antagonistic feelings about Trump, the missing messages are seriously compromising the integrity of Mueller’s investigation.

On January 22, 2018, Fox News host Sean Hannity proclaimed on his show, “This reeks of law-breaking, it reeks of conspiracy, and it reeks of obstruction of justice.” The next day, President Trump tweeted that the lost text messages was “one of the biggest stories in a long time.”

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51 thoughts on “The Fix Was In: Text Messages Show FBI Protected Hillary Clinton”

      1. This is blatant obstruction of justice, which always goes hand-in-hand with felony conspiracy. Lots of elites should have been in jail decades ago. and that also includes Mueller.

  1. Right from the start I knew Trump would win , and that Clinton was bad .Many of my friends said I was wrong —HA !

    1. During the campaign, Trump was filling stadiums with supporters while the evil Hilldog couldn’t even fill up a high school gym or a church. It was evident that the public enthusiasm was all heavily in his favor. At the same time, the lapdog media was assuring us that she would win in a landslide. They were fooling themselves then, and they still are.

  2. I don’t care if President Trump wanted to fire Mueller. Mueller should be fired, although by Rosenstein, not Trump. Who the Hell cares what kind of deals Manafort had with anybody in 2009. Mueller has strayed so far from the reason for his appointment, it’s amazing anyone in authority still tolerates him.

  3. Mueller , THE people DEMAND you pay back all of our tax dollars that was spent on your so called investigation. That were BOGUS to begin. WE want to know who authorized your WITCH HUNT???
    A CRIMINAL like your self getting payed to protect CRIMINALS is a CRIME with in itself..
    YOU Should be investigated for sure.THAT would be worth the money spent, it wouldn’t take more than 2 weeks to show who you really are..

    1. And I heard Trey Gowdy singing the praises of Mueller this Morn. I used to think Trey was a GOOD GUY, but, I think he has LOST MY SUPPORT!!!

  4. Mueller has been investigating for 10 months.$%^&*##, What the Hell? Any normal human being could have proved Trump didn’t have any dealings with Russia during his campaign within a month. Evidently Mueller is getting paid extra $$$ by the hour and negative report. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO FIRE HIM FOR USING TAX PAYER DOLLARS TO DO NOTHING EXCEPT TRASH OUR PRESIDENT. There are plenty of GOOD HONEST MEN THAT CAN DO A BETTER JOB THEN MUELLER.

    1. THAT is because they KNEW all along that Trump had NOTHING to do with any COLLUSION, AND that it was the LIBS that were COLLUDING. They wanted an EXCUSE to investigate Trump so they could MAYBE find something ELSE out about him that they could CHARGE him with. DIDN’T WORK. But we DID find out a WHOLE LOT ABOUT THE SCUM LIBS!!

  5. I find the whole thing so disturbing & corrupt & doesn’t look like anything will be done to the ones who are the perpetrators…..Makes me very ill..;(

  6. Really unnecessary to slam Samsung as the reason for the loss of messages. I guess, if one has no reasonable answer, blame someone or something outside the FBI. the devil made me do it!

  7. I believe all of this was at the Directions of Former President Obama! Remember when Hillary said if Trump wins, they will all go to Prison? Obama lied to the World on tv when he said he didn’t know about Hilary private server. He contacted her on that Private Server with Classified Information using a phony name.
    Bottom line: If Hillary was indited, she was going to take Obama down with her! They all knew she and her staff had the Evidence.

    1. you are the only one I have read that brought up Hillary’s remark “If Trump wins we will all go to jail” I was beginning to think I had miss read somewhere
      Voted for Trump because I was wanting a non career politician
      , I would have voted for a dog catcher before Hillary

  8. All you have to do is go back and look at the careers of those involved – mostly Bill Clinton appointees. They have long histories with the Clintons – both professionally and financially. Mueller has a “reported” net worth of $18,000,000 did he make that working at the FBI? James Comey has a “reported” net worth or $13,000,000. Almost half of Comeys net worth came from one bonus working one year for Lockheed Martin. A $6,000,000 bonus – that was the year that Lockheed Martin received several huge government contracts signed off on by then Secretary of Take Hillary Clinton. Prior to Lockheed Martin – Comey worked for the Clintons. Backdoor payoff?
    Every investigation regarding the Clintons – Comey has EVER been involved in came out in the Clintons favor. When the Clinton Trust – I mean “Foundation” 😉 – was given a good rating after that so called “independent audit” the lame stream media completely glossed over the fact that the company that performed this “audit” was DLA Piper – just happened to be the company James Comey’s brother – Peter Comey – worked for. We all know how crooked little Debbie Wasserman Schultz aided Hillary in “winning” the nomination – in a RIGGED contest – we all know the Seth Rich murder investigation has gone nowhere and many believe that Hillary may have had something to do with it – as he was accused of leaking information to Wiki-Leaks. But many are not aware of the fact that – that investigation falls under the jurisdiction of the Washington D.C. District Attorneys office – and guess who just happens to be an assistant D.A. in that very office? Crooked Debbie’s brother – Steven Wasserman. This and so much more is ALL just to much to be mere coincidence. Then tie the Clintons and Barry – whoever the hell he really is – as well as Oprah Winfrey – who they want to run next – to George Soros – they are thick as thieves. If you have never heard of a little cult called SUBUD – Google it up – check into it there are a hell of a lot more “coincidences” that tie all of these people together.

  9. The FBI “CLUMSILY FAILED TO PRESERVE” the love text messages that completely compromised Mueller’s fishing expedition on Russia. I do not agree that it was clumsily done. The FBI under Comey knew what they were up to and has lost the confidence of most AMERICANS. How can the FBI not know and keep such important messages and still kept the two love birds on fishing expedition.
    I am surprised that many idiots on public show and media craze have refused to stand up for the truth which is it is time for Mueller to wind up or be removed. The waste of public fund is inappropriate for a damned cause. Both Mueller and Comey knew what they have been doing. BOTH WORKED TOGETHER FOR SO LONG. That fact alone compromised Mueller but block heads did not and do not see it. I feel sad for America not better than what happens in shithole AFRICAN COUNTRIES.
    My mother used to tell me that ” many people see the shit in other people while they carry theirs about” Philosophical, isn’t it?

  10. Do we need anymore evidence? The FBI in a way cooked the books to protect itself! Obama regime, epically Clinton. Trump’s DOJ needs to prosecute everyone in this stupidity from the top, especially the main players. Now it’s Congress, and the DOJ turn to finish this nonsence.

  11. Peter Strzok and Lisa page should both be put on suspended leave, WITHOUT PAY, pending more information into this outrage situation..

  12. The DNC/Democrat party has mutated to a Communist party and become quite criminal in it’s Anti America agenda.

    1. you are spot man, man!

      i am sick of this corrupt democratic government and now with the photo that has been revealed with Obama and farakan has been hidden by the media for so long only proves where Obama’s loyalty lies.

      Obama is the biggest scumbag president we have ever seem in our lifetime!

  13. All of these participants should be held accountable and prosecuted to the FULLEST extent of the law. NO ONE is above the law, especially POLITICIANS.

  14. I am sick and tired of hearing what a straight shooter Mueller is. His dirty hands go back to the Clinton administration where he was involved with AG Eric Holder, James Comey, Rosenstein, and several other swamp dwellers. THERE IS NOTHING STRAIGHT ABOUT Robert Mueller! For Trump to say “Mueller will be fair with me,” is a clear indication Trump has NOT done his homework on Mueller, OR Trump’s “close” attendants are setting him up for a BIG FALL! It calls into question Trey Gowdy’s loyalties when he says “nice things” about Mueller. As I recall, Gowdy was an “admirer” of MAJOR SWAMP RAT, James Comey. What does Gowdy’s support for Comey tell us about Trey Gowdy? Despite how “good” Gowdy sounds, is he also a “swamp creature?”

  15. Never in my 71 years of life have I heard of such corruption within the White House, The FBI, and the CIA. This is definitely worse than Watergate, and the Bill Clinton scandal. And now another Clinton seems to surface among the corruption. For my part I believe Obama was also aware of all this crime. Everyone in Obama’s administration, including Obama, should be investigated as to their knowledge of such lawless activity. The DNC isn’t so clean in this activity either. I never imagined our country stooping so low as to commit crimes just to keep a candidate from being elected. President Trump never was involved in collusion with Russia, but the Clinton campaign team I bet had something to offer Russia for fake information to deprive President Trump of the honor of serving as our elected chosen leader.
    Shame on the Democrats. They should never be allowed to have the presidency nor any legislative input into our American way of life. What lowlife won’t stoop to, to get the power….

  16. AND, to protect Barry ‘Takkiya’ Soetoro who knowingly received emails from HilLIARy on a
    and not .gov account…

  17. FBI knew when the investigation of Clinton started, that there would be no prosecution. They went through the motions so that it “appeared” they were doing their job.

  18. Of course they protected her. Nancy Pelosi said she was their leader!! They had no one else except our criminal in Chief Obama and before he left office he colluded with Comey and the FBI to pardon Hillary on her email scandal and his cabinet members to create chaos by removing our privacy thru our country’s intelligence agencies, as they chose to benefit from it all so they could leak out information as it fit the scheme. The goal was to always protect Hillary and Obamas involvement, to dismantle our government including Trump (just in case he won), so they could inject a One World Order with of course Geoge Soros at the helm. Obama, and Hillary were Soro’s connections to take down America and I assure you were both paid a lot of money to set up and implement the plot. They created and paid for the Dossier just as an insurance policy to be sure they could oust the new sitting President and take over!!!
    Soros provided the money and Obama pushed the buttons to start the action plan well before Trump ever took office. They set up what they thought to be the perfect plan, but God has busted it wide open. Now all the Republican Party along with Trump need to do is finish the job on everyone involved all the way throughl!! Everyone involved should pay the price in prison for the rest of their lives. That way they’ll all have a long, long time to think about their actions together!!!

  19. This whole thing is BEYOND BELIEF. Strzok and Page should be jailed. Same for Comey and Andrew McCabe, and Loretta Lynch. I think Mueller is clean, but desperately naïve, picking people for his investigative staff who had their finger on the scale ALL ALONG. That he didn’t ask these quislings if they had any involvement in the Clinton investigations as he vetted them (IF he vetted them?) is a source of puzzlement. Was he really THAT naïve? The FBI is a MESS- I once thought of being an agent-actually tested for it, and was interviewed. I elected to stay in USN-which thanks to Obama is now a mess also, but I can sleep at night. They need to put these lefty stormtroopers in JAIL for a LONG time. McCabe is so deep in Clinton’s pocket, I’m surprised that he can still breathe. Strzok-if he had pulled that crap in a civilian job, he’d have been fired immediately. How are these bastards still in their jobs?

    1. No Mueller is in the tank with all the rest of those lying lieberals. They figure if they throw enough dung on the walls something will stick however those walls are Teflon coated as there is NOTHING there . No crime has been committed and therefore any hopes of impeachment are not going to materialize.

  20. Just when are they going to put that fu-k–g bitch in a prison cell, she must go to jail, if she doesn’t it will prove that there is two level of justice, not only the murding, corrupt lying, killary but her whole crime mob. You all know who they are, Lock them all up, Lock them all up

    1. Ever hear the term “life is like having to eat a schitt sandwich? The more bread one has (and the Clinton’s have plenty) the less schitt one has to eat. So unless someone had huge cajones big enough to face the Clinton firing squad and join the countless bodies left in their wake, none of them will face charges!!!

  21. Unless the top people in the FBI and DOJ cleaned out no real American will ever trust them agin. If Sessions doesn’t start soon he should resign.
    There should never be any more meetings behind closed door any more.

  22. This is our government which they are all crimes. There is no excuse, because they never done their jobs for America, and all Americans, but lies, frauds, and so many bad things. We have enough evidents as the facts and lock them up. These people are working for themselves instead. American people don’t need these people, we need an honest people to work as a public servants, and not a public master. If Hillary makes it to be president, she will finish America. Thank God for Donald Trump for sharing his love, and being so strong to fight for the truth. President Trump, the best6 president ever. The man of God to protect our Beautiful America, and all Americans. The American people deserve love, and care from our leaders, because they work hard to build America and it did not happen. America the Beautiful, strong, and the most richest country, but our leaders play with all our hard earnings with no concerned at all. Only President trump who love, and care about our America, and the people. I thank you Mr. President for your hard work, and fight for the truth, and the American people take back their FREEDOM. God bless President trump, and to protect him from evils. God bless the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. God Bless all Americans to have peace in their lives, family, and for all. From: I LOVE MY FREEDOM.

  23. Why do these two still have a job in the FBI?
    They should be up on conspiracy charges, not working at this flawed, corrupt, agency!
    All of the top people in the Obama Administration, including Obama, should be indicted.
    If I were President Trump, or his legal team, I would NOT testify until the memo come out.
    Mueller, and his team are more guilty than our POTUS every could be. They need to stop
    this farce, now. How is it that the most evil people get rewarded for their treason?

  24. If we lock them all up, just think of all the money the govt. would not have to pay. be a way to trim the debt!

  25. I can tell you exactly is going to be done about it. Absolutely nothing! Let me know if I’m wrong so I can be pleasantly surprised.

    It should be obvious to everyone why Hillary is above the law. I would like to see Hillary on the hot seat just as much as anyone else. That would set off one big chain reaction. The Democrats and the RINOs can’t afford to let that happen. Hillary knows what closets have skeletons. If she goes down, a boat load of people along with many members of Congress could go down with her and the politicians in Congress and the Justice Department know it.

    The only people that will be prosecuted will be the scapegoats forced to take the rap for her. As long as the people allow it, she will continue to be above the law and will keep thumbing her nose at all of us. I would be pleasantly surprised to see her in a orange jump suit and handcuffs. Not going to happen.

  26. The fix was in. They were bending over backwards to ensure that she got the nomination and confident that she would win the election. They did not want anything to hinder that. She was to carry on Obama’s work of undermining the Constitution and America.

  27. The reason Trump’s poll is so low is that the true silent Americans don’t show their hand only at election box.
    This is why the left and the fake news media were so shocked at election time.
    Overall the true hard working American’s understand the difference between left wing political attacks and commend sense.
    They also want a fair and long over due commend sense immigration policy.
    Trump is doing things that the go old American mind identifies with.
    A far as the swamp is concerned it continues to try to swallow up the good old original intent of Americans who worked hard and want their taxes spent wisely.
    In God We Trust.

  28. You stated the reason why none of these TRAITORS will ever face charges!! The “chain reaction” which will create such a vacuum in the government it will implode!! The “establishment” (that is in control) cannot have that so our wish for charging these A-holes with malfeasance of office is merely a dream.

  29. hey Old Sarge, I agree with you that they may walk away free, but if she does go down and takes all the trash with her! She’ll drain the swamp and America can be AMERICA again!!

  30. I have faith “justice will be done” we deserve to have the cesspool clean of the FBI, CIA, IRS and Obama’s Killary’s shadow government. I suspect all those agencies have been corrupted for the last fifteen, twenty years. Who would have thought a man named TRUMP would come and , start the miracle America needed, now we know all the hate comes from traitors.

  31. We are living in a third world country where corruption is so rampant it is difficult to even know where to begin to ferret out the perps. No one seems to have the guts to tackle the investigation of Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein, Stroeck, Clinton, Obama, Podesta, on and on and on. There are so many years of complete degradation of the political system that it may never be trustworthy again. Trump can’t do it alone, and Chuckie Schumer is fighting him tooth and nail to distort and denigrate any proposal that Trump makes.

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