The Grim Reality of Britain’s Universal Healthcare

Far left Democrats such as Bernie Sanders like to paint universal healthcare as the compassionate solution that enables people of all income levels to attain the healthcare that they desire. However, the reality of universal healthcare – as seen by the countries that have already implemented it – is far darker.

Aside from the cost and inefficiency of universal healthcare, there is another, more troubling reason to oppose it. When universal healthcare is in place, it becomes the prerogative of the government to decide who receives treatment, when they receive treatment, and how they receive treatment.

In essence, the courts then become arbiters of life and death, and they don’t always choose life. Consider the story of Alfie Evans, a 23-month-old British boy with a degenerative brain disease. Though his situation is dire, Alfie’s parents are not yet ready to give up hope. The highest courts in the UK, however, feel otherwise, and have ruled that Alfie is not allowed to undergo any more treatments. In other words, they’re leaving him to die.

Horror stories such as this have become all too common in countries that have implemented universal healthcare. In some cases, individuals are not even allowed to pay for additional treatment out of pocket once the courts have ruled to disallow further treatment. Before Americans choose to hand over the power of life and death to the courts, they should take a long, hard look at stories such as this.

For more details on the case of Alfie Evans and the pitfalls of universal healthcare, be sure to check out the video below.

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39 thoughts on “The Grim Reality of Britain’s Universal Healthcare”

    1. I have a different perspective: I welcomed the government’s intrusion into my life after I served in the military and was immensely helped to attend college by the GI Bill. Now, the government intrudes in my life on a monthly basis with my social security benefit. That socialistic program—Medicare—is also a considerable help. Yea, Uncle Sam!

      1. And see how you like it once you are denied screenings for certain problems once you hit a certain age, regardless of your state of health or the services you continue to perform for the family and/or community at large.

      2. Until they decide that what you really need isn’t something they or a doctor thinks you need. If it costs too much you will not get a chance to survive. Not even if they don’t have to pay for it. You are basing all your beliefs on things that they did think was ok to give you. Just wait until you are too old to be considered useful after the expenditure needed if ruled to expensive or useless.

      3. Not to worry, Norm, freedom isn’t the ideal mindset for everyone.
        Some of us need a womb to tomb Nanny.
        “May your chains lay lightly on your flesh.”

      4. I feel very sorry for you. You earned those things by your service. Government controlled healthcare is the ultimate
        control of your life. If they feel that you will cost them money to help you then say your good-by’s for they have just told you to go and die! Government help-YES, government controlled-NO way!

      5. Norm, 1st -Thank-you for your service. 2nd- I to am a veteran, used the GI Bill, utilize the VA health care system and am now on Social Security 3rd – I’m sorry to read you have such a skewed view of life. The GI bill and the VA was actually a part of your contract with the US Government for your serving in the Armed Forces, just as any private industry contract benefits would be applicable as part of your total compensation for work rendered. Also note the serious problems the VA has experienced, particularly with scheduling our veterans’ treatments soon enough to save them. As for the Social Security benefits you receive, you and your employer(s) made significant financial contributions to your account, so this is not magical free money, coming out of thin air, but rather from other peoples’ taxes (and/or increasing debt). Bottom line is “there ain’t no free lunch.” It seems someone forgot to wean you into the real world.

      6. You can’t be really helped by the government if you believe in preventative medicine. The government wants us to be sick via vaccines and Big Pharma and Monsanto so that our Congress and people in these agencies such as the CDC and FDA are taking kickbacks to keep us sick. Also that means all kinds of harmful ways that the government can intervene like even making you a guinea pick. Big government takes my rights away.

        1. I can’t even imagine where u live – Mars, ignnermus perhaps. Get educated before u remark again. There is little or no truth in ur remarks. …”The government wants us to be sick”… That doesn’t even make sense on so many levels. I can’t say ur stupid because u remember everything Fox news and Alex Jones spew.

      7. Yep, I too had the Government interfere. I also received GI Bill Education benefits. But social in-Security is not so good, and Medicare is more like medi-don’t-care.

      8. Insurance companies have been denying the stuff u mentioned for years. That’s y we need universal healthcare. I’ve had Medicare for almost 10 years and they’ve denied nothing. After cancer with chemo, a stroke , spinal stenosis and some very expensive prescription drugs it’s cost me very little, after millions of dollars worth of healthcare.

  1. The problem with universal health care is that it is always overwhelmed with people who have minor ailments. Instead of going to the drug store to buy some inexpensive over the counter remedy they go straight to the hospital to get it free. I used to witness people with colds call for an ambulance.- pretend it was something worse so they would not even have to wait in the emergency room – just go right in. This cost the system so much that it cannot cope. If they gave free medical care to people with real illnesses who legitimately could not afford care I really don’t think anyone would mind in fact we have been doing it for years it’s called Medi-Caid. The problem with all of our social programs to help the needy is that they are “swamped” with able bodied lazy people. There are entire families who for generations have never had a person in that family who held a job. They look at Welfare as a career or an “entitlement”. When all of the “free-loaders” are taken out of the system there will be so much more money to go around for those truly in need.

    1. “When all of the “free-loaders” are taken out of the system there will be so much more money to go around for those truly in need.” – AMEN! Back in the 60s there was a program called the Job Corps. I my home town they used an old but working VA Hospital Facility to house and train the “candidates”. My mom, as an artist, was recruited to teach art if any of them were interested. They finally called mom and told her they had a candidate that wanted to learn to draw. They asked what supplies would be needed and mom gave them a list with “must have”, “would be nice”, and “wow”. They got the last category, and the first time mom showed up she saw the “kit”. She would have been in heaven to get that kit! She had brought a sketch pad and some charcoal and colored pencils with her. Started out asking what she would like to learn to draw first. The reply floored her. “I don’t wanna be no artist, I wanna learn how to draw my gov’ment check!”
      Mom told them about the answer and left. They didn’t call mom again, and within less tha 6 months the Job Corps facility was closed.

  2. Back in the 1960’s having spent 7 years in Germany I could tell you many stories about socialized health care…Some good and some not so good…Working as an American living in Germany I was signed up to partake of Germany’s free health care program if and when the need arose…I had an abscessed molar tooth…I went to the dentist who determined I needed a “root” canal procedure to relieve the pain and to save the tooth from complete removal…I’ve had dental work done before and was not afraid of going to a dentist…Without any shots of Novocaine to deaden the painful drilling out of the infected root canal, etc. the dentist started with his drilling and prying…and doing his damnedest to make me scream…I thought I was going to go through the roof…I thought I was going to die from the pain…that being said as a US Army vet I decided if this is how it is done in Germany I can also rough it out…Holy Crap…I now knew what torture was all about…Once the procedure was completed and the large hole in my tooth was packed I was released and went home…Thanks you Lord…may better days be ahead…However the tooth became infected and was now paining me more than when I went in…Guess what…I had to go back to the dentist and had to go through the whole procedure all over again…Now I know why so many Germans have bad teeth…They are scared to death of going to a dentist…with just reason…who could blame them.

  3. The Government and Courts are not living, breathing things. They have no feelings or compassion. It means little to them if a person of any age needs radical treatment to live or even die with dignity and as little pain as possible. This all calls for human compassion.

  4. Isn’t this the second infant that the death panels in Britain have refused to let receive medical treatment? Charlie Gard and now Alfie Evans. What a sad state of affairs and this is what Bernie “feel the bern” Sanders et all want for us here.

  5. This is terrible BUT how many i have to ask have died because there was no health care available to them HERE. Give a prescribed treatment then cannot go forward due to the lack of funds HERE? Is there a real difference? NO health care is still NO health care no matter what the reason is. The Fed does 12.5 trillion in OFF books transaction without oversight. The military LOSES 12 trillion in 8 years. we pay our congress’s salaries for the rest of their lives along with health care and pensions. Do we the common people have this? Over a million to Paskistan to advertise tourism while they burn a pregnant christian women over a here say incident of burning a Koran? AND we support illegal aliens at the cost of our own elderly? We kill off future tax payers with abortions over 25-50 million and PAY a group 500 million a year while they sell parts? GET a grip America grow up and VOTE or WRITE. So far all you NON-participating fine citizens have given us all a wonderful MESS. GOOD JOB!

    1. Great review & 100% correct. I only think you have zero hope of the lazies adhering to common sense, plus, the politicians who actually do nothing for a living except spend, spend, spend. USA needs a huge wake-up call. Although it’s my opinion that even such will be wasted on deaf ears, the mindless & sociopaths, in general.

  6. WAKE UP AMERICA. This is what liberals want for us here in the U.S. The courts deciding what medical care you can have and where you can go to get medical care.

    1. You would rather have insurance companies make those decisions?!?! You do understand, do you not, that before Obamacare many healthcare decisions were made by the tender mercies of the profit-driven insurance industry? No thanks.

      1. The insurance companies can’t prevent an individual from getting treatment. Certain things might not be covered by insurance, but they can’t prevent you from paying for treatment. In this case, the UK is preventing the parents from accepting treatment that another hospital is willing to try.

  7. Again we have Americans criticising and distorting what is happening. Alfie is sadly severely brain damaged by a degenerative condition and the Alder Hey doctors reached the decision that there is no “treatment” possible to improve his condition. This opinion is shared by others who have been brought in for “second opinions”.
    What the courts have done is agreed with the medical opinions put forward. They are not denying “treatment”. Alfie is currently struggling without the mechanical life support, but that was all the “treatment” he had to look forward to, wherever he was located.

  8. I don’t believe it should be controversial to say that parents’ decisions regarding the care of their children should supersede government’s in every instance. The arguments that “Alfie’s terminal.” “Alfie has no chance.” “The doctors say…” makes gods of the state and doctors when no non-parent deserves that right. Every moral principle, every bit of faith a parent has in God to perhaps cure a child through an experimental treatment is stripped by the secular totalitarianism of Socialized medicine. This child isn’t even on a respirator any longer. Oxygen isn’t some heroic measure to keep a baby alive; it is basic, compassionate, comfort care. How can these so-called healthcare professionals who are guarding this child to make sure he isn’t freed from captivity alive, watch a father give his flesh and blood mouth to mouth as his tiny lips go blue? A parent will lay down his/her life for their child. Government will lay down a child’s life for some pretty despicable reasons such as to save on health costs, turn themselves into supreme authorities on who has the right to live or what constitutes dignity. Have they no Hippocratic Oath in the UK? Sorry, but this is anathema to most Americans and, from what I’ve observed 2 sets of parents in the UK who were denied from walking out the door of a death trap with their offspring. Americans want compassion-less dictatorial government out of medicine which our founders in no way gave them the right to control. I pray for Alfie & his parents and that the UK would grow a conscience.

    1. All you proponents of Universal Health care, take a good look at this situation. This is a perfect example of death panels. A hospital in Italy agreed to take the child for treatment and even provided transportation and guards surrounded the child to prevent his parents from taking him out of the hospital. Is this what you folks want?

  9. Would love to see some of these politicians fall under a system that FORBIDS them from privately paying for their medical treatment. In other words, they cannot use their often ill-gotten gains to obtain treatment and have to die! Then we will see how they like the very socialized medicine they are trying to cram down the throats of our public.

  10. Socialist healthcare was created by Hitler for the sole purpose of exterminating those that he deemed unfit or unworthy. Today’s socialists want it for the same reason.

  11. The UK government decided that this innocent child was going to die and therefore could not be given any further chances at life. That government decided to “be GOD”. How long will it be before this government or any other government decides that retired people or other disabled persons such as wounded soldiers are too much of a drain on society and need to be exterminated for the good of society?

    1. The UK Government had absolutely NO say in this case. The doctors, with all the information to hand concluded that Alfie, sadly had no future other than on life support.

  12. Keep your eyes open America. Socialized medicine does not work. This is what the democrats want to push down our throats. They want to control every aspect of our lives and once they control health care they control you. Make no mistake about it when they do that they control who lives and who dies and this is their ultimate goal. Fact check, this is what happened when Hitler took over and look what a fiasco that was and how many people he had killed, (murdered). If we don’t keep our wits about us this will be America.

  13. The decision was made by the Courts, including NON UK Courts, after taking the evidence on this case. The courts are NOT the Government. They are totally independent of Government. The UK Supreme court does not consist of appointees with Labour, Liberal Democrat or Conservative leanings to which their appointment depended. That can’t be said for the USA Supreme court, which is politicised. Therein lies the difference.
    In USA the PPACA was a step in the right direction. Republicans have STILL not managed to sort out a “better” system to include ALL Americans which they can get through Congress and the Senate. American healthcare spending is the highest in the World, but it doesn’t cover every American. Too much is spent on the administrative costs which result from all the competing insurance companies and the exorbitant charges by the big pharma companies.

    1. There was NO “death panel”. The doctors involved concluded that further “treatment” was futile. Others had also seen the results and agreed with them. He could have possibly been kept in a coma with no discernable brain function,and virtually no brain tissue even, and realistically with zero chance of any recovery without the machines. What kind of “life” is that?

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