The Kavanaugh Circus is Actually Helping Republicans

The unfounded accusations hurled at Judge Brett Kavanaugh may have seemed like good television to the party of “resist” and “obstruct,” but it will cost Red State Democrats come the November elections.

The Democratic Party has been vocal about the mythic “blue wave” sweeping the GOP out of the majority in the mid-terms. Such pie-in-the-sky ideas may not be grounded in the math that a Senate majority requires 51 seats.

In battleground states where Pres. Donald J. Trump soundly defeated Hillary Clinton, voters overwhelmingly supported his promise to nominate from a published list of judges. More than promises of a rejuvenated economy, securing the Southern border or defense of religious liberty, that list mattered most. Democratic senators voted against Justice Neil Gorsuch perhaps hoping enough distance between the betrayal of their constituents and election day would provide time to rebuild support. But the heinous treatment of Brett Kavanaugh simply will not stand.

Red State voters are outraged that the process of “advise and consent” by the Senate has descended into a sewer of unsubstantiated accusations. Americans have watched as an honorable family man’s reputation has been dragged through the muck over Democrats’ thirst for power.

Lindsey Graham 2.0

Pres. Trump and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham recognize the sentiments of fair-minded Americans and have rallied behind Judge Kavanaugh.

“They’ve been trying to destroy Judge Kavanaugh since the very first second he was announced,” Pres. Trump reportedly tweeted. “Because they know Judge Kavanaugh will follow the Constitution as written. A man’s life is in tatters. A man’s life is shattered. His wife is shattered. His daughters, who are beautiful, incredible young kids.”

Pres. Trump has an almost uncanny knack for understanding the feelings of everyday American emotions, and his recent tweet hits the nail right on the head.


In a rare outburst of emotion by the South Carolina senator typically known for his calm demeanor, Graham unleashed his fury at Democrats for the villainy they perpetrated on Kavanaugh.

“What you want to do is destroy this guy’s life, hold this seat open, and hope you win in 2020. You’ve said that, not me,” Sen. Graham shouted while the Senate was in session. “This is the most unethical sham since I’ve been in politics, and if you really wanted to know the truth, you certainly wouldn’t have done what you did to this guy.”

“Boy y’all want power, God I hope you never get it,” the South Carolina senator continued. “I hope the American people can see through this sham, that you knew about it and you held it, you had no intention of protecting Dr. Ford — none.”

Reckoning day will come for Democrats who maligned the name of a man who served honorable in his capacity as a judge, father, husband and Christian. It will come Nov. 6 when these Red State Democrats face angry voters.

North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp

The mud thrown by Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee will surely stick to Sen. Heitkamp. Pres. Trump earned 63 percent of the vote in her home state, and people ranked the Supreme Court as a top issue. Also, Hillary did not receive the other 37 percent. Another 10 percent was disbursed among third-party candidates. When California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and others went low on Kavanaugh, they may have ended Heitkamp’s tenure.

Sen. Heitkamp already trails GOP opponent Rep. Kevin Cramer by double digits and some polls show her behind by as much as 14 points. In all likelihood, the Kavanaugh witch trial ended her political career.

Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly

Pres. Trump carried Indiana by garnering almost 57 percent of the vote. It is Vice Pres. Mike Pence’s home state, and the pair have been rallying Hoosier voters heading into the mid-terms.

Sen. Donnelly’s polling numbers have been steadily declining since late summer and his recent announcement to vote no on Kavanaugh spiraled the race into a dead heat. The common wisdom is that Democrats would need to defend their current seats in November and pick off two Republicans. With the stain of the Kavanaugh hearings tarnishing his election chances, Donnelly has apparently committed political suicide.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin

Although the moderate Democrat has managed to remain reasonably popular, Pres. Trump won more than 67 percent of the vote to Hillary’s 26.5 percent. West Virginia remains a conservative stronghold. Sen. Manchin has supported much of the president’s economic agenda although he now holds only a single-digit lead in some polls. The Kavanaugh hearings may have opened a wound for West Virginia voters. Sen. Manchin is now vulnerable and could fall in an upset to A.G. Patrick Morrisey.

Close Calls

In Missouri, incumbent Democrat Claire McCaskill now finds herself in a toss-up race as anger mounts. Conservative-leaning voters could easily sweep her out in a Democrat purge due to the Kavanaugh hearings. In Tennessee, Rep. Marsha Blackburn now has the edge over Democrat Gov. Phil Bredesen.

It appears the best chance Democrats have is to gain the seat of now-deceased Sen. John McCain. Elsewhere, Democrat losses could increase the GOP’s majority in the Senate. Treating a good American so shabbily will likely keep Democrats from gaining the misguided power they desire.

~ Conservative Zone

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34 thoughts on “The Kavanaugh Circus is Actually Helping Republicans”

  1. In point of fact it wouldn’t have mattered who President Trump nominated because before they knew the nominees name Democrats vowed to obstruct by any means available!

  2. All Satan’s Horsies and Burroed Donkies and All Soro’s Marxist Medial Morons and All The FEMi SNOTTZIES and Radicalized
    PROSTITUTIONS of Lower Neanderthal Larn’n COULD NOT Keep HUMPITY DUMPITY ” Ford ‘ and FeinSWINE in The SWAMP!

    1. Hey Gregory…nice name-calling. I’m betting that you’ll eventually graduate from middle school.


  4. All these Democraps should be INVESTIGATED for wrong doings and provoking valiance in this country with partners like George Soros who is paying them to have legal authority in doing these awful things all AROUND THIS COUNTRY when things don’t go there way???? They should all be handcuffed and put in Prison ASAP THANK YOU do it now????

  5. Can’t wait for the next nomination to the Court. From what I’ve read, it will be a woman. Like to see what mud they will try on her.

  6. Democrats were done long before this. This is just icing on the cake. Thank god we have president Trump and not some other spineless so called conservative that would have caved to them. I used to support democrats years ago, but not these kinds of democrats. I am proud to say they have converted me to a life long constitutional American conservative.

    1. You go Jerry. There are millions of us just like you. Hopefully, we will all get out and Vote and show just how BIG our voice is.

      1. You said the most important thing and and that is EVERYONE NEEDS TO GET OUT AND VOTE AGAINST THIS SCUM!! Help drain the swamp of these vermin.

        1. So right. We “deplorables” should show the Democrats how fed up we are with their shameless, sleazy shenanigans. Vote in droves like 2016. You can bet the Democrats will use voter fraud to try and keep what power they have.

  7. Democrats are nothing less than intolerant, mean and nasty! They scream about snatching children from illegal immigrant’s arms when caught, but they’re okay with sucking a baby out of a womans vagina and selling its body parts. If they could only hear themselves.

  8. Anybody who voted against Kavanaugh should not be in the congress. They are unamerican Ingrates, and should not be in any government position, or state for that matter.

  9. Super happy about Judge Kavanaugh and Super Disappointed on the smear campaign that the Democrats ran to ruin a good man just to try to keep their political position the way they wanted it. Perhaps justice will reign again and some of them will be looking for work in a few weeks.

  10. I have never met a democrat voter with an ounce of common sense or intelligence. Of course so are highly educated in the liberal swamp we call the education system. Regardless, these book smart individuals are as brainwashed as their less educated brethren. IMO there isn’t a single democrat voter that is worth the oxygen they breath.
    They’re a bunch of cancer cells intent on killing America. Most are too ignorant to realize their greatest wish would be their demise. Imagine all the Venezuelans who thought that voting for Chavez was the answer to their problems. Sadly, the answer they received was starvation & death. Given another chance I guarantee these people wouldn’t make the same mistake. All it took was massive crime, numerous deaths due to lack of food & medicine, and the complete collapse of a once wealthy country. Will Americans need the same experiences to realize how toxic the democrats leftist philosophy is? Will they help Soros accomplish the goal of transforming America into a socialist/communist dictatorship?

    If you want to stop Soros and his mentally ill leftist democrats you have to get your butts out the door on Election Day and do your job. The republicans aren’t great though they’re
    a million times better than the wacko Dumbos. Vote Republican or get high and stay home.

  11. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi along with queen
    Maxine waters are burying the Demon-Rat Party
    In the past the democrat Party was for the working men
    and women now they are against all decency and logic.
    they destruct and obstruct they say their for womens rights
    as long as the women doesn’t attack them for their wrongs
    and sexual attacks on women. Bill Clinton and Keith erricson
    and the list goes on. They say the truth matters as long as they
    aren’t caught in a lie IE Feinstein, Blumenthal,Schumer.
    The list goes on. Do you really want these honest liers
    in our U.S. Senate Vote them out and just maybe we could
    have a just and honest government. On the other side of the coin
    everyone is going to yell how about all the lies Trump Told
    and the rest of the Republicans. I’m saying not all lies are bad
    but some are worse than others especially when they are told to
    hurt an honest person and for political gains.

  12. The democrat/communist party is full of rapists, LGBTQ, pedophiles, murderers, pro abortionists (baby killers), liars, etc.
    They want to shove all of their of crap upon all Americans that loves this country and the freedoms that we enjoy. They are ready and willing to repeal the Trump tax cuts that was passed last year and replace them with tax increases of at least 50% and keep our military underfunded and compel people to keep Obamacare with high premiums. They are in favor of open borders in order to have a huge influx of illegals to support their democrat/communist base of illegal voters and put them on a
    lifetime of welfare they also want free healthcare for everyone and free college for everyone that will increase the costs for all Americans. They want America be subjected the United Nations and other political correctness in order to destroy our freedoms.

  13. Why does the FBI ignore the physical threats and violence show to Republican congressmen? It seems they have more than enough evidence as they love to get before a camera and proclaim their intentions. Sending a few of these radicals to prison might calm things down a bit. If someone threatens another, that is a crime. Their big mouths should convict them.

  14. Remove these cancerous tumors and others from our government! They have abused their power long enough now and it’s time to take it back and give it to people who love America, not hate it!
    The Obama years are over and done! Time to remove his political butt kissing anti American goons!

  15. A large number of Dems should not need to look for re-election or another job. They should be tried / convicted / and JAILED. Several come to mind without having to think very hard…. DiFi, Schumer, Booker, Harris, just to name a few. I am certain that if the Confirmation hearing transcripts were examined in detail there would be charges of perjury, and official misconduct in the attempt to mislead the Congressional Hearing and DEFRAUD the American people. Have at it, I say. Jail time and removal from office, Censure and disgrace should be their futures. Nothing else will suffice.

  16. Are there any cute ideas on how we in Washington State can get rid of the two socialist harpys Cantwell & Murray that voted no on Kavanaugh?
    These bags have to go !

  17. Forget the Kavanaugh scam the left wing loons tried to run – FOCUS on ALL of the corruption that is being exposed regarding the FBI – DOJ – Obama – Clinton – Mueller – Comey – Lynch – Holder and many others, This farce of Mueller’s needs to end NOW and all of these people exposed before the midterms. This is the final nail in Bath House Barry’s corrupt administration and the potential corruption we avoided by sending CROOKED Hillary home unemployed. It is TIME for ALL of these people to be held accountable for their crimes.

  18. The entire Roman Circus staged by the Democrats for Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings had but one putpose; delay until after Nov. 6th. The Dems believe there will be a Blue Wave that sweeps them back into power so they can stop President Trump from accomplishing anything in his last two years in office. The Dems believe that Trumps poor performance in his last two years coupled with their media’s five year anti-Trump campaign will guarantee them the white house in 2020. All nonDemocrats need to ensure the Dems plans to turn America into a Marxist Socialist State fails. The surest way to do this is to vote them out of office, and the easiest way to do that is to vote for the Republican Candidates For Office. Voting for the small party candidates will not work, that needs to wait until the Democrats have been removed from office in their entirety.

  19. I can’t wit to see the Democrats up for re-election get creamed in November! They truly deserve it. They were like a pack of wild animals throughout this entire process of Justice Kavanaugh’s selection to the Supreme Court, and rather than believing a respected judge, they “said” they believed a woman whose story was full of holes from Day 1! We have to start electing honorable people to Congress and get rid of the likes of Feistein, Pelosi and Waters!

  20. What is amazing (we’ll probably not at this point in history) is Heitkamp can vote no even though those that she represents will was the Supreme Court Justice. With The President netting 63% (a mandate) she is definitely playing political roulette with the electorate. I believe if you are an elected official by We The People, regardless of party you should listen and represent their will. Short of that is negligence to the voters and as such you should not be collected a pension as such. Well, Ms. Heitkamp may have committed political suicide (I’m not buying it) and she will ride off into the sunset with a six-figure pension FOR LIFE all compliments of the US taxpayer whom she failed to represent!

  21. Judge Kavanaugh is one of America’s elites. He has lived a privileged, protected life. Laws, rules, and mores that apply to the rest of us mostly do not apply to him. Based on very credible, believable testimony by Dr. Ford, he has most likely done something very wrong. He, and Republicans, are outraged that he should be held to account. Republicans (the party that legislates for the wealthy, corporations, elites) historically do not like to be questioned or challenged, and they certainly do not like their wealthy, elitist pals to come under fire either. Nevertheless, what kind of a country would we have if such serious allegations against someone seeking to be a Supreme Court justice weren’t vigorously investigated???
    Predictably, the Republicans rise up and attack the likely victim and pretend that the accused (Kavanaugh) is instead the victim. They hurl nasty invective at those asking questions eg., that Dems are despicable, slimy, evil and much more.
    God help us that we are under the control of the Republicans.

    1. I am convinced that somebody spiked your Kool Aid. Ever heard of evidence, due process and “innocent until proven guilty”. You are a “twat”…Someday some #me too bimbo should accuse you of sexual assault that took place “nowhere” at a place and time to be discovered and name witnesses that do not corroborate their story and hopefully a panel of people akin to yourself would find you guilty because she said so. That would be justice/karma.

  22. I can remember an incidence that took place in my life over 75 years ago in impeccable detail and others older than that with believable clarity that were not anything close to the life-shattering level that Ms Ford claims to have endured; consequently I have a real tough time accepting the fact that she can’t remember the details that would make her accusations credible, and she’s a PHD. Based on what has transpired during this investigation into her “story”, if I were a student of hers I would be a bit concerned that she
    could remember from one day to the next what she was supposed to be teaching us.

  23. I was disgusted with this process and how democrats behaved on the committee.
    Feinstine held onto a letter she received from Dr. Ford for six weeks from judicial committee.
    Feinstine also recommended a Washington firm of Katz to Dr. Ford two days after receiving a letter from her.
    Katz firm is part of “Resistence Crowd” against Trump.
    This senator from California did a despicable act and she does not belong on Judicial committee.

    Person with less than IQ of 50 will see through this from 50 miles away.

    Doctor or her lawyers indicated that she was afraid to fly- a lie.Dr. Ford was not aware of the fact that Chaiman of committee offered to fly to California and have a private hearing into this matter – that was her testimony under oath.

    Dr. Ford was being coached by her lawyers during delay and her lawyers were lying – about needing more time and presenting wild demands to Committee.

    Democrats overplayed – and they will pay a price in upcoming election……..

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