The Media BURIED Trump’s Success on Delivering Ventilators

The mainstream media promoted a phony narrative about the Trump Administration’s handling of the ventilator crisis as the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Although selling this false propaganda required misinformation, avoidance of facts, and telling bald-faced lies, America’s establishment media was up to the task.

As the COVID-19 crisis struck New York and other epicenters, there was likely little concern about distributing N95 respirators. That’s largely because the U.S. has a pandemic response stockpile of 100 million in waiting. But as the Trump Administration reached into that cupboard, they discovered the Obama-Biden administration ran the safeguard down during the H1N1 outbreak and never bothered to replenish the stockpile. Fake news outlets went as far as to troll out Obama-era cronies to contradict those facts and claim the reserves were magically in place.

In a brilliant display of leadership, President Trump pivoted and called upon private sector businesses and the U.S. Department of Defense to donate H95 respirators to hospital workers. He also leveraged the Defense Production Act to compel American manufactures to immediately began mass producing life-saving masks.

“Our fight against the virus is too urgent to allow the give-and-take of the contracting process to continue to run its normal course,” President Trump said. “Frankly they don’t need somebody to walk over there with a hammer and say, do it. They are getting it done. They’re making tremendous amounts of equipment.”

It took a Herculean effort on the part of the fake news media, but they collectively ignored the adversity or Pres. Trump’s success.

“Jared Kushner, President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, and White House adviser claimed that the federal stockpile of medical supplies is not for individual states to ‘use,’ even though that is exactly the reason why the stockpile exists,” liberal extremist outlet Salon reportedly wrote instead.

The establishment media made great hay out of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo claiming he was being denied the 40,000 ventilators he requested. So-called “news” reports failed to mention the Empire State struggled with logistical issues that held up more than 2,000 masks from reaching New York City — or that the governor had lost track of its stockpile. Thousands were discovered in a government building basement still in boxes.

And when President Trump conferred with his COVID-19 task force, they determined the science did not warrant that many masks. In a matter of weeks, Gov. Cuomo enjoyed a surplus and was donating the excess to other hot spots.

But it was primarily the president’s quick manufacturing maneuver that turned the tide on the massive shortage left by Obama and Biden. In 2019, the U.S. reportedly produced only about 30,000 annually. The 2020 levels are expected to top 200,000, and everyday Americans can rest assured that the stockpile will get replenished.

“We have so many now that at some point soon we’re going to be helping Mexico and Italy and other countries,” President Trump said. “We’ll be sending them ventilators, which they desperately need.”

Honest Americans cannot expect fake news and establishment media outlets to revisit their false narratives, issue corrections, or apologize for fear-mongering. After all, they’ve yet to come clean about the Russia witch hunt, or Ukraine-gate hoaxes.

Featured image by: Quinn Dombrowski

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21 thoughts on “The Media BURIED Trump’s Success on Delivering Ventilators”

  1. Normal for most of the media. They think they are so smart. Really very stupid. Which of the dems would every American rather manage this pandemic?
    Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Harris, Booker,Pelosa, Schumer , Schiff, Cumo, Newsome,Juan Williams, Donna Brazille,? I personally am very glad President Trump is in charge. Any one disagrees needs head examined!!!

  2. The problem where I live is that there is a Super PAC that is pounding this false narrative four or five times per evening for the past month. The people are getting nothing of the truth of this article and all of the lies of the Left daily.

  3. Why is it ok for the fake news media to report lies as if they were true? Let me guess the liberal’s /commies are overseeing the liberals/commies That has to be the answer because I thought there were fines gjven to media organizations that were found to report inaccurate story’s. I never thought I would see so much trash coming from the media. It’s as if they truly can’t help themselves which is why I believe TDS is a serious health issue running ramped among the new communist party. These are some scaryass people who eat sleep and dream about trump.

  4. The media’s job is to inform – not misinform by omission. Conduct such as this should be investigated – thoroughly – since its sinister goal is clearly to undermine democracy. A great president once, accurately, declared that democracy required an informed public. Subversive actors in the media, who by their conduct have declared that their goal is to establish socialism at any price, really need to be stopped by all means. These folks enjoy all the freedoms that democracy enshrines, yet, they work hard to ensure that others are denied these same freedoms. So, not only are they hypocrites and socialist/communist wannabes, they are liars and the most dishonourable of men who should be flown to a country that exemplifies their bankrupt conduct.

    1. I was going to point out the same. After being a journalist for 33 years, I learned a long time ago that one error in fact can wipe many many meaningful truths. This writer really needs to GYST.

  5. I agree that the media is quite often incorrect and I believe purposefully inaccurate. However, when the concervative writers post articles with factual mistakes while criticizing the liberals, it gives them more fuel to ostracize us as a group of low intelligence voters. This article describes the response pertaining to the availability of masks but several times refers to them (respirators) as solving the ventilator shortage! One is a face mask and the other is a machine needed by the hospitals for those with difficulty breathing on their own! The writer needs to get his facts straight!



    Not the virus , not terrorism or North Korea

    The media and it communist platform wants to creat Lenin , CCP, Mussolini , Hitler. The second Amendment stops this Thank God

    The cartels have bought them off and they have stolen billions from socialized programs

    We are at a huge world war with the media. They want this virus to go until November. They don’t want their convention aired , any debates and especially any TRUMP RALLIES

    They are sick and disgusting and pure SATAN


  7. Why is the media not held accountable ? I thought they had to follow legitimate rules of engagement … like tell the truth and investigate a story? They censor the truth and discredit it!
    That is communism in America and it must be dealt with swiftly! It’s gone on for far too long !
    We are no longer free when the media controls what we hear and what we say !!!!

  8. The Constitution provides that we all have freedom to speak. But just would it not be just as beneficial to the citizens of this Nation to have an amendment to that Constitution that provides for the refusal to permit news media (whether written, spoke, or televised) from publicizing things that are untrue. The refusal could be used to terminate operation of the news media that publicizes untrue data. It is a form of censorship, but with the news media of today continuously publicizing not only untrue data knowingly, but enhancing its invalidity by adding further untrue statements, perhaps the Democrats and other leftists would be happy by having freedom of speech revoked from the Constitution. We should not only completely drain the swamp, but also clean up the news media!

  9. Again, I really hope We The People are smart


    They want to execute any TRUMP supporter – literally

    This is very serious. THEY DO NOT WANT THE ECONOMY TO OPEN until November 4th

    They will do anything to kill WE THE PEOPLE !

    They want to take all guns then rule the people and then steal all property rights and execute 60 million people – the Trump
    Republican capitalism free enterprise , pro gun and pro 1st Amendment and Pro religion, anti 2nd and third trimester abortion ( or in its entirety )

    That’s what they want. Universal income and socialized medicine. They want to prevent home or charter schools because they steal a lot of the money.

    The Post office unions wants $75 billion in bail out. There are 153,000 employees. The democrats fought for a year against us to make sure Saturday mail delivery stayed. They won

    Everybody knows that we don’t need mail more than once a week and 50,000 employees can easily do it. Let it fail until they cancel 4 of the 6 days of mail

    Tuesday and Thursday is more than enough.

    The democrats and media want to kill you. They want pro illegal immigration and are anti wall, anti police , anti border patrol and for the cartels

    PLEASE show your support for FREEDOM !!!

    Trump is fighting tirelessly 20 hours a day for us.

    Safe spaces on college campuses. What the hell is that ??

    It’s disgusting and the democrats and media are the ENEMY




    PLEASE !

  10. ” The Media BURIED Trump’s Success on Delivering Ventilators ” . . and the supporting photo showed a ‘ ventilator ‘. HOWEVER, the article was about RESPIRATORS ! Is this not an example of what the article was actually about; ie, misleading reporting? A quick scan of the comments being made here indicate the level of gullibility of many readers .

  11. Can you believe it?!?!? Now the media is trying to tell us that Trump suggested ingesting disinfectants and putting light inside one’s body as a possible effective treatment for covid. And now, believe it or not, the media is showing the makers of Lysol warning against this because it’s dangerous. How much lower can the media go??? Outrageous.
    The question again arises, for about the 10 millionth time, how did this moron become president.

  12. When are the politicians going to realize they are supposed to WORK for us? Their loyalty should be to the people who elected them, not to their political party. Just do your job & represent the people who elected you. If you can’t do that maybe you shouldn’t have the job. Most Americans wouldn’t have their jobs if they were unable to do the work. It’s time we voters get rid of the dead weight & elect people who will work for US & earn their paychecks.

  13. What a tangle web we weave when we practice too DECEIVE as the Dumborats are doing to America!!!! Its shameful!!!Remember America 2020 DO THE RIGHT THING!!!! VOTE SANITY FOR AMERICA!!!!!

  14. Sorry about your girlfriend Matt.

    But for the same reasons, I don’t speak with some of my own family…. not the ones who have been in the military. My uncle was killed in WW 11. My Dad was in the Philippines in WW 11. Where did all these liberals come from after all the fighting for our freedoms?

  15. Scr*w the media..ALL of America knows who and what they are…….Don’t forget the silent MAJORITY will prevail…..They spin EVERYTHING into a negative……..Gob Bless OUR President, Mr Trump…..

  16. Both the media and the commie party are nothing but scum sucking bottom feeders. They lie, cheat and steal to push their narrative regardless of the cost or damage to our country or its people. Clearly that proves them to be traders and nothing more than treasonous parasites who dont deserve to even live in our America. Should things not go our way in the next election it might be time to simply take our great country back from these pathetic peices of shit by force. I hope that isnt the case however I’m in if need be. America is worth saving

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