The Supreme Court Could END ‘Fake News’ Reporting

The left-leaning media may be purposely avoiding coverage of two recent developments creating a perfect storm that could end fake news once and for all.

In an opinion that blindsided the fake news industry, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has gone on the record saying that the time has come to open up the libel laws that have insulated the media. While liberal mainstream outlets have shown noticeable bias against Republicans politicians and conservatives for decades, the escalation since President Donald Trump ascended to the White House has demonstrated a recklessness for the truth and willingness to wrongly smear supporters.

The mainstream media has been hiding behind a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case that prevents public figures from recovering damages unless “actual malice” has been proven. Today, they hide behind “anonymous” sources that, when pursued, are routinely proven not credible.

In New York Times v. Sullivan, the high court provided the news media with a shield that allowed them to aggressively investigate government officials and prominent movers and shakers under the First and Fourteenth Amendments. That was in 1964, and times have certainly changed. Journalistic standards are now non-existent, and outlets widely considered “fake news” such as CNN have proudly declared their liberal partisanship. Impartial reporting is dead, and Justice Thomas appears ready to bring the fake news industry to heel.

Justice Thomas recently said the U.S. Supreme Court “should reconsider our jurisprudence in this area” arguing that states “are perfectly capable of striking an acceptable balance between encouraging robust public discourse and providing a meaningful remedy for reputational harm.”

What Justice Thomas is advocating for, in layman’s terms, is holding the fake news media accountable for false, misleading and unsubstantiated allegations. In other words, the next time they say a conservative is a racist, they would need to prove it or face a massive civil lawsuit. Members of the liberal media are already panicking.

Mark Joseph Stern of liberal The Slate says the landmark case “remains the crucial safeguard of America’s free press, a bulwark against defamation suits designed to silence media outlets and chill public debate. If Thomas succeeded in killing off ‘Sullivan,’ it would be, quite simply, the end of the First Amendment as we know it.”

Ironically, that is precisely what Justice Thomas is advocating for — an end to the misuse of the First Amendment as we know it. In 1964, the high court weighed the importance of highly credible journalism against the government’s ability to restrain it. Today, everyday Americans are in the dark about the facts regarding because the fake news replaces them with their personal opinions.

“They don’t want to debate those issues. What they want to teach instead is that is you are personally ignorant, bigoted, corrupt, and mean if you disagree with them. Their opinions are not opinions; they are fact,” conservative icon Ben Shapiro once said. “When facts become secondary to emotion, truth dies. And a society that doesn’t value truth cannot survive.”

That statement holds particularly true in the case of the Covington Catholic High School students who were bullied by a Native American activist and the mainstream media for wearing a MAGA hat and peacefully participating in the March for Life in Washington, D.C. On the heels of widespread false reports that student Nick Sandmann and other youths engaged in racist and bigoted harassment, attorneys have begun filing massive civil lawsuits for defamation of character and libel.

Under the “Sullivan” understanding of the First Amendment, the youth and his legal team would face an uphill battle against outlets such as the Washington Post and Hollywood celebrities that posted hateful accusation on social media. The first lawsuit in the Covington youth lawsuit targets the Washington Post, demanding $250 million in damages. Not coincidentally, that is the amount Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reportedly paid for the media company.

“What we hope to accomplish with the lawsuit obviously is to obtain a large verdict. And the reason we want to obtain a large verdict is so that things that things like the things that happened to Nick did not happen to others,” attorney Todd McMurtry said. “Money is the way to inflict enough suffering on, you know, a weaponized publication like The Washington Post, so that that they won’t do it again. And there’s other people — other organizations and media outlets — that have become weaponized against our president.”

The Washington Post and others would be wise to pay and clean up their act. If this case reaches the U.S. Supreme Court, the days of the fake news media will be over.

~ Conservative Zone

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23 thoughts on “The Supreme Court Could END ‘Fake News’ Reporting”

  1. And what about Consevitive ”weponized” media? Just wondering if the same policy would apply to them. What about ”republican” bias and holding ”conservative” media responsible?
    What’s good for one is good for the other? Isn’t that the way it should be?

    1. the weapon is that in fact what they say is fake, because they can never prove thats its true in whatever they say. they are triggered. the weapon is of truth and they don’t have it not even a little. maybe you will see the light some day. don’t let somebody else tell you what is true, look around and you can see whats happening. if the last 5 presidents would have done what they promised then we would not be where we are today. [ taking a stand for the constitutional right of the current president ]

    2. Your an idiot, the conservative journalist media has been and will continue to be reserved with fact and not jumping to a conclusion before the facts are known. That being said, if the liberal media want s to change its course and become opinion shows, that is a different approach.Right now, the so called liberal journalist as providing opinions as if it were fact and represent it as fact rather than opinion. S shut up you idiot.

    3. Of course Conde Peoples but since you are obviously a liberal you dont think there is any bias against conservatives. Since you have been asleep for the last couple of years, the liberal media is against Trump 90% of the time or they just dont report his accomplishments. And there is no “weaponized” conservative media. Thats all on the scumbag liberal media side, but I know you have not realized that. Who do you listen to or watch on TV? CNN? MSNBC? NBC? Wake up fool.

  2. More Lib Spin to try and make the conservative the bad guy! Looks like the end is near for the Commie Dimbow’s and their fake media!

  3. Thar right, throw a spurious accusation of conservative fake news without any specifics. Please give an example and we will hold them responsible. This is about fake news, no matter where it comes from. I would hope that we all would want it held accountable. But most of it comes from a run away main stream media that has little to hold it accountable.

  4. News with facts only and no opinions mixed in. How with the Globalist owners of the news outlets survive? Libtards heads would explode all around the world and Washington D.C. would have to be declared a National Disaster Area with headless bodies everywhere, resulting in it being a ghost town. Pinch me when that happens to make sure I would not be dreaming.

  5. its funny how everything the LIBTARDS do to people is over the line. if a news outlet wants to pitch the news then it needs to pitch it with facts and not their own opinion. if i want to watch a LIBTARD pitch his own opinion then i would watch B.M.. THE ONLY GOOD NEWS IS YOUR LOCAL NEWS WITHOUT ANY POLITICS

  6. Just wondering WHERE the Conservative “weaponized” media is….
    It certainly is NOT published anywhere that I an aware of, nor capable of receiving.
    Too, the television media is so biased that one does wonder exactly WHAT is going on!! “Fairness” does NOT seem to be anymore!
    ‘Celebrity’ does not excuse ignorance, either!!

    Just WHERE does one go for the news, NOT opinions!!!

  7. Well, I think you have to understand the defination of jounalist news and opinion news. AS an example, Hannity is not a news show, it is an opinion show. Show being the point. What is hilarious, the Sean Hannity show has more accurate news than teh actual lib journalists.

  8. Conservative news doesn’t rush to judgement .. they repeat that every time one of these incidents occurs
    They repeatedly state .. “innocent until proven guilty!” They produce creditable sources .. unlike liberal news with there anonymous sources !! As far as double standards .. proof of liberal double standards is how many liberals have lied to Congress with no swat teams showing up at their residence early morning with news organizations notified ahead of time for inclusive coverage .. Too many proven examples to list .. Rush to judgement on Smollett on Kavanaugh on catholic kids just to name a few .. MAGA hats the new KKK white hoods ? Seriously ? Explain to me what is Racist about Making America Great Again ??
    Antifa .. the most violent liberal group in our country constantly assaulting law abiding conservatives .. Facts Facts Facts
    Liberal groups destroying property damaging or defacing statues .. Americans are tired of the liberal double standards witnessed everyday !! Are your feelings hurt do you need a safe place ?? I didn’t have an opinion of a safe place when Vietnamese were shooting at me .. I served my country with pride only to come home and be spit on .. Did I react with violence .. or whine that my feelings were hurt ?? So don’t try to convince me or other “deplorables” about double standards .. Your opinion is noted and disregarded !!!

  9. Agreed. However, remember that the very same sponsors of all the rest of the main stream media also sponsor the network Hannity is on. But, truth be told that same network is just a liberal as the rest of them. If you don’t believe me, turn through the main stream media channels and see what their new cycles talk about. It is all the exact same thing, simply slanted left or right. SAME STORY but slanted.

    Consider this:
    Let’s spin something:
    “Top financial expert discovers loophole to allow him to earn six figures over several months, using savings accounts and investments.”
    Truth that was spun:
    “Bank robber sneaks into bank computers and steals savings and investment account information transferring the money to his personal accounts.”

    So, this is the EXACT SAME STORY, just one is slanted left, the other right.

    We report, you decide!

    So, if you are watching any of the main stream media, you are likely getting wrong and sometimes exactly right information, but spun to reflect something positive, as shown in the above examples.
    I recently spent a week visiting my dad who has cancer and he incessantly watches that news channel denoted by a small, furry, catlike mammal with a fluffy tail. No wonder the world is going to sh|7! Just in the short time I was there, I saw many very important stories that were never mentioned on that channel that were FAR MORE important that that idiot staging that attack, or other things dominating the “news” cycles.
    Turn off the MSM, no matter the channel.

  10. Corrupt men who sought power used to lead armies to take over nations.
    Then they devised the military coup to gain control of the army.
    Now it is a lot easier.
    All they have to do is control the media.
    A president like Obama, who has the media on his side, does not need to improve the economy, reform the schools, cut crime, reduce debt or do anything well.
    All he has to do is to read liberal speeches about everything once in a while and the media will proclaim him to be the messiah.
    Now this is a lot less bloody than the Civil War we had 150 years ago.
    But I don’t trust these men I don’t know and did not elect.

  11. Fake News and Foreign Powers being involved in elections was authorized by a bipartisan Congress and signed into law by Obama effective 2014- They repealed the laws making it a crime to expose the People of the USA to State Sponsored Propaganda. Foreign Powers interference in election and use of social media is State Sponsored propaganda. It has become apparent that the Media is nothing but an arm of the Democratic Party spewing State Sponsored Propaganda as well.

  12. Man, I don’t know if I like this. I mean think about it, because of the Obama Regime, I learned that I was a racist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, misogynist, obese, smelly……oh, wait, those were from that stupid government propaganda on bullying that is run, nevermind. But, I could do something about those, kinda like exercise or take a shower. But for the racist, homophobe, Islamaphobe, misogynist, how did I become those and what should I do to “change.” Obama told me about “hope and change.” How did that work for white America? How did that work for black America? The only people I see that it might have worked for is Islam America. I mean, even gay America has to make up sh!t. So, without fake news how am I gonna learn what I am. It is so bad that David Duke has to support Tulsi Gabbard and Ihlan Omar.

  13. What we need is a separation of “NEWS”, and political opinion.

    A CLEAR SEPARATION would be to LICENSE PROFESSIONAL NEWS REPORTERS in much the same manner as the govenment licenses every other profession.

    Political opinion would be a free for all the way it is now.

    JOURNALISTIC INTEGRITY would prevent Licensed Reporters from appearing on “opinion” shows lest the lines become blurred.

    NEWS shows would be CLEARLY LABELLED as well as “opinion shows” would also be CLEARLY LABELLED.

    There would be no ‘violation’ of the First Amendment because LIES are NOT A RIGHT that is covered.

    Besides, the left is intent on DESTROYING ALL OF THE BILL OF RIGHTS, holding them ACCOUNTABLE is as AMERICAN AS APPLE PIE!

  14. It’s about time that news reporting be brought to heel. The news media was ALWAYS suppose to be unbiased and report facts. Most have fast become an opinion network based on personal beliefs and ideologies which has been used to sway the common citizen. It is a weaponized tactic that political parties are using to garner votes. Report the facts before becoming judge, jury, and executioner! I hope that the Covington kids get their day in court and right the tremendous wrong that imposed on them. It is time that all people move back to being civil and courteous to their fellow man. This is what is maintaining the division in our country and it needs to stop.

  15. Judge Roy More, and any other Republican candidate has had fake news about the sexual innuendoes that never happened and was found to be a lie after the election or appointment.
    Fake Media not a string of truth or a good opinion just BS!!

  16. have no idea why they still call it the democratic party-call it what it is-socialist communist george soros clinton party-must be they really do not like what they have be-come??

  17. I hope so quit watching the news, don’t read the paper anyway, I expect the TRUTH from the news good or bad but Truth not jumping the gun to disrespect those they are reporting on and the way they ignore Our President and the good he is doing in mind boggling, and they have proven to me they are not for America, they are leftist, socialist, communist, muslums, atheists, everything our Country has fought against for over 200 years, there needs to be one Rule TRUTH and nothing but the TRUTH good or bad

  18. I couldn’t agree more. Fake news and unsubstantiated sources are just lies. There should be consequences for lies and slander. The mainstream media has a license to steal somebody’s reputation if there are no checks and balances on this kind of reporting.

  19. It’s remarkable to read so many posts lamenting what is regarded as lies, fake news, etc. from the left and from the MSM—while knowing that most of these posts are from people who support Trump, the person who lies, misleads, misrepresents as frequently and easily as he breathes. A whole cottage industry has developed among those counting his blizzard of lies (8500+ in a recent count) while his supporters think they’re being lied to…by others. This would be laughable if not so scary.

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