This DC Legal Group is Challenging the Mueller Probe

The divisive, unfruitful “Russia probe” by special counsel Robert Mueller is yielding no results and wasting the valuable money of hardworking American taxpayers. However, there are some viable voices challenging the legitimacy of the probe, even though it is headed to the US Court of Appeals.

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) is a longstanding legal group from Washington that is backed by even longer-standing donors from the Republican Party. The issue in question is the Andrew Miller subpoena fight. Roger Stone is apparently an important witness to prosecution, and he is refusing to cooperate with the grand jury appearance. This refusal, experts say, has the ability to challenge the entire legitimacy of the Mueller probe.

Prosecutors are lobbying quite hard to hold Miller in contempt of court. Paul Kamenar, an NLPC hire who is challenging the Mueller team on constitutional grounds, says that the contempt order is necessary to get into a Court of Appeals. This is an issue that could go all the way to the Supreme Court, meaning that the probe itself could be stopped in its tracks until the subpoena issue is resolved.

The constitutional issue has to do with Mueller’s “rank” in government and his ability to prosecute the President of the United States. Kamenar has argued that as a principal officer of the United States, Mueller does not have the constitutional power to head a special counsel. Under the constitution, Kamenar argues, Mueller had to be appointed by the president. The Department of Justice is making the argument that Mueller is actually in an office inferior to this position. As such, he could have been appointed by a deputy attorney general. [Note: Mueller was actually appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.]

The NLPC is a non-profit that has been fighting leftist policy for decades. Its first victory was against the Clinton health care program in 1993. Other victories include levying ethics charges against Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) and Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY). The group is now setting its sights on Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA), who definitely deserves some attention for the divisive rhetoric and backdoor policies she has been advocating in recent months.

Donors to the NLPC include right-wing donor Richard Uihlein and the Ed Uihlein Family Foundation. The Sarah Scalfe Foundation is another big donor to the organization. All of these donors are well respected in conservative circles as backing worthy causes.

Even in staunchly conservative circles, there are very few organizations with the ability and the willingness to take the Mueller witch hunt head on. The best case scenario, however, is still the investigation collapsing on itself.

~ Conservative Zone

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54 thoughts on “This DC Legal Group is Challenging the Mueller Probe”

  1. In it’s entirety the mueller probe is was and always will be a partisan attempt to delegitimise a sitting president,And will go would go down as one of the most embarrassing actions of the democrats for the last 50 years IF they had any decency or pride.

    1. Let’s pause for a second and take this all in:
      Trump campaign chairman: Guilty
      Trump personal attorney: Guilty
      Trump deputy campaign chairman: Guilty
      Trump National Security Advisor: Guilty
      Trump foreign policy advisor: Guilty

      Some witch hunt, huh?

        1. Actually Manafort was found guilty by a “court of law” The others realized they were guilty. Prosecutors often find other crimes when prosecuting. “Drain the swamp”???? HUGE laugh!

          1. Found guilty of tax fraud which was really a tax auditors job with the IRS. Hum? That was Manafort.

            Found Gates guilty of embezzlement of Manafort and others. A case for the attorney in the state it occurred. Hum? And that was a STAR WITNESS per the dog pack. A nothing burger by a liar to lie some more.

            A phedophile in the next Manafort attack by the dog pack. Nadar, a foreign finance person has already skipped as the witness. And that case is in another purview than Russia anything though the dog pack is trying to tie it to another country close to Russia?. Hum?

            A lying attorney facing money and tax fraud. That would be Cohen. He is as big a liar as Gates. Another case for the attorney in the state. Hum? And the lies do not point to Russia anything.

            Oh and I forgot the jewel in the dog pack investigation. Using campaign funds to pay off a prostitute and another whore per Cohen. I guess the left forgets this was Cohen on his own with Trump’s slush fund that is suppose to be for problems and the usual claims of those “women” or whomever that they will accuse anyone with, especially a political person, and let the idiots like Reality Check assume that the president is quilty with no proof other than the fake media’s questionable word that this is a Trump anything.

            It seems turning the liars with the exception of Manafort is Mueller’s only hope but still no evidence that shows anything related to the mandate of the dog pack to produce evidence of collusion or obstruction. Hum?

            So that said, get the charges right and whom they are leveled against and where the jurisdiction lies, the people’s integrity right either in the charges or their claims, and don’t believe what you so obviously get in the propaganda machines.

            Critical thinking, non existent in those who read the fake news. And believe what the evidence brings when it is in a court. But tax fraud, embezzlment, etc. for the ones on trial or being charged are not tied in to the Russia anything, the dog pack’s manadate.

            Nothing to tie to the mandate to find Russia collusion or obstruction. A big nothing burger on the tax payer dime and what was done by the state attorneys with the dog pack resources on the public dime.

            The snitches have given the dog pack scraps but the really scarey part here is that our tax payer funds can be used this way against citizens.

            Under this microscope with those resources determined to take you down for anything they can find, anyone could be found guilty of something. I think this is truly horrifying! And it is clear the dog pack is not finding collusion, obstruction or campaign fraud by our president.

            These things happening now show the dog pack has no limits on what to look for and that is the problem with their actions and those of the DOJ Rosenstein in all of this. It is indeed a witch hunt and hard to realize our tax dollars are funding it and that this is happening in this country before our eyes. But this is what Bozo did, his signature MO and I am mortified that it is allowed today via his hold over deep state turncoats.

            And the origins of this dog pack is based on two lies. One the orginal evidence driving everything, the fake dossier. And the lies told to the FISA court by the bad actors using the Fake Dossier as verified and true to get the FISA WARRANTS. Everything that has followed on the “investigation” on those two lies is tainted.

            The bad actors need to face their own investigators as this is where the real evidence resides for criminal actions and bad actors who have basically committed real felony crimes, a lot of them. And it is truly great to see some serious resistance to this abuse.

      1. You need to check your “reality” — it is wayyyyy off base. The BS trumped-up(no pun intended) charges on these people are from many years ago and have nothing to do with the Trump presidency. People like you are as sickening as as the farce 3-ring circus the dirty cop mueller is sort of running. The people you mentioned should be and probably will be pardoned because of false charges that the puppet libtard judges don’t dare to just throw out of court. Twenty 0ne million dollars later — the scumbag mueller and his team of clinton butt kissing t*rds have found nothing that has anything to do with collusion. This is a total embarrassment to this country . By the way — that 21 million is coming out of OUR pockets for absolutely NOTHING !!!!! How pathetic you people are.

      2. No crime was stated to even start the investigation. Collusion is not a crime. President Trump’s only crime is that he won.

      3. Guilty of “crimes” that happened long before they worked for Trump and Cohen was so stupid, thanks to his lawyer, a “fixer” for the Clintons, that he pleaded guilty to something that wasn’t a crime. My question is that, if Mueller is so set on making charges for other crimes he finds during his “investigation”, why hasn’t he brought charges against Clinton and her cronies when there is tons of evidence against them?


  3. This is nothing but a total witch hunt!! At one point is was reported that there was no collusion. So what the #&$#!! Since they were unable to prove collusion they have gone after the people around the President. I personally don’t believe President Trump has done anything wrong! If they had gone after the Clintons with the same malicious intent the whole Clinton circle, including Bill and Hillary, would have been in prison many years ago!!

  4. Given the mandate of the Mueller probe, and the fact that so far it has produced results (convictions, guilty pleas and so on), there’s really no chance of it stopping any time soon, barring outside interference.

    What we are looking here is a (rare?) instance of the system working.

    1. The Mueller probe (mandate) was to determine if there was any truth to the charge of Trump’s campaign colluding with the Russians in an attempt to derail Hillary’s presidential win.
      So far nothing to this attempt has been acheived.

    2. Working for who, and what “convictions, guilty pleas and so on” have anything to do with president Trump ?

    3. mkb, you are talking about the mandate to investigate the Russian collusion, am I correct? Nothing in those guilty pleas had anything to do with Trump and you know it. Why do people like you keep spewing lies? Mueller has over stepped his mandate and gone off in unauthorized territory. Even the guilty pleas are in doubt. Paying money from your own pocket is not a crime. What Mueller should be investigating is Hillary’s collusion with the Russians paying Fusion GPS millions to make up a fake dossier and using it to get a FISA warrant and Comey lying to the FISA court judges, 3 times. That activity is a crime and borders on treason, but you don’t care about that and either does the conspiracy news networks. If all you doe-doe heads that are screaming for justice can’t have it one way. The crimes of Hillary and her cronies need to be investigated and tried for their actual proven crimes.

      1. My question on this is, and don’t understand why, why is not both the Clinton’s in jail by now? They are pulling up garbage that does not even involve the President, yet they face jail time. What is wrong w/this picture? We have the best President we’ve ever had in ages. All the garbage he has had to fix came from Obama and Clinton when she was Sec. Of State. Yet, these people that continue to say how great Obama and Clinton were/are, and looking towards socialism, ALL these people have to go live in a Communist State not even for 1 week, guarantee they would be dead within 1 day. The freedom they have in our USA gives them the right to act like A——-. Try that in a communist state, would not last very long. If they are so unhappy as to why they did not get their way in the election, LEAVE. I would really hate to see the USA become a communist state with the way these people’s minds are working. Plain fact, socialism is communism period….President Trump is trying to fix what the others broke and doing a D—good job of it. When Obama got elected twice, how many Republicans did you see go out and do what these so-called democrats are doing? I’m not saying that all Democrats are like that but a lot that call themselves Democrats are wrong in behaving as they are. Why don’t the straight and narrow Democrats put these evil people in their place? I am neither Democrat nor Republican, I am Independent, but I know what is right and what is wrong. Obama/Clinton’s are/were wrong, President Trump is doing a terrific job. JMHO

      2. Mueller was given the charge of investigating Russian interference in US elections and ANY additional wrong doing he uncovers. Mueller is NOT going to charge Trump, but rather issue a report and leave it to Congress to deal with any wrongdoing by Trump.

        Thus far, Mueller has a guilty plea by Michael Flynn who lied about his contacts with Russia, specifically dealing with efforts before Trump was in office to end sanctions on Russia. One should be asking why did Trump want to sweet talk with a hostile foreign power? Why has Trump been cozying up to Putin even before he got into office?

        Mueller has charged multiple Russian individuals with meddling in the US elections. Some with hacking into personal computers and others with political dirty tricks. This is unprecedented action by a hostile foreign power.

        Mueller has charged George Papadopoulos with lying to the FBI about what he knew and how he knew about Russian hacking of DNC computers and personal email of Democratic operatives. If Papadopoulos (a Trump campaign worker) knew about Russian hacking, do you think Trump didn’t?

        Paul Manafort and Rick Gates were Trump’s campaign manager and assistant, who both had close contacts with Russian oligarchs. Paul Manafort volunteered to work for Trump for free, in return for what? Yes, both are guilty of tax and bank fraud related to their activities in Ukraine. However, they may both know additional details about Russian interactions with the Trump campaign and what Trump knew about those contacts. Thus, their convictions and indictments are not nothing.

        Michael Cohn pleaded guilty to campaign violations and implicated Trump as a co-conspirator in those actions. Cohn has suggested Trump knew about Russian hacking and interference in the election before it was general knowledge. However, Cohn was tried not by Mueller, but by New York. His knowledge is a side issue to the Mueller investigation. As are the plea deals of the Trump CFO and David Pecker of the National Enquirer. However, their activities may shed light on Trump’s activities and relationship with the Russians even more than Cohen can.

        Mueller was charged to get to the bottom of the Russian election interference. It was not in his “job description” to prove “collusion” by Trump, but rather to follow illegal activity related to that Russian interference. It is only Trump who keeps trying to say, “no collusion, no collusion” as though if Mueller doesn’t report any, then the crimes he uncovers are irrelevant. Like Trump’s violation of campaign finance laws, which Trump is attempting to claim are not crimes. Yes they are! As Mueller digs deeper, expect him to find more and more illegality by Trump and his associates.

        Many Republicans urged Congress on over Clinton and the Benghazi response and the Uranium One deal (which after endless years and multiple investigations turned up nothing of substance to charge Clinton with). However, as the Mueller probe gets into full swing and more and more people close to the President are charged with illegal activity, they just don’t want to learn what Trump knew OR when he knew it regarding Russian interference in our Presidential elections. More specifically, they seem afraid to find out Trump may very well have colluded with the Russians in order to win the Presidential election and has become Putin’s man in the White House.

        1. Obama knew about the Russions hacking months before the election and did nothing about it because he thought Hillary would win. Comey dropped the Hillary “matter” because Hillary was supposed to win. Strzok was actively working to take down the president. Mueller threatened Flynn’s family after bankrupting Flynn didn’t work, Mueller has unlimited government funds to persecute courtesy of our taxes. Cohan is a lawyer and knows he could not fight that, and protect his family from Mueller so he is saying anything Mueller tells him to. Cohan is pleading guilty to things that are not even crimes because he is just another scared little weasel now. Mueller has uncovered democratic crimes but is not doing one d— thing to them. Mueller is just another slimey swamp creature owned by the corrupt democrats.

        2. So, you would be willing to allow the same UNRESTRICTED investigation into president obama and ALL of the hate-filled, ANTI-AMERICAN people in his administration?


    4. How can you say the system is working???? His mandate was Russian collusion, so when is he going to investigate Clinton DNC etc, he has the proof the DNC Clinton colluded with the Russians to provide dirt to take down a presidential candidate. Obama refused to investigate the DNC hack and the DNC refused to let the FBI investigate. Can you show me where it say investigate the Trump organization only!!!!!!!!!

    5. Found guilty of things not pertaining to the work Mueller was ordered to do. The left has Mueller looking under rocks for ANYTHING they can find. All this is doing is causing a rift in this country that only a good revolution will fix.

    6. The Mueller probe mandate, initiated on a fake dossier requisitioned by the Demarcation National Committee ( no doubt Hillary was involved in that also), was to look into the purported Russian interference in the 2016 election. So far Mueller has done nothing to prove that the Trump Administration had anything to do with the Russians and the only convictions are for matters that are not related to the Russia Probe mandate into election interference.
      And you call this “the system working”?
      Name one instance where Mueller has had any proof and/or conviction concerning his mandate, “Russian Interference in the 2016 Elections.” You will find none. That in turn implies that the system is not working and that the investigation should be terminated.

  5. I would like to see the Mudller go through the same scrutiny that he has put President Trump and other Republicans through.
    I really doubt that he would come out squeaky clean. He may be a Conservative, but appears to be an anti-Trumper.

  6. Well at lease now I can stop wondering about how things work !! NOT BY LAW BUT BY MONEY !! WHO EVER HAS THE MOST MONEY WINS !! I AM SO HAPPY

  7. The Mueller Probe has produced numerous indictments , fallout from the probe have resulted in Trumps Lawyer and Campaign Chairman being indicted , tried and convicted. Many others in his Administration have been exposed as frauds and criminals , including some in his own Family. The Probe is continuing to accumulate evidence sufficient to impeach , if not indict Trump. Every time someone in his Administration goes down , Trump then throws them under the bus to save his own ego and skin. I expect him to denounce Manafort and Cohen as soon as they start to testify ( as part of their plea bargains). It is sad to see my beloved Republican Party being taken over by the extreme right wing (one might even say Fascist – look up the definition of Fascism ) radicals , abetted by a spineless Republican Congress. 50 years from now , people will shake their heads wondering how such a vindictive , ignorant , dangerous blowhard ever got elected (thank you Electoral College only, not majority votes) and how his Administration divided and destroyed the very concept of American Democracy

    1. Carl – Look up the definition of fascist in places such as the far left controlled Wikipedia or the Merriam Webster dictionary? Sorry, those are false definitions (by design). A “statist” is a far left person who believes in heavy government control over all aspects of other people’s lives. Also known as “progressives”. They come in two flavors: communist and national socialist (a third type, Italian fascism is long dead). The Dem Party began moving into the far left national socialist realm with America hating progressives Woodrow Wilson and FDR. Every Dem President since WW has also be progressive, with Obama being of the communist flavor. You need to educate yourself about real facts of history. Start with “Liberal Fascism” by Goldberg first.

      Then, to see how much the far left media and “education” system have lied to and manipulated you, read “Lies My Teacher Told Me: The True History of the War for Southern Independence – Clyde Wilson” and “Global Warming: Alarmists, Skeptics, and Deniers – Robinson” to learn the extent of just two of the major deceptions. Hint: The Civil War had NOTHING to do with slavery, and Global Warming is a con job by 0.03% (not the fabricated 97% by the college sophomore looking for an Easy-A) of geo-scientists.

  8. I’m sure if mueller looked had enough he could find an unpaid parking ticket in his past, but what does that have to do with the imaginary Russian probe. I sounds to me a lot like getting a warrant to search a persons house looking for a gun and finding a meth lab. That’s not what the search warrant said they could look for. Fruits from the poisonous tree. This whole thing has smelled like crap from the beginning. If they really wanted to find and prosecute criminals, look at the other side of the isle. The dems / libs/socialist/facist seemed to have a good handle on criminal activities. We shouldn’t leave out the clintons and obama who seemed to have perfected the art of lawlessness.

  9. Why aren’t same inquiries done on Obama and Clinton, both were shown with heads together with Putin nd don’t forget the “HOT MIKE”

  10. It is time because the MIA AG is doing nothing about this farce. Our money, our tax dollars spent in such a troubling way and Mueller is still looking. Turning associates, business people on other unrelated charges to snitch is not doing a good deed. It is just hunting for BS on our duly elected president with questionable witnesses who have been forced to testify for maybe some honest reason but the tactics to get them there are beyond deplorable.

    Mueller is just a cleaner for the dem wits and the deep state stooges Bozo twisted and perverted to do his dirty work. There is still no evidence connecting Trump to the original Mandate of Mueller and his dem wit dog pack of bad attorneys. Time for this hunt to end as there was no crime committed and he and Rosenstein know that beyond a shadow of a doubt. This whole dog pack and their DOJ tainted leader have gone into the never advised territory of opening a grand jury investigation they both knew was based on a lie. The dossier is a lie and Hillbilly paid for it illegally too. Close this investgation down and start a new one to investigate the investigators and the FISA and Dossier. That is where the crimes are and all the Mueller stuff is poisoned. They are all bad actors.

  11. Unless you went to a public school or to college within the past 25 years, you know, not think, that what is going on is a farce. We know it was predicated on a phony document with a vested interest (HRC) in it being believed by the public and Fed agents, that Comey knew it was unsubstantiated (his testimony), that multiple FBI and intel personnel were ‘backdooring’ it into the public domain, and the simple fact NO crime was committed that could be charged. If no evidence of crime to begin with, why spend money investigating it unless you are fishing for one. If it were not for the socialist, propagandistic press and Soros money this would never have begun. The conspirators in this (Brennan, Comey. Rosenstein, Ohr (both S&B), HRC, Loretta Lynch, Strzok, et al, should be forced to repay the government the millions it has wasted on this fairy tale. They actually should already be in red jump suits eating their PB&J sandwich’s for lunch while they are waiting for their 200 year sentences are completed.

  12. To Carl, who commented above, it is the rogue “Me Too” elements in MY beloved GOP, those who back all the criminals in the New Communist Party (aka – the Democratic Party), that have hurt ALL Republicans.
    Very few people had many bad things to say about Donald Trump before he decided to run against the Democrat’s Ordained Queen of Evil.
    Then, people (mostly paid by the left to denigrate him) started coming out of the woodwork, trying to find something, anything to stop him.
    I still like watching all the media pundits talk, incessantly, about how Trump had “No Chance To Win”, and that Hillary would win in the “Greatest Landslide In History”. Then the shock, and tears, on the faces of all the brainwashed idiots when he did.
    Now, although a great many of them still (after all he’s done FOR the country) decry him winning the election, privately (and some not so private) agree that we dodged a bullet by there NOT being a President Hillary Clinton.
    Why have we not seen indictments issued for obstruction of justice by Strzok, Comey, Brennan, and a cadre of other FBI and DOJ officials who conspired, not only to try to derail the Trump Campaign, but have openly tried to destroy his presidency, for nearly two years AFTER he was elected?
    Answer: Because they are protected by Obama’s deep state operatives still in place in those agencies.
    Sure, they fired Strzok, big deal…he’ll probably go to work for the DNC or some other leftist group.
    He should have been arrested and charged, aling with the rest of them, with conspiracy, lying to Congress, obstruction of justice, and treason, but what did he get? Ohhh, he got “Fired”.
    Instead, they went after people who had been advisers in the Trump Campaign for things that happened years before the President even decided to run. Things that they had decided not to pursue back when they actually happened, but now it could be used against President Trump.
    That’s what you call, underhanded, snake in the grass, Gestapo technique. I’m sure Heinrich Himmler would be very proud of his protege, Robert Mueller.
    If they really wanted to find collusion, they would only have had to look as far as Obama, Clinton, the DNC, and even Mueller himself. Oddly, however, you never hear anything along those lines. I wonder why?
    By the way…I’m Carl too!

  13. Wrong Allen , just wrong. If you read, like I have, the mandate of the special investigator, it includes any and all crimes found during the investigation . . . this was the same thing true of the Ken Starr investigation of Whitewater and the Clintons – – they found nothing on Whitewater but impeached Clinton about lying about Monica Lewinsky, a totally different matter. Cohen has been Trump’s lawyer for over a decade, do you think he is going to plead guilty if it is not a crime – – it is a FELONY. If you give money out of your own pocket and it violates campaign finance laws, it is a CRIME. In those two campaign law crimes, Cohen said in court that he violated campaign laws AT THE DIRECTION OF TRUMP.
    Most of what you said about the FISA warrant has been proven false by the documents – – they were reviewed by four judges, and it came from both the Popadopolis admission the GOP had stolen emails and the direct Russian interactions of Carter Page and Mike Flynn. Besides, nothing in the dossier has been disproven to be substantially in error. If you believe Comey lied to FISA judges, then have the GOP work up a case and investigate it. Whether you like it or not, Mueller is one of the most respected people in Washington by both sides of the aisle.

    1. You are very wrong. Mueller has exposed the Clintons and Obama’s crimes and keeps sweeping all this under the carpet. Trump has done nothing but good for America and you lousy demonazis want America bankrupted so all Americans are slaves to the government. Pelosi and the rest promise to raise taxes on citizens and businesses to turn us into a third world shithole. If you want socialism government move to a country that practices it.

  14. The Russian Communism “Socialism vs Communism Socialism is commonly regarded as an economic system that seeks to achieve equality among members of society. Communism, on the other hand, is both an economic system that seeks equality among members of society and a political ideology that advocates a classless and stateless society and rejects.” Does any of this sound familiar? Such as Go Read the DumboRATic platform and outlook for a Communism Socialistic form of government. Such as Government Communism Socialism sponsored Medicare free for all. Also in the 1990’s there was a book “The Democrats: We Want To Raise Your Children came out right after Bill Clinton was elected, and it was too hot to handle for even most of the so-called conservative press.

  15. I am happy NLPC group is moving forward with a case challenging the legality of the Mueller Investigation. Recently I wrote that the investigation is a FISHING EXPEDITION. What I would have seen done immediately to to file an Injunction to stop any further action until the highest court rules on the legality.
    But let me also recount historically what is going on. I believe that 85% of AMERICANS FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE POLITICAL DIVIDE know an agree that the Mueller probe is wrong. They know that Russia played no part in the defeat of Mrs. Clinton in 2016. Mueller probe was instigated by Democratic avengers in the FBI and possibly the CIA. tHIS IS TO AVENGE THE PROBE OF PRESIDENT Clinton OVER THE MONICA LIWINSKEY probe. which Republicans threw up . Clinton shattered the hope of President Bush SR. for a second term and less unknown Arkansas governor defeated him. They did not take it lightly. A former CIA director knew how to dribble. So a his former staff a woman was planted in Clinton’s WH . iT WAS THIS WOMAN WHO FOLLOWED LEWINSKEY an intern and lectured her on how to handle Clinton. But alas, Clinton was not found guilty of sexual harassment but of lying to the Jury, was impeached but set free in the Senate. We reelected him to justify his innocence. Democrats now are paying back with old Mr. Mueller who after two years has found no collusion but went on a rampage against Trump’s associates in order to drag the president to the jury which can easily find perjury charge against him. I have continued to appeal to Democratic leaders to stop this so that it will not be our tradition. There is nobody over 40 years who could not be found wanting in one thing or other going back twenty years of that person’s life. ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN FOUND GUILTY BY Mueller related to incidents in their lives which they have long forgotten. You can always pay a prostitute a handsome amount to lie against a saint . Why did STEPHANIE Clifford WAIT UNTIL TRUMP WAS RUNNING FOR OFFICE TO MAKE HER COMPLAINT. Why did she accept 130,000.00 USD and now got a higher promise to talk. Was there not a president who harbored a concubine and ran , won and kept his save. President Trump is a MAN, and everyman should be glad that women flock around him likes flies. That shows how strong you are. There is no crime committed. Either by Bill Clinton or Donald Trump having sex with any woman who agrees. And a world business man has no crime doing business with any foreign country Russia or GERMANY. LET’S END THE INQUIRY, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Asuzu Agwunobi

  16. Mueller’s witch hunt can’t go on forever. It will be interesting to see what happens to Mueller when it does end.

  17. Rich businessman, high ranking military officers, and many other categories have been paying big
    dollars for years to support their mistresses. Some men even had a wife & mistress live in the same
    mansion or quarters. When did our society become “naïve”. I bet there are many a rich lady who had their extra “Master” on the side too! The Donalds former wives weren’t “dumb bells”. President
    Slick Willy & President Donald Trump had similar sexual needs. The Donald wanted more children, and Slick Willy married to HRC needed some genuine affection. Boys will be boys, and taller, and keep their “twinkle in the eyes for woman, until the day they die”. It is not morally accepted, but is what it is, and has been for millions of years! Read about Esther in scripture. She didn’t sue, but she found a “poker”! Men & women have been doing flirting forever! President Trump met “3” women who birthed his children & President Bill Clinton may not have produced any children out of his hundreds of affairs so, who has the biggest needs or problems? Ask Father Knows Best or the Doctor advised 1 patient to be out on call to AIDE FOR A DIAGNOSIS! The ME To
    Movement is probably as hoaxy as the global warming. Some women will do anything for $$, then
    cry “Wolf”! Yes, there are innocent victims, but some mothers pushed their young daughters into
    vulnerable situations. Read the book “Games People Play(ed)” Sorry. author’s name n/a. Written in 1970’s?

  18. If Muller does not investigate “collusion” with Russia by the democrats then his entire effort will be a farce. Justice is depicted as a blind lady holding a scale. Politics has no place in justice and Muller knows this. I, for one, will hold judgment of Muller until his final report is filed. Meanwhile, Sessions and Huber working unencumbered by the MSM should result in mass incitements of the guilty. Praise and glory of the highest to father God.

  19. What the National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) is refering to in their challenge is the appointments clause found in article II Section 2 of the constitution. The Appointments Clause is part of Article II, Section 2, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, which empowers the President of the United States to nominate ambassadors, Cabinet secretaries, federal judges, and United States Attorneys), Congress may “by law” delegate the Senate’s advice and consent role when it comes to “inferior” officers (to the President alone, or the courts of law, or the heads of departments). Congress has not “by law” given this authority to anyone person like Rosenstein at the DOJ.

    Lucia vs SEC case 17-130 6/21/2018 SEC judges 7-2 fall under the appointments clause the appointment of Mueller by Rosenstein and crew by Mueller with the power of a US attorney would also fall under the appointments clause only the president can do this. This ruling invalidated any rulings that the SEC judges had made now and in the past. Only the president and appoint US attorney’s not Rosenstein which is what Mueller is acting as under the DOJ and congress has passed no law giving him that power.

    This is a legal team that Trump needs. At least the NLPC is challenging the legality of the SC in the first place. If the SCOTUS would rule like they did one Lucia v SEC that would make the whole Mueller investigation illegal and anything that came from it would be voided. Then there is the FISA warrants based on false information (dossier) that would fall under what is called “Fruit of the poison tree”. Everything resulting from that would be void.McCabe testified under oath without the dossier they could not have gotten a warrant. Based on the 7-2 ruling in Lucia v. SEC at the SCOTUS I will put my money on Rosenstein not having the power to appoint Mueller.

  20. The one thing Mueller has to his advantage is the unlimited amount of tax payers funds, and league of democrats whom have exceeding payrolls to bankrupt any one that they feel whom had been associated with Donald Trump. Many plea guilty to avoid bankruptcy, and end that illegal investigation that Mueller can ruin their lives and their families. He has used the same tactics Hitler used in Germany prior to ww2, or Soviet Union did after ww2, midnight raids and illegal seizures of property and information thru FISA warrants, gotten by DNC false docs. It is criminal at best to treat an American as they did Matifort before even a verdict, and give immunity to any associate even though they prove criminals themselves. Come On , Solitary confinement and no out side contact by family or others, because Mueller said he tried to contact the witnesses, when in fact it was proven that what he did was contact those he had no idea were considered witness, as he was never given the witness list, nor was his legal team. This is probably the biggest miss justice of all time, even though the verdict was guilty on only 8 counts out of many. What happened to the rule of law, statue of limitations, and I also think that his legal team should file suite against Apple for opening up the CLOUD for Mueller to gather information and names associated with this case. Apple Cloud has now proven fact that the Cloud is indeed unsafe. AT LEAST IN CORPORATE APPLE., for giving Mueller (a friend and business associate for awarding Apple government contracts to Mr COOK! Mueller was a lobbiest at that time, after leaving FBI director. THE REVOLVING DOOR OF POWER AND POLITICS IS AS DEEP IN BOTH PARTIES TO THIS DAY!

  21. Mueller himself should be the subject of an investigation. He is clearly operating in league with the whole disgraced DOJ/FBI Deep State gang. They are in turn operating for the Obama/Clinton gang who control them. Mueller’s position was a set up from the word go. It is all based upon a phony “dossier” they all had full knowledge of, and participated in using for Obama’s illegal aims. Mueller’s “investigation” is based on a fraud, and is therefore legitimate. His “indictments” consist of accusations that some Russian agents may have gotten on Facebook , and put up ads, or stories to “influence the election”. Yet the Clinton Campaign spent a billion dollars more in ads “to influence the election” than both the Russians, and Trump combined, and still lost. So much for “brainwashing ” the voters with Facebook. A lot of people, myself included , never even have looked at Facebook, and think it’s idiotic to be involved in to begin with. How were we “Influenced” by it? Clinton paid Russian agents to invent disgusting stories for the “dossier” , which Mueller’s friends then tried to make seem legitimate , by leaking them to left wing media colluders. The ONLY ones who “colluded “with the Russians were the Clinton Machine, the DNC, the FBI, the DOJ, and the CIA , under Obama’s direction. NONE of these are being investigated by Mueller. Why ? Because his job is to somehow get Trump out of office. He’s not going to indict himself, or his co- conspirators. All of his big “convictions” and nothing to do with the election at all . In fact Mueller’s biased team was not even needed to indict Manafort, or Cohen. Their offenses could have been easily handled by normally constituted law enforcement. Manafort so – called crimes occurred during the Bush, and Obama administrations. Why did they not go after him then? It seems no one cared until he worked for the Trump Campaign for a measly 2 months. It is also good to note Manafort only worked for the campaign after the Never Trump RNC suggested him for the job. Think the “Deep State” establishment maybe had a little collusion going on with Obama? One might also remember that after doing not much of a job as Campaign manager, Trump fired him from the job. If they were such great allies would he have been fired? I think not. This whole thing stinks from Obama’s desk, to Hilary’s dirty camping, to the Obama appointees in the FBI/DOJ/CIA/State Department. With certain Republican leaders throw in for good measure. Like who suggested Trump pick Rosenstein as deputy director? Ryan? McConnell? The RNC? The man was an Obama appointee. The man writes a letter saying “fire Comey” , and then appointees Muelller partially to investigate whether firing Comey was “obstruction of justice”. COME ON PEOPLE. EVEN AN IDIOT OF THE ANTIFA CAN SEE THE SET UP GOING ON HERE!

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