This is Your Own Fault, Democrats: Lawsuit Filed to Keep Biden Off Illinois Ballot

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM. 24th March 2022. Joe Biden, President of USA, during press conference, after NATO Extraordinary Summit. Brussels, Belgium

We told you so, Democrats. Some of us told you multiple times and in multiple ways. If you don’t knock off this BS of trying to remove President Donald Trump from the ballot, Republicans will respond in kind to keep Joe Biden off the ballot.

The hilarious part about this (and you deserve this so much at this point, liberals) is that the first legal challenge to Joe Biden running again is coming from a blue state that Biden needs to win: Illinois.

Stop us if this sounds familiar. Four Republicans have filed a lawsuit to keep Joe Biden off the ballot in Illinois, on the basis of the insurrection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment. Yep. That’s the same clause of the same Amendment that Democrats have now sued in something like 20 states to try to keep Donald Trump off the ballot.

The Republican voters in Illinois are suing because Joe Biden has “given aid or comfort to the enemies” of America, through his open borders policies.


That’s a violation of the insurrection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, and unlike the frivolous lawsuits against Donald Trump, this lawsuit actually has some merit. Joe Biden has given aid and comfort to the enemies of America. He has set aside, according to the lawsuit, approximately 64 separate immigration laws that were passed by previous sessions of Congress and signed into law by previous presidents. (Not that Joe Biden is a “president.” You have to be elected by the American people to be one of those.)

He’s implemented full-scale “Catch and Release” at the southern border, despite federal law saying that illegal aliens encountered at the border “shall be detained.” That’s just one example. You can just look at the videos coming out of Eagle Pass, TX and other places and see that Joe Biden is clearly not following the law.

The vast majority of the illegal flooding into the country for the past three years have been fighting-aged male warriors, many of them from countries that hate the United States. They are enemies of America. Many are foreign soldiers. In fact, ones from countries like China where military service is compulsory are guaranteed to be current or ex-soldiers. The first thing they do when Biden has the Border Patrol hand them a welcome packet and their “free” Obamaphone, they tear the phone open with their teeth and set it up, because they’re obviously waiting for their next orders from their commanders.

Joe Biden is obviously guilty of giving aid and comfort to America’s enemies. Donald Trump, on the other hand, is guilty of nothing under the Fourteenth Amendment. The main reason, of course, is that January 6th was not an insurrection. A bunch of baby boomers waving American flags and carrying no firearms was never going to topple the US government. They were just mad about the stolen election.

Rather than an “insurrection,” January 6th was a Deep State Reichstag fire that the FBI and the Justice Department could turn around and use to illegally entrap and jail Trump supporters.

The other problem with trying to bar Trump from the ballot for insurrection is that not one single law enforcement entity, out of all the ones persecuting the Trump family right now, has charged Donald Trump with insurrection. Wouldn’t that have happened by now, surely, if Donald Trump had done anything that fit the definition of “insurrection” on January 6th? Not even special prosecutor Jack Smith, who has proven himself to be a partisan hack and a bit of a crazy person with a terrible case of TDS, has charged Donald Trump with “insurrection.”

And yet Democrats keep suing over and over and over and over and over again on this frivolous “insurrection” claim. You just had to open that Pandora’s box. In case it needs to be said, just because an anchor on MSNBC says that Trump waged an insurrection does not mean you have a solid legal foundation for a case.

Here’s an idea. Instead of having lawsuits in all 50 states to try to keep Donald Trump and Joe Biden off the ballot, what if we have an election instead? If the Bad Orange Man is truly as icky as all you Democrats seem to think he is, surely you can defeat him a fair election, can’t you? After all, your candidate is the single most popular elected official in all of human history. He got 81 million votes last time!

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32 thoughts on “This is Your Own Fault, Democrats: Lawsuit Filed to Keep Biden Off Illinois Ballot”

  1. Who ever wrote this just put the gods honest truth out there for everyone with a brain to read.Read it and weep you deaf,dumb,and delusional democrats. You are the ones who are destroying our great country. Trump is the legitimate President and ya all know it.

    1. In reality,Trump would now be on his way to completing a second 4 year Term ,over with the Presidency..has it not been for a rigged ,stolen,81,,000,000 million stolen vote Election. I guess 2024…will show who the new President will be.His name will not be Biden.

  2. Even if it involves this UNAMERICAN president we have in OUR White House at the moment, I still believe no one has the right to ban anyone from running for elected office. Not Donald Trump or Traitor Joe Biden. WE THE PEOPLE ARE TO DECIDE AND NO ONE ELSE! Now hopefully we can have an HONEST ELECTION without all the “games” these morons are playing. WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO US?

    1. What has happened to us? We have become egotistical sniveling lazy cowards! If the global elite communists can get away with it, they will! We let them and they will try it again!

  3. What goes around comes around.Biden is so far from normal mentally of physically.Old age and Dementia takes the best out of a person.Then all his crimes against this country ever since he became a senator are now catching up.The is a traitor,period.The Democrat Party and FBI are all traitors.

  4. Any idiot can see it was no insurrection because the people were just standing outside and the idiots opened the doors and let the people in and started shooing at them. It was just a setup to blame Trump because Biden is afraid of Trump because he might expose him for his lies and the way he got votes.

    1. I think both parties are afraid that Trump will reveal how and what these elitist deep swamp politicians have been doing to line their own pockets at the expense of our country and her citizens.

      1. It’s like a representative from Tennessee said ,( Instead of drain the swamp, they have to empty the sewer.)

  5. Instead of giving an ID card at the Border, Health Insurance, freebies that homeless Veterans need but don’t get, Housing that puts NYC Children out of School that they desperately need, Green cards to put the Illegal Invaders to work so they can send money back to their homelands, while the Elites take full advantage of the “Cheap Labor” and the Cartels get richer by Drug and Human Trafficking while We the People watch as the Biden Crime Family runs Amok while not on Vacation!

  6. Don’t forget the Billions Biden has given to a country that has declared War on the USA!!! IRAN!!! And then you have GAZA who has stated that the USA is their enemy and has sworn the destruction of the USA!!!

  7. My question is, what took so long? he’s been doing this for three years + without being held accountable. Why? IMO

    1. What is really bad is all they have done is talk. No one has stopped him. The only one taking any action against him is Governor Abbot. God Bless Him. Why are our leaders(LOL) in Washington so afraid of Biden and the puppet master Obama? Give Barrack a crack pipe and someone to service him and get Joe and Kamala away from D C . If we don’t come election time we might not have a country

  8. “Come on Man! Here’s the deal!. Here’s the deal!” Dr. Jill is the first female (whatever that is) US president!

    1. You would be surprised how many dead people and illegals will vote for him if allowed. That’s why if we make it to the election it doesn’t matter if it takes a week (it shouldn’t) but if Biden ends up ahead this time every ballot has to be checked before it’s called.

  9. Well, I suppose it had to happen. I have steadfastly railed against the use of the 14th Amendment, sec. 3 argument, yet, it gives me a bit of a chuckle to see the foot in the other shoe. Biden richly deserves it after all the bullshit he’s instigated against Trump. SCOTUS is going to have put an end to all this crap. BUT, if they don’t, I guess fair is fair. lol

  10. The definition of “insurrection” is “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.” The “insurrection” proponents would have you believe Trump, who was President on Jan. 6, committed “insurrection” against himself. Plus, there’s the “peacefully and patriotically” thing, and his offer of troops for security — which Pelosi refused.

    1. I still say Pelosi and Schumer should be charged instead of Trump . They orchestrated that day of destruction and the one woman that was killed her family needs to throw a lawsuit on Pelosi and Schumer.Take away all the money they made from their insider trading. That would hurt them more than jail.

  11. Let’s not forget , the illegals are taking our American citizens jobs. They are kicking the American people off their jobs, given them to illegals. This is a sad sad citation for American Citizens. We must stop this from happening.All Biden’s doings.

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  13. Biden needs kicked off everything he is the worse thing to ever fraudulent crawl into the white house. And all democrats who healed him as president needs kicked out also. They turned the DOJ into above the law two sections of law one for democrats one for treason for the democrats. So they get bye with whatever they want. Old Biden should put the rest of his old life in prison for everything he has done against America. But will he — answer no !!! Its wronge not right at all but the democrats want aloud him to go to jail. His son Hunter is still walking around if it was any American son they would lock him up. But Hunter — NO– this is an unfair two way above the law action that should be stopped. And Old JOE is right with his son – — above the law. Its good what they done in Illinois and should do in all states. Cause Biden did open the borders up letting millions upon millions of illegal aliens unchecked coming into our country, Biden hates this country he is not a true American and should be ran out as a trader. DOWN WITH ALL DEMOCRATS!!!!!!!!!.

  14. The democrats will put someone esle in to run for president tbey know this old crawl-in is too old to be president again. We need someone who can stand the time, and be for the people all the time, we dont need another lieing, cheating, scrum of the earth, destroying are country democrat !!! I for one am sick and tired of tne democrats we need them OUT . And i hope and pray we do in 24 election. If these lieing, cheating scrum bags will have an honest election we will see at least for four years ” no democrats “. Amen.

  15. Bidens’ lazy Senate background and phony Obama plant Presidency have been a lying, cheating disaster.Inflation has run rampant in the US..and the rest of the Western world leaders,…who matter, laugh at the old cheat and his criminal son occupying the Whitehouse

  16. I think it is a great idea to keep Biden off the election. We have to get rid of him and soon, before he ruins our country any farther.

  17. Ok people,we have heard everything wrong with hour present government? Now can you all do the walk and and show all the of them who they work for , VOTE it is time for US the people to buy the right people in that will work for us Not .the party or there self. We know who should Not be president ,so do your home work and the Right person who loves this country there.I believe there is going to be a lot to choose from c hoose wisely!!

  18. I have been saying this since OBAMA was president! BOTH Obama and Biden has been ” AIDING THE ENEMIES OF AMERICA ” THE laws call it TREASONOUS AND SEDITION!THE PUNISHMENT IS DEATH PENALTY! Read it in the Constitution article and the 14th amendment! Even those CONGRESS WHO SUPPORT THIS are COMMIT TREASONOUS! They all need to be removed and charge with TREASONOUS AND SEDITION!

  19. You have to speak up to be heard! BIdens run started 50+ years
    ago – just think how much money he has taken from this country in 50+ years. It did start with Obama – he just knew what was going on and let it ride – he wanted part of that chunk of change – and he got it! Obama is not rich but has rich friends that fund him and his life style! Called Rope a Dope! Anyones money will do! And pat your self on the bank- we elected both of them!!!! And who do you call stupid?

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