Trends Point To Bernie vs Trump In 2020 Presidential Prize Fight

Voters in 2016 didn’t get the Pay-Per-View championship presidential fight they wanted. Instead, Democrats served up an aging Hillary Clinton with diminishing skills who took a campaigning dive in the early rounds. The decision didn’t have to go the U.S. Supreme Court scorecards after going the distance like Bush vs Gore. Now-President Donald Trump decisively KO’d Hillary, and cruised on election night all the way to the White House.

But the Reality TV star vs Swamp Creature wasn’t the card people wanted. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders didn’t get his title shot because — as we all know — politics, like boxing, is a rigged game. Although early rankings have former Vice Pres. Joe Biden in the number one position, things are not exactly trending in his favor these days. Lately, even the biased liberal mainstream media is giving the Obama-era crony a standing eight count for ringside grabs, holds and unsavory hair-smelling tactics.

Let’s face it America, viewers don’t want to tune into “Creepy” Joe Biden vs Donald “The President” Trump. The championship bout people are champing at the bit for is “Crazy Bernie vs Pres. Trump.” That would be a generational contest on par with Conner McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr., or Smokin’ Joe Frazier vs Mohammed Ali. If current trends hold up, Pay-Per-View records could be shattered in the fall of 2020 as the two major party heavyweights square off in three potential winner-take-all debates.

Although Biden led early Democrat primary polls by double-digits, that popularity has slipped in recent weeks. Once Lucy Flores — a Democrat politician — blew the whistle on Biden’s inappropriate touching and gross hair-sniffing, the #MeToo movement has stifled the candidate with body blows. His once seemingly impenetrable political defense skills look like he’s been in street brawl with Iron Mike Tyson — biting and all. “Creepy” Joe may not be down for the count yet, but he’s taken more than one on the chin in terms of wooing women voters.

By contrast, Sen. Sanders remains the people’s champion, and getting stiffed by “Crooked” Hillary and the payoff to the DNC make him even more of a populist left-leaning underdog. That fact is not lost on his $18.2 million campaign contribution haul in 41 days. Crazy Bernie already has a whopping $28 million cash-on-hand from nearly 1 million individual voters. If that isn’t evidenced enough that Sanders is the hot trending candidate, consider that it took him 146 days to hit that same mark in his 2016 campaign.

By contrast, there was a lot of talk that Obama donors would be powering up Biden’s presidential nomination bid. But that was before he earned the nickname “Creepy Joe.” These days, all the major networks — even fake news outlets — are gossiping about his hair-smelling fetish. Shaking the man’s hand is nauseating, never mind voting for him.

And if anyone at the DNC thinks for a moment that Pres. Trump will stop jabbing him with “Creepy Joe” tweets from now until the final bell rings, you need smelling salts to regain consciousness. In fact, Biden’s big lead in the polls has already lost its legs. In some polls, Bernie has suddenly pulled even without landing a single blow of his own.

On top of Bernie raising campaign funds like Rocky running through the streets of Philly, the veteran politician from Vermont has a massive advantage among young Democrats. In the run-up to the 2016 brouhaha, once Bernie got head-butted by so-called “super delegates” who were bought and paid for, young voters tuned out. A stunning 31 percent of possible voters between 18-29 say they now lean Bernie. Throwing Biden into the ring would likely mean these upstart voters would be turned off in the same way they were when Hillary ran. If Democrats want to avoid another humiliating defeat in the Electoral College, they will need young voters sitting on the edge of their seats and ready to jump in and vote on fight night.

There’s little doubt that America wants to see Crazy Bernie square off against Pres. Trump in 2020. The heavyweight title fight for the White House may be four years late, but let’s get ready to rumble!

~ Conservative Zone

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26 thoughts on “Trends Point To Bernie vs Trump In 2020 Presidential Prize Fight”

  1. Unbelievable, Socialism in America. The young people in America better understand that Medicare for all will destroy our Health system. Just look at the VA that is disgusting and it’s government run health care!

    1. We prefer the Scandinavian countries, where socialism is in full flower (and they score as the happiest countries—how bout dat!), and Europe, more socialistic than we and managing to muddle thru quite nicely, thank you.

      1. Socialist, progressive and liberal are all euphemisms for communist. Communism is only beneficial for those in power. Just like the Soviet Union, those that are in the Communist party have everything while everyone else have NOTHING.

      2. The Scandinavian countries are not Socialist countries. They may have some socialist programs but all of their industry and business is private-not owned or run by the state. It never ceases to amaze this Scandinavian how many folks think Scandinavian countries are all socialist. Incorrect-please do your homework instead of repeating the same old talking points.

      3. Good the chance arewe will be deporting you low life liberal dem bloodsucking parasites right after the election

  2. To everyone that thinks socialism won’t happen in the USA. Because of you not insisting our schools teach civics and the Constitution, it will happen. This is how Hitler did it, INDOCTRINATING our youth, and who does the teachers union vote for 100% of the time. You get what you pay for

  3. Nobody will vote for this old creepy bastard in the general election. In all his public life he’s never accomplished anything worth taking about.

  4. We already did the dance with Alzheimer s.
    Trump is old, Bernie is older, no on these old farts.
    It will probably be a women in HER 50’s Most voters will be
    younger than 40 and they do want a Grandpa!

  5. The funniest thing I see about the Democrat candidates is that – the idiots who still vote Democrat still think they have some kind of say in the matter. As was proved during the RIGGING – I mean – “ANOINTING” of Hillary. The DNC came right out and said in court “We have no legal responsibility to put forth any candidate other than one of OUR choosing”. So they basically told Democrat voters you are too stupid to vote so we will do it for you.

  6. Why has American politics become a contest between good and evil, God and Satan, heaven and hell? It was never meant to be this way. And the Republicans are more like wishy-washy geriatric morons in need of a few bars of ExLax or a gallon of prune juice and a bottle of Geritol. Lindsey Graham and MIch McConnell and at times Trey Gowdy are the only few warriors in the Republican Party.

  7. I do not see anyone running, even the independent X-CEO as a threat to President Trump. Not saying no democrat can or it is impossible but totally unlikely. Right now they have no feasible plans to do anything constructive FOR the country. In the first place these so called democrats who are really socialist/communist at heart never seem to keep those personal promises. For instance free college that takes congress and who thinks congress is going to go for that. And then there is medicare for all. Who thinks that could ever pass congress over 93 TRILLION in cost over ten years. Where does that come from? Use your head none of that can ever happen. False/fake promises much like false/fake news.

    Barack Obama made many wonderful promises and kept none of them. In contrast President Trump is keeping nearly everyone of his in spite of the democrats trying to block him at every juncture. Their actions will bite them where it hurts the most, at the polls, during the election in November 2020.

  8. socialism is nothing more than communism!!!! Bernie Sanders should be beat like Hillary was. Get behind TRUMP in 2020 Elect a republican majority that will work with Trump and let us move America for a safer and great America once again. Make America Greater Again. Make America Safer Again. 2020 TRUMP and Congress conservative!!!!!

  9. Our Founding Fathers did not establish a Socialist Republic, and our ancestors did not fight and die for one either. If Bernie Sanders is elected in 2020, it’s time for civil war!

  10. He would ruin America.. If the voting is all legal, Trump will win in a landslide. The bookies here in Las Vegas have put out odds on the 2020 election. Trump is favored 3-2………

  11. I listen to all these Republican supporters and their jibberish, and I conclude these people are on the other side normal. They’re either exceptionally stupid, or so paranoid of loosing their majority status, that being led by Putins’ puppet is their only vision for the future of this country. Yes racism is a very big factor in their voting for this morally bankrupted president, and it is so obvious even the so-called Caucasian Christians, have jettisoned their morals to protect, what is known as white supremacy, and white privilege. Well they need to wake up, because this is a new day, and things have changed, and will never be the same ever again. Yes there is a God, and God has seen their version of freedom, justice, and equality, and they have failed mightily, and their only chance at salvation, is to except that change, or as one of them said start a civil war. I realize you go back in time, and see all the victories in the American story, but that was with all hands on deck, and I don’t believe the kind of war that will be fought, they could win. Just as their president said what do we have to lose? To him, and them I say what will you gain?

    1. Arguing with libtard snowflake is like arguing with a monkey. No matter how rational or researched your argument is, the monkey will just throw poop at everyone and strut about like it won!

  12. Since the republicans have so graciously conceded control of the media to the left, they better get used to conceding the presidency in 2020. Those who think the MSM has no control should listen to the comments of those convinced that Trump is aligned with Russia or that he is a racist.

  13. Hey dumb shit. The Scandinavian countries are not truly socialistic. Their economies are capitalistic.

  14. Yeah, let Bernie run. Trump will kill him. No real American will vote for this old, socialist motherfucker.

  15. So far Bernie’s plan to buy votes with other peoples money seems to be the most popular among young people. My question to them would be. Do all the people that worked hard and paid for their college get a refund?

  16. What are these self-centered, lazy, and greedy Democrats going to tell their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren who will live in poverty if they turn the country over to a Socialist/Communist? Well, he promised me free stuff (that we never received) and told me those rich guys (who were working to earn what they had) were going to have their stuff taken away and shared with us. Well, their stuff got taken away, sure enough! But somehow it was never enough to trickle down to us. So shut up and eat your boiled cabbage because that is all we get. Democrats yell, “Russia, Russia, Russia” at Trump while they try to turn the country into the USSA. What I hear is Jan from the Brady bunch yelling, “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia” because her sister was more popular than she was. They put up criminal politicians who lined their own pockets and didn’t know how to run anything and we put up a businessman who knew what it takes to Make America Great Again.

    1. Once a billionaire was asked to share his wealth…he gave the guy a cheque for about $6.00. When he asked what it was for the billionaire replied that is your share of my fortune…after dividing it by the (then) “world population”…wealth is subjective and money, over and above one’s material needs is nice but not a necessity…but then there is “greed”…

  17. Bernie Sanders is a good and decent man. However, America doesn’t
    appreciate as they should, any person with a moral compass in or out of politics.

    I understand Mr. Sanders dilemma as he is a sincere victim of the 2016 election thanks to his own party.

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