Trump Doubles Down on Border Security Promises

President Trump made numerous significant and assertive remarks on Monday, December 18 during his National Security Strategy speech.

He talked of protecting Americans through tougher policies on immigration and his signature promise of constructing a wall along the southern border of the United States. As of now, there has been nothing stopping would-be immigrants, even ones who enter the U.S. illegally, from freely flowing across the border and into the U.S.

Let’s take a look at what the president said.

Key Comments from Trump’s Speech

Right off the bat, President Trump sounded off on his “America First” commitment.

“First we must protect the American people, the homeland and a great American way of life. This strategy recognizes that we cannot secure our nation if we do not secure our borders,” Trump said.

That is simply common sense. A country without borders and one that allows anyone and everyone to stream across the border is not a country at all. Throughout history, countries have had distinct borders and policies for who can or cannot come across the border to visit or stay permanently.

“So for the first time ever, American strategy now includes a serious plan to defend our homeland,” the president continued. “It calls for the construction of a wall on our southern border, ending chain migration and the horrible visa and lottery programs, closing loopholes that undermine enforcement and strongly supporting our border patrol agents, ICE officers and Homeland Security personnel.”

Renewed Focus on Immigration

It was Trump who in 2015 brought the issue of illegal immigration and chain migration to the forefront early in his campaign for president. Ever since then, immigration has been a key issue of his presidency.

Trump and his supporters have been called racist by those who oppose immigration restrictions and a border wall, but it is not racist to simply want to implement policies that strengthen national security and safety by having policies for who can come into the country.

Clearly, America’s safety is impacted by border security — or lack thereof. Case in point: the crimes, many of them violent, that have been committed by illegal immigrants. The U.S. needs to know who is coming into the country and whether they are a safety threat, whether in terms of committing crimes against individual Americans or staging terror attacks. Unfortunately, we now live in a world where issues like that absolutely must be addressed, given the various acts of terrorism and violent crimes that have already occurred in recent years.

A Return to Sane Border Policies

Politicians and Americans on both sides of the political aisle will undoubtedly continue to express strong opinions regarding immigration and a border wall. Democrat-led cities are acting like they might be planning to push back against the construction of a wall and stricter immigration policies.

But, Trump is correct when he says that national security is impossible if the borders are not secure. The United States, as would be the case with any normal country, needs to know who is coming into the country. It needs to be able to decide whether potential immigrants are upstanding and responsible people, as was standard practice decades ago when people immigrated from various other countries and were thoroughly screened through set policies before they were ever allowed to enter the country. They were not just let into the country willy nilly or allowed to sneak in around a flimsy border fence, as has been happening in recent years along the southern border.

It will be interesting to see how the issue of border security unfolds in 2018, and whether planning and construction will finally begin. On the heels of the historic success of Trump’s national tax plan the week before Christmas, the president could also find success in terms of his border security plan in the near future.

Whatever happens, one thing is certain: the U.S. cannot continue of its dangerous path of allowing people to freely flow across the southern border and into the country. That is simply too risky, not to mention downright foolish.

~ Conservative Zone

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34 thoughts on “Trump Doubles Down on Border Security Promises”

  1. Our National Security is at risk as long as we have the Muslim Refugees and immigrants in our country. Sanctuary states and cities are also a threat to all American citizens. Increase deportations. No hearing, a non-citizen is not entitled to the US citizens constitutional rights.

    1. You and I both agree on that. But the liberals and rinos in power would argue that they are entitled to it. Best way to stop the nonsense is to vote all the rinos out and only elect people that promise to uphold the rule of law as it is written in the Constitution. That is the only way we will ever get their attention.

  2. Too bad Trump didn’t make a campaign promise that he would put away his biases via tweets and speeches and that he would quit acting like the spoiled brat he is.

    1. And that Jose is a bias in and of itself on your part. We all have biased opinions on many things and our goal should be to decide what is best for the country and not what is best for the political party we support. If you honestly believe that open borders, chain migration, and visas that are issued based on a lottery pick are better than having an immigration policy based on assuring that the individuals that come to America to become Americans I have nothing but pity for you.

    2. Too bad that you don’t fall off the face of the planet. The spoiled, coddled brat left office on January 20th of this year and his corrupt side kick has been relegated to writing books wondering what happened!

    3. What is the “problem” you don’t “like” OUR PRESIDENT GOING AROUND the CORRUPT BIASED liberal media and talking DIRECTLY to the AMERICAN PEOPLE? The real TRUTH get to you? I for one enjoy the “tweets” without the LIBERAL COMMUNIST “spin”, and occasionally “tweet” the President myself. Don’t like it here?… Use another one of our FREEDOMS and MOVE to a COMMUNIST COUNTRY of you choosing. (just don’t try to come back after you “discover” what a MISTAKE you have made)

    4. Not bias at all Diaz to want safety in America. If you apply the correct way to get in America, that’s great, but to sneak in unregistered that’s what is called illegal immigration.

    5. Jose—- what you need is a one way ticket to north korea. You notice that I did not capitalize “korea”. It’s a trash pile.

  3. Get it done. Deport Daca’s illegals. No Amnesty period. Dems did it to us now they should agree to clean up their mess.


      2. Give me a break! No problem? how about a school in Californication that fly’s the Mexican flag! Look up what the constitution says about that! How about emergency rooms full of these people getting and obstructing AMERICANS from getting treated because of their presence? How about several families renting and living in one house which makes the neighborhood undesirable and plummets the property values so decent people have to move out? How about these “Illegals” taking jobs under the table and working for less money than a middle class blue collar worker can afford to live on? (That’s the real reason the politicians are defending them) How about lowering the standard of living for average American workers who cant afford to work for the amount of money these parasites will accept? How about “PRESS ONE FOR ENGLISH!!!” THIS IS AMERICA NOT A THIRD WORLD SPANISH SPEAKING COUNTRY! We aren’t Canada where the country is divided up into sections of people who speak different languages!

    1. Don’t expect DEMOCOMMIES to “clean up ” their mess…They are looking for all the ILLEGAL DEMOCOMMIE VOTERS they can cram in this country. All these “illegals” ARE to them, are VOTES and will use OUR taxpayer DOLLARS to BRIBE them (WELFARE…FREEBIES) to keep coming in.

  4. He should also stop providing these illegals with free Education, healthcare, food and other social services, costing millions of dollars for the taxpayers. California alone spent 25 Million last year alone. Why do the socialistic, open borders Democrats think we ought to provide these services when we don’t even provide them for our own citizens? Why do they give preferential treatment to lawbreakers/illegal immigrants when we have legal immigrants coming to this country that have to sign a document stating they won’t be a burden on the American Taxpayers? This should stop immediately.

  5. I’m a little at a loss here. How many people are currently coming across the border and getting to stay here? How many are coming legally and overstaying their visas? Do we need to fix some of the wall? For sure but to rebuild the wall with what he is wanting to do will cost billions, take a very long time and will probably just be added to the debt. Do we really want to just do that? That’s not America first as our kids will be the ones paying that debt. And as interest rates go up, what we pay on that debt will be greater each year.

    He wants to stop chain migration? Why? We do extreme vetting now. Are we going to let in people that can’t pass the vetting just because they have family here? Is it because some kids did some violent acts? Were they citizens when they did it? How long were they in the country when they did it? Does he really think that stopping chain migration is going to stop some nut from converting from citizen to terrorist? Was the guy who shot up Las Vegas here by chain migration or did he live here all his life? I am not sure what problem this actually solves.

    1. OKAY Bright Eyes…. How much is it costing the American Tax Payer to pay for all the expenses for these people that you want to allow to remain here? How much will it cost us after they bring in their “extended families”? My guess is that it will be considerably more expensive than building the wall. But with that aside, I am sure that there are people like me that would gladly “DONATE” to the cause of building the wall if we can be assured that it will go directly to that particular expense. I, personally, would donate $100.00 I am sure that there are enough American citizens that would do the same to seriously lessen the cost to the Treasury.
      By the way….. How do you know who actually did the shooting in Las Vegas? The so-called Intelligence agencies are not releasing any information on it. It is apparent (to anyone that has been watching) that there is a cover up going on. I can’t wait to see how this is spun and how it will be “swept under the carpet” as they do so many occurrences. JFK Anyone????

      1. The “shooting” was in MY opinion another “false flag” ‘government” operation to further their “gun control” agenda.
        I also believe that overweight gambler that “SUPPOSEDLY” did all the “shooting” was DECEASED long before the first shots were fired. “collateral damage” And what happened to the video that was shot by a independent citizen showing a black helicopter (no running lights) firing out of the side window down at the crowd? “GONE” already? The “spin” and “coverups” appear to be already occurring.

  6. Fantastic remarks and I am proud to “back-up” our President in his agenda that will make America Strong Again.
    As a retired NASA Engineer and a”tax payer”, my wife and I are ‘sick-and-tired” of supporting the entire world, especially our close Southern Neighbor (Mexico), who has benefited from “one-sided” Trade Policies and NAFTA for 25 yrs. Mr. President, stick to your “strong commitment” and words and renegotiate NAFTA to benefit our country trade and the way you promised.
    May God continue to bless you in every way to make this country great again. May God give you the wisdom and the knowledge to do the best for this country of ours.
    Thank you for being our “best president”

    Mr. & Mrs. Ben Reina Jr.
    Houston, TX

  7. I truly hope that President Trump will keep his promise and build the wall
    I heard this morning that the Mexicans are saying that President Trump has not deported as many Illegals as Obama did, but that’s not true, Obama just allowed more and more of them in on a daily basis and the Border Agents were told just to catch and release them into the united states so all I can do is hope that President Trump will do what he says and stop hiring people who are pro immigration and allowing them to come back into the country even if they are being deported

  8. We cannot ignore the terrorists who are continually entering this country and committing crimes since Obama’s Islam Invasion began. Face it, they are raised with the Koran which teaches them to hate and kill non-Muslims. They believe it’s OK to rape women and children. Then they kill their daughters if they are raped.

    We are a civilized country, we don’t want their Sharia Law, we want our Constitution not their barbaric customs. Yet they continually try to make us accept Islam by changing our laws and indoctrinating our children in schools with Common Core and more.

    It has to stop now. President Carter deported them and stopped them from entering during the Iran conflict. We must get rid of anti-American judges now. This is America and let’s protect it.

  9. America doesn’t need any more immigrants .
    We needed immigrants when we were a developing country , which we are not anymore .
    We take in more immigrants than the rest of the world combined and now days , immigrants are foolishly given our social services programs to buy their votes .

    Now is the time for a moratorium on all immigration , LEGAL & ILLEGAL !

  10. Thank you President Trump! I agree with many of the above posts, get the immigrates out of our country, stop giving them welfare (food stamps, medical and housing) fine the states that harbor them. Charity begins at home. Protect us and get them out! GOD bless you and keep you and your family safe. Merry Christmas.

  11. I know nobody that cares about leftist liberals that care to stick their heads in the sand while America is over run with illegals and muslim refugees. Look at Minnesota and its problems with refugees. I for one don’t want America turning into England which will soon be muslim controlled thanks to their imbecilic Prime Minister Mays. She’s no brighter than Canada’s Trudeau who has the same ruminating on refugees. Both are dolts that will go down to islamic terrorism and sharia law. BUILD THAT WALL PRESIDENT TRUMP!

  12. All those in favor of illegal imigration pick a family and take them in to your household. That will include the rest of the train. You take on there financial obligations and lets see how feel about this after one week.

  13. Illegal is illegal, if you don’t apply and adhere to the rules of law your illegal. Americans don’t want to foot the bill for criminals of other countries that come here for handouts on our dime

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