Trump Fires Inspector General Set to Oversee Coronavirus Stimulus Funds

President Donald Trump fired Pentagon inspector general Glenn Fine earlier this week, who was originally tasked with monitoring the coronavirus economic relief plan.

On Tuesday, the president removed IG Glenn Fine, the chairman of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee that led a group of inspectors general in overseeing the creation and disbursement of the over $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus relief effort.

“Mr. Fine is no longer on the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee,” a Pentagon spokesperson said, also indicating that Fine will return to his Senate-confirmed role as principal deputy inspector general of the Pentagon.

The president temporarily appointed the inspector general for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) instead, to monitor the implementation of the new law.

The Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, a panel made up of inspectors general to locate and investigate waste and abuse of spending under the bill, was created as part of the stimulus package that passed last month.

Under the new law, there was also a new position of a special inspector general for pandemic recovery that was created. This position, which Brian Miller was appointed to by Trump on Monday, will conduct oversight over stimulus spending by the Treasury Department.

Miller currently serves as special assistant to the president and senior associate counsel in the Office of White House Counsel. Miller also formerly served as inspector general for the General Services Administration (GSA) for nearly a decade and reported on fraud, waste and abuse.

Naturally, Congressional Democrats were not happy with the dismissal of Fine, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer blasted Trump for his decision, as expected.

“President Trump is abusing the coronavirus pandemic to eliminate honest and independent public servants because they are willing to speak truth to power and because he is so clearly afraid of strong oversight,” Schumer said in a statement Tuesday. “President Trump’s corrupt action to sideline Acting Inspector General Glenn Fine, who was newly-appointed as chair of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee, only strengthens Democrats’ resolve to hold the administration accountable and enforce the multiple strict oversight provisions of the CARES Act.”

The removal of Fine is especially threatening to Democrats, amid a battle in Congress over their efforts to establish additional investigative committees to oversee the Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and stimulus distribution.

Last week, Pelosi announced that she would create a bipartisan House committee to oversee the administration’s response, and that it would be chaired by Rep. Jim Clyburn, (D-SC). She said the committee is designed to address the “here and now,” concerning the allocation of the historic amount of federal funds directed to the economic recovery, and even went as far as to compare it to the committee chaired by then Senator Harry Truman in 1941 to investigate waste, fraud and abuse in defense spending at the beginning of World War II.

“With over $2 trillion in emergency relief, we need to ensure those dollars are spent carefully and effectively,” Pelosi said of the stimulus bill passed by Congress.

The Congressional Oversight Commission is already set up to supervise spending by the Department of the Treasury and the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. It is required to send reports to Congress every 30 days. The House also has an Oversight Committee, which is tasked with conducting oversight of the federal government.

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33 responses to “Trump Fires Inspector General Set to Oversee Coronavirus Stimulus Funds”

  1. Pelosi needs to be constantly reminded of what she said and be strictly held to it: “With over $2 trillion in emergency relief, we need to ensure those dollars are spent carefully and effectively.”
    Schumer needs to find another line of work, maybe some circus act? He is so full of BS you would think he and Pelosi were kin!

    • Schumer is full of Pelosi !!! The Dem Establishment in general is full of Pelosi just like my Septic Tank!

  2. If Democrats had control of 2 trillion $ ,it would take all body’s in Senate to oversee demo and. Liberal s spending.nancy peloosey doesn’t care about americans.the demo are placed in office by voters.they have their on idealogy.always your taxed to so you can’t function as a human.street crime, robberys,etc.whyis Biden not being brought on charges for his sexual. Battery on a staff member

    • Biden is not being prosecuted because apparently our Judicial System is also full of Happy Horse Pelosi!

  3. What is amazing to me is that Pelosi evidently thinks people are really stupid. She and her fellow Democrats tried to add a bunch of non relevant pet project items ( pork ) to the Corona virus bill which would have added billions to the initial cost and now these same sleazebags have the audacity to complain about possible corruption/frivolous spending and yet they propose to appoint one of their own to oversee a committee to see that the money is properly spent.
    Here is the perfect example of the weasel guarding the hen house. !!!

    • It just kills me that the Dep Party Officials have the absolute gall; the nerve; to talk about corruption!!! They make the old Al Capone gang look like a Boy Scout Troop! On top of that why do so many people believe the Pelosi they put out?? It is mind boggling!!!


  5. Pelosi & Schumer are perfect examples of why this country need term limits. Pelosi has been in Congress for over 40 years & thinks she knows it all. Schumer, from NY does not even knows what goes on outside of NYC. He is a great clown for the cameras, he can’t pass one bye without babbling about BS. Both only know about NYC & SF, both Communistic leaning cities, who love to spend other peoples money. Why does she have an airplane paid by us citizens to commute to California Thursday to Monday evenings. Big crap talk about climate change what a big farce. That tyrant crybaby could fly any airline first class & save a bundle on her farce “carbon footprint, global warming.” Same with Schumer.

    Lets get rid of at least Pelosi & Schumer “Ma & Pa socalist leaders. VOTE FOR TERM LIMITS IS A MUST. 2 terms for Reps & 1 term for senators.

  6. Democrats had who they knew would benefit them as they stole taxpayer funds, Trump knew that, and threw a wrench in the gear box! Democrats think everyone except them are stupid, Trump may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night!
    The Criminal Organization DNC is going to steal money, it’s what they do! HRC and BHO robbed the DNC blind in 2016!

    • The Dem constituency is basically the uneducated/ignorant minorities and illegal immigrants because they are not capable of managing educated folks. Of course than means anyone over a 3rd grade education doesn’t it.

  7. Term limits need to be addressed, but the entire DNC is a criminal organization and must be thrown in prison until the world stops turning! If the Justice system won’t do it, WE THE PEOPLE must do it ourselves! This is our Country to lose, we have an obligation to physically throw the DNC into cells!

  8. The DNC wants to confiscate our guns not because they care about citizens dying, they want to be the only ones with guns so they can control us, we can never allow that to happen!
    We must deal harshly with the DNC before they try to take our guns, if we attack the DNC and throw them in prison, we never have to worry about them again!

  9. Our children’s future depends on us getting rid of the DNC! We must put so much pressure on our Republican leaders that they must jail the DNC!

    • I’ve been saying for some time now that the DNC must be dissolved and rebooted with new people. Today’s DNC is nothing like the DNC I belonged to 50 years ago. It has morphed into an Anti American, communist party to be ashamed of in every light.

  10. As soon as they elect a Democrat POTUS they are going to go nuts, they will confiscate guns, and they will send the middle class to camps! We must not let them cheat their way into power! They cheated their own party’s Presidential Nomination Election in 2016, they will cheat in 2020! We must act before November!

  11. We must participate in totally secret meetings to plan our attacks, we must coordinate dates, and times! We must strike fast, and with extreme malice! If you want to keep America free, you have to decide to attack with a plan of action! We did not ask for this, they brought it on themselves, so if our children are to have a future, we must attack! Do not have a democratic mindset, we are way past that!
    Right now, the DNC has Soros and Holder, redrawing district lines, and they are pushing mail-in voting! They have begun their cheating, we must act, and act with extreme prejudice!

  12. Get ahold of your Republican leaders, you know who they are! Don’t give them a moments peace, they must plan these secret meetings and they must understand the seriousness of our will. If you love your children, and grandchildren, you must act right now! Call those reps and email them too! We have to act and there is no time to waste!

  13. Bilderberg’s have already had their secret meetings, and they plant to eliminate the middle class by any means necessary!
    ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT aspirers are pressuring the DNC to get obstacles out of the way, they have to elect a POTUS who will ignore the will of the people! They must disarm us and rid America of middle class citizens! They plan to use secret armies to go door to door and have them tha authority to kill citizens! We have no time to lose! If you don’t own a firearm, go buy one, and buy ammunition, as much as you can afford!

  14. This is a “RED-ALLERT” Get ahold of your Republican leaders, meeting must be set up so we can all be on the same page, and plan attacks to rid America of the Democrat Party! WE DID NOT ASK FOR THIS! WE MUST DEFEND OUR HOMELAND FROM THE “ONE-WORLD-GOVERNMENT!” OUR CHILDREN’S

  15. This pin head pencil neck doesn’t know truth. Hes never spoke truth
    Lies lies lies and more lies from these pos demoncraps
    Get em out of business
    Gooo Trump
    Let the man do his job jerks

  16. People, The DNC is working to overthrow our Government as we sit in our homes under unConstitutional police state lockdown! They are out raising us, and they are out fighting us! Our children’s future depends on our actions! The DNC is a criminal organization and they don’t care about lives, they want power, and control, if you don’t know it, WE ARE Under Attack! WE ARE AT WAR! THE DNC IS OUR WORST ENEMIE!

  17. Good grief!! The words deplorable and despicable must have been created to describe many of those writing these responses. I can only hope, probably foolishly, that these folks represent the dark underbelly of our society and not conservatives in general.

  18. Oh my, what a bunch’s of commies. President Trump has the hardest job of all, trying to save the people from the corona virus, and we have idiots like the Democraps who are trying to control all of the people, we need to stand up for the President right now.
    We certainly don’t want the Democraps in power. All the people like micheal and
    Obummer, Killary need to mind there own business and stay out of the President’s way. Let him do his job, he is doing a wonderful job looking after the Country.

  19. Why don’t these lame-brain reporters listen to what President Trump or his task force have to say. They talk over his answers. They never learned to listen ; they just open their mouths and sh** flies out. They are probably listening to some question coming from the left. They need to have their credentials taken away.

  20. These same reporters are so Anti-Trump, they should be tossed out of the press conferences the President holds.
    Also, Pelosi and Schumer should be prosecuted on treason for proposing to help illegal aliens. They should be helping American CITIZENS, all the ones who actually worked hard. Unlike many of the senators and representatives, who should give up their salaries until they actually propose something to help the workers who are suffering now. They should not hold up the stimulus money, like Pelosi and Schumer are doing right now.

  21. The intelligence of the whole press would fit on the head of a pin with a lot of room leftover. Combine that with Pelosi , Schumer and the rest of the DUMMOCRATS and the amount of intelligence would be in a MINUS situation.

  22. The American public is so much smarter than all of the a**hole reporters combined. An expert can totally explain something, but the a**hole press has no clue what was said. The reporters need to stop pressing their leftist ideologies.

  23. The a**hole reporters are still at it. They don’t get the fact they are so dumb and don’t have the decency to listen to an expert on anything important and then ask a question about the subject the expert was talking about.

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