Trump Gives Up on Compromise, Finds Another Way to Protect America

Amid ongoing controversy about the proposed border wall, construction and illegal aliens, President Trump recently indicated he is ready and willing to send American troops to the south to guard the border. In a recent statement, President Trump said that he wants to guard the southern border of the US until the wall is complete.

The wall is still in its infancy. There are prototypes for the president to chose from, but it is years from completion. The presence of US military troops could help protect the border until construction is complete. This statement reveals the president’s commitment to border safety and a potential escalation in the ability and effort to eliminate illegal immigration from the south. According to President Trump, he has been discussing this proposal with James Mattis, his Defense Secretary.

“Until we can have a wall and proper security, we are going to be guarding our border with the military,” Trump said. “That’s a big step. We really haven’t done that before, or certainly not very much before.”

In the past weeks, President Trump’s mounting frustration with the wall project and the slow progress has been visible in the news and on Twitter. Protecting the United States with a border wall that clearly separates the US and Mexico and prohibits immigration except through legal channels was a hallmark of his 2016 campaign.

While the president has long spoken of the wall and even viewed recent prototypes, he is still far from completing this project. A recent request for additional funds went unanswered in Congress. So far, only $1.6 billion of the needed funds have been provided to enhance border security — with the caveat that the money could not be spent on the actual wall. While he has significant public support for the project, Congress continues to be an obstruction, delaying or refusing funding for one of the president’s primary objectives and promises, the border wall.

While sending the US military to defend the wall is unusual, it has happened in the past. In 2006, George W. Bush sent troops, a total of 6,000 National Guardsmen, to safeguard the border. At that time, more trained border agents were needed, so the military took on the task of guarding the border as a temporary measure while these new hires were trained.

In 2010, then-President Barack Obama did the same, deploying 1,200 National Guard troops to assist the overburdened and overworked (and sometimes outmatched) border patrol.

There are limitations on the troops that can be sent to defend the border. Both past presidents deployed non-active duty military, but the National Guard. This is because of a regulation reaching back to 1878, which does not allow active military to enforce domestic laws. The National Guard is designed to assist with support and defense instead of the active duty military.

While President Trump has the support of the public, both his own base and many independents, lawmakers disagree with the idea of sending troops, citing the possibility of increased tensions with Mexico.

“I don’t feel really comfortable with the idea of deploying military troops and creating the possibility for an increase in violence and an escalation of the conflict,” Rep. Francis Rooney (R-Fla) said. Rooney feels the existing process of stopping and vetting the illegals that are found is working.

Trump’s recent comments indicate a return to his original, campaign stance on illegal immigration and his recent Tweets support this as well.

A recent Tweet in support of more protection accused Democrats of being obstructionist and willing to “allow open borders, drugs and crime!”

As the battle for the wall continues and the efforts to curtail illegal immigration drag on, the recent comments indicate the President is still focused on this cornerstone campaign promise and that, one way or another, he will continue working to protect he US public. Whether that protection is in the form of National Guard soldiers, an enhanced border patrol or the wall itself remains to be seen, but his recent comments promise commitment and action.

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37 thoughts on “Trump Gives Up on Compromise, Finds Another Way to Protect America”

  1. “Rooney feels the existing process of stopping and vetting the illegals that are found is working”.

    Ridiculous! All one needs to do is look at the backlog of illegals awaiting “court hearings” which in and of itself is ridiculous, because by crossing without proper documentation they have violated the law, and most never return for the hearings unless they have been incarcerated.

    Until catch and release is completely eliminated border and immigration authorities will never have a handle on the situation.

    1. Turning Them around before They enter the country is the answer. Anyone that wishes to apply for entry can do so;but, stay in Mexico (or Canada) until Your hearing. The Military will be needed (armed) at the border as the drug runners and coyotes stand to lose many Millions (Billions) of Dollars when the INVASION STOPS.

    2. Keep “catch and release” (MY “version”) catch them with a BULLET to the head, and “release” them into the Rio Grande (the fish need to eat too.) We have the firepower….USE IT. That will be the ONLY way to STOP the illegals.

  2. The lefty’s are the Gobalist, the enemy of our country. What we as a Nation have stood for. The rest of the world wants US to fall !!

  3. Of course the Dems are upset with border closure it limits their fresh supply of voters, legal or illegal ! (Yes they find a way, in some states the illegal or dead voters got their votes for Hillary) No current legal resident really favors the Dems because they are too far left and no one wants to live in a Socialist country !

    1. Trump gives up on compromise with the Democrats on border security and immigration reform? I sure hope so because it has been a complete waste of time. The Democratic view of compromise is do it our way and we will go along with you. However, the problem has reached the crisis stage and we cannot allow the situation to continue to deteriorate. The president had to take action and take it now.

  4. How does this do anything? The military can’t shoot them. Once they cross, they say “I want asylum” and we’re stuck with them.

    Am I missing something?

  5. The Democrats expect to be rewarded for their push for open borders and unfettered immigration from Mexico. It is their belief that they can replace all current citizens with undocumented immigrants and thus guarantee a Democrat majority in both houses of Congress and a Democrat President, perhaps forever. The Democrats figured they had already reached this situation with Obama’s first election. Hillary was to have been the third Democrat administration in a row and was to provide the proof that American citizens weren’t needed. “Something Happened”! Clearly, if the Democrats are to be successful in their attempt to wrap up American politics forever, they still need more illegals. This is the reason they are so dead set against “the wall”, against eliminating chain migration, against adopting merit based migration and so willing to commit voter fraud.

  6. We must control the house and senate to protect our borders. The Democrats will not protect America and will tax us out of our homes.

  7. We the people will vote enough democrats out of office in 2018 and then we will get the wall–hold the FBI–DOJ leadership accountable for their crimes against this country

  8. The left wing loons do not want secure borders. They realize – at least the shot callers realize – the rest are probably oblivious as to o how easy it will be to smuggle anything and everything across an open border – including – gasp – guns. Illegal un-traceable guns. You see they want your legal guns so you will not be a problem for them.

    ” They have the guns and therefore we are for peace and for reformation through the ballot. When we have the guns then it will be through the bullet.”
    Saul Alinsky

  9. Not hard to figure out. If PRESIDENT TRUMP STOPS the ILLEGALS from crossing over, THOSE “illegals” are the “future voters” of the DEMOCOMMUNIST PARTY. If successful in crossing, they will be IMMEDIATELY BRIBED with the USUAL “promises” of “special treatment” and “free stuff” as long as they remain on their “PLANTATION” and LOYAL to them. (then after the “voting” is done, they will be “forgotten” just like the Blacks and Hispanics) THAT is why they WANT “new residents” on their “plantation” because MANY INTELLIGENT Blacks and Hispanics are FINALLY wising up to their CROOKED, corrupt “ways” and bailing off. (so the “ILLEGALS” are the NEXT gullible people to USE)

  10. How many American’s have to die because of filthy politicians working with the cartels, look at the criminal government in
    Mexico and our own politicians who are benefiting from the drug trade. And is every one in our country so stupid not to see this, the border is as corrupt on the American side as on the Mexico side. First of all Place Patriotic Judges and sheriffs who do not sell there soles to the drug dealers, this bullshit can be stopped in a week . the South border is a corridor for terrorists and Mexico has never been our friend they have supported the Germans in WW 1 and would of supported Hitler in ww2 if they weren’t afraid of us. How can we watch the cartel connected ex president Fox use vile language against the greatest president we ever elected and not to mention the shirt he is selling of our president and with a soiled American flag . Mexican people are great people but they are with out arms and there are very few left with guts to fight the tyranny of the cartels. China stopped the opium trade in a couple of days and we can not control it this is pure bs

  11. Hey Rooney! That’s AFTER they’ve already broken one of our laws. Entering the country illegally. That’s what the President is trying to stop. How about doing your job and start living up to the oath you took. If that’s not possible, then stop accepting your bloated paycheck and resign.

  12. A sure way to make this work is to offer a $1,000 bounty for every illegal killed who is trying to cross the border

  13. Take the Secret Service and hand guns away from those left wing democrats for security, and see how long they LIVE! Presdent Donald Trump is right on what he is doing to keep hontest Americans alive.

  14. Me, personally am saying..wish “the wall” conversation would go away because I think most drugs are brought in by air and rails!
    Also Mexicans are “workers” when they get here!
    So much misinformation concerning this and the Mexicans will not end up paying for this
    “WALL”…it will all fall back on the US!

    1. Can you please quantify your beliefs? What percentage of drugs are coming in by air or boat? What percentage is coming in by rail? Rail lines still have to cross the boarder. But there is evidence of a lot of drugs coming directly across the boarder. And the cartels are still involved in a lot of violence along the boarder. Should that not be stopped?
      Mexican nationals are “workers” when the get here? How is such a statement justified when so many of them are on our welfare roles? We may also ask whose jobs are they taking? And not all the invaders coming into the United States across our southern boarder are citizens of Mexico. Mexico is not likely to ever agree to pay for the wall or any part of its costs directly. But there are ways to ensure that they share in some of the costs Indirectly. There is also good reason to believe that the wall would save the United States more money than it would cost to build. For the security of our nation and the safety of our citizens the wall is worth building.

  15. It is time for Mexico to pay for the wall, Period! Does not matter if we make an enemy out of Mexico, and frankly i think that they already established they are no friends of America. Past president was on fox news the other day and has made it his agenda to invade America and take it over thru the voter box, and he has pretty much accomplished that in California. Amazing that he( Vincent Fox ) tells us how to run our country and exploit the poor to cross so we can contribute to his economy via funds being transferred back from America. I am very sympathetic to people from South America, but they are sending the poor and criminals, as they seem to think that the America has best chance to better their lives. Unfortunately, the criminals come with increases of good people, and if they truly want to move to America, why not apply legally. I see many Hispanic people whom work hard and are great people in our neighborhood, but do they want the criminal elements that they seek to flee come here too. Seems that the cost to America for those in crime and welfare is way higher than a wall. We need to arm the guard and military to not only capture, but to send them to gitmo , that would stop the flow if word got out. Besides it would represent a great advance in screening before we return them or allow them into our country. Of course, there is a down side to that, we still have the most hardened terrorist in man kind their. But it would be a huge out cry and people would stop their mass invasion of our borders.
    Mexico would probably invade our country with the drug cartel and declare war on America. Imagine that outcome.

  16. Mexico would probably invade our country with the drug cartel and declare war on America. — Where did you very get such a stupid idea?

  17. The only people who do not want a protected border are those who are profiting from an open border. All democrats want an open border, primarily to get new voters as REAL Americans have started to understand who the DNC really represents (Everyone with donations/bribes/etc). We know tons of heroin are poring in to the USA from Mexico as well as human trafficking, felons on the run from justice in their own country, and any form of contraband that you can make money on. Not to mention potential terrorists. Democrats, while corrupt, do understand this, but they need the new voters than the safety of real Americans. The DNC/democrats have become a criminal enterprise and is highly likely chargeable under the federal RICO act. People need to wake up about these Marxist, drugged out morons.

  18. Everything is tied to the midterm elections. Please support, vote and donate to Republicans, even if they are rino’s.

    God willing, if we retain control of Congress, Trump will Fire much of Deep State, literally the day after.

    No Second Amendment Supporter should vote for ANY Democrat. If there is no choice, don’t vote.

    I pray we will retain our plurality. The midterms are the most important elections in our history.


    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  19. now THIS is what troops are for – defending THE NATION

    close down all 800+ foreign military bases, and bring the troops home to DEFEND the nation

  20. The controversy over the fence is so screwed up ! AOL is shiowing a picture of illegals climbing over the wall on the Southern border THIS IS NOT ANY PART OF THE TRUMP WALL

  21. Remember its not just Mexicans and Hispanics that are coming across the border, it’s also Religious Militants, hell bent on the destruction of America, and our way of life. Democrats need fear this, as it’s their (Democrat) followers, that are the major interest in the Koran, and the Militants, that via their beliefs, needs to be eradicated from life.

  22. Here’s a different thought; when an illegal maims, or kills an American citizen – -whatever voting district that occurs in, if that district’s Congressional representatives have voted AGAINST border control/wall/deportation, then “that representative” should be arrested, charged with COMPLICITY in said crime and imprisoned accordingly. I.e. nutty nan, from San Fran – -Kate Steinle was murdered, by an illegal, in that district; why not arrest nutty nan, charge her “for complicity” and try her for that murder – -it sure sounds fair to me.

  23. Voter fraud:
    Look at California.
    Illegals can apply for a California drivers license.
    They are issued a drivers licence.
    Once you have a California drivers licence you are also able to vote.
    This is with complete support:
    Diane Finstien
    Maxine Waters
    Nancy Pelosi

  24. How many times has it been said and discussed that the basis for all of USA problems now is that ideological fight between Democracy and Socialism. The left are standing behind the skirts of Lady Liberty the same as the Conservatives are. Both use the Constitutution as their guide in which to wage their particular battle against the other side. Both use the 1st Amendment as some legalese to stand on their preverbal town stump to expound their particular type of rhetoric. So what gives here. I grew up thinking the Constitution was a protectant against all threats both foreign and domestic. Even CAIR can come into this country and stand behind the 1st Amendment. How does that happen where an Arab organization can put down roots here and claim their particular part of the American Pie and be protected against their brand of criminality. I like most Americans are pretty good of identifying the problem, but the elusive ingredient is the solution. Slick lawyers now can take the Constitution and turn it into green cheese and make everyone think its the truth. The take-out for me is we the people – the real power in our nation, has grown complacent, uninformed, and scared of stepping out to demand that the right be righted, and the wrong remain wrong. The Bible even talks about in the last days that right will be wrong, and the wrong will be right. I am wondering if there is among us a man that will stand up and show us the way out of this mess. Fire all of Congress, and all the corrupted bureaucrats, and get some farmers and ranchers in there with cow manuer on their boots and bring come common sense back into our government, and with term limits, then and only then can there even began to be the real healing that is needed. We cannot do this with lawyers and slight of hand any longer.

  25. How about ICE offering the American people tax free $100 or more bounty for every illegal alien that the American people turn into ICE and after those illegal aliens are deported, the money will be paid!! The FBI puts up wanted posters with rewards to catch criminals and the illegal aliens are criminals, so why can’t ICE do it across the country and the American people could make some money off of it!! The liberals would go “stark raving mad even though it is totally legal”!! ICE would not have to go looking for illegal aliens, the American people would give them to ICE for the money by the thousands!! ……

  26. You can’t work with some one who is not willing to work with you, The socialist democrats not only do not want a wall on the boarder, they don’t want boarder security, They don’t want a boarder. Some of them claim that we already have sufficient security but anyone that bothers to look know that is not the case. Some areas near the boarder are not even safe for American citizens to go because of the drug cartels. What is it that the democrats really want?

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