Trump is Ready to Shut Down the Government to Protect the Border

The crisis at America’s southern border has reached critical mass. Violent, illegal migrants recently attacked U.S. Border Patrol agents with rocks and broken bottles trying to gain access to the country. Caravan organizers have forced women and children to the front of their mob attack, placing the most vulnerable and innocent in harm’s way. It’s a miracle no one was killed as U.S. law enforcement repelled the insurgents.

Human traffickers have coyoted others through dangerous waterways and open areas. Other have literally thrown children over inadequate fencing. Some of these innocent children have been injured badly, and purposely separated from parents and loved ones.

“People look at the border, they look at the rush to the police, they look at the rock throwers and really hurting three people, three very brave Border Patrol folks — I think that it’s a tremendous issue, but much more importantly, is really needed. So, we have to have border security,” Pres. Trump reportedly said.

Today’s border crisis has reached unprecedented violence and horror on the backs of Democrat policies that sound like promises to Central Americans. Sanctuary cities and welfare benefits are bait for low-income people in El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras among others. While Americans have generously given hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars to these developing countries, U.S. sovereignty requires a lawful immigration process. That means comprehensive border security.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently released a statement that details the critical and immediate need to secure America’s southern border by extending existing border walls by 215 miles. The cost would be $5 billion, and DHS has vowed immediate action. Border security is no longer a negotiation between Democrats and Republicans, U.S. security depends on it.

“Walls work. When it comes to stopping drugs and illegal aliens across our borders, border walls have proven to be extremely effective,” a DHS statement reported said. “Border security relies on a combination of border infrastructure, technology, personnel and partnerships with law enforcement at the state, local, tribal, and federal level. For example, when we have installed wall in Yuma Sector, we have seen border apprehensions decrease by 90 percent. In San Diego we saw on Sunday that dilapidated, decades-old barriers are not sufficient for today’s threat and need to be removed so new – up to – 30-foot wall sections can be completed.”

According to DHS spokeswoman Katie Waldman, “215 miles of Border Patrol’s highest priority border wall miles,” include the following:

  • 5 miles in San Diego Sector in California
  • 14 miles in El Centro Sector in California
  • 27 miles in Yuma Sector in Arizona
  • 9 miles in El Paso Sector in New Mexico
  • 55 miles in Laredo Sector in Texas
  • 104 miles in Rio Grande Valley Sector in Texas

Congress had a Dec. 7 deadline to fund the government that was pushed back to honor late Pres. George H.W. Bush without political infighting. But that pause is only expected to last two weeks, and Pres. Donald J. Trump has vowed to veto any government funding measure unless DHS requirements are met. Although large portions of the federal government including military defense and would not be impacted by the shutdown, the border crisis has forced the president to draw a line in the sand.

The GOP controls the U.S. House until the next Congress begins in January, but Republicans lack the 60 votes necessary to pass a spending measure that includes appropriate border security. Already, Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is refusing to fund the needs outlined by DHS. With Nancy Pelosi likely controlling the House come 2019, zero chance exists to get funding next year.

While a partial government shutdown may not provide adequate leverage to motivate open borders Democrats, Pres. Trump is already exploring a variety of border security options.

“We need Democrat votes to have a wall,” Trump reportedly said. “Now, if we don’t get it, will I get it done another way? I might get it done another way. There are other potential ways that I can do it. You saw what we did with the military, just coming in with the barbed wire and the fencing, and various other things.”

Recent reports coming out of census data have indicated that millions of non-citizens are taking advantage of taxpayer-funded welfare benefits. The Trump Administration is actively working to close loopholes that allow illegal immigrants to steal taxpayer dollars and he has linked the loss in revenue back to the unsecured southern border.

“We would save Billions of Dollars if the Democrats would give us the votes to build the Wall,” Trump tweeted. “Either way, people will NOT be allowed into our Country illegally! We will close the entire Southern Border if necessary.”

A partial government shutdown appears imminent. But regardless of whether Democrats begin to work responsibly across party lines or not, Pres. Trump will act in the best interest of everyday Americans.

~ Conservative Zone

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32 thoughts on “Trump is Ready to Shut Down the Government to Protect the Border”

  1. Donald Trump willbuild the wall, just shut the Gov’t down, lay people in the Fed. Gov’t off, and save us money.

    1. He wasn’t elected to shut the Government down! But. Hell. Trump shut it down now! Build that wall. Yes! I like that idea? To fire or lay off all these anti- American Socislist Commie Globslist fool’s! Get them outta now! I’m for executing them all myself. No mercy!

    1. There are enough DemonRats that if each one would adopt three or four illegals, they could take care of all of them. That would save the Feds millions of $$.

    1. We have at least 5-6 trillion dollars sitting pension accounts, 401k,and IRA ‘s.
      POTUS can give matching funds to anyone who donates to the wall project and make the donors accounts completely free of the Infernal revenue buggers for life.

  2. Oh, but those POOR fed employees! Laid of just before Christmas, um, sorry… the Holidays… ALL those poor, poor huddled masses yearning to be free! No responsibility, no laws, no need to work, education & medical care. The FREE is there, ripe fir the taking – how can we deny these wonderful, filthy dirty, ill masses of humanity that’ll surely learn to vote properly!

  3. Shut it down. I am beginning to hate democrats all together. Do what you must do to protect the people of the united states. This is an invasion! And it must be stopped!

  4. Shut the Government Down! Do not delay or you will never get to build the wall. You must protect the US citizens, that is why we voted for Trump!

  5. Build the wall and have the democrates in congress pay for it. Time to use their money. They used our money to pay for their sex party and stole our medicare.

  6. What is the reason can’t funding the Southern boarders Wall ? Inside of Congress hafts of those peoples so call representatives are radicalized twist our rules laws aren’t real Americans ! This country can chose shots down the boarder anytime if is necessary or any security reason specially in today’s situations . DEMs is obstructing !! are they’re real a truer Americans in there ? Nothings is about the raisis issues matter is legals strictly applying status to prevent illegal caravan occurs , sure is about politically motivated plying in dirty games again ! is disgraceful & unfit to be the Congressional officials , wakes up you guys ! such corrupted & conspiracy groups ever .

  7. Early San Francisco had a way for getting rid of the undesirables who filled the waterfront piers, streets and bars. They were shanghied and put aboard ships headed for the orient to become work slaves …. just like the American tax payers in our country.

    Slavery exists in America where our tax money is being spent for the welfare of the none workers who do not even speak English and are uneducated.

  8. The people that voted for democrats this last election should be ashamed. When you put these people in charge of the purse strings all heck breaks loose… I just have a hard time understanding Schumer,Pelosi and all of the so called representatives in congress. Do they hate our country? Do something that’s rite for the country and care about the long term effect of their policies …

  9. the Democratic Party shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves Americans. You Democrat’s need to go back to our history books and really study it because your ways is not the way this country should be ran. Support President Trump because he is doing what is best for the everyday working Americans. Trump for President 2020!!! Shut dn the DemoRats or DemoRats get on board w the president

  10. I am so sick of our government especially congress the do nothing lead assess. If President Trump can’t get funding for the wall by 12/21 when the short term funding bill expires then it’s going to be very bad for Republicans in 2020. I’m sick of illegals getting what Americans should be getting and so are all members of my family, friends and co-workers in a large university hospital. They have all said if immigration is not reformed including the fake birthright citizenship, wall, asylum, catch and release etc then they will not be voting in 2020 and possibly beyond that. It won’t be millions but thousands can give a landslide for Liberals and I can’t wait to see how the do nothing congress likes it when they are the underdogs.If these things don’t happen I will never vote again and won’t have to complain because when I retire in 4 years I’m giving up my citizenship and moving to another country without all the diversity and hatred of White persons. In fact Poland and Hungary are looking real good to me. Republicans have had control of house, senate and presidency for two years and have done nothing so I don’t care anymore about them or this country .Why vote when you get the same thing as not voting. “NOTHING” With Muslims and Demonrats working together to bring down America the rest of us are doomed and so is the country. I refuse to get ulcers wondering who will be in charge and what they will do to the rest of our rights and values. 12/21 is the day I say America has officially become part of hell.

  11. Here is a solution…Anyone who lives in California and is TIRED of the rhetoric that comes spewing from the political organizers and the so called elite Hollywood “stars” and the Socialistic lovers, offer them asylum in the rest of the country.Thus California and its Socialist defenders can live in harmony from the rest of us
    “deplorable s”.

    Then, lets build a high wall all around California to keep their non-christian values in tack. We know how our Forefathers felt when they came together to write our Constitution of the United States.The USA has, and always will, have the rights that were instituted by our Forefathers.

    With a wall high enough to secure all Californians, we, the rest of the states, can continue to serve God, celebrate His Birthday and Redemption. Our children can learn the values of what our Constitution stands for and we can worship God as Christians, Jews, and Roman Catholics and Muslims who hail God as our Creator. With this thinking, we will not have bullying, and we can say “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Chukka”, and “Peace be with you”.
    Thank you Mr. President!

  12. I see that 90%% of are stupid. If you do not vote they will pass bill to legal take all of you prosperity you an all of us own an give to who they want. T hat is stupid to not vote.t The republicans need 60 votes to stop it from happening. They have the President & the Senate but they do not have 60 votes in the house to do any thing. That is when you say they have the 3 branch but they do not have the house 60 votes to stop or pass a bill. That how stupid most of you are.Why dose’t the President Trump start a lottery to build the wall. He should be in charge of it to see the wall built. An it would built in no time like he did with the New York park skating rink in Central Park. All the money given to the ill ilegalls come from our Social Security funds.

  13. Let’s get it done. Democrats are a shameful lot that are willing to give away our country to people who in the first place come here as law breakers and the criminal element that is unchecked

  14. With due respect: you have given the DEMOC RATS enough time to think. I think that they are testing you. Please make believers out these rats: shut down the government and they will know where you stand. Please keep us and our country SAFE !!!

  15. Place razor wire three deep on every inch of the pedestrian accessible border. The US Military has just shown they can do this.
    Initiate a 100% physical inspection for contraband (weapons, drugs, human trafficking) of every vehicle crossing the border effective immediately. DHS & Border Patrol has the authority to do this & has done it in the past.
    Keep this in place until a physical wall is in place.

  16. Have you ever seen how much an eye sore that so called Border Wall would look like. Trump makes it look like this country really needs this Wall by making the USA side of the border look like a war zone on every street filled with Drug Gang fighting breaking out everyday. I’m 55 years old and have live In The Rio Grande Valley all my life. I’m 20 minutes away from the US Mexican Border and have yet to see or watch any of this so called violance in or strrets. This will be a waste of money for something that is very unpopular with all the population on the US side of the border that live here. The US will take land that has belong to Generation of People for over 100 years. This money could be put to better use to help the American people. How would our Neighboring state of the Northen Border feel is they wore to put a Border Wall facing Canada. Its funny how White Racist America can has really come out since Trump took office.

  17. Mr. Payne do you really believe this people in the Caravan are all criminals. You sound just like the people in the 1950’s when McCarthyism took over the country and every one was getting accuse of being a communist. This is the problem with Mr. Trump and his scare tactics. Now how many of our pilgrims that first came to this country fled Europe because they very criminals. Don’t be so naive and believe everthing you here and read.

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