U.S. Lawmakers Plan Retaliation Against China

While the rest of the world experiments with the best way to keep COVID-19 infections and the deaths they cause as low as possible, some in Washington are looking further ahead.

The global coronavirus pandemic, which has been linked to the deaths of thousands as well as a complete halt in economic activity everywhere on earth, was first identified in Wuhan, China. The region has long been known to look the other way as so-called “wet markets” allowed the purchase and consumption of exotic animals, such as bats and snakes. When people began falling ill after consuming such things, the communist government in Beijing did what it could to minimize the visibility.

Now, it’s too late. Many countries have imposed lockdowns and shelter in place orders to prevent infections. Medical systems are completely overwhelmed. Scientists scramble to find the best way to treat the disease, and job losses run rampant everywhere you look.

Just recently, the U.S. Labor Department reported the highest number of first-time unemployment claims in history at over 3 million. This is a devastating number. Even after coronavirus infections subside, it will take a long time for economies to recover.

There’s no other way to put it: the communist government in China must pay for this, one way or another. Whether you want to attribute the global crisis to simple incompetence or even outright malice towards the rest of the world, we can’t let this go. Chinese President Xi Jinping is a dictator in everything but name in his own country. But, this doesn’t mean citizens in the free world should give him that same treatment.

Here’s One America News with the details on what some in Washington are considering as a response.

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15 thoughts on “U.S. Lawmakers Plan Retaliation Against China”

  1. The coronavirus of 2020, like the Spanish flu of 1918, is a tragedy for mankind, not the “fault” of China, the United States, or any other nation. The very thought of attempting to impose civil liability on China is insane and immoral. All nations together are at war with an invisible enemy, and we can and will prevail in the end. I am against one-world government, banking, and currency, which may be defeated by his crisis for reasons explained by Pat Buchanan. Political correctness is an aberration of mind, not a school of thought. The major media of the United States, displaying their usual abuse of the First Amendment, have attempted to create a political pandemic out of this tragedy, instead of addressing the medical emergency it has become, and all talk of vengeance against other nations is out the question.

    1. They also have a special lab in the Wuhan area that does research on viruses and we cannot discount that this is how the virus escaped to the local community!! China is responsible for a lot of viruses and flu over the year!! Time to hold them accountable. We cannot give them a pass!!

      Under the leadership of President Trump, the United States had changed the geopolitical advancements and economic dynamic direction that had grown to favor China. After many decades of U.S. weak, apathetic and negligent leadership, the United States was restoring its place as the most powerful and significant nation in the world. China was losing ground to the U.S. in every way, both economically and militarily. China had plans to replace the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency, but President Trump, through strong U.S. policies and trade restructure, had totally destroyed their momentum, as well as their vision to become the world’s #1 economic and military power. That brings into question the genesis and timely pandemic caused by the Chinese Wuhan virus. Are WE to believe that the most reasonable causation for the Wuhan virus is a natural mutation of the virus that jumped from animals to humans <> the release of the virus contamination, either negligently or intentionally from the Level 4 Bio-weapons lab located in Wuhan China???
      In either event, the Communist Chinese government was well aware that they had a highly infectious pandemic on their hands in <<>>, but still failed to warn the world and didn’t stop the spread of it throughout the world. Like all authoritarian governments, disasters of this magnitude could never be perceived to happen under their watch and “unquestionable” superior expertise on everything!!! Autocratic governments can never appear to look weak, powerless or ineffective during crisis or massive public health situations, because signs of vulnerability may breed challenge to their authority. The Chinese government deleted lab work and samples, changed reports, stopped tests and intimidated their doctors to cover up any trace of the Coronavirus. The Communist Chinese government continued its propaganda campaign and lied to the World Health Organization, while they allowed the Chinese New Year celebrations to continue in Wuhan… undoubtedly exposing estimates in the tens of thousands to the disease. Over five million Chinese were allowed to travel anywhere they wanted before the government finally enacted a quarantine!!! They never stopped the travel of their own people, allowing them to continue to travel to every corner of the world, acting as if nothing had happened!!!
      By ordering the destruction of all evidence of the release of the Coronavirus upon an unwitting world, the Chinese government perpetrated an intentional act of malevolence!!! China made an intentional decision to allow the spread of the Coronavirus throughout the world and did nothing to warn or stop the travel of its citizens. The average Chinese traveler, student or businessman was “used” essentially as just another means to deliver a weapon upon China’s economic and military rivals or enemies!!!
      The Chinese government had decided that the next world war would be played on an economic battlefield rather than a military one. They decided that it was time to strike the first blow using any means that they had at their disposal, which could still be justified by some (( the Ministry of Propaganda Main Scheme Media and Communist Democrat Politicians)) as either a natural occurrence or merely a mistake!!! Undoubtedly, Western civilization and their economies will suffer the effects of Wuhan’s Coronavirus for at least 3 or 4 quarters and possibly many years to come. Entire economies of many nations have come to a halt, while the Communist Chinese government is already beginning to ramp up their factories to previous levels!!!
      Without concern for the health of China’s own people, the Chinese are being ordered back to work….do you really believe that China, with inferior medical facilities and medical care than here in the United States has less Coronavirus cases and less deaths than here??? Most likely there are 10’s of times more infected and deaths than is being reported by the Communist Chinese government!!! The Chinese government is taking advantage of the economic vacuum left as a result of the United States shutdown, turning a pandemic crisis (( either manmade or natural)) into a geopolitical win on the world stage!!! China has demonstrated that the United States isn’t the economic safe haven that the world and investors had once believed and lauded it to be. The Chinese government had attacked the vulnerability of our markets and our stock market and have demonstrated that even in the United States, Trillions of market capitalization could disappeared in an instant.
      China believes that they are once again the alternative to the U.S. dollar and the international reserve currency. They have wagered that they are now back on track and once again leveled the playing field in their favor, from the post Trump world that had changed the economic dynamics, that for many decades allowed them to creep up on U.S. dominance!!! This is most likely the REAL story behind the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic!!!

    3. It’s the cover up they need to be held accountable for not the virus…Allowing the virus to spread instead of locking down Wuhan the moment they knew they had ah’ problem…The 2.3 trillion dollar debt we owe China sounds just about right to cover the 2.3 trillion dollar stimulus package congress just passed…

  2. A pandemic can strike ANYWHERE, sometimes without warning! . . . but attempting to COVER IT UP and even trying to pass FALSE blame and LIES to others is blatantly IMMORAL, and MUST be dealt with. The coronavirus pandemic is not necessarily China’s fault, but the DEATH TOLL caused by their inaction and trying to save face and attempting to cover it up IS. China should have AT LEAST warned others, and even rendered aid if possible. Their actions are INEXCUSEABLE. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  3. I would blame the WHO for being bought by The Chinese President and keep everything hushed up until it took a very bad turn. US should stop funding WHO.

  4. The only way to sue a company you work for in Texas if injured is to prove gross negligence. Need a sharp international lawyer to start a class action suet and joined by all USA citizens to sue China for “GROSS NEGLIGENCE”

  5. Financial reparations is a good line of attack on the extreme trade imbalances that are somehow always favor China.When We seek penalties against China,we should start by eliminating ALL the trade imbalances first,leaving the U.S.A. owing NOTHING to China!

  6. No body is talking about the real culprit here. Wet markets and corporate animal farms that is taking place in the western countries too. All flue , typhoid, whooping cough etc. one can blame China as much one wants. But the real culprit is bad eating practices all over the world. It has been happening for decades if not centuries , but no body is highlighting the real issue here. I expect WHO to ban wet markets and unhygienic corporate farming. They would not dare to do it.

  7. I have eaten bats, lizards, rodents, snakes, horse, and camel. Bats on Guam, rodents and lizards in the good old USA and birds with a side of snake in Arizona. I lived in many third-world countries and was not really certain what was on the plate in front of me. Horse and camel meat are excellent and the milk is like a short beer. I admit I have been sick a few times but when that is all there is, one does what is necessary to survive. Nature used to weed out the weaker and made the strong stronger. We now have all of these medicines that allow the continuation of life despite the illness. This weakness in our genes is passed on from one generation to another. The Spanish Flu killed millions because of their lack of nature defenses. That will not happen again with this one virus because we have the vaccines to combat. it. However, a slight variation in the genetic makeup of a virus is akin to nature creating a totally new virus. We then have to TRY to come up with enough serum to save the worlds population. Nature always provided a few individuals who were immune to that strain of virus and we slowly increased our population. Like everything else in our busy lives, we can not wait for nature so, we must create a vaccine to save the masses. The problem is we do not create a strong natural immunity with vaccines but, only a weakened immunity that will eventually be decimated by a virus that has grown stronger every time we try to stop it with a vaccine. Russian Roulette’.

  8. I hope that there is a law on the books somewhere that prevents foreign corporations from buying properties and building in the United States. This is what happened to Italy China bought their manufacturing plants and businesses then proceeded to replace the workers with their own people from China. This creates a monopoly in the market place.

  9. I think it’s time for America First . . . In manufacturing, innovation, etc. I ALSO believe it’s time to put HEAVY TARRIFFS on Chinese goods until THEIR debt is PAID BACK to the U.S. for this Coronavirus debacle. There is NO excuse for this. China is NOT our Friend, ally or good neighbor. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  10. Never again should the USA allow other countries to control access to vital products such as medicines, medical equipment, fuel and the currencies needed to obtain them. China has become involved in all of these areas and has also stolen propriety technical information and designs from the USA. Using the lure of cheap labor, it has attracted American companies to bring manufacturing facilities to China which produce American owned products and ship them back to the USA for sale. The possibility that the outbreak of the Wuhan virus was related to biological weapons research should also be considered. Yes, China must be punished for this unthinkable tragedy. It is clearly an act of war which must be dealt with. And don’t forget to watch North Korea and Iran. U.S.A.

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