U.S. Southern Border Headed For Permanent Military Presence

Thousands of migrants are massing in hordes to assail the U.S. Southern border, and thousands of military personnel are preparing to stop them. In a showdown of left vs right on illegal immigration policy, two caravans with an estimated 7,000 South Americans are traveling north to test the U.S. resolve.

When Pres. Trump took office, he vowed to end the open borders policies and loopholes that allowed millions to flow into the country undocumented. Coyotes, drug cartels and deadly street gangs such as MS-13 have successfully penetrated the border for decades, bringing drugs and violence to American streets.

The administration saw early success as fewer tried to cross over. But extreme-left Democrats have been vocal about open borders and sanctuary city policies that have been like a magnet to non-citizens. During the spring of 2018, the first large group attempted to overwhelm border officials when hundreds of El Salvadorans claimed asylum.

Many were disqualified because U.S. law states refugees must apply for asylum in the first country possible. It was all too apparent they were looking to tap into the American welfare system and hide in sanctuary cities such as San Francisco. But the move did result in some slipping through the bureaucratic cracks, prompting human traffickers to promote massive groups.

Recognizing the escalation of illegal immigration at the border, the president called on states to deploy National Guard units. The move was one his predecessors Pres George W. Bush and Pres. Obama both approved. But in-fighting with Democrat state governors who threatened to remove National Guard units unless the Trump Administration yielded to liberal policy ideology showed clear chips in the U.S. Border armor. The president pivoted by threatening to shutter the border and end taxpayer-funded aid to countries responsible for sending the hordes north.

“I must, in the strongest of terms, ask Mexico to stop this onslaught — and if unable to do so I will call up the U.S. Military and CLOSE OUR SOUTHERN BORDER!” Pres. Trump reportedly tweeted.

With Mexico now under populist leadership, they have attempted to deter the caravans — sort of. The U.S. still stares down a pair of hordes topping 7,000 with a renewed resolve that American cannot defend its sovereignty. Pres. Donald J. Trump has reportedly called up a reported 5,200 soldiers to support U.S. Border Patrol agents in what is being hailed as “Operation Secure Line.”

“The secretary of defense has approved providing mission-enhancing capabilities to the Department of Homeland Security” the Pentagon said in a statement. “U.S. Northern Command will be in the lead for the duration of the operation and is in support of Custom and Border Protection.”

The military soldiers will be part of a contingent that already includes thousands of National Guard troops, additional Custom and Border Patrol agents and tactical units.

The illegal migrant hordes have already declined to apply for asylum in Mexico, where they would be required to also apply for jobs as a prerequisite for refugee status. U.S. officials are currently making it clear that American troops are prepared to defend the border.

“We do not have any intention right now to shoot at people, but they will be apprehended, however,” Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said. “But I also take my officers and agents, their own personal safety, extraordinarily seriously. They do have the ability, of course, to defend themselves.”

This quick escalation from additional border agents to National Guard units to the U.S. military deploying thousands appears to be a harbinger of the future. In a matter of months, migrants appear bent on taking advantage of weak American laws and easy access to welfare entitlements. More than 150,000 illegal migrants were detained at the border in 2016, and that number has sharply increased.

The president appears to have little choice but to move forward with a permanent solution as U.S. Commander-in-Chief to maintain the country’s national security and sovereignty. If Democrats regain power in the U.S. House, immigration reform will be off the table. That means building more of the president’s signature border wall and other monitoring assets are unlikely to be funded by Congress.

Democrats may be able to “resist” and “obstruct” immigration reform, but the president has the ability to station the military indefinitely at the southern border. This is a move that is long overdue.

~ Conservative Zone

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26 thoughts on “U.S. Southern Border Headed For Permanent Military Presence”

  1. I am of the opinion, that this entire political drama is not all that complicated to understand. It boils down to a simple question. Are we to be a sovereign nation, or are we to be just a part of a globalist One World Order? Are free individuals to be served by government or are we to be enslaved ruled over by tyrants?

    On a practical level, the Democrats are still insanely upset that their candidate lost in 2016. Our current President ran on his commitment to close the border for anyone attempting to enter the country illegally. It is no more complicated than that.

  2. It is about time we defend our borders and stop people from coming to the USA for FREE everything.
    If the Democrats want to let them in, let the Democrats take them in and pay out of their own pockets!

  3. WE DO NEED TO DEFEND OUR BORDERS at any cost . President TRUMP is trying to protect us against all those who try to come here illegally and all the bad stuff they bring along with them They are like a Trojan horse and MUST BE STOPPED NOW!!!!!!!!

  4. I agree and support President Trump with the need to send down OUR MILITARY to CLOSE OFF OUR SOUTHERN BORDER.. We need to put AMERICA and AMERICANS FIRST The safety of all of AMERICA is more important than a bunch of illegals. Thank You President Trump for doing the right thing in KEEPING AMERICA SAFE AND SECURE …GOD BLESS OUR PRESIDENT.

  5. As a sovereign nation of laws, we have no choice but to secure our border from “illegal” entry. If one law is ignored logic dictates that other laws will be ignored also. This is simply not acceptable to American citizens. Citizens are held to the law. Sanctuary cities and the mayors and governors that allow them are committing illegal acts against the lawful citizens of this great land. We must hold them accountable and make examples of them to any that would take up after them. There is a new sheriff in town and law will be enforced. KAG

  6. I think the Military should be on the boarder till it is secure with the new fence all of the way. The Military should be used with full armed support. They should have every tool that is not shooting to stop them till that fails then to shoot. This is an act of Treason by the Democrats Lawmakers in our Federal Government. This is an act of war and it should be treated as such. Of course the other side does not know all about that so best to try and stop them with all forces that will not kill but, kill and protect are Military is on the top of the Table. Then when complete arrest all of the Democrat lawmakers with the military for treason and house them in cages in GITMO till we find time to investigate the charges in military courts.

    1. Some Military would be good there from now on to stop those coming through tunnels etc, Put up guard towers all the way to San Diego etc. Keep the drugs out and the rapists and murders, many coming across are demon possessed and do terrible harm. The spirits in Mexico City are vile. They want to be here now..

  7. What is our military for, if not protecting our sovereign borders from invasion? And make no mistake…these are NOT immigrants coming here wanting to be Americans, and assimilating our ways. They are invaders, coming here to get the life of leisure that Obama and the Democrats promised they would have if they would come and vote them into power into perpetuity.
    Anybody who says illegals don’t vote are either lying, or believe the lies they are told by the left.
    I would be willing to bet, that if all illegals, and others who aren’t eligible to vote, had been disenfranchised (as they should have been) back in 2008, that Barack Obama would never have made the primaries, let alone won the Presidency, and Hillary Clinton would have lost in a laughable landslide.
    Without illegals this country would be far better off (Well, except for the rich a-holes that don’t want to pay a wage that a true American would have to get to be able to live comfortably), however, the Democratic Party would just be a minor party, with wins only in local elections where they wouldn’t be able to do much damage. They know that, and that’s why they fight SO hard to keep them here, and allow more in!

  8. One of the specific functions of the federal government specified in the preamble to the Constitution is to “provide for the common defence”. What military activity could possibly support that phrase than having sufficient troops on the border to prevent such an invasion? Sending troops overseas may loosely be in defense of our country, but this use is everything the phrase embodies. Finally! Thank you President Trump.

  9. The political establishment that had taken control of the mainstream media and subverted all the “departments” to their will by implanting people with their N.W.O outlook got a huge comeuppance in 2016. They have been fighting tooth and nail to get rid of the “cause” of their comeuppance, short of assassination, since. The fact that they and their minions can show such utter contempt and disdain for their citizens and yet appear to maintain a sizeable following is really impressive of what a good brainwashing set up can afford you!!! Project “Mockingbird” at work???

  10. How about an even swap?

    For every illegal that applies to enter OUR NATION by violating our laws, we send 25 democrat politicians and bureaucrats back?

    They lose their citizenship, forfeit 100% of all wealth and assets and a $million bounty if ever found on US Soil!

  11. President Trump . You know that money going to those countries whose people we are now trying to keep out . Stop all funds to them and use that money finish building that wall . In other words let them pay to build that wall . They are obvicously not using the aid money to help the people who need it .

  12. Why don’t we ive the caravan our Constitution, and them home. If they love America so much… Get rid of the dictator, replace him and his thugs, and use the American Constitution they have been given to build themselves a New America… why not?

  13. Thank God for President Trump. Did I miss a memo ? Where are all the folk who comprise the longest acronym in the world ? The American Communist Party has told the world ad nauseum that they are the valiant protectors of the LGBTQ , etc and that an injury to one is an injury to all. The Progressives only protect and defend themselves however the group never needed any Progressive since every citizen is protected equally under the Constitution. Those men who were beaten were injured by Obama’s thugs before LR could escort them out. Please vote and pray that Watters, Pelosi and the rest of these criminals do not win the House because they will make this nation hell for the next two years. God Bless and Save America, We the People and President Trump, and Vice President Pence.

  14. Big money Democratics and Democrat leadership are ruining this nation. They are behind this. They can’t win on issues. We now know they have always been the power hungry group and the Hitlers of our time.

  15. president Trump will be damned if he does send troops to the boarder and damned if he doesn’t,,, if he keeps the people out of our country he will be damned by the liberal dems,,, and if he lets them in and there are bad people among them who kill us then the dems will blame him for letting them in,,, catch 22,,,,,, so i hope the president keeps them out at the boarder with troops who can and will shoot ,,,, if we don’t show the other countries we mean business then there is no way to keep illegals from coming in,, and we need to show the liberals that they don’t run this country,,,,so do what every it takes mr pres,,, just keep the illegals on the other side of the boarder,,,, maybe if Mexoco has to support and feed them they will stop the caravans from coming into their country,,,

  16. Take our military out of Afghanistan where we have NO interest and put them on our southern border where they will serve a very useful purpose. Or better yet, take them to sanctuary cities. So what is the sexual assualt rate skyrockets, as long as they are permanent democrat votes

  17. We all know where this is leading… once a single illegal is shot (even though they instigated it), the “unbiased” media will blame it on the hatred coming from Trump and us on the right. I blame all this on conservatives’ refusal to take the MSM from the left, and allowing themselves to continually be portrayed as haters and to lose election after election. Insanity is doing the same thing while expecting a different outcome!

  18. Our military should set up a no man’s land on our southern border with orders to fire on anyone entering that zone, at least until a permanent border wall can be built. If enough bodies start piling up they will stop coming. Let them become coyote food. Treat them like the invaders that they are. You want to come to our country, play by our rules and go through the legal process of entering properly.

  19. I find it interesting those of us that live in States close to the border definitely want the border closed – those that live in the North don’t WHY cause it doesn’t affect them!!! If they want to come here live here work here get in line and do it legally – like so many of our Great Grandparents did and our Grandparents did – those people came wanting to be an American and worked and made it work for them and their families – we who live here are sick of those that come with their hands run out for every freebie out there. Norma Lee Olson

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