U.S. Taxpayers Fund Border Walls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East

While debate continues to rage on about a border wall to protect the United States from illegal immigration, we are already funding border walls and other security initiatives in other parts of the world.

So far, only $1.3 billion has been granted for President Donald Trump’s promised border wall between the United States and Mexico. This beleaguered border is being encroached daily along its hundreds of miles; some of which has no barrier at all.

Despite the ongoing issues with our own borders, American tax payers are now funding border security barriers and walls in Egypt, Lebanon, Afghanistan and Pakistan. These measures stayed in effect when President Trump signed the most recent Department of Homeland Security spending bill. The bill was put forth by both Republicans and Democrats, and gives Pakistan alone around $15 million dollars to enhance border security and create barriers and walls to protect the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan, according to Breitbart.

Pakistan is building a wall along its Afghanistan facing border – and wants the USA to pay for it. This barrier will extend for 1,800 miles and is designed to reduce terrorism; terrorists have found it easy to pass into the country in the past. Pakistan’s National Security Advisor Nasir Khan Janjua says that the border should help reduce the effects of the ongoing Afghan war and make it more difficult for terrorists to enter the country.

The proposed fence is 10 feet tall and made of wire; it will run the entire length of the problematic border Pakistan shares with Afghanistan. In addition to the fence, there will be over 400 security forts and over 11,000 posts to deter illegal crossing. The fence should be completed by the end of the year and also features some high tech solutions, including CCTV and underground sensors.

According to Breitbart, the DHS spending bill includes $6 billion to foreign militaries and to support and strengthen border security initiatives in Lebanon, Pakistan and other nations. Over a hundred million is earmarked for Egypt economic support and a full $1.3 billion is going to Egypt for border security and related military initiatives.

The bill also covers some initiatives for the United States, including the following:

  • Expansion of Catch and Release programs
  • Increase in the number of low-skilled foreign workers to the US
  • Fewer detention locations for border crossers
  • A dedicated amnesty path for Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) and relatives
  • Local official approval for wall construction
  • A variety of initiatives designed to slow down immigration enforcement at the border

As support for border walls heads to other nations, illegal immigration continues to be a problem at the border for the United States. In December 2018 alone, over 50,000 people crossed into the country illegally at the border; this number is expected to continue to rise.

This begs the obvious question — why can’t America do for itself what it does for other countries?

~ Conservative Zone

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32 thoughts on “U.S. Taxpayers Fund Border Walls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East”

  1. When money for the border wall was issued, it proved that the wall was needed Now they say he can’t get more money for it after if t was approved. He is not going against their wishes for a wall because they approved a wall..

      1. Yet they approved the money for 1800 miles of fence for Pakistan. Tell me who is more important, Pakistan or the American people?

      2. This is incorrect Marv. Over the years almost 1000 miles of barrier have been voted for by the Democrats. The Secure Fence Act of 2006 alone accounted for 700 miles of new barriers. It was a landslide vote. The House passed it 283-138. The Senate passed it 80-19. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Chuck Schumer all voted for it. Let’s also remember recently the deal where Schumer offered to deliver the Democratic votes to fully fund the border wall at $25 billion in exchange for a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers. This did not become a full blown partisan issue until recently. It’s all about obstruction now for political gain.

  2. I think that these other countries should build their border wall without funds from the US since the US Congress does not want to fund the building of a wall between the US and Mexico. Our government is a little biased when it comes to sending money to other countries for their protection but want the borders of the US left open so that anyone can enter the US at will. This is another reason that we need to replace the entire Congress of the US with new member and institute term limits on all politicians that will not exceed the term limit of the POTUS.

    1. We NEED to reconvene OUR government, extirpate the DC “government” which was always a European corporation PRETENDING to be our government. It was always illegal, anti-Constitutional and NOT REPRESENTING US, so actually has had NO POWER to pass ANY laws that the State governments should obey. ALL of the representation from State governments is suborned, replaced with criminals that are loyal to DC ONLY.

    2. The whole government is not biased. The democrats are biased because they did not like the loss to Trump. The republicans want closed borders. A lot of the democrats like closed borders. The problem is the liberals DO NOT WANT CLOSED BORDERS.

  3. We as taxpayers pay for abortion, we pay for high speed trains that do not exist in California, we pay for border walls and border security for other countries, yet we can not pay for a border wall for our own country??? I am so very disappointed in what our country has turned into. All of the crap that liberals have done, political correctness, racism, idiotic green planes that rid us of airplanes and cow farts. Why do people let this go on? How in the world was obama ever elected?? Even worse how was he elected to a second term?Why do republicans in Washington not support President Trump? I know he has personality flaws but at least he is helping America curtail some of the stupid things that have occurred in the last decade. I do not understand what people think is good about what liberals are doing to our wonderful country. It will be unrecognizable in in a decade if it is not stopped. Think.

    1. Rosa,
      The sane people of this country thought that eventually common sense would prevail. We sat in the pot as the water temperature rose and never thought it would get to this point. But it has.
      The minions ( love that term, little yellow Schiffs and Waters) have organized the voting block to keep THEM in power. To heck with the folks who believed their untruths and pulled the lever for them. Now we are in a full scale assault on our freedom. We grew up believing it would last.
      Remember to vote.

    2. You are so right the liberals are getting exactly what they want by confusion and the millennials are the easiest to convince that socialism works when there is over whelming proof that it does not plus we should stop sending our tax payer dollars to other countries regardless of what they use it for we need those dollars here for our own country and yes term limits are needed so very badly because nothing makes sense anymore our nation will collapse if left up to the liberals

      1. Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record–Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963, below list is just a few taken out for a shorter read; you can get the full list just look it up.
        11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up as a one-world government with its own independent armed forces.

        15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.
        They now have control over the new Socialist Democratic Party.
        Norman Thomas….1944 “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened. I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

        26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”
        Remind you of Obama’s Transgender Restroom Policy !!!

        WAKE UP….America to Mueller, EPA, Obama Holdovers(Czars)>>>You’re Fired !!!
        Please do not get complacent…we need to Vote in the upcoming 2020 elections so the (D)’s do NOT get any control over our Government; they already proved their intent to turn America to Socialist Amerika with Open Borders & Abolish ICE Platform.
        Trump 2020 !!!
        Remember when… Nikita Khrushchev stated:
        We do not have to invade the United States, we will destroy you from within.

    3. I’m afraid to say it but decisions are out of the people’s hands even though they’re paid to represent us. No matter what our preference, money speaks louder. There are many millionaire progressives that are dreaming of the “control” w/socialism, eventually communism. After I read this article, I was simply disgusted. I believe that God gave us Trump. At least he is trying and has the strength and commitment. God uses those w/scars. Let us pray for him and the leaders who support him.

  4. Does term limits really address the problem of corrupt, less than genius ( notice I dodged calling them stupid ) “representatives “ in DC?
    There is an entrenched privileged culture that believe they are doing good for the country. Outside looking in, nothing could be further from the truth for the vast majority of them. They believe that they are special. Immune to many laws and rules which you and I are held accountable.
    Bicycling fresh meat through the grinder will not eliminate the problem.
    We need a system where competent, honest reps are allowed to fight for the well being of this country.
    So far the only method available to us is the voting booth. It’s a process which has worked for decades. But in recent history, the number of incompetents has risen well beyond what the system can handle. We have accepted the fact that most politicians lie.That unto itself is intolerable.
    Pardon my dark spin on this situation. But if the Justice department doesn’t clean up it’s act, we are doomed. We have renegade three letter agencies which also need house cleaning. But as long as there’s no one held accountable, the effort is for naught.
    God help us.

    1. In my opinion. we should stop giving the $15.Milion , to Pakistan for their wall, supposedly to keep terrorist out (Can you imagine, a terroristic country wanting to keep terrorist out? What a laught!! It’s to keep New Christians from
      leaving the country of Pakistan!) IF we quit giving all these muslim nations $$, then we could use that to build the
      wall! But, I’m sure pelosi & schumer thinks that’s ok, to help terroristic countries build their walls, but don’t want our
      wall buil! If I was a Californian I would be out front of their houses with a lrg. crowd & carrying signs & shouting “Tear your house down ms pelosi, or Mr schumer! So why aren’t these constituents that live in those states that are against the wall, out demonstrating??? As you all notice, ‘if the demon-crats don’t like something the Republicans do, they
      shout & holler, put ads on the media, & make a scene for as long as it takes to get things their way!
      If you all don’t like ”just even one thing that the democrats are for, then you shouldn’t vote democratic! Don’t care
      how long your parents always voted that way, or how long you all have voted that way! Anything the dimi-crats do
      is against American principles! Think about this!!!!!!!

      1. There was a crowd of the Angel Moms out in front of Pelosi’s house asking her to come out and explain why she is against the wall being built and she wouldn’t come out. The democrats don’t care what people want or think. The democrats have their own agenda and to hell with anything else.She treats everybody the same as she treayed Trump. She has her mind made up and that’s that.

  5. Main Stream Media is a joke. You can not believe anything on any station. There is not a day that goes by without multiple Trump bashes. Never do they say anything positive. He has many in NATO paying at least part of their share. If we are paying for border security and walls in other countries, why can we not pay for a wall and security in our country? How are people willing to continue watching the garbage that MSM puts out daily. Turn off the TV and google. Let the sponsors know that you will no longer watch the crap that the media is turning out. I hope the kid in the MAGA hat wins all of his suits against the media.. Instead of bashing President Trump, why doesn’t the media tell us about all of the fake racism plots that go on? They certainly can talk about things if they are in the other direction. Why do they not talk about the fact that blacks make up just over thirteen percent of the population and three percent of that thirteen commit fifty percent of the murder,rape and other violent crimes? US Department of Justice stats. Why do they not talk about all of the things that are done for blacks? Things like Entitlement Programs, Housing Programs, Educational Programs, Health Programs, etc., etc. Fact check me, I was a grant writer for a state Department of Health. Why are liberals so intent on destroying our country??

  6. This article will only be seen by the choir. The people, especially liberals will never see this. What is so disappointing, the conservatives are losing and the liberals are losing as well. If it keeps going, we will have complete chaos. We are losing our status in the world. We are losing our wonderful country. If this keeps on we will have a war within. Syria comes to mind. It is the ones that do see this article that have the responsibility to get involved and speak up, and post and tweet and do everything you possibly can to get the truth out to a majority.

  7. I have traveled to Mexico. It was a long time ago and I enjoyed the trip. I was working under contract in 1989 in the retail jewelry liquidation business as an independent contractor liquidating jewelry stores across the United States for owners to retire. I was under contract to liquidate a private owned retail store just north of the border in South Texas 1989. I told the store owner I was going to visit Mexico on the weekend because the store I was liquidating for the owner was closed on Sunday. I had a personal one year old vehicle (Cadillac) that I traveled in. When I told the store owner I was going to mexico for a visit (had never been there), the store owner said “DON’T TAKE YOUr PERSONAL CAR”, Take a cab let him wait on you and go only to restaurants that are in a local populated area in the closest town and typically where US travelers go. He said “If you take the car without someone protecting it you are likely to come out of the the restaurant after dinner and the car will be gone. That was 25 years ago. No telling what it is today. I heeded his word and all was OK but I do not have a desire to go back. If you visit be careful.

  8. Why in the HELL are we paying for other third s** h**e countries border problems. It should be the duty of the UN or NATO to do such. I protest this kinda crap. Build the damn Border Wall NOW.

  9. The problem is fake news broadcasts lies that after a while people start to believe and then those people vote for the incompetents.

  10. Because democrats and RINOs like muslims more than Americans. They love to spend our money elsewhere, as much as they can, to add to our national debt and ensure that the muslims are safe until they come and try to take over our beleaguered country that they have made weaker by giving all our money to others rather than taking care of our own borders for the safety of our citizens.

  11. If factual this is sickening! Can anyone provide the House Bill that is providing the funding? It’s time to take care of out vets, children and elderly at home and stop this fraud being committed on the American people!

  12. We pay to protect borders in foreign countries but our Democratic/Liberal party is offended and outraged when our President makes an effort to protect our US borders.

  13. Observations of an 85 year old senior Texas Citizen. President Trump’s election is like the “lighting strike” in some National Forrest that lights the dead, dying vegetation that is found in ever National Forest being mismanaged by our Nations Forest Service. Native Americans knew by observation and experience that to keep the prairies and forest healthy and productive required periodic controlled burns. President Trump has succinctly identified our Nations most destruct threat as “Drain the Swamp”. The mega rich, the true puppet masters of this 60 plus years old Swamp are like the mythical “ship rats” that are fleeing the sinking ship of their “created tax, spend, elect syndrome” which accounts for our out of control Federal Budget. Nothing else can explain their dedicated 24/7 attempt to literally destroy President Donald J. Trump and in his unyielding determination in his ” war to destroy absolutely the powers of the puppet masters who command their troops; as in “Drain the Swamp”. The elections cycles are designed to fool We the Taxpayers in believing in the myth of a two party system; unfortunately it is designed as in “how can we fool them today” by the parties taking their turn in the “barrel of public scorn” while the party in power continues to raid the Tax Payers money as “to the victor go the spoils”. lee1233

  14. I think it is a shame that we continue to give others money to build walls and our dems refuse to fund our own needs. That money should be here in the USA and going toward our needs for so many things for our people. The DEMOS ARE A SO CORRUPT AND THEY HAVE ALL SOLD THEIR SOULS TO TO DEVIL , THEY MUST BE STOPPED NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The democrats know that walls help stop illegals, terrorists and criminals, from entry into any location. The Democrats “We will not build a wall” idea is political only and hopefully Americans realize this more each day.Democrats know President Trump is going to get re-elected in 2020 and they will try every smear campaign and political corrupt way, to stop President Trump from getting credit, for getting this country back on track economically and with the lowest unemployment rate in the past 60 years. Democrats know they can intentionally lie to Americans, make all the false accusations they want and the press will disseminate their lies, which they feel the American people will then believe, the democrat lies are actually the truth. They have practiced this lie and media agenda for decades. Nancy Pelosi and Check Schumer are notorious for using this tactic and brag about it to their constituents. Hopefully America and our new Attorney General will start kicking some democrat ass, which is long overdue. God Bless America.

  16. It’s a shame immigrants can’t c past all the FREE promising of our tax monies, is really becoming modern day slavery .
    Maybe the new border wall is meant to keep us in with no escape??!
    God bless and good luck to all

  17. Obama and the other numb nut John Kerry gave away 150 billion dollars to Iran. Remember!!!! What did America get for it??? Absolutely Nothing!,,, Obama’s Legacy??…what Legacy?..Obama Who?..and we can’t afford 5 billion for our own boarder and saftey???

  18. follow the money. The “Kick Back” principle works like this. If I give your country lots of money then share it with me. Need any more be said?

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