VP Mike Pence Responds to Mayor Pete’s Slander with Grace

Vice President Mike Pence is no stranger to controversy. Over the course of his successful political career, the left has repeatedly attacked him for his devout Christian faith. So, it’s not surprising that one of the 2020 Democratic presidential hopefuls has begun taking Pence to task about his traditional views on marriage. It’s also not surprising that the classy Vice President is taking the moral high ground in response to these unfair criticisms.

During a recent event hosted by the LGBTQ Victory Fund, Pete Buttigieg, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and South Bend, Indiana mayor, stated, “I wish the Mike Pences of the world would understand, that if you have a problem with who I am, your quarrel is not with me. Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator.”

Pence was the Governor of Indiana when Buttigieg revealed to the public that he was gay during his re-election bid for mayor.

Pence addressed Buttigieg’s remarks during a sit-down on CNBC on April 11. The Vice President said, “Well, look, I worked very closely with Mayor Pete when I was governor of the state of Indiana. We had a great working relationship. And he said some things that are critical of my Christian faith and about me personally, and he knows better. He knows me.”

“You know, it’s — look, they got 19 people running for president on that side, in a party that is sliding off to the left, and they’re all competing with one another for how much more liberal they are than the other. So, I get that,” Pence added.

The Vice President shared that while he believes marriage should be defined as a union between one man and one woman, he did what was expected of him by law to implement gay marriage when the U.S. Supreme Court made gay marriage legal in 2015.

“And when I was governor of Indiana, we fully implemented that decision in the law,” the Vice President recalled.

When interviewer Joe Kernen inquired of the Vice President if he accepted the highest court in the land’s decision as law,“Pence stated, “But, Joe, I have my Christian values. My family and I have a view of marriage that’s informed by our faith. And we stand by that. But that doesn’t mean that we’re critical of anyone else who has a different point of view.”

CNBC reached out to Buttigieg for comments regarding Pence’s remarks during the interview. A representative from the South Bend Mayor’s campaign referred the news outlet to Buttigieg’s previous statements. In an apparent response to statements Pence made in 2015, the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate tweeted on April 9, 2019, “People will often be polite to you in person, while advancing policies that harm you and your family. You will be polite to them in turn, but you need not stand for such harms. Instead, you push back, honestly and emphatically. So it goes, in the public square.”

In 2018, Buttigieg married Chasten Glezman, a junior high school teacher. The 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful has stated that his marriage to his husband has drawn him closer to God.

The Afghanistan War veteran has seen a recent jump in early 2020 Democratic presidential polling. Certainly, Buttigieg doesn’t yet have the name recognition of some others in the race. But, a poll conducted by Emerson Polling and released on April 15, 2019 had Buttigieg in third place at nine percent. Senator Berne Sanders, Democrat – Vermont and former Vice President Joe Biden, Democrat – Delaware, who hasn’t declared his candidacy yet, polled first and second at 29 percent and 24 percent respectively.

Buttigieg officially announced his candidacy for president on April 14, 2019. Within mere hours, the South Bend Mayor’s campaign tweeted that it had raised $1 million in grassroots donations. Money is also pouring into the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate’s campaign from left-leaning Hollywood. Some of his campaign’s Hollywood contributors so far include Mandy Moore, Ken Olin, and Jane Lynch.

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33 thoughts on “VP Mike Pence Responds to Mayor Pete’s Slander with Grace”

  1. Somehow it is very difficult to accept the image of first man/gentleman in the Whitehouse. Call me prejudiced……it just ain’t right! Does that have anything to do with mayor Pete’s capabilities….I guess not! Just another affirmation, however, of how much this candidate does mimic our previous Dem gay president!

    1. So correct .I have to stand on the word of God the Holy Bible which is true from first letter to last period .God instituted marriage to be between only 1 man and 1 woman .Anything else is a sin and is against Gods word .And God destroyed Sodom and Gormorrow because of there Homosexuality killing all the inhabitants by fire from heaven .The only ones that survived was Lot and his wife and 2 daughters but his wife disobeyed God and she was turned into a pillar of salt because she turned and looked back at the cities as they were being destroyed while the two Angel’s where taking them away from the cities

  2. “It doesn’t mean we are critical of those who have a different point of view” is typical
    abdication and a capitulation. Nothing LGBT is normal, natural and healthy. It is
    pure unadulterated PERVERSION.

    1. But we as Christians are not called to judge. We are to speak the truth in love (which means honestly) which he has done and the rest is up to God and Pete. He will stand before his maker some day.

  3. Correct,Denis……at this point the rabble now overflowing from liberal “learning institutions” all attempt to exhibit the indoctrination…”I CAN BE MORE STRANGE THAN YOU CAN BE STRANGE” Hollywonk’s trash only compounds the matter

  4. When a homosexual couple (male or female) conceives without external assistance and produces a baby, I will accept and believe that God has finally approved of homosexuality. Until then, it is a sin before God and the queers will have to answer to Him for their behavior. They should note, however, that His judgement is eternal and cannot be appealed.

  5. All this man cares about is gays. He is not for the whole country. That is why he is not good for America. Don’t care if he’s gay. But he used his gayness to berate anyone who disagree with him. He is not with God. He says he is but it’s a lie. If he was ,would not be attacking Mike Pence about his belief in God. He is just a liar to get ahead. A disgrace.

    1. That is so true. His agenda is for the gays and lesbians and not for America! He wants to take over where Obama left off in pushing the homosexual agenda on all of us. I’m like you in that I couldn’t care less if he’s gay because that’s between God and him, but I do care for my country, and I want someone whose agenda is for the USA. Enter President Trump again. He has shown us that his main interest is in improving our country and its’ citizens.

  6. It’s not Jesus who is being judged but it is the world who is judged.
    God be with us all as he is all of the time. My advice is read your bible and pray.

  7. [Pete Buttigieg, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate and South Bend, Indiana mayor, stated, “I wish the Mike Pences of the world would understand, that if you have a problem with who I am, your quarrel is not with me. Your quarrel, sir, is with my creator.”]

    Mayor Pete Buttigieg, nobody that I know could give a damn about you choosing to be a queer or not, but your Creator (GOD) made you want he wanted you to be, but also gave you the gift of a “free will”.

    I can only surmise that you being a small male and not very athletic, that girls ignored you when you were young, and in doing so you experimented with homosexual relationships, and found them to be pleasant, and with nothing to compare them with in normal sexual relations with the opposite sex, being a self made man, you then chose to be what you are, using your gift of a “free will”, and now want to blame your choice on GOD, when GOD had already made the choice of what He wanted you to be, by assigning you the sex that you were born with.

    Claiming that you are a Christian, then you should know that GOD considers you an “abomination” (Leviticus” Ch. 18, Vs. 22), which you have chosen to be, not GOD, but now you make the false claim that GOD would create an “abomination”, which His constancy of holiness and righteousness would prevent Him from doing. You blaspheme GOD and attack one of His followers because you made an errant choice of what you decided to be with your gift of a “free will”.

    GOD destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah not because everyone there were homosexuals, but because all the people there had lost their righteousness (obedience to GOD and all His teachings, precepts, and mandates) because they believed exactly what you are trying to convince others of, that homosexuality is a natural and acceptable way of life, and that GOD also creates what He describes as abominations that are homosexuals. There were no more homosexuals in Sodom and Gomorrah than any city of it’s size (just over 350,000 people) in the world today.

    In the 1967 Israeli war, started by coordinated sneak attacks by Syria, Jordan, and Egypt on the 3 sides of Israel that were not along the Mediterranean Sea. The US then stationed it’s satellites over the Middle East in order to inform Israel of the opposition’s troop movements, and in doing so discovered the location of Sodom & Gomorrah, which was next to an old graveyard of over 250,000 graves, but the cities were located in the deepest depths of the Dead Sea. By the size of the cities, and the number of buildings that the satellites picked up, the scientists projected the population to be over 350,000 people, which the size of the graveyard also confirmed. Israelis have wanted to use submarines to explore the sites, but the Syrians have objected to them doing so, since the border runs through the center of the Dead Sea, and the Jordanians fear the Israelis may do something to militarize the depths of the Dead Sea. GOD destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah because He couldn’t find at least 10 righteous people among the over 350,000 population, that Abraham challenged Him to do in order to save the cities and their people.

    By people believing what Mayor Pete Buttigieg wants them to believe, about his homosexuality being GOD’s choice and not his, he is causing the destruction of the righteousness of the American people, that was the reason that GOD destroyed Sodom & Gomorrah and all the people who lived in those cities, except for Lot and his family.

  8. I guess Butt-gag should go back to school,since he doesn’t understand his creator allows each of us to make a choice as to whether we follow Jesus or Not.I believe being Gay is partly Not going along with the Mainstream,many of which have been Hurt by the opposite sex.I can’t quite see how two of the same attract each other.Look at the animals on Earth.They are Not tainted by politics or money.They just Love each other.

  9. It is not the Creator and VP Pence who is the issue here!! This issue is between the Creator (His Name is GOD!), and Pete Buttigeig in this case. And my God and my Creator does not like any kind of sexual perversion -so I am thinking that Buttigeig does not know the Creator – God, as well as he thinks he does! This mayor needs to forget about what we conservatives and our wonderful VP feel about “gay marriage” (BTW, there is no such thing as gay marriage!! God implemented marriage and any marriage that is not between 1 natural born man and 1 natural born woman IS NOT MARRIAGE!). Mr Mayor, you need to go back to that Bible you alluded and read it again. Look in the New Testament to find exactly what God says about “gay marriage”! Also, read in the Old Testament to see what happened to the city of Sodom and Gomorrah regarding the sin of homosexuality! I am thinking you will not be disappointed in learning the truth about God’s truth and action regarding his destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah. I am sure it is not your truth and your views on this matter of homosexuality that we conservatives and our VP are worried about. It is your soul and the way you may escape God’s judgement on you (and any and all people who rebel against God). And that way is the way of repentance and forgiveness.

  10. I agree with Peter Buttigieg … Pence’s discussion is with Pete and Chasten’s maker. I found nothing Pete said which can be construed as slander to Pence. Pete’s right; no religion should’ve used to hurt anyone.

    1. Pete lied when he implied that Pence had hurt anyone using his religion. That is slander.
      He also lied when he said he was a Christian since according to the Law of God as expressed in the Bible he is a sinner. I pray that God will open Pete’s eyes that he may ask Jesus Christ to forgive him for his sin and repent and follow God’s Law so that he will be saved and have eternal life in Heaven.

  11. God did NOT create a GAY person . . . This was a choice made by the individual (Romans Chapter 1). It is an abomination according to God’s word, and the Abominable will be cast into the Lake of Fire (Revelations). God loves the homosexual in that He sent His son Jesus Christ to die on the cross so that this individual can be DELIVERED from this horrible sin if he accepts what Jesus did for him. Turn or Burn – The choice is yours. pray the “sinner’s prayer” . . . Jesus will accept you. God’s word promises this.

  12. Jesus died to set us free of self and our problems. That includes that we think we can change who we are. So many people are messed up because they don’t accept their gender and or the natural relationship God gave us as being between a man and a woman. The question always is, : Are you trusting God and accepting what God’s Word teaches. If not, you’re on the wrong track. Only the truth can set you free!!

  13. Well explained brother Randy. Amen each of those that choose to blaspheme GOD will have their day in the lake of fire eternally where the knashing of teeth will prevail forever and ever.

  14. Another aspect of ButtHead being overlooked is that he is Russia’s #1 choice to become President of the United States. Would like to see how the (d)s handle that if he wins in the primary – methinks they would suddenly find Russia acceptable again (still).

  15. Pete still doesn’t get it. Mike Pence clearly stated that his beliefs did not stop him from implementing the laws condoning gay marriage, so Mike Pence was not “being polite while undermining policies” which hurt anyone. This is what the LGBTQ community seems not to understand. “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesars and to God the things that are Gods’.” Follow civil law but keep Gods’ law. Following civil law does not mean giving up your personal faith.

  16. Sorry mayor Pete is a divider not a uniter. When you have to bring up who you are at every event, it starts getting tired and old. Everyone knows what you are and we do not give a dam. What is important is what plans you have for the country and I have one question for you, name me a socialist country that has been around 100 years and what the people of that country think of it. All the socialist and communists in the Democrat party are clueless o n how to fix anything. They are all in a fight who can give the most away and free. Nothing in this world is free and when the money runs out a rotten dictator takes over. Just look at Venezuela they had a booming economy and a great country when they voted in socialism now they are starving and under a brutal dictator. Thai is what the Democrats ultimate goal is POWER and not a thing for the citizens of this country

  17. Mayor Pete reveals this issue with Pence as nothing but ugly politics. Pete easily attacks Pence for his “religious values” but remains silent that his Faggot ilk are being thrown off of buildings by Muslim, yet that does not get Mayor Pete’s attention?

  18. Lets not forget…again, it’s all about the money. The minute you announce your run for the presidency, you are an instant millionaire.

  19. Born and raised in South Bend, Indiana, I am ashamed of the Democratic candidate from my home town. Obviously he did not learn that there is no such thing as a “gay” gene. His abhorrent behavior is by choice, not genetic makeup.

  20. “In 2018, Buttigieg married Chasten Glezman,”
    So the question ism if Buttgig becomes a viable candidate, maybe even president, how many people will be completely ok with Butgig’s First Man?
    Is the US ready for more socialism, decadence and stupidity?

  21. This smart a— know it all Pete needs to call his Creator by name– God or Satan???
    He has no shame and seeks to change the word of My God which says marriage is between one man and one woman. Where did you get your information from saying it isn’t wrong that you choose to marry a man?? From some other source, like Satan and his fallen angels? This Pete has made a mockery out of the Bible, God and His Son, Jesus Christ. So we Christians and Mr. Pence just need to stand back and see what God is going to do with this unsaved, ungodly man and his husband????? The two of them and their supporters need to be aware of Sodom and Gomarroh and if they don’t know what happened, then look it up in the Bible before it’s too late. America doesn’t need a married or single homosexual as her president or anyone that supports such. Please God, l pray, don’t let America fall under this fraud man!!

  22. I only have one comment: WE ARE CHILDREN OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST, WHEN WE REACH THE GATES AND ASK FOR ENTRY HE WILL KNOW IF WE ARE ALLOWED OR NOT. What ever we do while on earth is our responsible to do right or wrong. In the mean time those that go against OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST will be aware of what is there to come on the JUDGMENT DAY.

  23. Yes, we are in a Spiritual Warfare for the heart of this USA which was founded on the Word of God! Schools began in the churches to teach the children to read the Word of God, the Bible. Somehow this was taken out of our schools and now many colleges that once were Christian colleges are no more because someone did Not stand/keep to the Word of God. For some interesting reading on Obama read “How Barack Obama Fundamentally Transformed the United States” by Paul Kengor 2018 EWTN News, Inc. Obama was the Worst president ever and should never have been allowed to run. I read he claimed to be a foreign student during college which I believe he is a foreigner. Fast and Pray and ask Jesus to deliver the USA from this inside enemy of socialism.

  24. I am a Christian. I am a born again believer. I believe scripture and what it says about marriage. I have to accept all of scripture including judging others. That’s not my job!

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