Washed Up Celebrities Encourage Women to Vote Democrat

An ad released last week, entitled “Because It Matters,” aimed at getting female voters to the polls to vote for progressive candidates. The spot, directed by Jodie Foster and financed by Michael Bloomberg, features a variety of actresses no one cares about anymore — including Cher, Ellen Pompeo, Lily Tomlin and transgender Laverne Cox.

“If somebody asked you: what do you care about? What would you say?” are the opening lines, spoken by actress Tea Leoni. Other actresses then rattle off a list of things important to liberal followers, including allowing illegal immigration, universal healthcare and what they are calling “women’s rights”.

While the commercial urges women to get out and vote, it strictly addresses progressive and liberal women, not conservatives.

Director Foster had this to say about the piece:

“Women across the country have concerns and strong points of view and they can make a difference by going to the polls on November 6th,” she said. “We hope that this campaign, featuring familiar faces in the entertainment industry, will inspire others to share their views and more importantly take action on Election Day. It really matters.”

While none of the speakers come right out and say women should vote for Democrats, all have liberal leanings and the ad itself was financed by Michael Bloomberg.

“The good news is that more women are running than ever before, and female voters overwhelmingly support Democratic candidates for the House and Senate,” Bloomberg said. “The polls suggest a gender gap in voting larger than any time since the 1950s. But this election will be decided by turnout and getting people to cast their ballots.”

According to a recent press release, the ad was paid for by Democrat Mike Bloomberg and his political action committee. The advertisement will run through election day; according to the New York Times, this campaign is part of a multimillion dollar effort by Bloomberg to prop up Democrat House candidates. So far, the billionaire has committed over 20 million dollars to the cause of aiding liberal candidates with advertising fees.

This latest ad touches on a full lineup of progressive issues, particularly healthcare, climate change, LGBT issues and the fight against the second amendment.

Other celebrity campaigns weighed in; according to Variety, the majority of them are raising funds and gathering support for Democrat candidates and campaigns, particularly in competitive races with seats Democrats hope to turn blue this November. All ads will continue to run through the election; it remains to be seen if they will have an impact on the results.

Watch the full ad below:

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24 thoughts on “Washed Up Celebrities Encourage Women to Vote Democrat”

  1. Did the women in this add really need the money that bad to made that commercial? Yes you need to get out and vote and Vote REPUBLICAN for you and your family if you want America to be great .

    1. They make me nauseous, needing to throw up. Not a one of them has the slightest bit of intelligence when it comes to management, politics, or true decency. If they DID have any sense, they’d be hiding their faces now after being used this way with LIES. Unfortunately, too many women politicians are too stupid to know how to bathe, let alone help run a nation.

  2. What do we care about? We care about not having this country turn into a George Soros third world socialist state where he gets rich off our created socialist poverty. Stop socialism in it’s tracks. Vote REPUBLICAN.

  3. Washed up ,has been “actresses ” spouting left socialist agenda funded by a left socialist
    The only women that might listen to this garbage are left socialists themselves .
    Anyone with intelligence is going to,see this crap,for what it is ,crap.chad

  4. How many of these people actually went out to vote, or did they let their “people” do the voting for them? America wants to know! Or maybe not!

  5. Cher?!!!.. ..LMAO!!! yea right just because they are hollywood stars they have the franchise on how to run the country and how we all should act…..well I say F**K Y*U!!! yuou common whore. Your life is one big screw up in terms of human conduct so now you are going to show how the rest of us should be….Get out and Vote!!!????……The system is rigged and rife with voter fraud perpetrated by the Left……….

  6. My wife, 3 daughters, and most of the women employees in the corporation I own are all voting for Democrats. They detest Trump and think of him as a a low-life degenerate sexual predator, along with a whole string of Republicans. In terms of women’s choice, their response is simple-“I’ll be damned if I want some old white Republican to tell me what I do with my womb”. The Republicans extreme position on immigration (including DACA), medical care , lack of gun control that has caused our children to be murdered by right wing nuts, and taxes (rich got 93% of tax savings) has convinced them the Republicans really do not give a s**t about women or people in general. I am no socialist; I founded and own a $20M /year corporation, but I care more about people, including my employees, my customers and my vendors, and less about how rich I can get, unlike the money-grubbing Republicans, many of whom I know.

    1. so, they would knowingly vote for the destruction of America rather than vote for Trump? isn’t that cutting your own nose off to spite your face? are your women really that stupid and shallow?

      nobody is telling women what they can or cannot do with their own body – but the fetus is NOT part of their body, it has different DNA & different blood type, which is why a placenta is required

      the idea that my woman can slaughter my child (may well be the only child i ever have) and i have absolutely no say in the matter is CRIMINAL

  7. Paul, I am sure you have some accomplishments worth a salute, but…in things intellectual, you ae full of shit.

  8. None of these women understands what they have spent their lives trying to destroy. The true women’s right movement was hijacked very quickly and harmed women, children, mothers, fathers, our school system, and our nation. The majority of women enjoyed being stay at home moms which is the hard and worthy job which made it possible to have a civilized nation.
    There were women being abused physically and emotionally along with their children. Cops did nothing about it and if they did there was hell to pay one their husband spent a night in jail. These women and children were a minority and lived in constant fear. Their best option was to escape, but they knew that they couldn’t feed themselves let alone their children. This was the main reason that women wanted higher pay and good jobs. There were also women who were unlucky in love or for a variety of other reasons needed to support themselves. That was it, plain and simple.
    It didn’t take long for a small percentage of man hating women to take over the true movement and turn it into an anti man, anti family, anti marriage, and anti God. They began to shame women who put their families first and spread propaganda. Eventually the PTA became invisible because those women, now shamed into leaving their homes and having less children were too exhausted from working all day and cleaning all night.
    We all see the results. Families going to church and synagogues has sharply declined, children so desperate for attention from parents now dependent on strangers who don’t love them for comfort and now the government, latch key kids, kids on drugs, in gangs, etc. it’s a mess and these women are still harming women under the guise of helping them.
    We must get back to families in this country. We see angry kids who feel cheated out on the streets wearing masks and thinking they are ninjas; many can’t even do math or read. This has been a dream come true for socialists. Their agendas could run amok at our public schools, the kids run amok in class, and they could instill any chosen ideology they pleased. Please vote red and let’s clean up this chaos, get back to family, love our children more than shoes and bling, teach our Constitution and Bill of Rights as our founders intended it, get back to parents having the final say in our schools, join the PTA, and love God, thank Him, for showing us all what has been going on while we were putting food on the table and paying massive taxes.
    Why do you think that companies that had high paying wages were targeted in the first place because without those jobs women had no choice but to get a job because their husbands could not afford to do it alone anymore. The socialists were able to push their agenda and perversions in our schools, divide families, remove God with activist judges, ignore and twist our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and all they needed to do was overtax and over regulate companies, sending many overseas, all while enriching themselves and doing everything they could to usurp power from we the people. Vote red!

  9. Gee its like Chairman Mao all dressed up in drag reminding all the deplorable, beer swilling, gun toting, Rosary saying,Bible reading women of America to do our civic duty. Why would I forget to vote STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN. MAGA. KAGA God bless America, We the People, and President Trump. Oh Hollyweird Hags don’t worry We’ll pray for you.

  10. Hey Paul! It’s not just a womb. It has a developing child inside. Lack of gun control has saved more lives that those lost in “gun free zones”. If you think gun control will stop these nuts, you are nuts. It only enables them. The first thing the Nazis did was disarm the population. You want that? What is extreme about not wanting people to enter this country illegally. The Democrats have had no more answers about DACA than Republicans. You spend too much time listen to fake news!

  11. Please vote for truth and life. Vote Republican. A woman’s womb is her own, but the innocent and precious child within the womb is a separate human being and has the same rights as the mother. If a woman wants a career, she does not have to begin a life in her womb. Our world is so hurting because of the destruction of the primary family. Love begins in the home and needs to be nurtured. Our education system has been infiltrated by those who do not desire a thinking society, but want the citizens to follow a controlling government. We have the right to freedom of religion, freedom of goodness and purity and freedom to live lives that reflect a deep concern for the safety and well being of others. The sexual revolution that has destroyed the dignity of men and women needs to be replaced with true dignity and healthy living. Life is eternal and we are only here on earth for a short time. Each human being is precious and has a destiny to make a better world, not one in which there is the negative hatred, untruths and violence of the Democrat platform. As American citizens, we must follow our Constitution and God given laws that do make our country a place where we feel protected and respected.

  12. OK Let’s remove the armed protection all of these stars can afford and see if their tune changes. Nothing they say deals with security problems 95% of Americans must deal with on a daily basis. What B.S.

  13. They would be my biggest reason to vote Republican. People who listen to these washed never were, has been’s are not very bright.

  14. Whar a bunch of losers. So glad I barely watch TV anymore and am not subject to this ad. This is the 1st time I have seen it and have now crossed off some programs that I will never watch again . Who the F you think you are to expose people to your nonsensicle drivel. Who cares what you think – you have let the show business in your head and think you have sway. If you had sway maybe the dumocrats would have garnered the house seats and have the “blue wave” they thought they would get.

  15. These women are absolute nobrains. They made what money they have off Conservatives as well as Liberals. None could possibly pass an 8th grade history class. However ladies, there is one less conservative who will follow your hype and nonsense. You amount to zero in my book.

  16. It is difficult to imagine these bimbos being that stupid! If they are acting, they convinced me that they are ignorant fools. If they are not that stupid, my sympathy goes out to them.

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