Who Was The FBI’s Informant in the Trump Campaign?

News continues to emerge that a United States Government agency like the FBI or CIA may have overstepped their boundaries during the 2016 presidential campaign.

According to multiple sources, an agency may have placed an informant inside the presidential campaign of then-candidate Donald Trump; the “goal” for this informant was purportedly to collect information on any ties to Russia present inside the campaign.

Over the weekend, the New York Times posted a story claiming to know who this mystery informant was, and provided some clues to the individual’s identity. While the publication skirted around actually naming the informant, there were enough clues that other papers and websites swiftly picked up the story and ran with it.

Over on Twitter on the same day, President Trump shared his long-held belief that there was at least one FBI informant monitoring and spying on his 2016 campaign. According to the New York Times, the informant is “an American academic who teaches in Britain” and “is well known in Washington circles, having served in previous Republican administrations and as a source of information for the C.I.A. in past years.” The paper also reported on the informant’s contacts and connections in the campaign. The Washington Post also ran a similar story about the mystery man or woman.

Some papers were less discreet…

Over on the Daily Caller, reporter Chuck Ross covered the story, claiming the Times was acting out of hypocrisy; by sharing clues that could identify the informant but not stating the name. According to Ross:

“The steady stream of clues leaked to the Times and WaPo have touched off intense speculation about the identity of the source. Some cable TV commentators have pointed to a March 25 report from TheDCNF about Stefan Halper, a University of Cambridge professor who was in contact with both Page and Papadopoulos. Halper, a U.S. citizen, is a veteran of three Republican presidential administrations.”

In a follow-up, Ross released a second report, covering Halper, and his “extensive ties” to the CIA and MI6, the United Kingdom’s foreign intelligence service.

Almost a week later, the story continues to evolve. On May 22, President Trump again spoke out about the illegal actions taken by the FBI informant. Talking about the idea of a campaign spy, the President said:

“That would be one of the biggest insults that anyone’s ever seen,” President Trump continued. “If they had spies in my campaign, during my campaign for political purposes, that would be unprecedented in the history of our country.”

So far, sources reveal that the informant met with multiple Trump campaign team members; the FBI admits to having an informant in place, but claims they were spying on Russians, not the then-candidate.

“They were spying on — a term I don’t particularly like — but on what the Russians were doing,” National Intelligence Director Clapper said. “Trying to understand were the Russians infiltrating, trying to gain access, trying to gain leverage and influence.”

Clapper went on to complain that the president was being unfair, and that he was potentially damaging the FBI by addressing the issue.

The debate continues to rage online this week as liberal media sources complain about President Trump and attempt to spin the spying in a positive way. At the same time, members of the Trump team continue to express outrage over the spying and meddling by the FBI, meddling which could have had a lasting impact on the election and on the outcome.

President Trump has long expressed concern over the idea of a spy within his campaign; he took to Twitter Wednesday to share his thoughts. Dubbing the FBI’s actions as “SPYGATE”, he shared his outrage with the nation and is finally getting some vindication after months of mocking and dismissal from the mainstream media. The story continues to emerge, with mainstream media stations quick to point out that President Trump is in some way benefitting from these potentially illegal actions and that the FBI was not in the wrong.

President Trump has expressed outrage and frustration for a very long time – his assertions that FBI informants were in fact placed in his campaign and were spying on his team appear to be proving true.

~ Conservative Zone

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37 thoughts on “Who Was The FBI’s Informant in the Trump Campaign?”

  1. Trump talking is damaging the FBI?! I think the FBI already has that covered from top to bottom. If a spy was in Trump’s camp then he was spying on Trump. To believe other wise shows the kind of stupid only Leftest supporting treasonous criminal Hilary could muster. How Trump has been investigated for over a year with out one investigation on crooked Hillary has made a bad joke to the world on our so called justice system. How much high treason does one get away with before something. Does anyone remember Bill giving China 11 million pages of our nuclear secrets or were you more involved with the stain on the Blue dress. China had more spies in the White House than in China. EVERY MEMBER OF OBAMA’S ADMINISTRATION WAS SCHOOLED ON CLASSIFIED INFORMATION, 8 YEARS IN THE WHITE HOUSE, MEMBER OF CONGRESS, AND SHE DIDN’T KNOW SHE WAS BREAKING THE LAW. A story only a useful idiot could believe. If I hit someone with a car and it causes death do I get a free pass because I didn’t know it’s against the law? Every Trump supporter should take a lesson from BLM and hit the street only we wouldn’t burn down our own neighborhood. Pay to Play, selling our uranium with a $140 million donation from the Russian company that bought it made to the Clinton Foundation. Then there is all the others who hilary took cash from for favors. YOU WOULD HAVE TO HANG HER MORE THAN ONCE TO HAVE THIS WITCH GET JUSTICE. I don’t know about the rest of you but I have about had enough of this last administration. Their lies and treasonous acts.

  2. Informants are used by the FBI in sting operations. The real question is: what did the FBI find out? Did the information turn out to be true? Trump calls the person a spy. I would call them a whistle blower since the informant will have given the FBI enough information to indict Trump and eventually impeachment by the House. Let’s face it; Trump’s campaign conspired with foreign operatives to get an advantage over Clinton.

    1. Really, are you that fucking stupid?? You moron. Anyone, after the last year and a half, who has actually been following the Trump story should know better.

    2. I suppose you don’t want us to mention the fake information that the DNC used to “justify” this “whistleblowing” operation right? No? Didn’t think so. No go drink some more Kool-Aid because you’re going to want to be well hydrated when the heat gets turned up soon.

    3. Richard You are an idiot,there is none, no evidence at all that supports your claim that he conspired with foreign operatives,but there is plenty of evidence that Hillary and the DNC conspired with Russia,what ever Mueller comes up with will not hold up because it was obtained illegally and under false pretences,that kind of so called evidence will be thrown out of any court in the country,so lets face it Richard,you are full of crap,go back to sucking your thumb and crying in your beer,Trump can not and will not be indicted,nor will he be impeached,it takes 67 votes in the Senate to impeach,and the deomocommies don’t and won’t make it.

    4. Take away the 10-20 million fraudulent votes for the Democrats and Hillary loses the popular vote as well as more electoral votes; this is the real collusion. As for the spygate con job, I rather suspect those involved with multiple nations on the Clinton Foundation pay to play scheme wanted an insider to know what someone might tell the Trump campaign. Yep, just good ole fashioned CYA for the Clinton’s and Obama’s. and their evil-minded minions!

    5. Richard, seriously? how stupid are you??

      Hillary, the DNC, the democratic party & the FBI colluded with Russians & paid for the fake dossier in an attempt to sway the election – they also engaged in voter fraud and OhBummer himself told illegals on National TV that they could vote and not worry about deportation

      no wonder America is divided, seemingly half of Americans are IDIOTS like you

    6. You come to a false conclusion: NO trace of collusion between the Trump campaign and russia has surfaced.
      But don’t let facts get in the way of your partizan rant.

    7. A whistle blower would be someone that worked trustingly, not a plant, what a dimwit. I hope nothing ever happens to you, idiot.

  3. Like a onion with a big bad spot when the bad layers are being removed more and more of the good onion begins to show.
    Onion: Democrats Peeler: Good reporters that want justice and maybe getting help from a very few good members of our congress.

    1. Let understand what we all know, The DNC, Clinton and possibly THE FBI paid money to defeat Trump, by buying information of questionable value from the Russian. So far no money trial by the Trump campaign to the Russians. Fact the FBI works for the Justice Dept. which is under the executive branch (at that time Obama), What’s more to be said!!!!

  4. When did the FBI become the operations arm of the DNC? This was not a sting operation. They were there to find anything they could to help Hillary. And to plant misleading information that could hurt Trump. This was not part of a criminal investigation. It was strictly political.

  5. The media and the DumboRATS are complaining that President Trump is going after this without proof, WHAT ABOUT THE WHOLE RUSSIAN THING. It has been going on for over a year with no proof that any of it is true. It was all based on Steels “report” which was paid for by the DNC and Killery.

  6. there were three spies and one duped idiot within the Trump orbit in 2016. The spying operation began in January 2016 at the latest with some of my sources stating it may have even been late 2015 when the spying began. One thing we know for sure is that Attorney General Jeff Sessions who has been a member of the deep state program Senior Executive Services since 1984 acted as the gatekeeper presenting names at the appropriate times in order to invite certain people in at certain times.We have labeled Jeff Sessions as spy number one. The Senior Executive Services was created in 1978 by Christine Marcy a personal friend of Hillary Clinton’s (if anyone can truly be considered a friend of a psychopath) and the then C.I.A. director George H.W. Bush. Since it’s founding constructed on a similar base to the Nazi S.S. in the 1930’s the S.e.S. has had over 100,000 covert operatives planted throughout all 75 federal agencies state and local governments as well as the Court and legal system all the way up to current members on the supreme court. I could name names but we will leave that work up to the officials to discover how to route out these traitors who swear a higher loyalty to the Crown of England while cursing America. S.e.S. member deep state agents fly their own flag while treating old glory like a filthy rag and swear their Higher Loyalty(the name of Jim Comey’s book) to a foreign power.Jeff Sessions joined this group shortly after the start of President Ronald Reagan’s second term after Bush had finally usurped the power of the Presidency. We all remember when President Reagan was shot two months into his first term. How many understand the close connection John Hinckley junior had to George H.W. Bush? That was a shot across the bow a warning to never attack the C.I.A. from a lifelong C.I.A. operative who was there when the agency was founded in 1947 and joined after graduating from Yale where he was a member of the Skull and Bones satanic cult.Since i do not have all day suffice it to say that he is one scary dude when you take a peek behind the fake persona that is George Herbert Walker Bush America’s dictator (1984-january 20th 2017) who has pulled the strings that sought to dismantle the greatest nation in the world.Getting back to the message at hand the other two spies inside the Trump campaign were Carter Page and Felix Sater (not his real name) who is the son of Russia’s largest criminal Oligarch who was booted out of the family business. We have all heard the term loose lips sink ships well Felix was continually trying to torpedo his father’s ship. After being booted out Felix was recruited by the f.b.i. i 2013 to work in Russia to torpedo a huge criminal. The cover story the F.B.I. put together for Carter Page to protect him while working as their agent in Russia was used to get the F.I.S.A. warrants on Carter Page. Both of these people spent very little time in the Trump campaign proving to be useless and unable to fulfill the duties for which they were recruited while Sater a volunteer actually has a restrining order taken out against him.George Papadopoulos was let go after continually starting he had a direct connection to Putin and Hillary’s 33,000 emails through the girl he thought was Putin’s niece. George was nothing more than a useful idiot due to his lack of experience. The Clinton associates who framed George after Halper succeeded in getting George to fly to London to deliver a report George had prepared for Stefan Halper’s business venture. The whole tale is so bizarre that if i were to hand a book that included all of the sequences included in this tale of high intrigue to any publisher they would consider it to be too far fetched and yet her it is in full living color played out before us in real life. There is so much more to this tale that even the finest investigators may get lost in the weeds due to it’s detail because it took several sick and perverted minds to pull it all together but as in every lie they will all see the light of day. President Trump was a threat to the plans put in motion starting in 1963 (after the C.I.A. murder of John F. Kennedy as ordered by Mr. Dulles) to dismantle the United States of America in favor of a one world communist regime George Bush began speaking about in the 1980’s called the New World Order. Our children have been brainwashed by teachers who also grew up in this Liberal Utopia. Many have read the book 1984 based on a reality that began after George H.W.Bush seized power and refused to reliquish that power until a dynamo by the name of Donald John Trump entered the picture after being asked by Patriots in the military in 2013 to rescue a dying nation. America the home of the brave and the land of the free was circling the drain about to go down for the final time with the stolen election by the Bush family in favor of Hillary. George W. Bush went on the television program 60 minutes in 2007 and declared that Bill Clinton was his brother the stunned Interviewer asked what does that make Hillary to you and Bush 43 replied my sister in law of course.In closing every Conservative is thinking about the crimes of Hillary but not thinking about the fact that every board she bypassed had people on them that were declared conservatives yet helped Hillary sell of America’s limited Uranium resources as well as much more. Jeff Sessions was one of those respected gatekeepers holding three positions that could have stopped Hillary yet chose to cash in to the tune of many millions of dollars which he invested in whole or in part in the private prison company Vanguard. Now we know why Sessions is using his position to stand against states who have voted to legalize the use of Marijuana use. GOD bless America may she be great again!!!

    1. Pastor-Phil Biggs, are you a little bit bi-polar, and in a real “high” part right now? Tell me, please just when America stopped being great?

    2. Most of what you have said is readily available in the MSM…if one is an astute reader/listener…garnered most of it within a couple of nights playing catch up after ‘discarding’ the mainstream media as a bad joke around the time of Kosovo. In mid 2016 my curiosity was piqued as EVERY mainstream medium, TV, broadcast and print were hurling vitriol at some, as THEY described, “red headed idiot”. Turns out he was no damn idiot but the FOOLS that continue to buy the “fake” narrative that is the main fare of the MSM definitely ARE!!!

  7. The Muslim FRAUD did what should have been done 2008 or even earlier.He is EVIL to the core and must be taken down

  8. 1. The REAL SWAMP is the total collection of LAWS by which WE THE PEOPLE ARE SWAMPED (by compliance costs, etc.) Any law of human kind is but a cheap IMITATION or a PERVERSION of the ALREADY FULFILLED LAW OF GOD. (Jesus performed it so we Christians — who can NOT in our physical bodies perform even one ‘jot and tittle’ of God’s Law as HE wanted it done — can rely SOLELY on the SACRIFICE of His Son, JESUS CHRIST, as our BLOOD SACRIFICE FOR ATONEMENT.) Why hasn’t anyone but me apparently figured this out??????
    2. It would not surprise me if the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. have been spying on ALL Presidential campaigns of major candidates since these agencies came into existence decades ago. (It’s just that in most cases, the candidate his or herself was a WILLING CO-CONSPIRATOR with said spy agencies because, ultimately, whether “Republican” or “Democrat”, they all supported the continuation and perpetuation of the Deep State ZOG Shadow Government masquerading as the legitimate government of the United States [PLURAL, NOT SINGULAR!] of America [as Satan masquerades as an angel of light, AKA Lucifer])…..
    3. In 1933, there was (allegedly) a “Business Plot” floated around (just before FDR was to take office in March of that year) to overthrow him and replace him with a semi-military dictatorship (led mostly by those in the business world who knew that FDR was out to get THEM and America) under the titular head of one Smedley Butler (who unfortunately refused to do THE RIGHT THING by getting rid of the Communist FDR and going along with this rooting out of Communism before it had a real chance to take root in the social fabric of this once great nation).
    By the time we went one generation removed from then (mid 1950s), it no longer became possible for Communists to be rooted out of ANY major policy making positions in the U S Government (thanks to the forced take down of the ‘Army McCarthy Hearings’ by those supporting the Deep State of the day).
    By 1975 (approximately ONE MORE generation), having already lost half of Korea (just prior to the Army McCarthy hearings — which leads you to wonder if the US deliberately SOLD OUT SOUTH KOREA in the original ‘Korean War’), the US proceeded to SURRENDER to the Communists in ALL OF VIETNAM. (Vietnam is still communist to this very day.)
    And after 4 years of the self-professed “New World Order” (1989 – 1993, Bush 41), we then careened into 8 years of Slick Willie (the ‘role model’ for the next generation of Socialist dupes; 1993 – 2001, leaving us the remains that left us vulnerable to the 9/11 attacks a few months after he left office),
    Now in 2018 (about one generation removed from Slick Willie), we finally have someone (President Donald J Trump) who is willing to say F U to these foolish laws that leave us (and HIM) SWAMPED. A man who CAN lead “the Business Plot of 2017 – ?”, because he, among all the Presidents we have ever had, actually has REAL business experience (as opposed to those with ‘political experience’ = sucking up to the Deep State ZOG Shadow Government). It maybe about 85 years too late, but we need someone in the Military (and elsewhere, if need be) who we can TRUST to STOP THE DEEP STATE coup of Trump (disguised as ‘impeachment’) that I see coming. Our enemies in the FAKE GOVERNMENT have and will continue to use FAKE NEWS, FAKE ‘EVIDENCE’ (created by informants, etc. who will swipe templates of official blank forms and use them to create documents to incriminate those whom they wish to incriminate), FAKE ‘INTELLIGENCE’ (you can also call it ‘artificial intelligence’ — HINT!) and out right BRAINWASHING to get otherwise good people (like Michael Flynn, etc.) to BELIEVE THE DEEP STATE LIES and ‘confess’ to ‘violations’ of THEIR LAW that simply DID NOT OCCUR (and even if they did, those violations of BAD LAWS are ultimately A GOOD THING, since those laws and those who created them, are EVIL).
    That’s why we first need a TRUE American Revolution. The first one only replaced the elites from Britain with those ultimately loyal, not to America (meaning ‘heavenly kingdom’ in the Gothic Language), but to a ‘New World Order’ with THEM at the head. The second one will do one of two things: a) rid this country of the Deep State once and for all and truly make the USA “the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE” or b) lead to the end of the world as we know it (after all, in the words of Brother Stair, “This is the last generation…. Prepare to meet your God”). If so, get ready for choice b) and prepare yourself as part of the Army of God for the Last Days (after all, this TRUMP [et] maybe the LAST TRUMP[et] we get if we don’t heed the signs of the times when they are right in front of us).

    1. Very well said I am looking forward to the rapture. There will be the ONE government One currency, One Leader that is very scriptural…….Wars and rumors of war, nto knowing one season from the other……..I believe end days are upon us. I also believe that President Trump was God’s elect to be our President, and that he is there to expose all the corruption here in America, government, not only in Washington DC but also in each state. I believe HE is here to help clean up the corruption and give the people a chance to repent, but also a sentence for their all their corruption, treason, some will receive electric chairs, or other forms of death; and some will receive yrs in prison w/o parole, and still others unfortunately will get a free pass to get out of jail, because of cooperation to give needed information, however, they too should receive a sever punishment., and we know money talks; but each criminal should be striped of their wealth and paid towards the deficit because of their stealing from the tax payers; their foundations, benefits stopped; under table back door income from hidden money paid to them; no royalty from their books filled with lies; retirements income, pension stopped; it is time they live on the other side of the fence …..and where they are going on death row many of them won’t need their money. However, I don’t believe we the tax payers should have to pay for their prison time; this is why death sentence would in the end save money, they should not have the money to pay for their own sentence, as they live on and who knows whom they will try and corrupt in jail with other thieves, murders etc, it is never ending Only way they could change is confess their sins, and come to Christ; they still need to pay for their crimes. Thank you President Trump for investigating those that investigated you and tried to have you impeached. Your doing a wonderful job trying to get America back on the straight and narrow.

      1. well Merridee, you keep awaiting on that rapture, a concept invented in the 19th century and is not biblical in origin. And it surprised me to learn that the death penalty costs the state MORE than life imprisonment! You see, a person given the death penalty generally is in prison for another 17 years with tons of legal work filed over and over. If you want prisoners to pay for their imprisonment, we would have to have prisons combined with companies, like they do in some places in Europe.

    2. Shawn You say you have figured out that no one can keep even one jot and tlttle of the law in our physical bodies,if that were true,then it would make Yahweh one very unrighteous God,it is true that in our own strength and power we could never do so,but Yahweh did not leave us with out a helper,he sent the Holy spirit to live in us,so that we would be enabled and strengthened to obey his forever Commandments,that was what it was all about Shawn,the law that Paul said we were no longer under for righteousness was the Mosaic Covenant,consisting of the sacrificial and ceremonial laws including the Levitical priesthood,which was added to the commandments at Mt.Sinai Galatians 3:19-24,the Mosaic Covenant was abolished when Yeshua sacrificed himself in payment for our sins,the New or renewed Covenant found in Hebrews 8:10-12 is the Commandments written on the heart and mind,but with the better promises spoken of in Hebrews 8:6,which was the Holy spirit living is believers,make no mistake Shawn Yeshua will save no one who does not obey him,the terms and condition of the covenant is that we must accept the blood sacrifice of Yeshua and keep his commandment,1 john 3:24 and John 14:21-26 makes it abundantly clear that only the those who hath his commandments and keeps them are the ones who love him and are loved by him and are filled with his spirit,no one just figures out what scripture says,it is either revealed to him by the spirit or it is not revealed,he absolutely will not open our understanding unless we learn to obey his Commandments.

  9. Once again the liberals got it wrong. They should have been investigating the killary campaign for Russian connections. There, they could actually find evidence of wrong doing.

  10. Looks to me like the FBI was more interested in goodies from the Hill and Bill show than protecting REAL Americans and our constitutional rights by enforcing the laws of our Constitutional Republic.

  11. These anti-Trump people, those the USSR called “tontos utiles”, AKA “useful idiots” are playing right into Putin’s deft manipulation intended to deepen the social and political divisions in America in order to paralyze our political process and make us less able to respond to national security demands. Putin made his mark as a KGB recruiter of spies, informants and people of influence in West Germany and across Europe. The seven Russians who were indicted by Meuller are only the tip of the iceberg and they managed to mess that up by including an organization that did not even exist at the time the alleged activities took place. How about those in academia, mainstream press, the CIA, FBI and other institutions that influence public opinion who are being played to further Putin’s strategy to make the US government impotent by furthering and deepening the fractures in America’s society? The counter-intelligence agencies of the US are purposely ignoring their ties with Putin’s intelligence agencies because they fear what they might find. It is time for President Trump to appoint an Attorney General to take charge of the Justice Department and get it on with its mission instead of this two headed monster with the hapless Sessions and manipulative Rosenstein in supposed charge. When there are two bosses there is no boss.

    1. Putin? lolol Russia and Putin are NOT the enemies of America – Hillary, the DNC, the Democratic Party, the FBI, CIA & DOJ are the enemy

  12. Trump has to fix what girlie man Obama and his Twinks fucked up for 8 years.America better wake up and help the non politician president straighten the country out to what it used to be many years ago.Do the right thing,screw the party power bullshit.

    1. Good lord, McCabe and wife was proven to have contributed largly to the Clinton campaign, Comey blatently protected her over the 30,000 e-mail scandel and took it upon himself to declare openly that she was only grossly negligent on her e-mail handling, he did not interview her, Brennen (CIA) an avowed Communist turned Muslim, look it up if you don’t believe me and Clapper has been caught in so many provable lies. This is a mess and must be eradicated from our government.

      1. Kate, are you off your meds again girl? We chose an avowed Communist as Head of the CIA and he is also an avowed Muslim too? Oh please, you been drinking the right-wing conspiracy juices way too long – – – first, take your meds, then go outside and breathe deep of the fresh air, get some sun, put away the literature that is meant to yank your chain and make you vulnerable. Notice how many of those conspiracy emails etc. soon hit you up to sell you merchandise.

    1. that’s funny, i thought VOTERS selected Trump via a man-made process known as an ELECTION

      you kids and your fairy-tales,, shessssssh

  13. If you want to spy on Russia it is probably most effective if you are actually in Russia. Other than that choose Bali which is a tremendous place to be even if you learn nothing.

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