Why Charges Against Kavanaugh Should NOT be Investigated

President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh faces a possible FBI investigation into claims that he sexually assaulted a classmate in high school.

Christine Blasey Ford alleges that she was sexually assaulted by Kavanaugh more than 30 years ago when they were both teenagers. She claims that the assault happened at a party in the 1980s. According to Ford, the Supreme Court nominee pinned her down, put his hand over her mouth and attempted to remove her bathing suit. Kavanaugh has consistently denied Ford’s claims. He says that he has never attempted to rape his accuser nor anyone else. Kavanaugh went on to say that he didn’t even know who the accuser was until she identified herself.

The allegations have put Kavanaugh’s nomination on hold while lawmakers try to find answers. The Senate Judiciary Committee, which oversees judicial nominations, has called for Ford to testify under oath about her allegations. They have tabled Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote to give Ford time to testify. The Supreme Court nominee has said that he is willing to speak to the committee to refute what he maintains is a false allegation.

However, Ford has not accepted the committee’s invitation to testify. Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley said that there is a hearing set for Monday to examine the allegations, however, the hearing could be canceled if Ford does not accept the invitation to testify. Grassley said that his office has attempted to reach out to Ford and her attorneys several times but they have not received a response.

Although Ford has not accepted the Senate Committee’s invitation to testify, she has pushed for the FBI to independently investigate her claims before she agrees to testify under oath. Republicans in the Senate say that it is not possible for the FBI to investigate because there were no allegations of a federal crime.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley wrote a letter to Ford’s lawyers on Wednesday detailing why the FBI would not open a criminal investigation. The Republican Committee Chair called the allegations a political issue, not a legal one. He said that it is not appropriate for a person to demand that the FBI investigate a 35-year-old allegation especially when the accuser cannot remember exactly where the crime happened or the exact date. He also said that refusing to go under oath for the Senate Committee also makes it hard for the FBI to investigate.

An official with the FBI told Fox News that the agency conducts background investigations prior to an appointed official’s confirmation to ensure that the nominee will not pose a danger to the security of the U.S. The FBI says that they have already gathered and passed along key information in the Kavanaugh case.

The FBI received a letter from July 2018 that alleges that Kavanaugh engaged in misconduct in high school. The FBI forwarded the letter to the White House. The allegation does not involve a federal crime so the FBI will not get involved. The role of the FBI is simply to pass along the information to decision makers.

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55 thoughts on “Why Charges Against Kavanaugh Should NOT be Investigated”

  1. Democrats are liars and obstructors. Kavanaugh is an upright man and it’s time to confirm and have the vote. Any woman who would come forth at this time is nothing but political. Time to vote him in.

    1. sorry , I think you forgot to call them out by name . the scumbag that started this this pile of trash is Dianne Finkelstine she along with herd of grass choppers should be put out to pasture ! finkelstine should be Ostracized and thrown out of the senate and all the money that her husband has made while she has been in office, should be confiscated and put into the economy a long with some of the other scumbags that have had great windfalls due to their political dealings .

    2. It still amazes me when the Republican’s or there nominee get called out for the same thing these hypocrites impeached Clinton for. And Clinton’s was consensual not forced. Or maybe like Trump who first denied the Stormy Daniels thing, regarding payment then said he didn’t know about the payment then said he approved the payments by reimbursing his lawyer for the payment. Now we have Kavanaugh with one accusation with one one the way. For 20 years I’ve heard about how much a dog Clinton is then I see most of Trump’s appointments and close confidants have the stain of philandering or trying to force philander people of their past. Also I read about timelines and remember the stonewalling of Obama’s Supreme court pick. Moreover an investigation by the FBI of the Trump Russia connection (which they did meet at Trump Towers) that they deny and say it’s been going on for to long then I remember the Hillary investigation that has been going on for 6 years and counting not to mention the Clinton Foundation which, unlike Trump, paid all their taxes and followed the law to the letter. You un-American, un-Christian right wing hypocrites can’t even get a perspective about the political door you opened when you impeached a President for something that was his own business and was never brought up at any level till the right wing found out it was good politics. Grow up bigots! This is no an “I can do it but don’t you” world.

    3. Only one thing to do vote for the Kavanaugh nomination. This nonsense will never end. Senator Grassley has to make the Senate nomination process accountable this Friday. Justice delayed is justice denied. Trenton Spears

  2. Why was she at the party, oh looking for action. I can’t remember what I did 20 years ago. She sure has good memory 30 years ago and what happened. Big Money can make memorys happen. just sayin.

  3. The evil democrats will do anything they can to stop the GOP ! There is not one evil democrat who cannot stop lying about anything ! That’s their nature !!!!!!!! THE DNC ARE THE NEW ISIS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ! AND THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE !!! They are all nothing, but a bunch of SCUM BAGS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This is sooooo typical ‘DUMMOCRAP’ rhetoric that suggests George Soros m/h filled Ford’s pockets w/$. He went public since Trump h/b “r” POTUS that he would spend his last nickle if needed to impeach&good luck w/that cause u can’t by writs of law impeach President because u don’t like/support him),soooo that’s my stoey & I’m sticking to it!
    It’s been said that if any faults “r” discovered in her rhetoric,she could serve time in jail.
    I’m betting 9/5 she is a no bid!

  5. she ‘remembers and regrets’ KNOWING she had OVER 60 different ‘partners’ in High School and College, and can probably name every one that she had when sober, but can’t remember WHERE, WHEN, WHY she failed to even mention it 36 years later?

    Interesting at best.

  6. There is no hard evidence of a crime! Only this woman’s claim! Besides, in 36 years the Statute of Limitations has run out! Get the bitch out of the way and CONFIRM KAVANAUGH TO THE U.S. SUPREME COURT JUSTICE!

    1. there is no statute of limitations for sexual assault in the state of MD where the alleged incident took place 36 years ago. I believe this is all a political stunt to stop Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court.

      1. No kidding…an extension of the ‘coup’ against our President! Anything dirty The Communist Democratic Socialist Party does against the Conservatives is well orchestrated and heavily financed! Show me the $$$ trail!

    2. Dan you are so right. They keep saying reopen the case-WHAT CASE SHE NEVER WENT TO THE POLICE OF HER PARENTS. If she cannot remember anything-then she must have been drunk as well. As a former victim of rape, I can assure you is lying-cause things like that you never forget. Till this day I can tell day the date the time & where it happened

    3. The existence or not of a statute of limitations is not relevant when the accuser refuses to testify but still wants a media based one sided “trial” to block his confirmation.

      There is far more evidence that this is a fiction the far left “professor” created to harm the nominee than there is that anything at all happened to her at some party 30+ years ago.

  7. Why should we waste some more of the taxpayers money on an investigation where there is NO EVIDENCE OF A CRIME? Aren’t we already doing this with the Mueller Witch Hunt?

  8. The allegations are a last mimute attempt by the Democrat Party…the Party of Jim Crow, to derail Kavanaugh’s nomination. These are not Federal charges, and they dd the same thing to Judge Roy Moore and Clarence Thomas…all allegations are spurious. The people making the allegations should be investigated for ties to George Soros and possible payoffs. Time to get a special counsel to raid their homes and offices to determine who has orchestrated this Smear Jobs.

  9. The whole world knows it is just another demoSCUM fiasco. It is time to push this witch and her lies to the rear, go nuclear, bypass the scum bucket demoTRASH and get Kavanaugh confirmed. It is very obvious the demoSCUM are just going to keep coming up with dirtbag people who will say anything for money , there will be no end. Let’s get this over with — the Repubs have been nice enough for long enough — GET IT DONE !!!!!!!

  10. If the Republicans let the communists (aka democrats) get away with this crap I believe there will be a price to pay at the ballot box….

    Vote up or down on Kavanaugh and let’s move forward.

    Question….. why do dead people only vote for the communist (democrat) candidate?

    1. A price to be paid would be rather short sighted, wouldn’t it. What would be gained by electing more Democrats because you are disenchanted with some Republicans. To me, it would be like cutting your six inch falstaff off because you wanted 8 inches.

  11. You might ask, and rightly so, just what is that chairman of the committee doing? Well as it seems to be normal for him……..he is doing a obamssssss by moving the red line in the sand, forward, whenever it comes up. IT seems to be a known fact all the demos are doing is stalling, and getting away with it. How about him growing a pair, setting a date for her to attend and if not do the vote of the committee and then the vote of the full (useless) senate. And get this done, the poor man and his family have had enough crap thrown at them and time to end this farce.

  12. Kavanaugh did not commit the sexual misconduct he is accused of by lying Ford who is being paid by Soros to upset the apple cart. Why does anyone believe her? She doesn’t know the date, time, place, or who was there and even if she saw Kavanaugh there, since he said he didn’t go to the party. Get your heads screwed on straight Republicans and get on with your real business. Can’t you figure out that she’s lying? Quit messing around and certify Kavanaugh now.

  13. Yes. Dem. just try to slow down the confirm. Mr Brett until Midterm so they can do something, but they’re all wrong because they will not win at midterm. I know DEM> they try hard but everybody said enough is enough. Just put Dem. down & clean them up.

  14. Multiple ways to look at this…1st there is one witness who can’t remember the whereabouts against a life time of other long term relationships… not Brain surgery there…2nd accused is innocent until proven beyond a reasonable doubt… 3rd the accusation doesn’t pass the smell test it’s just slanderous and political. 4th lets look at 6 back ground checks on one individual and do 6 on the other person before creditability word is even suggested

  15. The demoncRATS are nothing but a bunch of vile A$$HOLE$ spewing the stuff that comes out of that orifice. They will not stop until they are in complete control and have nothing but their ilk in our government. Won’t be any need to bother to go to the polls….They will be the dictators of America.

  16. I know and everyone else should that there have been a lot of men that have lost their lives behind a woman lie’s any woman can say a man touch her the wrong way and zap he is in jail. That is like a woman here in Oklahoma that said two black men had kidnapped her the police spent days looking for two black men until she told they that it was a lie. The dem’s will do anything to impeach Mr.trump this is still part of hillery plan and they will not give up until they are voted out of office or until they get a dem president.

  17. The :always works” strategy of the Democrats is to claim any opponent of “sexual misconduct” and then sit back and watch
    the media take the ball and run with it. Completely fictitious accusations meet the Democrat legal standards and the same
    applies to the media, which currently is merely a very loud mouthpiece for the Left.

  18. It’s so obvious that this is nothing more than a political hit job on Kavanaugh. The democrats have been saying all along that they would do anything to stop Trump’s appointments to the Supreme Court. If you look at the facts they all point to nothing more than a democrat strategy to stop Kavanaugh. The facts are:
    1. Fuzzy facts. She can’t remember when, where, why only who. Most people who have been abused like this remember everything.
    2. Ford and her lawyers are all democrat activists.
    3. Why the polygraph test?
    4. All the people she said where there deny it ever happened.
    5. They want to push her hearing back. She can’t fly? Then how did she get to Hawaii several years ago?
    6. Democrats have said they will do anything to stop this confirmation. It looks like they are.
    7. Why was this information sat on until just before the committee vote?
    8. All the democrats who have come out and convicted Kavanaugh on national TV. What happened to innocent until proven guilty.
    Anyone of the facts put this accusation in question but take them all together and you have an organized democrat hit job on a very qualified candidate for the Supreme Court. If there are any republican senators on the fence they need to see this for what it is and not let their hatred for Trump color their judgement.

  19. Delay, delay, delay. Now another accusation. I guess with the indefinite postponement of the Kavanaugh hearings, as diane
    wants,the first accuser will not show up for the thursday deadline.
    Delay, delay, delay.

  20. These allegations are pure lies and evil. Now a 2nd comes forward. I do not understand why any credence is being paid to Ford. She named four “witnesses” who have ALL said it didn’t happen. MY biggest question on her story is: WHat, they just decided to party at an unknown strangers house? None of the named parties lived near the country club as she stated this house was. None of the named parties homes would fit her description. This is a fabrication at least to the extent that it was Brett Kavanaugh who was involved. Now the new allegation, and again, named parties who have all stated it didn’t happen. How far will we let this go?

  21. I was molested when I was 15. I couldn’t tell you his name 40 years later, and he was my boss!!! I couldn’t tell you what he looked like either. WHat I can tell you is exactly where it happened, how I got there and how I left. and there was no drinking involved. Did’t tell anyone but quit on the spot.

  22. I did not understand why the committee allow Dr. Ford to manipulate the confirmation process. Even if it was true from the a 35 years allegation, it should not be impacted on the confirmation. Otherwise, no one can hold a position in public service because you can find many old dirt from the young age among many those democrats.
    I hope the republicans stand firm for what is right. United and be strong to fight back to such nonsense. I am not in any party. But a little person like me can see the smear trick.
    If you guys want me and many other citizens to vote for republicans, please act up and show us you are strong sincere patriotic leaders.
    May God give you all wisdom.

  23. The democrats will go to any/all lengths to stop the confirmation hearing for Kavanaugh. They’re so certain they will take over the House in November and will be able to impeach President Trump. This is their agenda. VERY big money is being spent by someone to stop confirmation. Follow the money… tell us who is paying for all the high dollar lawyers Dr. Ford has piled onto her “campaign”. Feinstein needs harsh reprimand for her part in this vicious fiasco.

  24. I for one am reminded in all of this how & why the “The Salem Witch Trials” happened. If anyone else takes the time to look back on the sad events in the early years of our nation’s history will also see the similarity between what happened to so many who were pointed at and convicted by the rantings of young girls with active imaginations.

  25. this smear campaign is getting ridiculous. If the Republicans cave on this confirmation I’m afraid a lot of the base will leave the party. Many will become Independents. There’s only so much we can take from these wacko Democrats. Stand up Republicans!

    1. that would be a pointless waste! independents never get anywhere, it will only mean Dems get more power, which nobody can afford

      don’t forget the R party is full of RINOs and it will take Trump time to weed them out – by the looks Grassley is a RINO

      stay the course, because the only other option is the end of the U.S.A. as we know it

  26. she can’t remember where
    she can’t remember when
    she can’t remember how she got there
    she can’t remember where she went after
    the 3 others she named utterly refute the claim, including one female
    during the few short years of college she had over 60 lovers (what a slvt)
    she has not met the ‘deadline’ to testify several times
    she claims ‘fear of confined spaces’ as a reason to not fly, despite the fact that 1) she flew to Hawaii 2) the committee offered to send investigators to her
    a bunch of women have come forward vouching for his character

    and Grassley is still fluffing around? he’s gotta be a RINO

    Dems kick and scream and whinge and biatch and R’s take it, as adults are wont to do when infants throw a tantrum – but only for so long!! keep pushing and we’ll reach our breaking point! and we won’t be responding like infants, kicking and screaming

  27. FBI investigation??? Gimme a break! How does anyone “investigate” an incident that purportedly started of as…two guys and a gal…then 4 guys and a gal…then 3 guys and two gals…and ALL but the accuser deny categorically that it NEVER happened…the accuser cannot supply dates or places…some idiots believe the FBI has a crystal ball??? So much for the mental fortitude of the DNC brass.


  28. This is the most unfortunate cast of liberals keeping to the promise of obstruction and corruption to the latest stunt by Liberals funded by the Nazi simpathizer George Soros. He is a jew that supported the Nazi’s in Hungry, and he would like nothing more than to destroy America as we know it. He is all for open borders and massive immigration of the poor people fleeing south America, and affiliated with drugs.
    I have to say that I had a moment of prayer for Brett’s family and know that there is a higher power than Democrats, and I am sure that doors will be open for Brett that he may not know about now, as time will prove that he is a honorable and great human being, and this has nothing to do with him, but with the democrats hate for Donald Trump. Please people pray for him and his family, I know that hurt his family is going thru, but every thing will work out for them. Amazing stories arise out of the swamp, but fake news will not cover this man and family honestly. Wonder how many more women will come out of the swamp to lie , paid by George Soros.

  29. Here’s a timeline of Christine Blasey Ford activities:

    1982 – Something may or may not have happened with another 2 (or 4) teenagers at a party, she cannot remember who threw the party, where the party was held, who she was with or how she got home. She was drinking and said nothing to anyone.
    2002… She said nothing.
    July 25, 2003: President George W. Bush nominated Kavanaugh to the United States Court of Appeals for the D.C Circuit… She said nothing.
    2005… She said nothing.
    May 11, 2006: The United States Senate Committee on the Judiciary recommended confirmation. Kavanaugh subsequently confirmed by the United States Senate… She said nothing.
    June 1, 2006: Kavanaugh sworn in by Justice Anthony Kennedy… She said nothing.
    2011… She said nothing.
    2012… She remembered ‘something’ happened in 1982, yet doesn’t name Kavanaugh, still said nothing to authorities.
    2017 – becomes an anti-trump activist.
    2018 – now 36 years later, with Kavanaugh’s SCOTUS confirmation looming, she pens an anonymous letter with grave accusations against Kavanaugh regarding foggy circumstance that occurred while they were both minors, then reveals herself and DEMANDS an FBI investigation before testifying to her incredible allegations?
    Who does she think she is? Other than a rich SPOILED BRAT looking for attention, money, and more than likely a “book deal” If anyone takes the time to look back at all the other CONSTITUTIONAL CONSERVATIVE APPOINTEES that were slandered by the DEMOCOMMUNISTS, it is the SAME DAMN “Talking points”. It is like out of a “playbook”.

  30. It is not the vote of the Democrats that worry me to have Kavanaugh confirmed.It is the traitor Republicans that concern me.Republican politicians are Spineless Cowards.Most of them lean to the left side of politics.About a third of these creeps are considering “NO” on the confirmation vote for Kavanaugh..Corrupt Republican politicians are the reason I voted for Donald Trump.I am sick and tired of politicians saying one thing to get a vote,and then do absolutely nothing that they promised..Mr.Donald Trump is doing everything he promised.The only reason he can not complete many of the promises,is because of his Republican counter parts.I use to be a Republican conservative..But now I have switched my vote for a Independent conservative.

  31. The dims managed to turn the confirmation hearings into a circus so they could ‘benefit’ from the free TV coverage. All they’ve managed to do is leave their behinds hanging out. Rational people cannot possible believe any of the preposterous stories that have been published. Seems to me that Feinstein and the rest of her cabal determined to delay the confirmation by any means possible and then cooked up a scheme to try to make it happen. The rabid never-Trump, ‘me-too’ addled liberals are buying whatever trash they are served and not bothering to apply a single bit if logical thinking to it. IF Feinstein was so concerned for the first accuser, why did she choose to sit on the letter until the 11th hour?? Pretty obvious, she’s involved in cooking up these stupid accusations. Have you looked at the actual letter? Sure looks like a form letter where a person only has to fill in names before sending it to a politician who will avidly grab it, despite knowing it’s fiction and use it to defame an honorable man and his family. Even the dims should be ashamed of this trash.

  32. Women can lie with the best of them . I had friends that when they wanted to get even with a guy because he ignored them or wouldn’t go out with them always found a way to get even with them -and some of it wasn’t nice! So I don’t believe this woman! Anyone can pass a lie detector test. They are not reliable . And isn’t this funny all of a sudden this showed up when he was getting ready to be sworn in as a Surpreme Court Judge.
    The democrats have always played dirty – and they haven’t changed. To find the man guilty without even looking at the facts is just unfair and disgusting, but that’s the way the democrats play.
    America wake up and look at what is going with our country, we need to fight the left, they are getting out of control. This is just unfair to this man and is family!
    I have heard they need to check her buddies that golf with her!

  33. Liberals are nothing but disgusting pieces of excrement, the enemies of our freedoms, and the lowest life forms on Earth. Even below cockroaches.

  34. Enough of this BS, for it is plain to see that these women have no proof and that the Democrats are doing everything they can to stop this confirmation and if they don’t think we the people can’t see through their scheme, then they really are just stupid and have no business to even be in office for we the people do not want unethical and deceitful people in our government, and come November they are going to learn that big time!!! The Republicans need to move forward and confirm this judge now and quit letting the Democrats run the show, for these Democrats know that they can’t stop the confirmation and they are going to lie, cheat, conspire, and do whatever they can to stop it all!!! This judge is what the majority of the people want and as representatives they are suppose to do there representing for the people!!!!

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