Will Trump Ax Jeff Sessions After Mid-Term Elections?

The Trump Administration has been a volatile place to work, and numerous high-ranking officials have been summarily shown the door in less than two years. Rumors are swirling the U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions will be next.

If you consider that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was ushered out for not seeing eye-to-eye with Pres. Donald J. Trump of foreign relations, and chief economic advisor Gary Cohn got canned for being too much of a “globalist,” how in the world does Sessions still have a job?

No, that is not a rhetorical question.

Consider for a moment that A.G. Sessions recused himself from the phony Russian Collusion probe that opened the door for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to turn the meddling investigation into an anti-Trump witch hunt. With unfettered power, Mueller has targeted many of the president’s closest allies and former business colleagues in an attempt to coerce them into making allegations against him. After spending more than $20 million in taxpayer money, Mueller has yet to convict a Russian or a colluder. The ones he indicted so far live in Russia.

“Never took control of the Justice Department,” Pres. Trump said of Sessions. “And it’s sort of a regrettable thing.”

Failing to rein in Mueller and keep the investigation on task was indeed a firing offense. Pres. Trump has repeatedly called on the U.S. Department of Justice to “stop this rigged” investigation that has targeted too many innocent bystanders. To say the president’s tone has been harsh would be something of an understatement.

“Jeff Sessions said he wouldn’t allow politics to influence him only because he doesn’t understand what is happening underneath his command position,” Pres. Trump reportedly said. “Highly conflicted Bob Mueller and his gang of 17 Angry Dems are having a field day as real corruption goes untouched.”

Despite clear evidence that Obama-era officials misled a federal judge and spied on Trump Campaign associates, Sessions has been noticeably absent from charging Democrats in any crimes. To that end, the president curtly stated, “I don’t have an attorney general.” All of these and many more indicators point to the attorney general being fired.

Yet, Sessions has survived nearly two years in office as the White House saw a veritable revolving door in other leadership posts. FBI Director James Comey was fired, Deputy FBI chief Andrew McCabe was terminated, EPA Director Scott Pruitt was canned for overspending, and Pres. Trump actually liked him. Washington insiders such as Sen. Lindsey Graham are definitely righting off Jeff Sessions off.

“The president’s entitled to an attorney general he has faith in, somebody that’s qualified for the job, and I think there will come a time, sooner rather than later, where it will be time to have a new face and a fresh voice at the Department of Justice,” Sen. Graham reportedly said. “Clearly, Attorney General Sessions doesn’t have the confidence of the president.”

But the sitting A.G. has quietly notched some significant accomplishments that have not been well reported in the mainstream media.

Session fixed the Obama-era debacle known as Fast and Furious that literally put approximately 2,000 automatic weapons in the hands of drug cartels. He has been in a bare-knuckle fist fight with so-called sanctuary cities, exhausting every legal remedy to curb their wrong-headed policies. He was instrumental in successfully defending Pres. Trump’s executive orders all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court such as the controversial travel ban and others.

Under A.G. Sessions, the Department of Justice has cracked down hard on illegal immigrant gangs such as MS-13 and made them into hunted criminals. Also, to his credit, Sessions has been laser-focused on curtailing the opioid crisis that plagues the country.

Despite the common wisdom that Pres. Trump will overhaul his cabinet and top posts after the mid-terms in a similar fashion to previous administrations, Sessions may not be sitting on the hottest of hot seats.

Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly has been at odds with the president and other West Wing officials at times. Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielson looks exhausted from the constant border crisis, and there’s talk Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke could be ousted.

To A.G. Sessions’ credit, he has furthered the type of social justice that conservatives such as Pres. Trump favor. The DOJ has joined lawsuits against Harvard and other Ivy League universities for long-standing racially biased policies. Sessions also launched the Religious Liberty Task Force that defends the rights of Christians and other people of faith from secular encroachment on their rights.

Although it makes perfect sense that Sessions will be fired for his misstep that allowed the politically-slanted Russia Probe to go unchecked, Trumpian tweets are no true measure. The smart money is on Sessions being ousted, but Pres. Trump is just too unpredictable to call it a sure thing.

~ Conservative Zone

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25 responses to “Will Trump Ax Jeff Sessions After Mid-Term Elections?”

  1. Jeff Sessions deserves to be fired from day one he has not acted in President Trump’s best interests one could easily come to the conclusion the Deep State has controlled him from the fist day of his being appointed as Attorney General.

    • Your Mother has a better chance of being impeached than Trump-idiot!! I never thought there were that many stupid people in this country,you proved me wrong again!! Why don’t you tell me what your Homie did for this country(O’Vomit)?????

      • Actually, if the democRats take the House (I hope not) they will have the votes to impeach the president. That will be easy. What will be impossible for them is to get a conviction in the Senate where the democRats don’t have the votes. Bill Clinton was impeached but not convicted. And the Republicans paid dearly for the effort in the next election.

    • Exactly. Sessions should NEVER have been appointed and should have been removed the first time he recused himself. He’s done absolutely nothing for the country and voters.

    • Why don’t you actually state in factual terms what felonies and or misdemeanors and high crimes did my President commit. Your just another demoRAT low information voter that parrots the lefts talking point. He has NOT violated the Constitution or any other laws. On the other hand the dems, and there progressive activist judges have pissed all over the Constitution. You believe me idiot, if they UN-Constitutional, and Illegally remove our President a revaluation will ensue before the ink is dry on there impeachment paper work.

    • Trump is scared of what? snowflakes? get over yourself!

      after the mid-terms there won’t be much of a Dimocrat party left – but there will be a Blue River Of Tears

      impeached? for what? telling the TRUTH? revealing the fraud of the Dimocrats who bought and paid for the fake Steele dossier?

    • It is impossible for the Dems as Trump is God’s shinning star and Great Man of Valor that we Tea Party prayed to come for so long…Most dems in office will be in prison very soon..Red Wave tomorrow!!!!!! and ever after.

  2. Jeff Sessions misrepresented himself to Presidentify Trump what requesting consideration for AG. By that he should have been removed already. He must go in order for Trump to clean the swamp of the corruption that is embeded in DC. It is the politicians but more so the Deep State government employees that need to go. The DC employees think they run the government by their agenda. Time for a new focus on We the people not just is few people.

  3. President Trump is an American Born Citizen and as such he has the protection of the Constitution, the rights written by the Founders,
    the Constitution is the Law of the Land! Every elected politician swears an oath to abide by and uphold the Constitution!
    I’m sure President Trump has a legitimate, birth certificate, and a Social-Security-number, and card, assigned to him!
    I’m also sure that President Trump will not need to spend $28M of taxpayer, funds to hide his records! President Trump doesn’t require excuses at every turn, explaining oddities in his public records!
    President Trump isn’t close friends with domestic terrorists! President Trump isn’t Islamic, or Muslim, and has no need for the “Muslim Brotherhood” in his Administration!
    President Trump isn’t a homosexual, with Islamic men, waiting in line to his bedroom!
    President Trump has pictures of his children growing up!
    President Trump believes in the one, and only, true, living God! President Trump also believes in Gods only begotten Son, Jesus Christ!
    President Trump hasn’t made his Political Party
    Treasonous, for supporting him!

  4. President Trump works for free, and donates his pay! President Trump isn’t a liar, in fact his bluntness, causes him trouble at times, but what doesn’t, cause him trouble?
    President Trump doesn’t have a plaque, on a door, at a gay bath-house, in Chicago! President Trump is the most transparent POTUS in our Countries history, thanks to the DNC, FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, and ACLU!
    President Trump does not make up lies to be granted a FISA Warrant to spy on anyone!
    President Trump does not seek out corruptable men, and women, at the FBI, CIA, NSA, ATF, or any other entity!

  5. President Trump does not bolster our enemies by sending them millions of dollars, weapons, ammunition, nor classified documents!
    President Trump allows the Men, and Women, of our military to do their jobs as they see fit, doesn’t interfere, doesn’t show his ass by telling generals that he is their boss, when they already know it! President Trump doesn’t have hateful-staff-members, cursing our military leaders, and firing them because they are male, or white, or heterosexual!

  6. jeff sessions decided to be deep state slicky dicky

    and accuse himself which trying to embarrassing President TRUMP

    and now after our TRUMPing 2018 US Midterm Election Red Tsunami Tital Wave happening

    on Nov 6th & 7th, 2018

    Well I can’t wait to see jeff sessions try to kiss President TRUMP ass and save ??his?? job

    well jeff sessions you ain’t happen ain’t betraying backstabbing neverTRUMPer

    this is the TRUMPing Truth
    this is my TRUMPing Truth!!!

  7. Jeff Sessions simply was not up to the job. That, however, turned out to be a blessing in disguise.
    Without the recusal , that feckless little snot of a deputy AG could not have emboldened his fellow subversives in the federal government to join the Coup attempt.
    After nearly two full years of that failed attempt to overturn the 2016 election, nearly all of the federal employees who have participated in the sedition have been positively identified.
    How many actually face criminal prosecution for breaking federal law depends largely upon the available evidence. Time will tell.

  8. No Attorny General should be allowed to recuse himself of anything… There should be a law that prevents it… Otherwise, you cannot be an Attorney General, period!

  9. President Trump knows there is/was no Russia collusion. Ergo let the investigation run and let America see what the Dems are really about. If, IF, they cared about Russia collusion, Hillary and a bunch of others would be in Super Max by now. By letting this faux Collusion investigation throw mud and smoke the President and Jeff are remaking America without much hindering by the obstructionist Democrats. Smart move on his part. The old magicians trick of watch this hand. WAVE, WAVE. And the other hand is so busy while no one watches or sees what is happening. I would never play poker with this man.

  10. I submit that discussions regarding Sessions’ limited tenure as AG are the product of wishful thinking on the part of the Dems, et al.

    To shut down the Mueller probe would have invited shouts of “cover-up”. Sessions had no choice but to let it play out, and show itself to be what Trump called it from the beginning: a witch hunt.

    Yes, it cost a bundle. But it DID prove collusion and expose conspirators, just not the ones they hoped to find.

  11. I truly think that Jeff Sessions is here for the long haul.
    Much of what was going on between them was a bait and switch thing and Jeff has the facts and knowledge of what is happening, so every thing will be OK

  12. Two more days…Betcha with the “right” vote the “caravan” cum invasion disappears…Hillary moves to Qatar where the $1.8 billion the Clinton Foundation transferred couple weeks before November 2016 are stashed…Barry moves to Iran…etc., etc.,

  13. Jeff Sessions has accomplished much as AG. He supported Pres Trump from early on in his campaign. He is honest. He should keep his job.

  14. I have always believed that while Jeff Sessions might be a very nice Southern Gentleman, he has been part of the Swamp since he has spent a lot of time in the bubble called Washington D.C. He has habits of Swamp Creatures and may actually be a RINO and not 100% supportive of the Trump Agenda. Trump should know by now who will support him and who will not.

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